Soyinka to Buhari: Nigeria is at war; seek help, stop improvising with human lives

Following series of killings, especially the youth, and a high level of insecurity, Nobel Laureate, Prof Wole Soyinka has urged President Muhammadu Buhari led administration to seek help and stop playing with human lives in the country.

Soyinka stated this in a statement released on Saturday, titled: “The endless Martyrdom of youth.”

The statement read in part: “Abubakar Atiku has summed up the nation’s feeling – this most recent savagery against our youth is heartbreaking. More than the heart is broken, however, more than millions of individual hearts still lay claim to bonds in common humanity.

“The already over-stretched sinews of moral restraint have been snapped off the casing of nation being, and nothing is left but the collective wails of impotence.

“Not for the first time, what many hoped was a Natural Law of Limitations has been contemptuously, defiantly breached. We need to remind ourselves of hideous precedents. We must remember Chibok. And Dapchi. And numerous antecedents and after, unpublicized, or soon relegated to the sump of collective amnesia. The wages of impunity never diminish, on the contrary, they distend.

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