[STORY] Addiction (episode 1-14)

episode :1
Ever since chioma’s class mate (emeka) gave her his phone to watch some videos, she started having strange imaginations every sec she’s alone..
In his phone were pornographic videos.
It was during break that,she was alone in class when she sighted emeka walking in,emeka pls can you borrow me your phone lemme play temple run,she pleaded innocently,okay but don’t finish the battery oo? And he typed his password and gave her and left to join his friends..
As she was scrolling,she just said within her,lemme watch video small before game.
What she saw bulged her eyes off her eye socket,she saw over 30 pornographic videos displaying.
What is this? She said with shock.
She clicked on a video,immediately she saw a man banging a lady,they were both naked,his d–k was nakedly f—–g her p—y,in which she moan with o—-m,with fear she removed the video and looked around her if anybody was watching, but nobody in class, she clicked another video,she saw another lady fingering her p—y with great energy,…
Chioma was immediately feeling wet and h—y.
In order not to be disturbed, she ran to the girls restroom to feel comfortable….
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Episode 2
Still in that h—y mood,chioma quickly ran to the girls rest room to watch what she just discovered in emeka’s phone..
Immediately she entered,she locked the door, lucky enough she spied on emeka when he was inserting his password if not that would have been the end of her cinema.
****** she typed it and the last video she was watching before she ran out of the class came into view,chioma sat down on the toilet seat,lowered the volume, and started the video again..
The lady in the video was fingering her p—y with soo much energy that her moan grew louder, she first inserted one finger but it wasn’t enough, she inserted two, but she wasn’t satisfied, so she dipped her three finger in her p—y.
Her moaning grew louder that she grew wet and starts to c-m uncontrollably.
While chioma was watching the video,she became super wet that she had no choice than to start touching herself.
She quickly took off her panties and started doing what the lady on the phone was doing…..
She was doing it slow,but it was tight to her because she was a virgin and had never done such before. …
Chioma’s mind were blown away that that she never heard the bell that it was break over..
Her moaning was now louder than the lady on the video..
Everyone were seated,still gisting,waiting for the teacher to come to class..
Emeka looked at chioma’s seat but she wasn’t there,so he asked her seat mate(mary Jane),mj did you see chioma he asked, no I haven’t ooo,am wondering why she’s not in class now cause she never comes late to class..
That when emeka remembered that he had blue film on his phone..
Chai,I hope this girl no go see those videos for my phone ooooo(he thought)
Then the teacher came in….

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Episode 3
Immediately the teacher came into the class,emeka ran to his seat immediately because the teacher(Mr uche)was very strict,he doesn’t take nonsense from the students..
Mary jane (chioma seat mate) was becoming worried because this was chioma favorite subject(biology) and she’s not in class,where in the world is she..she thought
While Mr uche was teaching , he turned to asked a question,class what do we call the young ones of a rat?
Few people raised their hands, emeka didn’t raise his hand,so he pointed at emeka,you over there tell me?
What do you call the young ones of a rat?
Baby rat emeka replied,the class bursted into laughter..
You think this is funny abi,I will show u that baby rat is also a goat…
While Mr uche was thinking the punishment to give emeka,he quickly looked at chioma’s seat and found out that she was missing..
Mary Jane where is chioma? He asked immediately. Before mary Jane could reply,chioma came into the class with sweat all over her face like Christmas goat..
The whole class turned to look at her in shock..
Chioma where are you coming from? Mr uche questioned her,sorry sir I have a running stomach,so I was in the toilet,she lied,tho she was in the toilet..
Sorry dear,have u seen the nurse? He asked her am okay now sir she said while looking at emeka at the corner of her eye..
Okay go back to your seat.
she went back with sweat still all over her face..
Mary Jane was looking at her like she saw a ghost but she ignored her.
She sat down but her mind was somewhere else,her panties where still wet with c-m and her p—y was still pumped up with pleasure for a f–k.
i can’t wait to go home she thought.. ..
Find out what she will do at home next episode, if you no fit hold body don’t read Next episode ooo

