[STORY] Agony of beauty(episode 1-12)

Agony of beauty

Agony of beauty
Episode 1*

It is end of semester again. My two room mates and dear friends, Wuraola and Becky packed their luggages, ready to travel home for the semester break. I was so reluctant to go home and my friends noticed this. Wuraola, the most quiet of us was the first to mention it.
‘Why is your packing so slow, Beauty?’ She asked.
I shrugged my shoulders and replied, ‘I feel weak.’
Becky, the most cheerful and lousiest amongst us replied, ‘Hmmmmmm, Effico! It is exam tension . It’s a good thing that you are going home already, at least, you will have enough time to rest’. ‘Indeed’, I answered absent mindedly, and continued with my packing.
They both assisted me to get my luggages ready. It had always been our custom to move to the motor garage together whenever we were travelling for the semester break. Though our destinations are different, we board our buses at the same park. Rapid tears dripped out of my eyes and I quickly wiped them before my friends could notice it. I looked at Wuraola and our eyes met, she smiled. ‘Don’t tell me you will miss us’, she gave me a hug and wiped my tears with her handkerchief.
‘Thank you, I will try not to’, I replied. She actually thought I shed those tears because I would miss them.
Poor girl… But wait! I am the object of pity here. Sincerely, I am the poor girl! I really wish I am either Becky or Wuraola at this moment, I would have been the happiest to go home right now, I thought. Maybe it was my Mum or Dad, I wouldn’t know but whoever gave me the name ‘Beauty’ probably made the greatest mistake of his or her life.
Indeed, I am beautiful but I really have the feeling that if I was given another name, that might possibly be a minus to my beauty and good looks, so I might not have gone through so much trouble in these few years of my existence.
Well, can I say what will be will be, whether I was named Beauty or not? Should I blame my mother for a little bit of negligence or should I say my fate is my fate, nothing could have changed it? But how could fate be this cruel to me?
It is a dizzy world indeed… I feel so bitter right now and in this agony of my heart, I write my story…

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Episode 2*

I am a 300 level Accountancy student in the University. I have always excelled in my academics and I earned the nick name ‘Effico’ which my colleagues call me. I am a combination of beauty and brain…
My parents loved the Lord and they tried their best in making sure that we were led in the path of godliness.
I enjoyed my family so much because Dad and Mum love and respect each other. Everything was going on fine until Daddy died in a motor accident when I was in SS3, my final year in Secondary School.
Life became nearly unbearable for us because Mum never worked. She was a full-time house wife until Daddy died.
It was worse to the extent that she couldn’t afford to give us three meals per day. My elder brother dropped out of the University because Mummy couldn’t pay his school fees. My younger sister and I were withdrawn from the private school that we both attended and were admitted to a public school. There was no help in sight.
Though my Mum loved her children so much but because she could no longer shoulder all our responsibilities, she had to ask me to stay with her younger sister who lived at Jos after I finished writing my Senior School Certificate Examination. At first, i refused, but after much persuasion, I reluctantly agreed.
My Aunt came from Jos and I got my luggage ready in order to go with her.The day I parted with my Mum, I wept my eyes sore.
Seeing my Mum and younger sister wave at me at the park was too much for me to bear.
My Aunt held me close to her as we both climbed the luxurious bus heading for Jos. ‘Why will such a beautiful young girl cry so much?’ Asked the man seated close to us. My Aunt told him my plight. He only shook his head and said to me, ‘All will be Well, Okay? I nodded faintly. ‘Will all really be well?’ I thought to myself.
Since Daddy died, all had never been well. My Daddy was the most handsome and kind hearted man I had ever known. A few drop of tears escaped from my eyes as I remembered my Dad… ‘May all be well’, I whispered to myself and slept off.

