[STORY] A HINT OF DARKNESS (episode 1-6)


episode 1

My phone kept ringing but I didn’t pick it up.
I knew it was Shade wanting to ask for
forgiveness. It wasn’t that I blamed her for
finally having the guts to cheat on me, I just felt
betrayed. she should have chosen someone
further than our circle. indeed I had been
caught countless times by her, but most of the
girls where faceless. she didn’t and wouldn’t
ever meet them for the rest of her life…except
she wanted to.
When she had insisted I visit her at her
apartment in Bodija, I had mixed feelings about
it. I expected to get laid, but the s*x wasn’t as
good as before. the terrific behind wasn’t as
captivating as it was when I had her from the
back those many times in my one bedroom
apartment. She still had the looks of a model,
but show me a very beautiful girl and I will
show you a guy that is tired of straffing her. I
had entered her rather opulent house to see her
looking depressed. Her enviable cheekbones
had lost some of its sharpness.
“what is wrong?”, I said, running my fingers
down her face.
“Nothing”, she replied, holding back tears.
“You called me all the way here for nothing?”
Then she started crying.
Shade was an emotional girl, so the tears didn’t
adequately prepare me for her next words.
“I slept with someone else”.
My mouth twitched but I couldn’t find the exact
words to say to her. I felt defeated, like my
crown had been yanked away from me by an
unknown Joystick.
“who?” I asked, taking a few steps backwards.
With tears choking her up, she said it didn’t
really matter who.
“Dapo, I am sorry I just wanted to get back at
“I thought you said you had forgiven me?”
she kept crying like the Dam that I thought she
“who did you screw?”
She didn’t give a reply, instead she stood up
and ran into her room. I followed closely behind
her, I was having a sick feeling at the bottom of
my stomach.
“Tell me who it was, right now!” I grabbed her
by the arm and pinned her to her bedroom
“Baby, let go of my arms”, she begged.
“Don’t, ever call me a baby again, you
Her shoulders sunk lower .
“Now tell me who it was”.
“Joseph”, she finally said.
“which Joseph?” I said, cold sweat immediately
appearing on my forehead.
She nodded slowly.
“Joseph, my colleague at work?”
She nodded again.
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episode 2

My phone rang again, this time I picked it and
switched it off. I tried pushing u the sickening
image of Joseph bursting inside her, spilling his
Pour on her stomach, her saliva all over his
Joystick, but I couldn’t. I could hear her
moaning as he hit her from behind. I had to
stop my car Sango bus stop, in front of Total
filling station.
I sent her a message, telling her she was killing
my battery and I didn’t want to hear from her
again. I told her I would return her ATM card
which was still in my possession. She replied
saying she was very sorry. I deleted the
Joseph was one of the few guys that
intimidated me at work. He was not just
handsome, he was also very intelligent. He also
happened to marry one of the most s*xy** girls
I had seen. many a time, during pre-intimacy
with Shade, I’d fantasize that I was with his
wife, my Attention usually became firmer. If he
knew I was jealous of him and all that he had
working for him, he never showed it. We usually
hung out on weekends, watching premiership in
his apartment or mine.
He had teased me countless number of time,
how if I wasn’t going to marry Shade, I should
let him have a go at her. He told me he would
toss his wife in as a sweetener, ofcourse he
was kidding so we’d just laugh about it. He
didn’t know I was the person that sent his wife
numbers and images of girls he was cheating
on her with. I had this secret SIM that I used
for my mission. Surprisingly, their marriage
seemed to go on smoothly. I had flirted with
her about a month ago. we where at a dinner
party organised by the bank at which we
worked. I had pulled her to the dance floor and
as we rocked on, I told her she had a behind to
die for, and if she was ever bored, she
shouldn’t be shy to call me. “Your friend never
makes me bored”, she said and shortly after,
left me by myself.
I always thought, Shade like him. She talked
about his height, his nice car and how he was
really funny. I even sensed she was developing
a crush for the guy, but I didn’t think they
would ever have the opportunity to screw each
I started my car engine, making up my mind to
visit a university of Ibadan girl I had met some
days ago. she seemed smitten by a young
Banker, she told me in very clear terms that if I
wasn’t after only her puna, ten I could have all I
wanted, including her puna.
“Hello Jes, are you in the hostel?”
“Yes Dapo, long time o!”
“Im coming to pick you up, hope you aint busy”
“Nope, I aint. I will be waiting”
“Okay, I am on my way”.