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Episode 4

Now school was over on a Wednesday afternoon.
Immediately Mr uche left the class,uche sprang up from his feet to chioma’s desk.
Lucky for him the teacher forgot to give him his punishment.
Chioma where is my phone he barked, I hope you did not finish my battery he asked her,no once I finished the game then I started coming,chioma replied innocently,thank God she did not see my videos oo,uche said within him….
Without talking to anyone,chioma took her bag and started walking home,as she got to her house,she saw her mother coming out.
Good afternoon mum,afternoon my dear,am off to the market her mother replied, your food is in the kitchen inside that cooler, okay mama she replied then her she left.
Chioma got in without changing her clothes, went to the kitchen and finished eating her food and went to her room to change…
As she was changing, she took off her top,took off her bra to change, when saw her massive boobs on the mirror,then she started caressing her boobs playfully, she started squeezing,touching her nipples till she started feeling h—y.
Now she wished to have a guy to f–k her p—y hard now.
,with energy she took of her skirt,shifted her panties aside and started finger f—–g her p—y,
She quickly went the fridge,picked a huge cold. Cucumber and took it back to her room,as huge as the cucumber is like the size if a giant d–k,she dipped it into her tight p—y,bringing it out and dipping it in,she made sure her p—y swallowed the whole cucumber.
by Now she was wet which made her panties socked wet.
She quickly threw off her panting and dip her finger deeper into her pumped p—y,which made her moan louder,she felt like she’s in heaven,as she was f—–g herself, she was twerking her waist…
Without even realizing someone was knocking at the door,because the pleasure she was having she squirted all over the bed and her hand but she never stopped…
The person knocked again,lo and behold the person was emeka.he wassent by chioma’s mum from the market to give somethings to chioma,but he was surprised why chioma is not answering,as he was about to push the door open,chioma opened the door and he was staring at a naked lady head to toes….

What do you think will happen next?

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Episode 5
emeka couldn’t believe his eyes at what he saw,he was flabbergasted, astonished, stunned or any other word that can describe how he felt..
CHIOMA what is this? he asked looking her up to down, why you acting like you have not seen a naked girl before, before emeka could utter another word,chioma dragged him inside and shut the door,emeka followed her like a goat taking for slaughter and also mute.
While they were inside,
emeka I want you to f–k me she told him hungrily,what emeka shouted in shock, I have been waiting for this for a long time but now av seen you can you do it now?.
chioma collected what emeka was holding and dropped it on the floor, immediately she placed a kiss on emeka’s lips,that when emeka woke up from his daydream.
by now emeka’s rod was now hard as olumo rock,where is the bedroom emeka asked her,he been a bad boy from birth he found this as an opportunity to knack this girl..
while they got to chioma’s bedroom and lock the door,emeka quickly took off his clothes, jeans,boxer,left with his massive d–k already standing like goat horn..
immediately chioma wrapped her legs around emeka’s waist while emeka was kissing her neck down to her b**bs,f–k me pls chioma begged as her moan grew louder..
emeka lay her on the bed with her legs still wrapped around his waist twerking on his d–k,emeka removed her legs like a professional and started fingering her p—y with one finger,which scattered her head and made her moan with encouragement,and changed it to two fingers,emeka discovered that her p—y was tight,I think I will be the first man to knack this girl,emeke thought with pride,chioma was still screaming her head off.
emeka immediately rose up,spread her legs wider and inserted his massive d–k into chioma’s p—y..

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Episode 6:
that was when she slowly started moaning and pulling him closer to don’t stop.
ahh,f–k emeka pls don’t stop,f–k me faster,I need your whole d–k in me.
chioma spread her legs wider for easy penetration,emeka started banging her and sweating like his life depended on it,he started hitting her ass,squeezing her boobs in addition.
chioma’s mum was already done with shopping was on her way home,she was now three houses away from her home.
chioma your p—y is so sweet emeka confessed, all the mattress of the bed were shaking of their movement, emeka was about to release into chioma p—y cause he couldn’t control the pleasure he was receiving
will he release?
pls those of you insulting me because I post erotic stories,I think you’re just childish, if don’t like my stories skip abeg ..
it for matured minded people…