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Agony of beauty*
*Episode 3*
It was the loud sound of a nearby Trailer’s horn that woke me up. My Aunt gave me some snacks. I ate with little appetite. It was such a long trip. We finally got to Jos around past nine in the evening. I was so tired and exhausted.
We got to my Aunt’s apartment late in the night. I wasn’t sure of the time because my wristwatch suddenly stopped working after we alighted from the bus . We entered her flat and my Aunt took me straight to the guest room. ‘Feel at home dear, you will be fine’, she said. I thanked her and she left after I insisted that I will eat my leftover snacks for dinner. I ate and later had a shower in the adjoining guest bathroom.
I sat on the bed. My mind was filled with thoughts of my Mum and siblings. I thought about how life had been so unfair to us. I didn’t own a cell phone, so I couldn’t reach my Mum but I overheard my Aunt telling her we have arrived home. She should have brought the phone for me to speak with Mummy, or she probably thought I had slept and did not want to disturb me?
Well, I said a few words of prayers and laid on my bed thinking of what the future holds for me. I closed my eyes and gently sailed into the dream world.
“Will you marry me”? “Yes”, I screamed. And so, in a few days, we both walked down the aisle with bright smiles on our faces.
It was the happiest day of my life. I forgot about my past sorrows as I hugged my ‘Knight in Shining Armour’.
“I love you baby”, he whispered. “I love you too”. I whispered back. I kept smiling at all the guests and well wishers…
‘Beauty, wake up! it’s 6:00am already’. I woke up to a gentle tap on my shoulder, still smiling like an idiot. It was my Aunt. Aunty Tope is an early riser. I opened my eye lids gently. “Who are you smiling at by the way ?” She asked. I stretched and yawned. So, I have been dreaming? I thought. ‘Nobody ma’, I replied.
“How are you this morning?” I am fine Aunty, and you?
“I am good. Come with me to the kitchen, let us prepare breakfast, we must leave for the market, latest by 8:00am and by the way, you haven’t met my husband, he is waiting for you in the living room”
That very day I met my Aunt’s husband marked the beginning of my agony…

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Episode 4*
It is true that I have never met Aunty Tope’s husband. She got married two years ago. It was only Mum and Dad that attended the wedding and since then, she had lived at Jos with her husband.
I quickly put on my dress and was eager to meet the man who married my lovely Aunt. I entered the living room and I nearly fainted at the sight of the man I saw. I came face to face with the man I strongly wished I never set my eyes on again in my entire life.
Of course, he recognized me too but quickly pretended as if he didn’t . I put up a straight face and greeted him. ‘Good morning Uncle’.
‘Good morning’, Angel he replied.
Hope you had a nice rest? Yes, I nodded.
‘She is not Angel, her name is Beauty’, my Aunt corrected her husband from the kitchen and entered the living room almost immediately.
Oh! Beauty, am sorry. My name is Badmus, welcome to our home.
‘Thank you Uncle’, I managed a smile.
‘Okay, Beauty, my Aunt called, let’s quickly get to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, we must leave home by 8:00am like I said earlier on’.
‘What happened to morning devotion in this house?’ I thought to myself. Thirty minutes later, breakfast was ready, we all ate on the dining table.
Uncle Badmus was the first to leave because his office was far from home. Aunty Tope is a trader.
She run a textile materials shop in a big market in town.
We both had our bath and we set out for the market in her car. All the way to the market,I kept pondering on what just happened back home. “Is this not from frying pan to fire?” I asked myself.
We soon got to the market and I forgot about my troubles temporarily.
I watched my Aunt and her customers haggle the price of goods. Some spoke Hausa language, my Aunt could also speak bit of it. I ate a sumptous lunch in the afternoon. I enjoyed my stay at the market and nearly forgot my problems until we were on our way back home.
Uncle Badmus got home before us because we left the market quite late.
‘Welcome honey’, he greeted his wife and planted a kiss on her forehead.
‘Hope you had a nice day?’
‘Yes sweet heart and you?’ Answered Aunty Tope.
‘Well, stressful as usual. I have prepared dinner already, can you please serve it and let us eat, I am famished?’
Thanks dear, that’s sweet of you, my Aunt replied gleefully as she dropped her bag and headed for the kitchen. As I turned to leave for my room, Uncle Badmus grabbed my arm and growled, *’what are you doing in my house?!’*

