[STORY] A Day To Remember (EPISODE 1- 23)


My name is Fabulous but my friends usually call me Fab.. I am 20yrs, a first class upper holder who just finished my NYSC.

So how did my story with Cynthia begin?

Cynthia was my course mate at POLY UNWANA. She’s a very beautiful lady of about 24.. Her figure will be compared with that of Nichi Minaj.. I mean that she’s a lady every man would want to take to bed..
I have always tried to lure her into my trap but the girl hard die.. She usually give me that i don’t care look.. The first day i approached her hmmm…

Me: Hello pretty!

Cynthia: hi

me: am Fabulous but you can call me Fab. What about you?

Cynthia: well my name is cynthia.. So how may i help you?

Me: I just like you and would like us to be friends. This time my heart beat increased to 1000/s.

Cynthia: did i hear you well?

Me: i said yes with courage.

Cynthia: the number you are trying to call is not available, please check the number and try again.

Me: meaning?

Cynthia: meaning you should look for another person.. Do i look like a cheap prostitute to you?

Me: babe its not like that. I…. I…. I.. Before i could finish she don walk out on me… After that day i kept on trying again and again but to no avail… Can you imagine that throughout the two years i stayed in the school before changing my institute for upper class she never gave me her number talk more of accepting my proposal.. So i vowed that after NYSC i must get i nice job and surprise her…

Glory be to God, after my MYSC service i got a job as an acting branch manager to shell Nigeria plc. I was given an official car and official house.. This is a dream come true.. I worked for the first month and my employers were impressed the way i worked and i got promoted to branch manager with 150000 as my starting salary with wardrope allowance…

I became the happiest man on earth.. I went immediately in search of Cynthia and luckily for me her house is located along my street. I got there but she wasn’t around but i met her friend and she told me to wait for her… I waited for about 30 minutes before her return.

Me: hi Cynthia.

Cynthia: hi.. How did you locate here?

Me: it doesn’t matter how i located here what matters is what brought me here.

Cynthia: so what brought you here?

Me: won’t you offer me anything.

Cynthia: did you tell me you were coming. Abeg say what you want to say.

Me: thats by the way, lets go gang out for a while…..


Cynthia: hang out? As what? Your girlfriend, wife, sister or house maid.

Me: just as friends there’s
something i would like to tell you but not here.

Cynthia: abeg save me that shit…

Me: (in a low tune) please! This time around i saw her friend signaling her to accept the offer but i pretended as if i didn’t see anything..

Cynthia: alright i accept but you must not waste my time.

Me: i won’t ma.. “Wow! This is a golden opportunity to get her dancing skelewu and shoki in my arm”. I thought to myself.. We got to the car, i opened
the passengers door for her to enter and we zoomed off..

Cynthia: So where are we
heading to?

Me: to Ibom Cool joint, just the next street.

Cynthia: wow! I love there. Its like we have the same taste.

Me: yea… We continue telling stories.. Truely we were telling stories but my mind was not there. All i was thinking was my 30 inch bed and how to get her there… Am not bad o
here we are.. Welcome to Ibom Cool Joint. We got out of the car and headed to a cool corner to enjoy ourselves.
I ordered my favourite
‘egusi soup and fufu with a chilled hollandia yogurt’. She ordered a plate of fried rice and pepper soup with chilled five alive.. We started eating… There was silence. It seems we were just pursed, but i won’t stop starring at her with a smile and in return she gives me her white 32..

The silent period lasted for about 15 minutes before i decided to break it.. I looked straight into her eyes, she notice i was staring at her so she face me..

Me: babe… I…

Cynthia: what! (with a smile).

Me: will you be my girl friend?

Cynthia: what! Like seriously, is that why you brought me here?

Me: (i drew closer to her) baby lower your voice. Look people are staring at us.

Cynthia: (as she landed a hot slap on my handsome cheek) for your information my name is Cynthia not baby. Will you take me out of here or not…

Me: jeez! You slapped me?

Cynthia: and i will do that again and again if you don’t take me out of here… She immediately picked her bag and walked straight to the car.. I was so ashamed that i can’t even look up because all eyes were now fixed on me.. I’ve never been disgraced like this before.. I managed to pay for thing we bought and left to drop her off.. I didn’t talk to her as i was driving, i didn’t even look at her.. I dropped her at the gate and headed to my house..

I went home angry. This is a public disgrace. What will people think about me? What if my superiors get to know what happened? So many things were running true my mind.. I packed my car and headed to my bedroom….


I laid down on my bed for 30 minutes before going to the shower to freshen up. After the shower i went to bed, i picked up my phone and logged on to facebook… So many friends were only but i wasn’t in the mood of chatting. I checked my timeline and tags there was nothing really impressive so i log out and switch off the phone so that nobody will disturb me.. I started recalling everything that happened. I didn’t even know when i dozed off.

Around 6:46am the following morning the i woke, i just didn’t feel like going to work because i might disgrace my there. So i called my Assistant to cover for me that i wasn’t feeling fine.. I went to the gym to exercise my body and try to forget what happened yesterday but it keeps occuring to me..

Around 3pm same day my very good friend back in school came to visit me and to spend some days with me.. His name is Tobias
but i call him Tobi..

Me: o boy this one you come my house and you no call me for phone.

Tobi: must i always call you before visiting? Abi you no wan make dey come your house?

Me: no be like that but you suppose inform me anyhow..

Tobi: (jokingly) am sorry sir it won’t happen again.

We went inside and he dropped his luggage in my room.. We came out to the sitting room to relax ourselves

Tobi: My guy how fa na?

Me: i dey o.. Wetin dey sup for your area?

Tobi: nothing dey happen o. Your own better na. You don get good job and a good house.

Me: guy forget that thing..

We were discussing but my mind wasn’t there because all i wanted then was Cynthia and nothing but Cynthia…
I was thinking of Cynthia,
our first outing and how
she disgraced me out there… But am i going to give up so easily? No not at all.. I didn’t eat that night, i was just angry, so i went to bed…
Tobi noticed my mood but am sure he wanted me to calm down before asking.. We both went to bed…
Hours later i saw myself
with Cynthia walking downto my house holding hands together. We got to my house, went straight to the
bedroom to have some fun.. We romanced for about 5 minutes before she pulled my clothes while i did the same to her. We started romancing again, i kissed
her big ass and was caressing her all over. I
pushed her down to the
bed. I climbed on her and
wanted to kiss her on the
lips, not until Tobi’s hot slap woke me up.

Tobi: o boy wetin dey worry you? First you kiss my nyash i no talk, you begin dey rub me all over i no talk, i been think say you just dey joke, now
you wan kiss my mouth. You be hormo?

Me: my guy am sorry o, i was dreaming.

Tobi: na who be this girl
wey dey make you behave like this?

Me: na Cynthia o

Tobi: Cynthia? You wan kill yourself? O boy i wan advice you, make you take u turn because that girl go destroy you.

Me: abeg forget that thing. I must get her.

Tobi: Fab wake up! You no dey see say this girl go ruin you.. Don’t say i didn’t warn you.

We laid back and slept off.


6am in the morning, i jump off from the bed, Tobi was still sleeping but i didn’t care to wake him up after all he’s not going anywhere today…

I rushed to the kitchen and prepared my breakfast, it was a very fast one. 25 minutes later am done with the kitchen, so i went to the
shower, took my bath and dress up for work…

Me: Tobi….. Tobi…. O boy
wake up. Na like this you
dey sleep for your house?

Tobi: ah! Is it morning

Me: no its afternoon
already… I don dey go work make sure you take care of the house.

Tobi: alright bro, safe

I left for work.. It was a very good day for me. Do you know why? Well i didn’t tell you that i have a female secretary who has tried hard to have way into my life but all these while i’ve been ignoring her because
of Cynthia… Rose is tall, has an athletic body stature, fair in complexion and pretty just like Cynthia. The only difference between the two is their front and back.

*By the time i got to office she’s already there, i thought i will be the first but i was wrong…

Rose: good morning sir
(with a cute smile on her

Me: good morning, Rose
how are you today?

Rose: am fine sir.. Sir you
don’t look bright today,
what’s the matter?