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Episode 7
while emeka was still banging chioma,he took it slow because he knew she was a virgin.
chioma was already close to o—-m and needed to pee but she couldn’t stop because of the f–k she was receiving from emeka’s rod.
emeka f—-d f—-d f—-d like his life depend on it.
immediately he released into chioma’s p—y which made chioma scream with satisfaction.
chioma’s mum was already at the door when she heard chioma’s voice from outside,in haste she knocked the door and started shouting chioma’s name nonchalantly thinking she was in trouble, not knowing somebody is giving chioma banana .
chioma open this door,are you alright? her mother shouted with tension.
hearing her mother’s voice,chioma quickly got up while emeka removed his Dickson from the valley of pleasure and put it back to it cage.
chioma quickly put on her panties,bra,ski
rt and ran out leaving emeka in the room.
then she opened the door,her mother quickly ran to her holding her face like 10yrs old
chioma been her only child she treated her like an egg.
,chioma why are you shouting like that(she questioned) breathing heavily like gorrilla.
no mummy I saw rat that why(she lied)
you almost gave me a heart attack this girl.
her mother looked at her and saw that she was sweating then she saw some whitish liquid on her leg,
chioma what that on your leg her mother questioned boldly?

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Episode 8
continue from last episode.
chioma what that on your leg her mother asked her boldly(pointing at her laps)
she stared down at her legs and saw emeka’s sperm on her laps,oh God why didn’t I clean up before coming outside,now am dead(she thought)

I have to think of something to say before this woman finds out.
chioma was about to say something then immediately her mother’s phone rang which distracted her and she left for the kitchen with the phone on her ear taking to the caller.
chioma found this as an opportunity to clean up, so she quickly sneaked into her room,she got inside her room and found emeka under her bed hiding like a baby,emeka you have to find a way to leave before my mumsy will catch you,she’s on the phone right now.
immediately she heard footsteps coming towards her door,hide chioma whispered loudly.
emeka entered deeper into her bed,chioma quickly ran to her reading table and acted like she was reading.
chioma’s mum busted the door open,chioma who were you talking with,I heard voices in your room just now?
voices?nobody na,I was only muttering to myself while reading,chioma responded innocently.
chioma been a sharp,brilliant girl has a way of getting out of trouble.
anyway how was school today her mother asked grabbing a seat close to her to sit,fine mum as you can see am preparing for my exams and I want to be left alone chioma replied,okay have you eaten your food? chioma’s mum asked, no I will soon eat,as she was replying to her mother’s questions, her eyes sighted emeka’s shoes behind the door of her room which made her got scared for her mum not to see the shoes on her way back.
Emeka was still stuck under the bed sweating like Christmas he-goat,as he was being careful not to make any sounds, out of nowhere under the bed, from one of chioma’s shoes,real fat rat jumped out and landed on emeka’s face.
just as her chioma thought she had escaped and her mum was done with her interview,a sound came from under the bed while her mother was still inside her room.
I don die(chioma thought)

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Episode 9
what that sound her mother questioned immediately then she bent to check under the bed but before she bent down the rat ran out of the bed and ran to a nearby hole under her door and ran out.
her mother followed the direction of the rat which made chioma very scared for her mum not see those shoes or this will be the end of her life,she discovered that her mum was looking at her and she tried to avoid the gaze and pretended to be reading when she heard a bold voice,chioma are you really okay? her mother asked, yes why you asking chioma said innocently,then why you sweating like this?go and shower biko before you start stinking her mother ordered and stands to leave and pls remind me to buy rat killer tomorrow, I think the rats in this house are becoming too much then she slams the door behind her.
hah thank God, emeka you can come out ooo,chioma said hitting the top of her bed with her palm,emeka sluggishly came out of the bed looking like somebody who just had his bath,with sweats dripping from his shirts.