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Episode 5*
‘This is my Aunt’s house!’ I winced.
‘You can go to hell for all I care’, he continued in whispers, ‘all I want is for you to get out of this house, don’t destroy my marriage!’
I struggled to free my arm from his grip and hurried straight to my room.
I entered the room and slammed the door heavily as if the poor door was the cause of my predicament.
‘What kind of life is this? Now, I am a home destroyer?’ I sat on the floor and broke down in hot tears.
Badmus raped me and took away my virginity when I was 10 years old. I was in JSS 1 at that time.
There was a man who owned an electrical equipment shop near our house back then . He was my very good friend and I liked him so much. He would buy me biscuits, put me on his laps, sing for me and playfully call me his wife.
One fateful day, I was sick. My siblings had all left for school. Mum had to go to the market that day to get some stuffs but she didn’t want to take me along because of the stress of the road. She decided to keep me at the electrician’s shop till she returned.
The man led me into the shop, promising my Mum that he would take good care of me. Mummy left and I felt at home with my Uncle-friend.
Few minutes later, I felt sleepy, maybe because of the antimalarial drugs that I took.
The man’s house was down the street so he offered to take me there so I could sleep comfortably. He stayed alone in his self-contain apartment but we met a friend of his who probably came visiting, watching T.V in the sitting room, that friend was Badmus.
He took me to his room where I laid comfortably on the bed. He left for his shop while Badmus remained in the sitting room. I almost fell asleep completely when I heard the creaking sound of the bedroom door. I opened my eyes weakly, It was the Uncle Badmus that I just saw at the sitting room.
Before I knew it, he started touching my body all over, then started removing his clothes. ‘What are you doing?’ I asked innocently. ‘I want to play with you’, he replied. But somehow, my mind was not at rest. I stood up and told him I wanted to go home but he pushed me to the bed and removed my skirt forcefully telling me he would kill me with a knife if I shouted. I cried uncontrollably…
He forced his way into me and some minutes later, he was done. The pain was so much.
I felt my private part was burning. I saw traces of blood but I was too young then to understand what it meant. I cried bitterly.
He took me to the bathroom to clean me up after which I quickly escaped out of the house. ‘If you ever tell anyone, you will be dead’, he threatened after me as I scrambled my way through the door. I went straight home but Mum wasn’t back yet so I waited for her at the verandah. Mum came back about an hour later and met me at the verandah of our house.
She was surprised that I wasn’t where she left me and I told her I just came to check if she was back. I was so sad and moody all through the day but Mum wasn’t sensitive enough to know what happened, she thought it was because of the malaria I had. I never told anyone about it because I was too scared to do so.
Since then, I never saw Badmus again until this morning. I also avoided his electrician friend like a plague because I believed they must be ‘birds of the same feather’. So, when I discovered that Badmus was my Aunty’s husband, I felt the vestige of my past coming back to me. How an Angel like Aunty Tope landed in the net of a criminal like Badmus was what I didn’t understand.
‘Beauty!’ My aunt called. ‘Yes Aunty’, I answered as I stepped out of my room to the kitchen, wiping my eyes with the back of my hands…

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Episode 6*
“Jesus! Why are your eyes as red as this?” My Aunt exclaimed. “I just remembered Daddy”, I lied.
“Oh dear, please don’t do that now okay? All will be well. Don’t worry, you have another Dad here, you will be fine”. She gave me a warm hug.
“Another Dad indeed! If only you know who your husband truly is…” I thought.
“Thank you Aunty.”
“You are welcome dear, now let us serve dinner”.
During my stay with Mr. & Mrs . Badmus, I avoided Mr Badmus. We hardly talked. My Aunt noticed it so she queried me one day.
“You seem not to like my husband, Beauty” I was shocked.
“No…. no…. no… I…Aunty I am…” I stammered.
“It’s alright, I only wondered why the two of you hardly talk, but never mind”
I pretended as if the food I was cooking was already burning. I quickly disapprared into the kitchen and never entered the living room till it was dinner time.
Exactly eight months after I got to Jos, I sat for the UME examination. I had a very good score. I did excellently well in my ‘O’ levels too. Luckily for me, I gained admission into the University to study Accountancy
My Aunt was so proud of me, likewise my Mum and siblings were overjoyed. I was so glad that at least, my entrance into the University would stop me from seeing the man I hated so much.
On a fateful day, about three weeks to the time I was supposed to resume fully at school, my Aunt travelled to the South West to attend a family function so I was left at home with her husband. She was meant to spend three days on the journey. The very night Aunty Tope travelled, Mr Badmus made the move to have sex with me again.
I escaped from his grip and fled from the house. I went to stay with a friend of mine who stayed with her grandmother down the street. I lied to them that Mr and Mrs Badmus had attended a function in the neighbouring town, and I was too scared to be home alone.
I returned home on the evening of the third day with the hope that my Aunt would be back before night fall but she didn’t. When I realized my Aunt might not return that day, I quickly entered my room, locked the door and kept the key near my pillow.
It was in the middle of the night, I was already sleeping but it wasn’t a deep sleep.
I kept waking up almost every five minutes. Then I heard a sound at my door. It didn’t occur to me that Uncle Badmus had a spare key to my room. He inserted the key and flung the door open. He immediately switched on the light and I sprang up from the bed. I wanted to run but he caught me. I screamed. He used his hand to press my throat till I started coughing.
Mr Badmus is a wolf in human skin. I started begging him, i told him I would leave his house that very night and never return if that was what he wanted but he refused. I struggled and struggled to no avail. My strength was nothing compared to his.
That very night, Mr Badmus had sex with me again without my permission. He raped me and still threatened to kill me if I ever told my Aunt. He also added that no one would believe me because he was a fervent worker in his church.
I cried and cried. I couldn’t sleep till dawn. Where will I go to in this big city? I do not know anybody.
I thought of borrowing a phone to call my Mum and tell her what I was passing through but I dismissed the idea immediately when I remembered what Badmus said. Maybe it is true that no one would believe me. I remembered my Aunt. She doesn’t deserve this. It will break her marriage if I ever speak out. She has been so good to me. She has been responsible for my feeding and clothing. She even promised to sponsor my schooling to any level I wish to attain.
If only Mummy had found time to come and visit me in Jos all these while, I would have summoned the courage to tell her. I burst into fresh tears as I sat on the floor of my room…