Me: am fine nothing is
wrong with me..

Rose: ok o but i know you
well. You’ve not been like
this before..

Me: thanks for your concern.. Can we go in now?

Rose: sure. I have arranged the office and also drafted the later to the NNPC Chairman, its remaining your signature..

I dropped my bag on top of my table.

Me: well done. I will sign it later as soon as we’re…… Its alright bring it now..
She was surprised maybe the way i sounded or the way i paused i don’t really know.. 2 minutes later she came with the file, i signed it
and gave it to her to deliver..As she was about leaving my office..

Me: Rose do you mind
having launch with me

Rose: wow! Of course, you know i’ve always wanted that. She winked as she left..

Honestly i’m doing this to
forget the drama that was acted by Cynthia..

*1pm on the clock, i got up walked to Rose’s table.. Its time for launch… She arranged the files she was busy with and we left for a nearby restaurant.. We ordered our favourites….
We started eating and
discussing things as it
concerns the office.. 15
minutes later the
unexpected happened.
*In the begining i said it was a good day for me but i wasn’t actually a good day.. Do you know why?
Cynthia from no where came to the same restaurant. Immediately i saw her the whole thing came back to me. What the hell has she come here to do now? I
pretended as if i didn’t see her… I lost my appetite immediatly..

Me: Rose we need to get out of here now

Rose: but sir we….

Me: (interrupting her) i said right now..

Rose: am sorry sir..
I noticed the look in her
face, she felt embarrassed
but i can’t help it. I don’t
want another drama.. We
went back to the office as i closed for the day, though its just 2pm but my day has been spoilt…..


I drove home, there wasn’t any traffic, so i drove home safe and quick. I met my guy
in the house having fun
with music playing…

Me: o boy you don win

Tobi: no o i just feel happy thats all.. But this one you came home early wetin happen?

Me: nothing i just felt bored at office so i had to close…
I joined him in the fun. We played and danced till 6pm when i told him i want to go and meet somebody and i’ll be back soon

Tobi: (jokingly) i hope its not Cynthia..

Me: not at all.. I drove off to Rose’s apartment. I stopped by a supermarket, got some
presents for her then set off to her house.. Her house is 30 minutes drive from mine but i got there in 1hr 30 minutes due to traffic jam….

When i got there, her house was not fenced so i walked straight to the door and pressed the door bell..

Rose: who’s that? Am
She opened the door and
was full of surprise because i’ve never asked her the location of her house talk more of visiting, so she was
surprised how i located her..

Rose: good evening sir..
Please come in.

Me: (kneeling down) please am sorry for what happened today. I didn’t know what came over me. Am truely sorry.

Rose: sir but you don’t have to do this.. Ok get up i understand.

Me: this is my token of
apology, its for you.. I said as i hand over the gift to her..

Rose: wow! You went this
far? But you shouldn’t have done all this.

Me: for me to show that am truely sorry for what
happened i have to do it…
And another thing, we’ll not be going to work tomorrow, i want to spend the whole day with you.

Rose: wow! That will be very nice. Thanks for the offer.

Me: i should be the one
thanking you….

Rose: sir sit here and make yourself comfortable. So what do i offer you?

Me: my favourite, hollandia yogurt..

Rose: alright. I’ll be right
back.. She left and came
back with a hollandia yogurt and two tumblers. She poured for me and for herself and we had a toast.. I drank it like i’ve never seen any for some months. I checked my watch and its almost 8pm..

Me: Rosy i will be on my way now. I will call you
tomorrow morning.

Rose: alright nice having you around.. She saw me off to my car while i drove home.. The traffic was less so i got home around 8:45pm…. My
guy has already prepared
dinner waiting for me to
come back..

Tobi: Fab what has been
holding you since? You said you were coming back soon but look at the time..

Me: my guy it was traffic o… It took me a long time to come out of the traffic but thank God am home now…

Tobi: alright.. Dinner is set
shall we?

Me: of course. Right behind you… We had our dinner, i took a fresh shower and off to bed.. I said my prayer and slept off……


I woke up very early in the morning, i checked my time its 5:10am.. I got up from bed, it was really cold that morning so i had to boil some water to take my bath.. after taking my bath, I went back to bed to wait for time… I’ve been thinking of a nice place to take Rose to; my house? no i don’t want Tobi to suspect me and it might be dangerous… i think a hotel will be better..

i picked up my phone, straight to contact, scroll to Rose and send…..

tuuuuu tuuuu…………………. tuuuu tuuuu…. beep
Me: hey Rosy, how are today?

Rose: am fine and you?

Me: am ok.. I called to remind you of our arrangement today, our venue is EL DORADO HOTELS, meet me there..

Rose: ok sir copied..

I hung up and went to the wardrope to get dressed.
i put on my chinos jeans with gucci top and timberland shoe… and set off

Tobi: o boy where you dey go this one you dress like n—-r?

Me: my guy i wan go villa go see my mum, i will be back in evening time..

Tobi: alright. i might go before you come back.

Me: so soon?(as if i wanted him to stay longer)

Tobi: yea the manager i told you about called me on phone to come for interview in Abuja tomorrow, so i will have to go tonight so as to catch up early.

Me: ok. i wish you goodluck man

Tobi: thanks, greet mum for me.

Me: no wahala

I left with my car just to justify my lie. i drove to my mechanic’s workshop and parked the car there, then took a cab to EL DORADO HOTEL. i didn’t want people to suspect me thats why i kept the car..
i went inside, met the receptionist.

Me: good morning sister.

Receptionist: good morning sir. welcome to El Dorado Hotel, how may i help you.

Me: i need a nice room conducive enough for me to spend my day.

Receptionist: ok sir(she opened her drawer and brought out a key.) here you are sir, i’m sure you will like it. she handed over the key to me) Let me escort you to the room…
we both went to the first floor as she led the way to roon 101.

Receptionist: here it is sir, i will like to go back to my duty post.

Me: alright thanks. i opened the door and behold it was like paradise on earth. the room was well furnished and decorated.. i bet you, you will stay over dose if you come there. i picked the desk phone called the bar and ordered some drinks to keep myself busy while waiting for Rose..

20 minutes later, the desk phone rang and i answered it.

Caller: hello sir the receptionist online, a lady is here waiting for you by name Rose should…

Me: (interupting) please let her in. my heart began to beat faster, i thought she was going to disappoint me.

knock! knock!! knock!!!
Me (opening the door) come in dear.

Rose: wow this place is so nice. you have a good taste sir.

Me: yea, but you have to keep that your sir till we get to office, right now you can call me Fab.

Rose. ok sir.. sorry, Fab…

Me: better..

she joined me in drinking and didn’t care to request for anything.. i watch her as she drink, until my body system starts changing, i collected the thumbler from her, kissed her and she responded.. we kissed for some minutes, then we got up from our sit gently still kissing each other. i undressed her as she does the same to me, i pushed her to the bed, climbed on her and started s—–g her b**b like a pikin, i was s—–g one and playing chess with the other…. she started moaning little by little until she became fully loaded, she really wanted me to enter her well so i wore my protection and started diong press up on top of her…

Rose: ohhh! baby you’re the best.. ohhh faster!!!
she’s really enjoying it so i started going in and out of her well faster and faster while still servicing her b**b with my mouth… she moaned and moaned as if she wants to cry but she kept on telling me to do it faster.. we had about 5 rounds yet she’s not tired. i began to wonder if she’s really a human being because the people that i have done it with before always quit at 4 rounds latest 5 but this one is a different case.

Me: do you want more? i asked pretending like am not tired..

Rose: yea baby… my heart began to pump not just beat.. god save me today… since i don’t want to disappoint her again so i had to continue… i gave her three more rounds until i became exhausted and dozed off……….


6am in the morning, i woke up feeling much better. I did my usual morning duties and left for work. I was actually the first to show up in the office, i parked my car in the car park, took out my brief case and headed to my office. I got in, arranged some of the scattered documents, then i heard a knock on my door..

Me: come in please

Rose: good morning sir.

Me: Good morning Rosy, how are you?

Rose: am fine sir. how was your night?

Me: i didn’t know how it went because i slept all through the night. I felt very weak after our yesterday’s adventure.

