Piers Morgan agrees ‘failed actress’ Meghan Markle is only a ‘whiny bimbo’

Piers Morgan is reacting to Meghan Markle’s job gig as a ‘bimbo’ back in the days.

The former GMB host branded the Duchess of Sussex ‘whiny’ for talking about her ‘humiliating’ work at Deal Or No Deal.

“Another great show from New York tonight incl revealing, fascinating & very funny interviews with two great American pugilists,TuckerCarlson & MikeTyson + a lively debate on whether Meghan Markle’s a whiny bimbo. Tune into PiersUncensored talktv now… you’ll enjoy it,” he captioned his post on Twitter.

Guest Tucker Carlson, who described himself as half British, said the royal family made a big mistake by welcoming Meghan Markle.

“I always thought she was ridiculous and I felt sorry for the Brits. I am partly English, my ancestors came from there. I love your literature and have always admired your structure.

“I look at Meghan Markle and I think this is a bad idea. How did you fall for that? The girl is from LA, she is a failed actress. She is clearly acting out of bad intent to destroy things she didn’t build.

He continued: “I always thought she was a ridiculous narcissist.

“I was shocked that you got fired over calling her to account for an obvious lie,” he said.