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Episode 7
Since that time, Mr Badmus started being very nice to me. He would shower me with lots of gifts ranging from clothes to shoes, bags, earrings and hair accessories, etc all in a bid to silence me. I always refused the gifts but he would insist and would dump them on my bed. I kept every single item of the gifts in the wardrobe in my room. I know a time would come, that those gifts would serve as an evidence that will make people believe my story.
Three weeks later, I noticed that I didn’t see my menstrual flow . At first, I thought it came a bit late but when it was about eight days after, I was alarmed. Could I be pregnant? I was so scared. I had no one I could confide in so I waited for an opportunity to tell Mr Badmus one on one. My Aunt had bought me a phone already, so that I could use in communicating with them when I resume fully at school but I didn’t want to risk calling or sending Mr Badmus a text so as not to arouse suspicions from Aunty Tope if she ever stumbled on my number on her husband’s phone.
The chance to talk to him finally came two days later. We all just ate dinner and were watching a programme on the T.V in the living room. Aunty Tope said she was tired and would like to go to bed. Her husband told her he would join her in some minutes. I said good night to Aunty Tope as she made her way to the bedroom.
I waited for some minutes to be sure my Aunt was out of ear shot, then I whispered fiercely to Badmus.
‘I missed my period’ ‘What!? He nearly shouted and quickly kept his voice down.
‘How did that happen?’
‘What kind of question is that?’ I snapped.
‘I am 16 years old and I know what it meant to miss one’s period, you see what you have done to my life? I started sobbing.
‘Ssshhhhhhhh! I will take care of that’, he replied.
‘What is your plan?’ I asked. ‘We will get rid of it.’ He announced effortlessly. ‘Get rid of what?’ I nearly screamed. ‘The pregnancy of course’, he affirmed. I looked at him and I felt like tearing him to pieces. ‘I hate you!’ I cried…
And that was it. Badmus succeeded in terminating my pregnancy. He gave me two pills to swallow the next day. Hours later, I had a flow of fresh red blood accompanied with pains. That was how I had an abortion at 16 years.
I gradually lost my self esteem and all the confidence I once had in myself. All my dreams seemed to be fading away. I became a shadow of myself day after day.
I toyed with the idea of running away but to where? I had no clue. I thought about the Pastor of our church, the church which I did attend with Mr and Mrs Badmus. Will the Pastor believe me? Mr Badmus was a fervent Sunday School teacher in the church. I dismissed the idea outrightly and concluded that I would endure till I earn my first degree.
Day after day, I lived with the pain and regret of the abortion I committed. I wet my pillow with tears every single night. I felt my life diminishing before my very eyes.
I thought about my Mum. Poor mother, she would be sure her darling daughter is still a virgin till now. I shivered at the thought of my Mum coming to know the truth. Would she survive it?
About nine days later, I resumed fully at the University. Aunty Tope took me in her car to the motor garage where I boarded a bus. She helped me load my belongings into the back of the bus and waited till the bus was ready to move. I baded her farewell as tears clouded my eyes. I had a mixed feeling of joy and pain. Joy, because I would no longer have to see Badmus day after day, and pain, because I would miss Aunty Tope. How beautiful would it have been if Aunty Tope had married someone else. I would definitely always look forward to coming home from school. We waved to each other continuously till she was out of sight….