I stopped at a bar opposite Sango police
station and bought a small plastic bottle of
Origin bitters. I had every intention to have her
all night. In three gulps, the bottle was empty, I
was in business.
Driving down to University of Ibadan, that was
when I saw her. She was standing infront of
Ventura Mall, she had the face of an angel. Her
beauty was unlike I had ever seen and even
though I had passed her by some metres, I
reversed to where she stood.
That was when I saw the swollen part of her
brow, the sorrow in her eyes. her eyes were still
watery. I decided that I must be the hero to this
beautiful damsel.
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she didn’t act like a car was in front of her. I
honked but was still met by the blank stare of
the very beautiful lady. I got down from the car
and approached her. The closer I got, the more
I realised that I had underrated her beauty.
“Excuse me, Miss., Why are you standing here
all by yourself with that nasty bruise. you
should get it treated.
“Leave me alone”, came the abrupt reply.
“Are you waiting for someone?”
“Leave me alone. I am fine by myself”.
I would have walked away there and then. But I
wasn’t just staying because I thought she
needed help, I was wanted to help her because
I already started imagining how it would feel to
hold her in my arms. She sure was a good
replacement for Shade.
“What is our name?” I asked.
“None of your business”.
“Can I take you to the hospital?”
She ignored my question and instead crossed
to the other side of the road. I followed suit.
“Were you attacked?”
“Is it any of you business?” she replied.
I ignored the anger in her voice and pressed
“Who hit you?”
She wanted to scream at me with her hands
already raised up, but the action must have
ruptured the fibrin forming a thing layer over
the bruise on her brow. Red droplets blood
started dripping down her face.
“Stop being strong headed and let me take you
to a hospital”.
“Do you have a handkerchief?” she asked,
trying to stop the flow of blood.
“Yes, but its in my car”
She crossed the road for the second time
without regards for me. I was surprised when
she went to the passengers corner of my car.i
quickly opened the door and she settled in.
“If I let you take me to the hospital, promise me
you wouldn’t continue with you questions?”
“I promise”
I handed her the scented handkerchief that
Shade usually kept in my car.
“What is your name?”
“I thought you promised not to ask me any
I apologised and decided to just drop her off at
a clinic in Ijokodo, close to the Polytechnic.
She had a short green gown on. her laps were
exposed and I couldn’t keep my eyes
completely off it. her well structured kneecaps
also needed to be admired. her entire leg was
fair and spotless.
“Why did you insist on helping me?” she asked,
turning to face me with equally enchanting
“Because I saw you were hurt and couldn’t just
leave like that”.
“You are a good Samaritan then?”
“Call me a good Ibadanite”.
She smiled and I could swear that was how
angels must look when they smile.
“You are funny”.
I wish Shade could hear this amazing girl tell
me that I was funny. Bleep you hoe!
“This is not the first time he hit me, but I swear
it is going to be the last”.
The words were accompanied by tears.
“Who hit you?” I asked.
“My husband”.
That dampened my mood a bit. it meant she
could not replace Shade. but she would still
serve her purpose.
“I didn’t know you were married”.
“I am. I am married to a demonic man”.
he decided to tell me how they met and how he
was the sweetest man on earth until few weeks
ago when he started exposing his bad temper
and need to hit her as a sign of authority.
We had gotten to a clinic and although I still
had every intention of straffing her, I felt she
needed more space to sort out her emotions.
“You can go into the clinic and get yourself
taken care of. Let me get your number so I can
check on you l
she used her hands to clean her tears.
” I thought you said you wouldn’t leave me?”
I was surprised by those words, didn’t know
what else I could do to an injured and abused
married woman.
“How else can help you?” I put my hand on her
lap, encouragingly, she didn’t react to it.
“I want to pack my things away from his house
now that I can, I don’t want to be around when
he gets back from Ghana”.
“When will he be back?”
“On sunday”.
It was a Friday and I felt that she could still
leave his house on Saturday, but if she wanted
to leave immediately, there was every possibility
that my house could be a stop over.
“Where would you be going to?” I asked.
“I would go to Iwo road and get a bus to Lagos.
I have a couple of friends there”.
I was disappointed.
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The building in which she lived with her
husband was in an isolated part of Jerico,
Ibadan. It must have been constructed in the
80s but renovated to give it a nice look. Though
the house boasted of a garden in front and
bright colors of paint at the exterior, there was
still a hint of darkness hovering over the
She led the way into the two bedroom
apartment. It was very dark inside, I had to
watch my steps carefully, all of a sudden she
stopped moving but it was already too late for
me, so my body crashed into hers.