Rose: like seriously?

Me: i tell you. but thank God am better now.

Rose: alright sir, i will be in my duty post.

Me: ok. Draft the letter to the manager of NNPC and bring it to me when you’re done.

Rose: ok sir.

I sat down thinking, such a nice girl but i still can’t figure why i don’t feel anything for her. my mind is not at rest and will never be until my wish is fulfilled. few minutes later she came in with the letter, i went through it, endorsed it and gave her to post it. Actually our company was given a chance to sign a contract worth of 10 million with NNPC and i am the one to pilot it. after the contract i hope to go home with at least 4 million, that’s if its successful..

The work in office was less stressful and time flied like never before. 4:30pm, i began to round up cos its almost time to go. in two days time we will be holding a meeting with the board members and we are to present our reports so far, so i took some of the documents i will be needing to prepare the report, put them in my brief case and called it a day… i came out to meet Rose still busy with some files, we had a little chat as a bade her farewell and left…….


I got to my car, entered and as i inserted the key to the ignation my phone rang. i brought out the phone, lo and behold Tobi was calling. then I remembered that i had such person as friend.. I answered the call…

Me: hello Tobi, how are you?

Tobi: cut that crap. as if you cares..

Me: my guy you will not understand.

Tobi: what is there to Understand? that your best friend left and you never cared to know if my trip was successful or not. nawa for you o

Me: Guy calm down, its not like i dont care. i care about you but so many things have been on my mind that i forgot. am sorry..

Tobi: sorry for yourself. so how was your trip to the village? i mean EL DORADO village

Me: (pretending) what are you talking about?

Tobi: don’t even try to deny it cos i know everything.

Me: guy maintain. But how did you know i went there?

Tobi: when you told me you were going to see your mum, i knew you were lying, so i followed you.

Me: o boy nawa for you o. so don dey spy on me.

Tobi: why did you lie to me at the first place?

Me: i was afraid that people might suspect me..

Tobi: but am your friend you should always confide in me.. anyways, thats not why i called you… i called to let you know that i have been employed by PROMZY NIG. PLC as as the Marketing Manager of Asaba Branch so i will be travelling to Asaba first thing tomorrow morning.

Me: wow congrats. you’re now a big boy..

TObi: spare me that. i just got the job..

Me: its ok enjoy.

Tobi: alright talk to you later.

i dropped my phone, started the engine and zoomed off.

am already at home. i park my car well and walked straight to my door. as soon as i opened the door my phone rang, i checked, it was an unknown caller so i ignored it because i hate answering numbers i don’t know. i went to my room, dropped my brief case and removed my suit. the call came again and i ignored it.. but why can’t this person let me rest. the call came again and this time i decided to answer it. maybe a business associate is calling.

Me: hello! who’s on the line?

Unknown caller: hey Fab how are you?

Me: (surprised. but the voice sounds familiar) you know my name?

Unknown caller: of course i know your name.

Me: so tell me, who are you?


Unknown Caller: its me

Me: (thinking)Cynthia…
Cynthia…. Cynthia….. Please this is a wrong number. I hung up the call. hmmm which Cynthia be this na? the Cynthia I know can never call me on phone. this
might be one of those
fraudsters that uses people’s name to dupe
others.. the caller called
again and i answered the

Me: please i’ve told you that this is a wrong number. the….

Unknown Caller: ah ah Fab nawa for you o. you have just forgoten me in a jiffy. its me Cynthia your course mate.

Me: wait! Cynthia na you be this? did you mistakenly dialled my line or what?

Cynthia: i intentionally called you. so you have just givenup like that?

Me: not that i have given up. i was just waiting for the right time.

Cynthia: thats ok for you. can we meet tomorrow?

Me: (wow! this is really
intriguing. Cynthia inviting me out)… sure. where do you want us to meet?

Cynthia: any place of your

Me: what if i come to your

Cynthia: its ok by me.

Me: alright then see you
tomorrow after work.

Cynthia: Ok bye.

wow! at last my wish is
fulfilled. i can now sleep well. i picked up my phone and called Tobi to give him the good news… you know his usual way na, he adviced me to be careful with Cynthia….
when i checked my time, its past 8pm. i rushed to the kicthen and prepared a fast food for dinner. it was very nice, chilled with my favourite (hollandia yogurt.
After the dinner, i said my
prayer and went to bed…


jeez! i have to prepare for
work. i jumped out of the
bed rushed to the shower, refreshed myself. after my quickie, i took some hot water from my flask and made a tea for myself. i drank the tea with few slices of bread..before 7:00am i’m
ready for work. i was over
joyed that i even forgot to say my morning prayers. i went to work with my car.. everything in the office seemed boring to me, i was just pray for time to run faster.. when i checked my time, it was 12 noon. what! i thought its up to 2 or 3. i waited patiently till the time i was praying for came at last.
i quckly arranged my office and left the rest for Rose to finish. I didnt care to chat with her today…
I took my car and left.
unfortunately for me my car broked down in a lonely area. What kind of problem is this. i think the devil is at work but it won’t work. i locked the car wel and took a cab to Cynthia’s house….


The cab dropped me along the road just a stone trow to Cynthia’s house, so i treked to her house. I was so happy that my plan is finally coming to pass….

Me: kpom kpom kpom( i knocked on the door after i have pressed the door bell many times, maybe it has stopped working) Kpom kpom kpom i knocked the second time… then i heard a voice from inside telling me to come in.. I went in and saw Grace coming out of the room…

Grace: wow look who we have here

Me: Grace is that you?

Grace: yea. look at you. Fab you are now a big boy.

Me: na God o…..

Let me tell you little about Grace.. She was known in school as the no nonsense girl because she doesn’t take shit. she is tall with athletic body type, dark in complexion, beautiful and intelligent(black is beautiful). she’ not jovial, always quarrelling with almost everybody in my department except Cynthia her 5&6… During lectures, she loves sitting alone and doesn’t interact with anyone but it was magical how in got her dancing shoki in my palm… well let me stop here so far.. my story with Grace will come in the next episode so watch out…..

Back to present
chai this is double wahala o… i don’t wan Grace to know that i have anything to do with Cynthia, what am i going to do now? i was thinking….

Gace: Fab! Fab!! (with a shout)Fabulous!!

Me: yes, yes, what did you say?

Grace: i didnt say anything, i only called your name… are you sure you are ok?

Me: yes dear.. i was just thinking about my car that broke down on my way so i came to check if there is any mechanic living around here.

Grace: hmmmm ok o.

Me: do you live here?

Grace: no. i just came to visit my old friend.

Me: which of the old friends if i may ask?

Grace: Cynthia of course..

Me: (pretending) you mean Cynthia of our department?

Grace: yea.

Me: so is she in?

Grace: no she went across to get something

Me: (breath in hard) thank God.

Grace: thank God for what? are you hiding something?

Me: what! did i say thank God? its a slip of tongue dear and i dont have anything to hide..

Grace: if you said so. but i still don’t believe you….. so what about the promise you made to me before you left the school?

Me: we will talk about that later, right now i want to go and repair my car….

I gave her my card to call me adn rushed out immediately before Cynthia will come back. i dont want to start any drama between the two girl friends. i treked down the road just few steps to the place i will turn to my own street, i saw Cynthia coming. i waited for her till she came closer..

Me: Hi Cynthia. how are you?

Cynthia: o Fab dear am fine and you?

Me: am good. I was just heading to your house before i saw you..

Cynthia: o then, lets go together..

Me: no dear i don’t think its wise. lets just stay here and talk.

Cynthia: but you know here is not safe either, its better at home, ok lets go to your own house..

Me: you wan kill me, my mum and siblings came to visit me and they are all in the house.. i still insist we talk here…

Cynthia: its ok, if that is your wish..
i called you to tell you that i have thought about your proposal and have accepted to be your girlfriend.. am sorry for all the embarrassments i caused you…

Me: you dont need to be sorry for anything, your yes alone have erased all the embarrassments.. thanks for accepting me, i promise to treat you like a queen..

Cynthia: and i promise to treat you like a king..