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Episode 8*
I did very well in my academics right from my first semester in 100 level. Becky and Wuraola were the only friends I had. I was very serious with my lectures. I joined a fellowship on campus and was so devoted to God’s service. My Aunt was very supportive all the way. She sent me money for my upkeep at intervals.Each time I came home to spend the holidays, Mr Badmus always seized every single opportunity he could get to have sex with me whenever my Aunt wasn’t around but he never succeeded.
We soon got through with packing my luggage after my friends lent me a helping hand. Becky lifted my mattress and found my Diary underneath.
‘Here, take this, you will need it during this holiday, make sure you take record of every fun you catch and share the gist with us when we see again’ . I hastily collected the diary from her.’ Thanks Becky.’
Of course, I need the diary, it contains every of my secrets. That was where I recorded each encounter I had with Badmus. None of my friends had ever read it before because I kept it where no one could easily have access to it.
We got to the park, bade ourselves goodbye and we each entered the bus that would take us to our different homes to spend a jolly holiday. I got home at about some minutes past seven in the evening. I knocked on the door and Mr
Badmus opened it with a broad smile on his face.
‘Welcome home Beauty, it’s good to have you back.’
‘Thanks’, I grumbled. ‘Where is my Aunt? ‘
‘She is still at the market.’
I lifted my luggage and went straight to my room.
I was at alert in case Badmus wanted to make a move as usual. I sat on my bed and said a few words of prayer, thanking God for journey mercies. I was removing my shoes when the door was suddenly opened. Badmus of course, I knew he would come, so I was ready this time.
I have gathered enough courage to fight back. He came in bearing a plate in his hands which contained peeled oranges. ‘Take this and relax while I go prepare dinner. ‘Since when did you start serving me in this house? Please leave my room!’ I thundered.
Heeeeeeeenh? So, you have grown wings ehn? Are you really talking to me?
‘Yes you! Please leave right now!’ He placed the plate of oranges in his hands on the stool beside my bed, then grabbed me by the neck and flung me to the bed. I didn’t scream this time around, I was ready for self defence. I fought back fiercely and got free from his hold. I immediately reached for the glass plate which contained the oranges and hit him on the head with it. ‘Yeeeeeeeeeee! My head, he shouted and sank into the bed.
I quickly picked my shoes and hand bag.
‘This time, you have had it to the fullest, I must speak to someone about this’ I screamed as I ran out of the room.
‘You will regret it’, he shouted after me. I didn’t answer him. As far as I was concerned, an end must come to this victimization tonight. I ran out of the house and headed straight to the Church building, which was about three streets away from our house. ‘I must see Pastor tonight’, I reassured myself as I ran along…
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Episode 9*
Luckily for me, I met one of the Ushers in the Church premises. I told him I needed a description of the Pastor’s house because I must see him urgently. He gave me the description, thank goodness the house was not far away from Church. I also collected Pastor’s phone number from him in case I didn’t meet anyone at his residence. I thanked him and off I went.
I arrived at Pastor’s house some minutes past eight that evening and fortunately for me, I met both the Pastor and his wife . I did a brief introduction of myself as Mrs Badmus’s niece. They both welcomed me and I went straight to business.
I narrated my story from the beginning. How Badmus defiled me when I was 10 and all my encounter with him since I arrived at Jos till that very evening. I dipped my hand into my bag and brought out my diary which contained every single detail of what happened with dates and time. I also told them that I still have all the gifts he bought for me inside my wardrobe as evidences. I kept them all, I didn’t tamper with any of them.
Pastor and his wife were both astonished. They kept shouting Jesus! over and over again. ‘Why did it take you so long to speak out?’ Pastor’s wife asked.
‘I was so much afraid of his threats ma and besides, I thought no one would believe me, I cried.
‘It’s alright daughter.
All will be well’, Pastor consoled me and told me to go home that they would join me in a jiffy.
I went home and just as I was about to knock at the door, I heard the following conversation between my Aunt and her husband.
‘Where is Beauty?’ Aunty Tope asked.
‘She came home not quite long and later went out without telling me her whereabouts and besides Honey, there is something I have always wanted to tell you about Beauty’
‘Yes Dear, what is it? I hope she didn’t offend you’
Mr Badmus continued, ‘In fact, it is a real offence. Do you know that Beauty has been seducing me since she entered this house? I just kept silent about it because I do not want to ruin your family ties. When she came home this evening, she demanded that I must sleep with her today before you return from the market. When I refused, she left the house angrily.
‘What?!’ Aunty Tope screamed in horror. I threw my two hands on my head where I stood outside the door and wept quietly. Human beings are so wicked! I silently prayed that Pastor should arrive on time.
‘You don’t mean what you just said Badmus’, my Aunt countered him.
‘I know it will be so hard for you to believe Honey,’ Badmus continued. But did you notice that we two hardly talk in this house. I mean myself and Beauty?
I never liked her. That girl is wayward. I do not want her to take me away from my wife and destroy my marriage, so if you value this union so much, it’s better you send her back to wherever she came from.’
Jesus! My Aunt exclaimed, it is true that I noticed you both hardly talk in this house. Ha! I am finished…’
I could not bear it any longer, I bit my lips hard and knocked at the door.
‘Who is that?’ Aunty Tope shouted angrily. I have never heard her sound that way before.
It is Beauty, I responded and opened the door. I stepped in and greeted my Aunt. Before I could say anything further, she landed a hot slap on my face…