Immediately, the sweet fregnance of her hair
and the softness of her bumbum heightened
my senses.
“standstill, let me put on the light”, she said.
The living room was not too spacious, though it
was exquisitely designed.
“Are those your husband’s parents?” I asked,
pointing to an artwork made of oil paint hung
on the wall.
“Yes. Those are the people that gave birth to
the bastard!”
I held her as she started crying again. I must
admit that I was getting turned on by the
softness of her breasts arched against my
“You are safe now”, I said.
She held on tighter and it felt good.
“I am sure you think I am a mess, I am sorry.
Its just that I gave my all for this marriage to
She freed herself from my embrace and walked
into what I supposed was her room. It was
already 5:30pm, I wandered if I should try to
convince her to stay in my apartment for the
night and leave for Lagos the next morning.
My phone rang, it was Jes. I switched it off.
When she came back t the parlour, she had two
big travelling boxes.
“Don’t you think it would be a better idea to
stay in my house tonight and leave for Lagos in
the morning?”
She looked at me for some seconds before
“Don’t you have a wife or a girlfriend that would
cut off my head?” she asked.
“No, I am single”.
“You really think its a good idea?”
She dropped the boxers and walked around. it
was clear that she was thinking about my
“Why don’t we stay here for tonight, then you
can take me to the park in the morning. I would
prefer that, I hope it wouldn’t be much trouble.
I pretended that I was considering it for a while,
then I agreed.
“Thank you very much, I really didn’t want to
go and meet my friends today with a swollen
She came for another hug, I obliged her.
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We spent most of the evening talking about the
kind of weakness that made a guy hit a woman
and how it was usually because the guy was
insecure himself. I wondered if I should have hit
Shade to teach her lesson or two.
When it was time to sleep, I asked her to give
me a piece of cloth to cover myself with as I
slept on the couch. she refused.
“Please, sleep beside me. I wouldn’t be able to
sleep if I am alone on the bed. I am scared”
“But I am just a door away” I said, hoping she
insists. But she didn’t.
I tried to force myself to sleep but I couldn’t, I
kept thinking of the lady in the other room. I
really wanted t spend the night inside her, not
on her uncomfortable couch. I wondered if I
could just sneak out of the house and meet up
wit Jes. The drink was working, I was as Hot as
I slept off.
It felt like a dream, like figment of my
imagination. But she was in front of me. she
was Unclad. I closed my eyes again, expecting
the optical illusion to let go of me.
“Why are you closing your eyes, don’t you want
I gasped. This poo was real.
“I was thinking it is the least I can do for all you
have done”
I wanted to say she shouldn’t bother, but that
was foolishness because I wanted her to. I
wanted to bury my face on those ripe looking
breasts in front of me but I didn’t know how to
go about it.
She took my hand and led me into the room.
She squatted in front of me and fumbled with
my buckle for some time before wriggling it
free. then she caressed pulled my boxers to my
knees and brought out my Joystick. As she
squatted, I could see the dark sheen made by
hair pubic hair, it was beautiful also. Her lovely
legs, one on each side of my leg, were resting
on her toes. her hand grabbed my asss as she
put first the tip of my Joystick in her mouth,
but she went further. I held her head as my
teeth grinded against each other.
After sometime of s—–g, she stood up with
legs spread apart, took my hand and put it in-
between. Her warm fluid spread along my
fingers, she moaned as I tickled her.
“I want you to make love to me on his bed”
I carried her up and covered the distance to the
bed, where I placed her gently with legs spread
“Bleep me like I belong to you”
I couldn’t believe my luck.
I plunged into her like my life depended on it.
she let out a scream that was more from
pleasure than pain. Her hands went across my
neck as she moved her waist, meeting me
t—-t to t—-t.
After coming for the third time that night, I went
to sleep. I woke up to a sensation on my balls.
She was s—–g at them. involuntarily i
became hard.
“I want you to Bleep me anally”
a Vaseline that I didn’t notice earlier was
scoped by her, she rubbed it generously against
my Joystick and went on all fours. i faced
some initially resistance when my Joystick
wanted to get in, but after a few rhythmic
t—-t, it went in finally. I pumped her with all
that i had. the firs reason was because i like the
way she backed up her bums, the other reason
was i wanted to weaken her o she would let me
sleep. After about Fifteen minutes of heart
wrenching, hair grabbing, ball tickling anal s*x, i
came inside her.