I swear I will never come to this house again,I have suffered today (emeka said angrily)
chioma tried to hold her laugh,then emeka walked towards the door to leave then chioma quickly ran to his front and block him,where do you think you are going? chioma asked staring at his face.
see me see question ooo emeka laughed dusting his palms together, home of cause, where else(emeka asked)
you want to go home just like that?
after you have released inside me,noo you have to do something about it,am too young to get pregnant (chioma said worriedly)
you know this will lead to pregnancy and you told me to f–k you abi(emeka said sarcastically),chioma quickly covered his mouth with her palm because his voice was getting louder.
shhh,keep your voice down na,what if my mum hears you.
okay if it because i release inside you that is making you scared take this, emeka said while he removed a tablet from his pockets, he removed one from the pack and gave her.
what this? chioma asked looking at what he gave her,it a drug to prevent pregnancy called (postinol),all you have to do is drink it,wait for some while and go and pee,and it will flush all my sperm from your p—y (emeka explained)
how are you sure it will work? chioma questioned,here is the packet and see for yourself,read instructions,emeka gave it to her and picked up his shoes,so can i go now?,without waiting for an answer emeka quietly opened the door,looked around and started tiptoeing his way to the living room.
he perceived delicious egusi aroma coming from the kitchen so he guessed chioma”s mum might be in the kitchen.
lucky enough the kitchen door was locked so he quietly walked passed the kitchen door,immediately the kitchen door opened.

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Episode 10
continued from last episode. …
immediately the kitchen door opened, emeka had already passed the kitchen door,so he quickly ran to the living room and hide under one of the sofas.
chioma’s pov.
I just hope this drug emeka gave me works(chioma thought while reading what was on the packet),anyway lemme quickly hurry up and take a shower,chioma said getting up.
and she felt a sharp pain in between her legs which made her groaned a bit,only for her to look down on the floor and saw blood stained all over the floor. oh my God how did this happen chioma whispered loudly, she looked under her skirt and touched her panties,it was stained with blood.
out of fear chioma ran to the bathroom to wash up, she made sure she cleaned any trace of emeka’s sperm in her p—y,she washed it like her life depends on it.
5minutes later,she came out,cleaned herself with towel and changed to new clothes,creamed herself and cleaned the blood from her floor to avoid suspicion from her mother.
she wore a tight jean and spargetti strap shirt that exposed her side boobs a little,chioma been the only child made her mum buys her anything to make her happy.
so she was done then she took the drug and hide it in her back pocket,slams her bedroom door behind her and head to the kitchen to take water for the drugs…
emeka’s pov
emeka was hiding under the chair with chioma’s mum sitting untop watching TV ,God pls just let me leave this house and I promise I will not come here again(emeka prayed silently),I don’t know why this people don’t have AC in this house, emeka thought as he began another battle of sweat,chioma’s mum got up and headed for the kitchen to check what she was cooking.
immediately chioma’s mum entered the kitchen,like flash emeka ran out of the chair,ran to the door and quietly sneaked out,he wore his shoes and heads home inside the darkness…
Normal POV
, by now it had gotten dark outside (7:00pm),emeka family were looking all over for him and his mum was told chioma’s mum sent him before to her house to deliver something at her house from the market,emeka family owned a provision store in the market so chioma’s mum buys her things there anytime she comes shopping.
emeka’s sister (oyinye) was sent by her mum to chioma’s house to ask about emeka disappearance.
chioma’s mum checked if the water was boiling which wasn’t so she went back to the living room.
chioma’s POV
she entered the kitchen, opened the fridge and brought out a chilled water,opened the drug(postinol) and gulped it with the water down then she waited for some minutes and went back to her room to pee.
she was done and sat down on the bed thinking about what just happened, I can’t believe emeka f—-d me today (she thought) with her fingers rubbing her p—y lines from her jeans gently,my p—y almost tore because of his rod, immediately she started thinking of feeling emeka’s rod in her again,the thought made her started feeling h—y so she pull down her jeans,shifted her panties to the left….