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Episode 10*
‘How dare you?’ She yelled at me. ‘I feed and clothe you, I foot every of your bills and yet you seduce my husband? You want to destroy my home. You Beauty, of all people? Is that how you repay me?’ I looked at Badmus, he was wearing a smile of revenge. My eyes were red with anger.
‘It is not what you think Aunty Tope…’ before I could finish my statement, another slap landed on my other cheek. My eyes went blank . I crashed to the floor still holding my cheeks. Why have I really suffered so much in my innocent life? I thought to myself. Hot tears started streaming down my face.
Aunty Tope charged at me again, but her husband held her back before she could reach me.
‘Get out of my house,’ she said quietly.
Just then, there was a loud knock on the door.
Aunty Tope opened. It was Pastor, his wife and one other man. Mr and Mrs Badmus were surprised to see Pastor in their house without being notified of his visit. I rose from where I sat on the floor and greeted them.
‘Welcome Pastor, welcome Mummy, Aunty Tope greeted as she offered them where to sit.
‘Welcome sir and ma,’ Mr Badmus also greeted.
‘Thanks Brother Badmus, it is you we have come to see’. Pastor announced.
‘Me?’ Badmus asked surprisingly. ‘Yes, you’, Pastor answered and continued, ‘Beauty, please repeat everything you just told us some minutes back.’ I started narrating my story all over again starting from when I was 10years old till that very evening.
How Badmus had been victimizing and threatening me. How he bought me different gifts and finally, how I eavesdropped his conversation with my Aunt and heard him lie against me.
I stopped talking and resumed my tears. Pastor responded, ‘It’s okay Beauty. Mr Badmus what do you have to say about this?’
‘Liar!’ Badmus glared at me and turned to his wife, ‘she was the one that has been seducing me anytime you were not around.
‘Ha!’ I shouted.
‘Keep calm Beauty, let me handle this,’ Pastor ordered calmly and brought out the Diary I gave to him. He handed over the Diary to Aunty Tope to read it. She read carefully through the Diary, shook her head and shouted ‘I can’t believe this. You Badmus?’
‘Beauty! Pastor called out again. ‘Yes sir’ I answered. ‘Go and bring all the gifts that Bro Badmus had been giving you all this while. I went to my room, opened my wardrobe and brought out the bag which contained all the gifts. I gave it to Pastor who in turn handed it over to Aunty Tope again to check the content.
She opened the bag and checked the gifts one after the other. They were all expensive items which she knew very well that I could never had been able to afford. ‘I am finished,’ Aunty Tope shouted and collapsed on her chair weeping profusely.
Suddenly, she stood up, grabbed her husband by the neck and planted her teeth into one of his arms. Badmus screamed. If not for the quick intervention of Pastor, she would have torn his flesh. She continued crying, I felt so much pity for her..