She planted a hot kiss on my lips, wow her lips were so sweet that i didnt want to break the kiss but i have to because we are in a public place. after the kiss, i opened my wallet and handed her the sum of N20,000 promising her that more will come her way as time goes on.. she thanked me and left while i continued my journey…….

Now the story of me vs Grace (the no nonsense girl) begins….
Back in the days in Poly Unwana, i was a laughing stuff for most of the girls especially Cynthia just because i was poor then… Due to my poor background, they vowed not to have anything to do with, then i vowed that i most make money anyhow after school and will do everything possible to have Cynthia dancing shoki in my palms…. I concentrated on my studies so as to get a good result…
Grace is a very beautiful lady, tall, fair with average body size. She was an intelligent student but she had issues with maths and physics.. She’s not a jovial type and as such she finds it difficult to ask for help whenever she needs one.. She likes sitting alone in class… It was a miracle how we got together…
It all started one faithful day during our first semester as 200 level students… As the exams were fast approaching and everybody is preparing(i mean the serious ones). I was the best in class then, especial in Mathematics, Physics, English, etc….
Grace sat down quietly as usual studying but i noticed the uneasy look on her face, some times our eyes will meet together i’ll just pretend and look away. This happened for several minutes, i realized she wanted to ask me something but doesn’t know how to go about it. Maybe she thought i wouldn’t give her the attention.. So i decided to clear my doubt. I walked up to her seat.
Me: hi Grace (in a low tune).
Grace: (looking up) hi….
Me: i can see you’re serious with your studies. But why are you so worried?
Grace: am ok..
Me: if you said so. But i can still….. Well can i see what you’re reading?
Grace: why not! (she turn the cover page for me to see)
Me: wow thats my best subject; physics….( don’t mind me o. In real life i detest physics)
Grace: ok…. Em… Can you help me with this question?
(she handed over the book to me.. I looked at it)
Me: well this is very simple (i solved it while explaining the procedures to her).
Grace: wow you got the answer.. I saw the answer at the back of the book but i’ve been trying to arrive at that answer but to no avail..
Me: i told you its my best subject so there’s nothing in it that i cannot solve..
Grace: Fab can you do me a favour?
Me: hmmmm! If possible, i will….
Grace: please can you be my private tutor? I really don’t want to have any carry over this semester.
Me: Thats not a problem for me. Just call me whenever we don’t gave lectures.
Grace: (with a smile) wow thanks very much.
Me: don’t mention…
I left her seat. I started wondering, for the very first time, i saw Grace smiling. She happens to be the only girl that ever smiled at me and also asked for a favor from me. I promised myself not to disappoint her…..
The adventure has just begun, who knows what will come out of the extra lessons…. Only time will tell….


I went back to my lodge (off camp.) after the days lecture… Tomorrow we only have morning lecture, so i have to prepare for extra lesson. I don’t want to f–k myself up at all, so i have to prepare very well. I brought my maths handout, solved few equations then prepared my dinner because is getting late… After the dinner, i refreshed myself with a cool shower then retire to my bed and slept off after a brief prayer….

As i dozed off, i heard a knock on my door. But i wasn’t expecting any visitor. I went to unlock the door, to my greatest surprise i saw Grace standing…

Me: wow Grace! What a surprise? But how did you locate my lodge?(i was surprised because we only talked to each other just today)

Grace: does it really matter how i located your lodge? Abeg usher me in, abi you wan make i go back?

Me: no o. Please pardon my manners. Come in dear.

She came in, sat down on my bed. She told me that she was feeling scared in her lodge and doesn’t know who to run to except me… She continued

Grace: please can you accomodate me here tonight?

Me: sure. You’re free to spend the night here…

I brought out the hausa mat under my add and spread it on the floor, then spread my wrapper on it. I asked her to sleep on the bed while i sleep on the floor. She agreed and i lay down to sleep.. Few minutes later, she called me to come up that she’s still scared… I resisted at first but she would never give up so i succumbed. I went to the tip of my bed just to create enough gap between us. Later she drew closer and cross her hand on top of my chest…

This time my emotional feeling became directly proportional to that of lion that meets its prey.. (Don’t blame me o, am a human being na and i never see where they put sugar for person mouth and he vomit it). I responded to the stimuli immediately by turning to face her, then i crossed my own hand to balance the equation. Immediately my mood changed from negative to positive and i gave no other choice than to kiss her soft lips, she responded well.

As i tried to unlock her holy city, one witch mosquito come bite me for my lap, i slapped my lap then i realized i was just dreaming…

Me: what kind of witch mosquito is this. Imagine the enjoyment i was about to enter nawa o.

I checked my clock, its 5:37am already. No need of sleeping again because its already day break. I jumped up, had my 10 minutes devotion, i went to the shower and cleaned myself up, changed my clothes and set off to campus for my morning lectures….



the lectures ended around around 12 noon. A minute after the lecturer left, Grace came to my seat..

Grace: hi Fab.

Me: Grace dear, how are you?

Grace: am fine. Did you remember our lesson today?

Me: sure. Off to the the library.

We departed to the the library for the lesson… It didn’t went well as expected because the library was crowded with students. So the library was so uncomfortable but we managed to do something, then we decided to change our venue….

Grace: Fab, this place is not conducive for me. I don’t like studying in a noisy place, so we need to change venue.

Me: ok where do you think will be better?

Grace: i think your house is more better.

Me: hmmmm. Why not your own house?

Grace: no go that side. My senior sister who is in her finals and her friend are living with me so i don’t want them to think that something is going on between us and i don’t want that to happen.

Me: ok you win, so tomorrow we’ll be heading to my house.

Grace: yea.

We concluded around 4:15pm and went back to our various lodges. The exam is almost at the corner a week and 2 days to go. I really have to prepare myself so that i don’t get any carry over. Anyway i trust myself in that one. I no dey carry last.

The following day, after the lectures around 2pm, Grace and i walked side by side to my lodge for the lesson. We discussed about the school, its managements and the forth coming exam as we walk till we get to my lodge. I unlocked the door and we entered.. Since i have no chair in my room, she sat on the bed. I dropped the books i was carrying in my little book shelf then went back to her to continue with the business of the day.. The lesson went absolutely well with no disturbance and sure she really enjoyed it. We concluded with series of question and answer.

Me: wow! You’re improving.. So how did you see today’s lesson.

Grace: i really love it. Fab thank you very much.

Me: you’re welcome.

Grace: i have to be on my way now. See you tomorrow.

Me: alright dear, bye.

Before she left, she planted a hot kiss on my lips, i was shocked by her action. I stood still like some body that was electricuited. I didn’t even notice when she left the house.. Wow her lips were so sweet. I locked my door, began wondering poor boy like me with the no nonsense girl and i even hear say her parents get money. God help me o. I don’t want to enter into problem with rich man’s family because i don’t have money.

I lie down for my bed dey wait for time, i slept off and wake around 10pm..

Me: jeez! I never eat. I jumped up and rushed to the kitchen and prepared indomie. After eating i took my book and started reading until 2pm, then i went back to bed.


i woke up around 6am but i was so weak that i can’t even go to the shower. What am i going to do? I have no money on me now and the chemist where i normally buy drugs on credit is at the campus gate. How can i get there now? I would have called Grace on phone to help me get the drugs for me but i have no phone. I sold the one i was using two months ago to sort my papers with our nonsense lectures. I decided to go back to bed since there’s nothing i can do to solve the situation….

I said a short prayer for God to send good samaritan and I laid down on my bed but couldn’t sleep, i was just rolling from one corner to another counting the PVC’s in my room until 8:57am, then i heard a knock “kpom kpom kpom”. Could this be the good samaritan? I thought to myself. I got up slowly to open the door. The knock came again.

Me: please hold on am coming. I opened the door. Wow! Grace thank God you’re here.

Grace: Fab what’s wrong with you?

Me: my dear am not feeling fine. I am feeling very weak this morning.

Grace: i got worried when i didn’t see you in school so i decided to come check on you. Have you taken any medication?

Me: that’s why i said thank God you’re here.. I don’t have any money with me and the chemist where i use to buy on credit is at the hate, please i want you to go there and get the drugs for me.. Just tell her its me and she will give it to you, i’ll pay her later..

Grace: ok am coming….
She left immediately. Few minutes later she came back with the drugs.