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Episode 11
immediately chioma pulled down her jeans and shifted her panties to the left,with one finger,she slowly begin to rub her c——s with her eyes shut,meditating on the pleasure she was receiving. she added another finger and increased the gear of her finger inserting and used one hand in massaging her boobs,oh God, am going to c-m she whispered loudly as she started moaning.
chioma’s mum was done cooking and was on her way to call chioma to eat when she heard a knock on the door, am coming she yelled, and turned back to the door,opened it and saw emeka’s sister (oyinye) with a worried look on her face. good evening ma she said kneeling down,how are you my daughter?, hope there’s nothing wrong? she asked with a puzzled face,pls ma I was told emeka came to your house, so I came to check if he’s still here,oyinye asked,emeka,he had left for long over 3 hours ago,is he not home?,she asked, if he’s home I won’t be here na(oyinye said with frustration), then her phone started ringing, she checked who was calling,it was emeka so she quickly picked.
emeka where in the world are you na, we’ve been searching all over for you,oyinye yelled,relax hanty,i just got home so be coming back sharp sharp osiso(emeka said sarcastically),because of your stupid waka waka,you let me trek all over the street like mad person abi,may thunder fire that your mouth there(oyinye yelled and hung up).
then she realized she had been keeping chioma’s mum waiting for long,oh am very sorry ma,that was emeka,he just called to tell me he just got home(oyinye said and turned to leave),good night ma,and help me greet chioma(oyinye said),okay good night my regards to your parents chioma’s mum said and slams the door behind her..
she branched to the kitchen to take water and bring to the table when she saw something on the kitchen counter, a tablet with postinol written on it..
chioma’s POV
I had fingered and fingered my p—y till it was all swollen and I was at the point of hitting c—-x,I finger f—-d myself and spread my legs wider,I became very excited that I took my whole jeans off,took off my panties and dipped my three fingers in my pumped p—y,oh how I wish emeka can s–k my p—y right now she said out loud.
so I continued, and voila,I squirted all over my bed,my hands was filled with thick c-m which poured out nonstop,oh f–k,chioma yelled as she rubbed her c——s with great energy.
she was about pouring another shower of squirt when her bedroom door opened….

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Episode 12

as soon as as chioma saw the movement of her door, she quickly dived and covered herself with her bedsheets for her mum not to see the mess she created.

chioma’s mum’s POV

lucky enough chioma’s mum never came inside her room fully,she stood by the door way and looked at her with puzzled face,why you covering yourself chioma?,are you feeling cold?, no I just had my bath and am about dressing up when you barged into my room without knocking, chioma said confidently.
oh,so that why you covered yourself, what are you trying to hide that av not seen, she said laughing,anyway let me give you privacy to dress up, and biko hurry up before the food gets cold she said and closed the door behind me.

chioma’s mum’s POV

I got to the dinning table and brought out the posinol pack from my gown pocket to take a look at it one more time,what could chioma be doing with this,no I don’t think she can do such a thing,I trust her with my life, she’s always decent and God fearing,(I thought) as I started eating the semovita and egusi soup I prepare together with some boiled turkeys…

chioma’s POV

I quickly unwrapped myself from the bedsheets,by now the cums I released were little dry so I cleaned the little I can,put back my undies on, wore my jeans and quickly went to my bathroom to wash my hands, you can’t expect me to eat swallow with the same fingers I used in fingering myself, that gross(I thought) as I arranged myself and got out,I noticed my mum staring at my face as I sat down beside her,but I ignored her and focused on my food, i quickly washed my hands and started eating.

we were having a silent dinner for like ten minutes when my mum finally spoke,chioma where did you get this?, she asked,lifting what she was holding to my face,I lifted my head and saw the postinol pack on my mother’s hand,oh f–k,how can I be this careless,I though I took it along with me,chioma am talking to you she said with her manly voice,breaking me from my thought.
I need to think of something to say ooo,suddenly a lie struck me,oh mum,our biology teacher gave us an assignment so i got this pack from a pharmacy to check some stuffs for the assignment,what kind of assignment (she asked) putting a huge mold of swallow in her mouth, just about prevention, so wanted to know more,she saw that she was convinced enough and said, oh well that nice, keep it up dear,and I promise you when you study hard have good grades,I promise to buy you a new phone(she said smiling).
oh really, I asked her,thank you mum,I promise to make you proud.
we talked and talked till we finished eating, I pack the plates to the kitchen and went to the living room to join my mum watching Dove tv,a Christan channel on gotv, u need to go to bed chioma,tomorrow is school she said, (looking at me).
okay good night mum, I said and dashed to my room, good night she replied as I slammed the door behind me, i switched on my room light and saw emeka sitting on my bed smiling…