The last thing i remembered as i slept was her
beautiful satisfied face kissing me.
I woke up to a punch on the face. It was the
most painful thing i had ever felt. The man
standing in front of me was atleast 6 foot 4″
with the kind of beards that Rickross would
He must be her husband, i said to myself. I
wanted to flee but his big frame was covering
everywhere, i doubted if apologies would shield
me from further punches.
The girl i had just devoured still slept peacefully
on the bed, i was sure he was going to kill her
after he was done with me.
“I am sorry sir,” I said.
That was followed by a blow to my chest, I fell
back on the bed.
That was when she woke up.
They stared at themselves for a while. i
expected to see fear in her eyes and see hatred
in his but it wasn’t so. I saw defiance in hers
and astonishment in his.
“So you bleeped him?” he asked her, moving
closer to where she was.
“Yes, all night” she replied.
I wanted to beg her to shut up, i was in so
much pain so i kept quiet.
“Where you satisfied, was he any good?”
“Yes, though i have had better”
i didn’t know the kind of hatred she had for him
for saying all these things, but i wanted to be
“You packed the bags, why didn’t you leave?”
he asked her.
“There was no need to be in a hurry, they would
be back on Sunday”.
That was when i knew something was amiss.
“Who are they? I thought your husband was the
one coming on sunday, who is this?” i asked
the girl.
I passed out as the next punch made an impact
with my face.
When i woke up, the lady and her man were
counting some wads of Naira close to the bed.
“Who are you?” I asked the lady.
She smiled back at me, the guy didn’t seem to
bother, all his attention was on the money.
I realised I had been bound to the bed, both my
hands and legs.
“You ask too many questions”, she replied.
“Please just answer me, what is happening
She ignored me again and started arranging the
money in a different bag.
“So much money makes me Hot”, the heavily
bearded guy said.
“Come and Bleep me, i am Hot too” she said.
“I thought he bleeped you all night, ma cherrie?”
“But he is not you, dear”
She started pulling off her pant. I wanted to
throw up.
“No, i can still see his Fluid dripping off your
“So you rather Bleep him?”
He nodded.
I thought it was a joke, all i wanted to do was
beg for my freedom but i didn’t want to
interrupt their discussion, they could see it as
rudeness, I wanted to be polite.
She tossed him the Vaseline, the same one she
had used on me the night before. Then she
pulled my boxers, my butt, all Unclad was
facing the bearded guy. She went to him,
s—-d his Joystick for a while, then lubricated
it with the Vaseline she had tossed to him.
I begged, i cried, i threatened, then i begged
some more….the bearded guy didn’t care. he
rammed himself into me.
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I didn’t know who the first person to find me
was, but the room was filled with policemen
when i regained consciousness. I was still
Unclad with blood on the sheets.
A man with a lot of tribal marks was asking me
questions like who i was, where are my other
gang members, where did we hide the things
we stole from the house. I just kept crying.
Some of the officers were laughing at me, each
was telling the others why they thought my
colleagues had tied me u and left me behind.
Most agreed it was greed, that i was probably
trying to run away with all they had stolen from
the professors house.
That was when I remembered the artwork in
the parlour. That must have been the professor
and his wife. I realised i had been used by the
girl to rob the house, her gang member had
met up with her and……oh my God.
I decided to tell the tribal marked guy all that
happened. He nodded and kept taking notes, i
wondered why he didn’t unbound me, but i
kept talking.
The he asked me two questions.
“What is her name?”
“I don’t know”, i replied.
“His name?”
“I don’t know”
The other policemen started laughing at me. I
wondered if he was going t laugh to but he
didn’t, until he asked me one last question.
“So him Bleep you for yansh?”
Then they all laughed louder, including my
Some minutes later I was handcuffed and taken
to their station, where i was locked up without
charge or trial for two weeks.

On a sunday afternoon, I was suddenly called
from my cell that I had made bail. I got to the counter to see Shade at the other side. She
cried as soon as she saw me, I tried to be
strong but I cried to.
As she drove me to her house, she told me
everybody was looking for me and no one
thought about checking the police station until
my abandoned car was recovered at Dugbe.
“Dapo, tell me, what happened?”
I kept quiet for a while, then i spoke.
H“Its a very short story… but first, please forgive

_***THE END***_

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