Me: are you back already?

Grace: yes dear. Get up and take the medicine.

I got up took the medicine from her, then she brought a cup of water for me and drank the medicine. She said that i need to rest a little. I went back to bed while she sits beside me.

Me: aren’t you going back to campus?

Grace: no na, i can’t leave you here alone.

Me: i can take care of myself now. You’ve done enough already so you don’t need to miss lectures because of me.

Grace: am not complaining so relax yourself so that the medicine can work well.

Me: ok ma i rest my case.

Grace: better..

Nawa for this girl o. She no dey give up. Well make i leave her think of the sickness.. I come lie down and slept off.. I woke up by 1:30pm feeling better and strong.. I breath in hard. Wow! Where is this aroma coming from? My kitchen? Na true o someone visited me in the morning, i don forget o.. I went to the kitchen lo and behold Grace was there preparing a very delicious and tantalizing meal.. I didn’t care to ask her where she got the food items because i know she must have bought it from market.. I decided to leave her to finish.. The aroma of the food testifies of the taste. Soon the food was brought to the table.. I pretended to be fast asleep.

Grace: Fab! Fab wake up joor.

Me: yes dear! Whats the matter?

Grace: get up and eat joor.

Me: you cook? But you didn’t tell me you were going to cook o.

Grace: abeg stop pretending and eat…
Jeez i didn’t know that she saw me that time. I got up to eat the food. Truely it was a delicious and my favourite for that matter.. How did she know that i love egusi soup? We had the delicious meal together. After the food, she asked to take her leave of which i saw her off and also thanked her for all she did for me today…..


2 days later,
i was able to reach my mum through business centre and she sent me some money to take care of myself and buy necessary handouts. After cashing out the money from the school ATM, I went straight to the nurse at the school gate..

Me: Nurse good evening.

Nurse: good evening. Fabulous how are you? Its been a while.

Me: am fine. I came to clear my debt.

Nurse: your debt. I don’t think you have any outstanding debt.

Me: am sure i have. I sent someone to get me some drugs two days ago.

Nurse: well let me check my debtors list..( after perusing through her exercise book, she continued) your name is not here, maybe the person didn’t come here.

Me: how come? There but only one chemist around this school and that is yours, so i wonder. Well let me go and verify.

Nurse: alright then. Take care of yourself….

I left her shop to meet Grace. Fortunately i met her in front of the complex building with two other girls i don’t know. I signaled her to come which she did.

Me: i went to the chemist to pay for the drugs you bought for me but she said that am not owing her. How come.

Grace: oh! Is that why your face is like this? Don’t worry i paid for the drugs.

Me: but i told you that i’ll pay her later and you didn’t even care to let me know.

Grace: am sorry dear. But that’s my little way of showing appreciation.

Me: but i didn’t ask for it.

Grace: its alright. I will not do again.

Me: its not like that na. Its just that you’ve done more than enough already.. Well thanks for everything.

Grace: don’t mention…

To cut the whole long story short.

We continued with our Saturday lesson which resulted to us falling in love with each other.

We took the long awaited exams. After the exams i travelled back to my home because i don’t have money to keep me going in the campus after all its remaining the result only.. But before i went home, i informed Grace and she was like, stay a little longer for me na. But i resisted. She gave me a package to open it as soon as i get home.. We waved each other bye as i left.

Immediately i got home, exchanged pleasantries with my mum and my siblings i walked straight to my room, dropped my luggage and brought out the package. Lo and behold its a brand new Tecno Y6 with Airtel simcard in it. Wow what a surprise package. How i wish i have her number.

One week later, i recieved a call from an unknown number and it was Grace that called to inform me that she made it in the exams. She also invited me over to her house in Owerri… I honoured her invitation so as to use that opportunity to thank her for the gift but i was totally surprised with what i saw in her house.. Her parents welcomed me as if i was Jesus Christ or one of the Angels. Of course i was Jesus of their daughter. Her mum was so caring to me saying that i made their daughter smile again.

I didn’t know that she has already told her parents about me and the extra lessons we had together. I was so happy that i fulfilled my promise of making sure that she passed the exams.. After that day, we became strong lovers….

Well i want to cut the story short. After our first year, i proposed to Grace and she accepted. I promised her that after my NYSC i will get a good job and pay her bride price.. I left the school after my ND1 for i higher degree and that was how my story went with Grace in the past.

Back to present…..

I went back to were i packed my car since i didn’t see any mechanic on the way.. After waiting for some time, i decided to try again. I opened the door, inserted my key in the ignation, on it and my engine started. What a magic? I drove the car back to my house, went in to take a shower of relief. After the shower i laid down on my bed facing up, thinking of how the day went….. So this car only wanted to ruin my day. Well thank God i didn’t give up. At least i can now sleep and snore. But little did i know it was all a warning for me to turn back from my set mission… Well am not be blamed, i have an unfulfilled mission and if i give up on the way then am no longer a man of my word.. I have to taste Cynthia thats all……

wrong choice. If I wer u, I would stick to Grace.


the next day i woke up as usual and prepared for work. I didn’t eat anything because i lost my appetite.. I got dressed and left for work… I got to office early because there was no traffic.. On getting to the office, Rose is already there waiting to usher me in..

Rose: good morning sir.

Me: good morning how are you? ( I responded sluggishly).

Rose: am fine.. You don’t look fine this morning, what is the matter?

Me: i’m fine.

Rose: you’re not. Tell me what’s wrong.

Me: (in i harsh tune) i said i am fine.

Rose: ah sorry o. I just wanted to be friendly.

I just left her and went inside my office.. Which kind wahala she wan give me this early morning. Abeg waka joor.. I settled down to check my documents and mails.. I heard a knock on my door. Am sure its Rose.

Me: Please come in.. Rose entered.

Rose: Fab what have i done to you that you don’t even care about my feelings anymore? You now talk to me harshly. You’ve completely changed.

Me: did you dream of me last night. Why can’t i have peace in my own office?

Rose: Fab. This is me o. Rosy. What is wrong with you?

Me: i told you i’m fine. Please i would like to be left alone.

Rose: so am even disturbing you? Its alright i’ll leave you alone. But just remember that i love you and will never do anything to hurt you.

Me: please stop.. You can go back to your duty post..

She left immediately feeling hurt inside but i don’t care, she is the least in my worry list now.. Am think of Cynthia’s sudden acceptance, Grace’s sudden appearance and so on…. If only she knows what was going on my mind she wouldn’t have talked to me at all….

After that day i kept on avoiding Rose even though she persistently tried to win me back but all her endeavours proved to be abortive. I kept on giving one excuse or another until she got tired of it all.. She’s not getting any younger neither am i getting younger but the truth is that am not ready for marriage yet.

I kept on hanging out with Cynthia, spending money like never before.. At least i have it enough…

Two months later, as i was about to go to work my phone rang, i checked the caller and it was my best friend Tobi…

Me: Tobi my guy what’s up na.

Tobi: who be your guy? You sure say i be your guy and you no dey even flash my line talk more of calling. Which kind person you be self?

Me: guy you no go understand. But its good as you called me, no be only me suppose call you.

Tobi: abeg make i hear word… How work nah?

Me: my dear everything is fine. How about Abuja nah?

Tobi: its cool.. I know you don buy many lands keep nah.

Me: land ke. Wetin i go buy land for? Na me be the only son and the land wey my papa get na my own.

Tobi: so you wan tell me say you dey work for oil company and you never buy any piece of land? Ok if na you get your papa land, you don build house for the land?

Me: which house? Look at the mansion am living in and you’re talking of building house, abeg no go that area o. You how many you don build?

Tobi: mansion ke! Are you forgetting that you are living in an official house, what if you’re sacked? well i called to let you know that i have saved enough money to buy a piece of land in the village and to start my own building. I will be coming back this christmas.

Me: wow! That’s my guy. I can’t wait to see you again.

Tobi: Fab you need to make use of your time while you still have it. Don’t just waste your money on girls only. Don’t say i didn’t warn you o.

Me: you don carry come again. Abeg waka commot for my phone, i think say you don change.

Tobi: alright. Talk to you next.

Me: ok bro nothing do you.