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Episode 13

chioma’s POV

immediately I switched on my room light and saw emeka,I was about screaming with fear when emeka quickly ran to me and covered my mouth with his palms,shhh,be quiet,it me emeka(he whispered),then he removed his palm after av calmed down, emeka how did you get in here? I asked in surprise,look he said,pointing at my window,your window was open so I came in through your window,he said and sat down on my bed again feeling the soft mattress with his hands,wow your bed looks very bouncy(he commented),okay emeka tell me what do you want again?,I questioned him(folding my arms),you told me you will never set your foot here again and here you are in my room came in as a thief,oh chioma pls,stop calling me a thief,emeka said,i came because i wanted to tell you something important, emeka explained.

i mean if you wanted to see me,why didn’t you use the door as reasonable people do I said getting a bit annoyed,okay why I came was about what happened this afternoon,when I got home i couldn’t stop thinking about you chioma(he said, holding my hands where I was standing),can we do this one more time?, he asked.
what?(I chuckled),are you high or what, I lost almost all my energy from what we did this afternoon and now you’re asking for another round?, I asked him,pls I have to wake up early tomorrow for school so pls you have to le…,and I was interrupted by what emeka was doing at my very eyes..

Emeka’s POV
as she was talking, I have to look for a way to make her stop talking so thought of a way,I pulled down the zip of my trousers and brought out my d**k for her to see.
emeka what are you doing?, she asked in shock as her eyes were focused on my d**k,I begin to massage it in front of her, chioma pls I need you now, I said in a seductive voice, come s–k my d**k and I promise you will enjoy it,I pulled my whole trouser and boxers down.
emeka pls don’t let me do this she said, you have to leave now,common chioma,it just 5minutes and I promise am done,I saw her gulped saliva down her throat where she stood, I guess you’re shy,I said as I went to her where she stood like an idiot,I started by kissing her neck which made her moan a little,I put my hands inside her shirt up to her boobs as I massaged them slowly..

chioma’s POV
as he begins to squeeze my boobs,I felt my juice developing underneath,oh God emeka,you’re going to make me do this,I said defenselessly as he carried me and placed me on the bed and quickly dived to take off all my clothes,emeka wait I stopped him,do you have protection this time?,I asked sitting up,sure,you know I wasn’t prepared when we did it the last time,he said as he dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out the CD, inserted it to his Dickson and started by taking of my jeans,it was a little struggle taking it off because it was a very tight skinny jeans but in no time emeka pulled it off.
then he took off my shirt and my undies and quickly inserted his Dickson into the valley of pleasure, yeee,I yelled as his huge rod forced it way into my tiny hole, I held his back tight with my hand and raised my legs high for easy penetrating.
he was still f**king me hard like his life depended on it,aaaah,pls don’t stop I moaned,why he was f—–g me,he was licking my nipples gently,I felt like heaven on earth,I never wanted him to stop,oh God am about to c-m,I whispered loudly,he finally removed his Dickson from my p—y as he separated my legs and started s—–g my p***y like lollypop, the sweetness made me shake my legs about to released a flood of squirt, but he never stopped, he s—-d me like a professional,and WOOSH,I released everything on his face but he continued which made me almost lost my mind.
I felt weak and tired already but emeka continued like somebody who had taking drugs,I lost my strength as emeka took his Dickson to my p—y and started f**king real hard again,he grinded me then he discovered that I wasn’t moving anymore then he stopped and rolled over to my side,we were soaked in sweat as I was panting hard like a gorriler,i couldn’t get up cause my p—y was on fire and am d–n weak,I saw emeka got up like somebody who hasn’t done a thing,he picked his trouser and boxer from the floor and wore them and gave me a peck,good night (he said) and went back through the window and jumped out.
I was still lying on the bed like a paralyzed person, staring at the ceiling, then I dozed off without putting my clothes on, I was starked naked on the bed as I fell into a deep sleep