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Episode 11*
By now, Badmus could not say anything, he kept staring at the rug on the floor of the living room. There was a little moment of silence which had the soft cries of Aunty Tope at the background.
Pastor’s wife was the first to speak. ‘Bro Badmus, you are a disgrace to manhood and to the church. As devoted as you are to God’s service, how can one know that you are this evil? This is great wickedness . You really want to destroy the life of this girl? What of if she had died in the process of aborting the pregnancy, you would have said she had a lot of boyfriends, meanwhile, you are the perpetrator.’
‘Thank God she didn’t die. Only God knows how many girls you have done this same thing to aside from Beauty. May God have mercy on your soul…’ Her speech was interrupted by a knock on the door. ‘Come in,’ Pastor called out. It turned out to be the family Doctor.
She brought with her a result of Mrs Badmus’s pregnancy test. She was just like a family friend, so she dropped by on her way from work to deliver the long awaited good news to the couple personally. ‘May I see you privately, Mr and Mrs Badmus?’ ‘You can talk to us here Doctor, no need for privacy, Aunty Tope responded.
‘Okay then, said the doctor, ‘Congratulations, you are eight weeks gone Mrs Tope Badmus’, she announced with a bright smile. Eight weeks gone to where? My Aunt asked
‘You are pregnant of course’, Doctor replied. ‘You mean for this animal?’ Aunty Tope asked pointing at Badmus.
‘Ha ha, animal ke? When did your husband become one, I expected you both to be glad, doctor said surprisingly’.
‘Not anymore doctor, I wish I never married him talkless of being pregnant for him…’ Pastor interrupted her by clearing his throat. He thanked the doctor for dropping by to share the good news and then told her that we were in the midst of a critical issue. ‘Okay sir, you are welcome and Tope please take it easy on yourself because of your condition,’ the doctor advised and took her leave.
Pastor looked at Badmus and shook his head. ‘I am ashamed of you, ‘Wolf in human skin,’ that is what you are. I do not have much to say to you. Sister Tope, how I wish you prayed very well and sought God’s face earnestly before you accepted to marry this man, God would have shown you his true personality. You would not have become a victim in his net. Well, the past is gone, please take it easy because of your condition like the Doctor rightly said.
Your baby needs you to be healthy at this point in time.’ Please take heart, may the Lord console you. As for you Beauty, from now henceforth, you will stay with us till you get through with your University education. We will cater for all your needs by God’s grace.I looked at Pastor’s wife, she nodded her head in affirmation of what Pastor just said. I went on both knees and thanked them, fresh tears strolling down my face. God has finally fought for me…

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Agony of beauty*
*Episode 12 (Final)*
Pastor then turned to the man who came with him and said, ‘Officer, please do your job.’ The man in turn, introduced himself as a Police Officer and said to Badmus, ‘Mr Badmus, you are under arrest!’ He started pleading for mercy but no one listened to him, not even his wife.
Badmus was arrested and was charged to court for Rape, Child Abuse and Violence. He was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.
Pastor and his wife adopted me temporarily, they were just like my real parents. They shouldered every of my responsibilities . They catered for Aunty Tope’s needs too because since her husband had been to jail, she had not been too healthy so Doctor advised her to stop going to the market till she would have her baby.
Six months later, Aunty Tope delivered a bouncing baby boy through Cesarean Section.
We were all filled with joy. Pastor paid for the hospital bills while Pastor’s wife took very good care of my Aunt. I left campus hastily the next day in eagerness to see my darling cousin, my joy was unspeakable…
A year later, I graduated with a First Class! And for the first time since I parted with my Mum, I felt so fulfilled. Mummy was present at my convocation, Aunty Tope and little Henry alongside Pastor and his wife were there too.
They all cheered wildly as I went to the podium to receive an award for coming first both in my Department and Faculty.
‘Go Beauty! Go Beauty! ‘ Wuraola and Becky shouted continuously. They were all happy for me. Tears of joy clouded my eyes as I received the award amidst applauds and loud cheers from the crowd…
Five years later, I became a Chartered Accountant and also got married to Pastor’s first son, Joseph that same year. Joseph was the man of my dreams. Gentle, God fearing and kindhearted, just like my Dad.
Our wedding was a glorious one. I remembered the dream I had the first night I spent in Jos, it actually came to pass.
Now, I have a lovely husband, a happy home, a good job and I am blessed with beautiful children. The Lord has indeed given me Beauty for Ashes, The Oil of Joy for Mourning and The Garment of Praise for the spirit of Heaviness… I did not speak out on time but thank God I later did. God gave me the courage and boldness I needed to SPEAK OUT the day I came across that scripture that says: *’God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.’*
Only God knows where I would be by now if I refused to Speak Out.
It really pays to serve Jesus!

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