Nawa o this guy dey take life so serious o.. Abeg make i enjoy life now that am still breathing because there’s no enjoyment in the grave…

Five months later, precisely 28 oct, Rose came to my house unannounced. Who knows what she have come today. I was sitting outside relaxing when she came.

Me: hey Rosy. How are you?

Rose: am fine. I can see you’re having good time.

Me: yea. You can have a seat.

Rose: thanks( as she sat down).

Me: let me get you something to drink.

Rose: you don’t need to worry. Am in a haste.

Me: ok. To what do i owe this surprise visit?

She opened her bag and brought out something like a small envelop and handed it over to me.

Rose: here you are. My Traditional marriage and wedding ceremony comes up on 20th Nov, so i want you to be my guest. Here is a special drink for you (she handed over a bottle of wine to me).

Me: wow! That’s good news. Congratulations my dear.

Rose: thanks. I will be on my way now. See you then.

Me: alright take care

hmmm at last she’s getting married. To me that’s a welcome development.

Finaly 20th November is here. I prepared myself well, put on my best suit with my black google, spray body perfume for nice odour. As i stepped out of my door something happened……

What am i seeing?………


As i stepped out to go to my car, i saw my mum coming with a lady whom i don’t know… What surprised me is not the person she came with but the unexpected visit… My mum never visit me without informing me but this time she just came without any information and sure she’s up to something…

Me: (with surprise written all over me) good morning ma.

Mama: enhe! Fabulous nwam kedu ka i mere?

Me: hmmm mama am fine.. This one you came without informing me i hope there’s no problem.

Mama: won’t you welcome me to your house? Must i always announce my coming or don’t i have the right to visit my son again?

All this while i didn’t bother to ask about the lady she came with. But am not comfortable with the visit, i can even see the lady carrying a Ghana must go bag..

Me: mama its not as if i don’t like your visit. But at least you should have told me to know whether i will be around or not… Ok who is the lady with you if i may ask?

Mama: oh! Ifeoma.. This is Ifeoma the daughter of Mazi Ahamefula.. ( turning to Ifeoma) Ify this is Fabulous my only son.

Ifeoma: good day sir.

Me: (ignoring her greeting because i didn’t like the look she was giving me) so mama tell me why you both are here cos am running late.

Mama: is that why you didn’t accept her greetings? Well! I have been waiting for you to come home with a lady to call your wife but you never did so i thought maybe you’ve not seen a good one, Ifeoma here is the right woman for you, she’s now your wife.. I personally….

Me: (cuts in) wait! Wait!! Mama what did you just said now? Did i hear you say wife?

Mama: yes my son. I personally picked her among other girls in the village because am sure she’s going to make a good wife.

Me: mama you’re kidding me right.

Mama: do i look like am joking? Eh Fabulous. All my peers have grandchildren except me. Is my own case different? I need a grandchild.

Me: mama i would have insulted you if not that you’re my mum. But i don’t like what you’re doing at all. Am no longer a kid. If i want a wife i can get one for myself. Please take back this thing from where you picked her because i am not ready for her..

Mama: Fabulous you must marry her o. Open the door lets go in first before you start this your stubbornness.

Me: mama as you can see i was about to leave before you came. If you don’t mind i would like to be on my way now.

Mama: bia where do you think you’re going? Are you going to live us here?

Me: if you get tired of standing you can go back to where you came from. Bye…..

I left them immediately without even looking back. I entered my car and drove away. What nonsense, even if i want to marry will it be my mum that will marry for me. And a village girl for that matter. Mehn levels don change nah.. It wasn’t hard for me to locate the wedding venue. By the time i arrived they were already with the traditional marriage so i joined in the wedding hall.. I observed as everything went on. At first i thought it was a joke, my own Rosy now exchanging marital vows with another man…

The pastor said is there anyone who has one thing or the other that would hinder this couple from being joining together let him say it now or remain silent forever. I stood up immediately, i looked around and all eyes where on me. I walked straight to the stage with the gift i bought for her in my hand. Rose fainted immediately she saw me. I became afraid. What is going on? Why did she faint? Why is everybody starring at me?

Pastor: young man what is it you want to say that will stop this wedding?

Me: what! Stop which wedding? Please lets revive the bride first.

Five minutes later Rose regained consciousness. I collected the mic from the pastor.

Me: good day ladies and gentlemen. I am here on behalf of myself and my company. Rose here has been a faithful worker and we have decided to give her the some of N100,000 and one month leave for her honey moon.

The hall became noisy. Everybody was happy. I can equally see a sign of relief on Rose’s face.. After the marital vows we stepped out to the field for the concluding parts of the wedding.. I spread money like water. At the end of the day, i gave her my gift and left immediately


I left the wedding ground immediately not even waiting for the photograph section. I was so angry, confused and filling remorse.. I shouldn’t have treated my mum the way i did. But the woman annoyed me, why would she think of marrying a wife for me and from the village when there are pretty chicks in the city who knows whats on board.. I don’t even know what to do. Rosy is now married…hmmmm

i drove to a beer parlour close to my street to cool myself and forget my worries… I ordered four bottles of life with pepper soup. I finished it without feeling anything, so i ordered one bottle of bazoka.

Me: waiter this thing didn’t go anywhere please get me one bottle of bazoka.

Waiter: oga you wan kill yourself? You don already take four bottles of life….

Me: are you here to sell or to ask questions?

Waiter: hmmm no kill yourself here o.

She went in an brought the drink for me. I paid my bill and left while drinking my alcohol like soda water.. I entered my car and drove off still drinking… I picked my phone and dialed Cynthia’s number asking her to come to my house that night. She agreed and i gave her the direction to my house…..

It was only the grace of God that led me to my house…

I was so surprise to see my mum and her wife still waiting for me.. I was so drunk to talk to them so i opened my door and asked them to come in. I walked to my bathroom and started vomiting all the drinks. I laid down on the floor after vomiting and slept off there…

I noticed it was morning when i heard the crow of a c–k. I opened my eyes only to find out that i am on my bed. But i don’t remember coming to the bed. I glanced on my wall clock, its 6:50am… What! I sprang up immediately rushed to the bathroom and take my bath..

I was surprised, my bathroom was as clean as a paradise, who must have done this.. I was shocked when i came out to see Ifeoma lying on my bed fast asleep… What! On my own bed? This girl must be a joke. I got dressed before coming back to her. I slapped her ass hard in order to wake her up..

Me: hey what the hell are you doing on my bed?

Ifeoma: oh Fab you’re up already? Good morning.

Me: what is good about the morning? I asked you a question.

Ifeoma: do you have to do this now? Its too early.

What does she take me for? If only she knows what is going on in my mind now..

Me: before i come back from work make sure you pack your stupid self out of my house.

Ifeoma: my husband stop talking like that na, am your…..

Me: shut the fvck up. Who is your husband? Did they tell you that people becomes husband and wife without proper marriage?

Ifeoma: darling you don’t need to worry about that.. Your mum has taken care of every thing.

Me: am talking of the one you said and you’re saying another one.. Am not going to repeat myself. Make sure you vacate this house or get ready to be forced out…..

I left for work forgetting that i called someone to come and service me last night. Drove safely to work and arranged everything.. I log in to the company’s email to check for new orders.. I saw one Gerald Holdings Nig. Ltd requesting for our sales list.. I replied immediately with an attachment of our goods and price list..

I replied other pending delivery orders and logged off.
I called my Paddy (Tobi) to inform him of the latest.. He laughed at my behaviour and gave me his advice as usual… “FAB TRADE WITH CAUTION AND DON’T LET YOUR EMOTION OVERRIDE YOUR SENSE OF REASONING”

Me: honorable adviser i don here.. I dropped the call and continued my work in the office.. Mehn office can be so stressful without Rose. I can’t imagine working without her for one month..

……”Oh my pretty one i love you so much for the way you’re treating me oh never had another one like you”……..
My phone was ringing. Who must have remembered me now? I checked the phone and………. Jeeeeeeez…….


Your guess was right. It was Cynthia calling. I then remembered that i called her last night but she didn’t show up or what. At first i didn’t want to take the call but i later decided to take it.