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Episode 14

Thursday morning
now it 7:oclock, chioma’s mum was done getting dressed so she cooked some noodles for her and chioma to eat for breakfast when she realized chioma is not out yet.

chioma mum’s POV

does this girl realize it 7:o’clock already, why is she not here? I said loudly,she’s supposed to get to school before 7:30(I said),chioma do you want to spend the whole day dressing up?,I shouted. no reply,chioma do you hear me?,I yelled once more,no reply. wait oo,is this girl deaf or what, I said angrily.
the noodles was ready with some eggs so I served them on the table for chioma and i,immediately I served the food on the table, I stormed down the hall to chioma’s room,in order not to meet her undressed I knocked and called her name one more time,chioma?,I said knocking thrice on her door,no reply.

out of fear and curiosity I pushed the door open and saw chioma on the bed sleeping with her clothes off,completely naked.
“chineke”,I whispered. this girl is still sleeping by this time I said loudly for her to hear my voice and wake up but she didn’t move a muscle, she turned with her ass facing up trying to enjoy the sleep the more, with anger I spanked her on her ass,chioma wake up, I shouted hitting her double times on her ass,she flunked her eyes open immediately but not fully awake, with my strength I spanked her double times again and she jerked up looking at me like she saw a ghost.
oh God am late for school,chioma yelled,why are you naked on the bed by this time when you’re supposed to be dressed up ready for school ? I asked her(with my eyes looking at her head to toes)

chioma’s POV

mum I already woke up by 6:o’clock,i took off my clothes and was heading to the shower but I fell asleep again(I lied),but you never wake up this late before,only on Saturdays,how come you’re still snoring by this time? my mum said, because I was reading last night then I slept late (I lied again),do you realize it 7:30am already she said pointing at my wall clock, I give you ten minutes to dress up now, my mum said angrily and stormed out slamming the door behind her,God pls forgive me for all this my corny lies I said as I stormed to the shower.

I took time to wash my p—y well in order for it not to stink from what emeka poured inside yesterday, immediately am done bathing myself, which took me about 5minutes,I dashed out of the bathroom, cleaned myself with a towel and brought out a clean underwear to put on, I cupped in my bra which I found on the floor where emeka tossed it last night, I picked my panties which emeka threw on the floor before giving me a wild f–k last night, I took it and dropped it in a bucket in my bathroom, I quickly picked my uniform where I hanged it yesterday, it just a skirt and a shirt which was little easy to wear so I put on my skirt and put on my shirt.

while I was fixing my shirt buttons I arranged my scattered books from my table and put them in my bag then I dashed out and slammed the door behind me without remembering to cream myself, this door will spoil one day from too much slamming, I said as I ran to where my mum was waiting impatiently, sorry mum,I said faking a smile,now listen young woman,she said pointing at me, let this be the last time you will make me go to work late,do you here me? she said and handed me 200naira for lunch in school… you have your own spare key so lock the door by yourself and take 100naira for bike because you’re late,she said as she handed me the money and went out..

I checked the wall clock in the living room, it was 8:o’clock already, by now they should be done with assembly I muttered as I ate the noodles on the table..
this was all emeka’s fault,I thought, what am I turning into?,a b—h?, if not for the pornographic video I saw on his phone all this wouldn’t have happened, now I lost my virginity,while still in my thought I glanced at the time and saw 8:10,f–k what am I still doing at home,as I finished my noodles and trashed the plate on the sink and ran out(closing the door with my spare key), immediately i was outside my gate,a bike man passed okada I shouted as he halted to a stop,DHS I said as I mounted on the bike, he understood the meaning which was Dedayo high school,it was the most popular private school in that vicinity….