Me: hello(wearing an angry face)

Cynthia: hello Fab. What’s wrong with that voice?

Me: its you. Imagine i called you to come last night but you chose to turn me down and you think am happy with that.

Cynthia: wait Fabulous na me you dey vex for? Me and you who suppose vex? I came to your house but your mum and your girlfriend abi wife rained me insults. They went to the extent of giving me marathon slap and you are here talking to me. Anyway its not your fault….

Me: i.. Hello.. Baby..
Dawn. She cut the call. So she can to my house and that wretch of a woman has the guts to lay a finger on her? Don’t worry let me meet you in my house. I tried calling Cynthia severally but wasn’t answering. She was actually angry with me..

I checked my time, its 3:00pm. I packed my things and left the office. I drove straight to Cynthia’s house. Thank God she was alone. She frowned her face immediately she saw me.

Me: please baby am sorry for what happened last night.

Cynthia: please leave me alone, i don’t want to recieve another beating.

Me: i said am sorry. It won’t happen again. Please. Would you like shopping?
At this time i can see smile on her face but she later frowned maybe to pretend.

Cynthia: are you trying to bribe me with that?

Me: not like that. You know i can do anything to make you happy. Please don’t say no.

Cynthia: its alright if you say so. Let me change to something better..

We left her house to a supermarket nearby. She picked as much as she can and i paid for the bills. She was happy with my kind gesture and thanked me for the items. I dropped her in her house and promise to give her a call soonest. I drove to my house smiling, but my face changed immediately i came close to my house. I drove in, packed my car and left for the sitting room. I met that thing, sorry Ifeoma watching movie.. I walked to the tele and switch it off.

Ifeoma: darling welcome. How was work?

Me: you must be very stupid and out of your mind. You have the guts to harass my quest last night and you still stand here to take rubbish. By the way, what are you still doing in my house?

Ifeoma: please calm down. You don’t need to be angry like this.. That girl look like a cheap prostitute and a gold digger.

Me: what the hell…. (I landed a hot slap on her left cheek) its you that is a cheap prostitute. Is here your father’s house? Oya start leaving before i change my mind.

Mama: (from no where) Fabulous what i wrong with you? Eh! She’s not going anywhere o. As far as i am concerned she is not stepping an inch out of this house.

Me: mama you are pushing me o. Don’t blame me if i take action.

Mama: what action? Kill her? You can’t do that.

Me: you why are you still standing there? Pack your things and get out of my house.

Ifeoma: my husband please….

Me: you think am joking? I rushed to her land another slap but this time the gravity was so much that she cannot carry it.. She collapse and hit her head on the sofa..

Mama: Jesus! Fabulous egbu o m ooo (Fabulouse don kill me o) you see what your stubbornness has caused.

Me: Ifeoma! Ifeoma!! Oh my God what have i don to myself.. I quickly carried her out put her at the back of the car while mama entered the front passenger’s side. I drove to Living Word Hospital and got her admitted. They said i have to deposit the sum of N50,000 before treatment can commence. But i only have N10,000 with me..

I pleaded with the doctor to start treatment while i go get the remaining money. Luckily for me, he agreed. I deposited the little i had and rushed to the atm. I came back with N100,000 incase of necessity..

Ifeoma remained unconscious for hours. I began to think that she was dead but the doctor assured me that nothing will happen to her. Series of tests were carried out on her and everything was negative..

She regained consciousness around 8:30pm. The doctor said that she is having internal bleeding which is not a good one..

Doctor: sir you have to make available the sum of N125,000 so that we can transfer her to our headquarter where she can be given appropriate treatment.

Me: but will she be ok after that?

Doctor: i assure that she’ll be ok.

I went back to the atm and withdraw the remaining money…

To cut it short. She recovered after two days after i have spent almost N200,000 on her head.. I didn’t bother to ask her to leave again but the treatment i have to her made her leave.

That night as she slept off i got up took the cloth i will be using tomorrow for work then left her in my room after locking the door with key. I slept at the other room. Very early in the morning i prepared and went to work without opening the door.

At office
my boss called for a meeting. Who knows what will be discussed?


=>AT THE MEETING WITH THE BOD (BOARD OF DIRECTORS)<= at exactly 12noon, i told the client i was chatting with that i have a meeting with the General Manager and will be back soon. I left my office for the meeting hall.. All the board of directors were present including other departmental managers. The meeting was presided by the General Manager, Mr. Duke. Mr. Duke: good day gentle men and ladies. All: good morning sir. Mr. Duke: i wouldn’t want to take much of your time so i have to be brief.. I would like to first thank the few people who have shown genuine committment in the growth of this company. The likes of Mrs. Nick, Miss Matilda, Mr. Ben and Mr. Edna. Thanks to you and keep the good work going. Mr. Fabulous you are the sole reason for this meeting. Me: (i was shocked when i heard the statement, my heart began pounding like apostolic church musical instrument). Sir i hope its for good? Mr. Duke: how can it be for good when you have decided to turn the company to a private affair. You come to work and go anytime you like. And recently we have experienced reduction in the number of clients. Just yesterday a client came looking for you but you have left the office even before time. I now recieve complaints of late delivery. Do you have any excuse for that? Me: sir am so sorry, i had family issues to tackle. Please pardon me. Mr. Duke: i will pardon you but if you continue this way you will have yourself to blame. Lets i forget, i want every department to submit their report this afternoon. I think that will be all for now, you may now retire to your duties. I left the hall so ashamed of myself. I was the subject matter. I just hope i don’t get fired. I went back to my office and continued with the business transaction. Client: the goods arrived safely but it was late. I will send the remaining payment tomorrow via online banking. Me: tomorrow is not the best option. My boss is a staunch Sabbath worshipper and wouldn’t condone any transactions that day. Why don’t you make it money. Client: tomorrow is the only suitable day for me unless you’ll wait till next month. Me: no no. I can’t wait. Just send it to my account, i will drop my account number before i log out now.. Client: ok then till tomorrow. I sent him the account details before logging out. I arranged my things and off to my car, its past 4pm already. I hopped in and off to Cynthia’s house. Thank God Grace has gone back…. I forgot to tell you guys that Grace tried severally to invite me over to her house but i refused until she gave up the invitation. I met Cynthia in her house. She frowned her face immediately she saw me. I knew she was still angry about the event. I knelt down to beg for her forgiveness. Me: baby please am sorry for what they did to you. Cynthia: please stand up.. But you should have told me that you have a wife. Me: wife ke! Don’t mind that girl. She’s just forcing herself on me. Cynthia: please i don’t want any problem with your family. Me: baby please.. How about a date tomorrow so that i can prove that am truely sorry. Please don’t say no. Cynthia: ok. its obvious you’re not gonna quit. But i think sunday will be better. I won’t be available tomorrow. Me: Its ok by me. I will call you around 12noon. I have to be on my way now. I left for my house immediately… I met my mum and she began shouting at me and saying all manner of things to me, but i didn’t want to start a drama so i went to my room. Opened the door and found Ifeoma sitting and crying. I pretended as if i didn’t notice anything. I dropped my briefcase, removed my suit and laid on the bed and slept off.. I woke up around 7pm and couldn’t find Ifeoma, i checked everywhere for her but she was no where to be found. I checked for my mum, she was fast asleep. I wanted to wake her up but i changed my mind.. Why am i even worried about her, i didn’t even like her stay in my house so she can go hang herself for all i care.. I went back to my house, take my shower and went back to bed.. I picked my phone and chatted for some time before i slept off again… A DAY TO REMEMBER Episode 22 >Semi-final

ah! Its morning already? I sprang up from bed, i needed to do some clean up almost all my clothes are dirty. I packed them all in a sack bag so as to take them to my dry cleaner. I hopped into my car and drove off..

Just 1km to my destination, a toyota corolla double-crossed me and i found my brake immediately.. Four hefty young men boomed out of the car each carrying an AK47, they made their way to my car and asked me to get down. At first i wanted to claim james bond, but what can i do? Am i even stupid to think of that? One man as vulnerable as whatever you can think of against four men with gun. Thats absolute stupidity… So i foolishly got down from my car raising my hand above my head, i found myself begging them to spare my life. One of the criminals abi assassins who seemed to be their leader stepped forward.

Criminal: your money or your life.

Me: please i don’t have any money with me.

Criminal: do you think am joking? I did not ask you if you have any money with you. Ok let me cut it short, here with me is an inter-bank transfer form, all you need to do is to sign it for me..

He brought our a pen from his pocket and started filling the form. After filling the necessary details he handed the paper to me for endorsement.

Me: what! I shouted as i saw the amount.. Two million naira? But that’s the only thing i have in my account. How can you take all of them?

Criminal: (Kra..kra..he pointed the gun to my heart.) i give you the count of 3 to sign that thing.. 1….2….2 and half..

Please sir let me sign it (i said as i collected the pen from him.. Chai! What am i going to do now. What of the outing i have tomorrow? Can it be possible without money? All these things ran through my mind but i think my life is worth more than all these.. I signed the paper and handed it back to him.. He went true it and nodded in satisfaction.. He walked back to their car.

Criminal: Axe! (he called out one of his boys)

Axe: yes boss

Criminal: groundnut bonus abeg.

Axe: your wish is my command boss…

He pointed his gun towards and went for the trigger and released a shot on my forehead… I screamed Jesuuuuuus!!!! And jumped up from my bed.
Ah! So this was just a dream. A call came into my phone and i reached for the phone. It was Tobi calling. I picked the call without hesitation.

Me: my main man whats up you?

Tobi: my guy i dey o just that work has not been easy here.

Me: no worry mehn na so in dey be nah. This one wey you hola at me this early, i hope everything is ok.

Tobi: everything is ok in my side. Fab i have a feeling that some bad is going to happen to you.

Me: where you come get that one from? You don become prophet?

Tobi: am not a prophet but i want to advice you based on what i saw. I had a terrible nightmare and in the night your were robbed of your money and properties. Please be careful of your movement these days.

Me: i don hear you, i assure you say nothing go happen to me.

Tobi: i just pray it doesn’t happen o.. So how mama

Me: mama is fine o she’s even in my house.

Tobi: wow! Is she around?

Me: she might be snoring in her room now.

Tobi: ok. Anyways extend my greetings to her and be a good boy.

Me: ok sir. Thank you for your concern.

Tobi: ok then.

He hung the call and i knelt down beside my bed to say a short prayer but i couldn’t just concentrate so i had to postpone the prayer till evening time. I wiped my face and went to my wardrope and found out all my clothes are dirty except the suit i wore to office yesterday.. Hmmm. I don’t have the slightest strenght to scrub my clothes but i dare not go out today after that nightmare. So i decided to wait till i have the strength to wash..

My mum woke up and came to my room to know how we were faring and know why we are still in bed when its already 9am.. She found only him and enquired about Ifeoma’s whereabout but i told her i didn’t know. She was very mad at me and asked me to make sure i find her and marry her if not she’ll disown me.. She left my room angrily..

What the hell does she want me to do? Will i kill myself because she decided to leave? Abeg let me think how tomorrow is going to be.. I got up, brushed my teeth and went back to bed to think about my life…

23 (last episode)

Sunday 20th May 2007 is the
day i will never forget in my
life or in a hurry.. What really
happened that day?
Finally the deal day is here. I
can’t wait to have Cynthia all
to myself. I was reluctant to
go to church but i had to so
as to escape from my mum’s
The service was so bored
for me. I can’t even tell the
topic of the day’s sermon. I
was only imagining what’s
going to happen in few
hours… Luckily for me, the
service ended around
11:35am, so i rushed home
to get ready…
On my way to the house, i
remembered going to meet
my mum at home so i
decided to go for my outing
from dear because i don’t
need anything or anybody
to spoil my fun for me. I
diverted to Cynthia’s house..
She was almost ready when
i got there so i waited for
her to finish..
After five minutes, we’re
good to go. Cynthia hopped
into the passenger’s front
seat as i zoomed off.. There
was silent as we drove.
Cynthia: so where’s our
destination? She said
breaking the silence.
Me: Luxury City.
Cynthia: wow! I heard its a
nice hotel.
Me: yea… All through the
drive we never said a word
again until we got there..
Here we are dear
Cynthia: so soon?
We walked straight to the
reception and i paid for an
accomodation for 5hrs.. She
directed us to room 101..
Receptionist: sir here you
are. Enjoy your stay here.
Me: thanks dear.. I replied as
she walked back to her duty
post… I pick the desk phone
to call the bar so as to place
an order but Cynthia insisted
that she goes there by
herself. After much
resistance that was fruitless
i allowed her to go and
make the order…
She came back five minutes
later with bottle of bazoka
drink and two tumblers..
That’s exactly my favorite
alcoholic drink.. She filled the
two tumblers while telling
me the the waiter will soon
come with the food…
While waiting for the for, i
took a gulp of the drink and
fished it in the next gulp. I
re-filled my tumbler.. I didn’t
notice that Cynthia was not
drinking, but thats not my
I gazed at her with a ‘wow’
look. She was really hot in
the mini gown she wore
which revealed greater part
of her laps… What about her
milk industry? It was
swinging like a pendulum .
She noticed my mood and
she made some sexy moves
that turned me on
I moved closer to her and
our lips met like a magnet
and before i could say jerk
she already caressing my
iron man which is now as
hard as a rod.. My hand
travelled from her shoulder
to her backyard then to the
two ripe water melons in
front. God really did a
marvelous work there. I
pulled her gown up to allow
me access to her banana
island, i noticed she wasn’t
wearing panties. I started
fingering her and she was
moaning gently.. Soon we
are into each other.
I became so week after one
round.. She got up, went to
her bag and brought out
something like a document,
my eye was so blurred that i
can’t even see the content of
the paper…
Cynthia: baby i want you to
sign this for me. Handing
the paper to me.
Me: can’t it wait till
Cynthia: please its needed
Me: ok. What’s the paper
Cynthia: its a
recommendation later that i
will be submitting tomorrow
morning with my
application and resume.
I collected the book and
signed for her. I was still
dead hungry for sexx when
i suddenly slumped into the
Uhhhh i yawned as i woke
up.. I checked my time
10:45am… What!! Is my time
wrong or what! I unlocked
my phone to see 45 missed
calls from my mum, Grace,
my boss and my clients, and
two messages i opened the
first one and it reads
“dear Mr. Fabulous, your
account has been credited
with the sum of
N10,000,000 from**some
text missing**.. I concluded
it was from the client i gave
my account number.
I opened the next text to see
the shock of my life. It reads:
dear Mr. Fabulous, a debit of
N11, 995,000.00k occured
on your account via transfer.
Your new balance is N5,283.
20k. Thanks for banking
with us. sender: Union Bank.
Jesus! What the hell is going
on where is Cynthia? I
picked my suit and walked
down stares only to be
stopped by the receptionist
to pay for over staying. It
was then i realized its
monday. Thank God i had
little money on me then i
paid her off and rushed out
only to find out that my car
is no longer packed there.. I
placed a call to my bank
manager asking her about
the transaction.
Me: why did you make a
transfer without my
Manager: sir a lady came
here with a transfer for but
i called you and you
confirmed it.
I hung up angrily. What am i
going to do? What will i tell
my boss? All this thoughts
were running to my mind
when i suddenly
remembered our sex
episode i began to smile as i
sight Cynthia standing half
naked in front. I went to her
pulled the dress she was
wearing, i removed mine
and started caressing her all
over. I was wearing only a
boxer. I pulled the boxer
down a bit so as to bleep
her not until a hot slap
landed on my cheek.

I was like ‘babe why did you just leave me like that?’ but she never said anything or respond to my sexxual urge. I continued until a hot slap landed on my right cheek and brought my back to reality. And behold i was standing in a boutique belonging to my boss wife.. Who slapped me? It was my boss and what do you think i was romancing all these while?….

GM: Fabulous what the hell are you doing here? So this is it? It has gotten to the extent of romancing a…… He paused… Well meet me in the company… He said and walked out immediately..

Chei!! The witches in my village has finally remembered me…

Next thing i found myself in a police cell where i would remain until the sum of N10,000,000 is paid to the company.. That was how i lost everything…

THE END!!!!!
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