Oculus Quest 2: Meta to discuss children’s VR safety with watchdog

Oculus Quest 2: Meta to discuss children's VR safety with watchdog

The Information Commissioners’ Office (ICO) is to talk to Meta about how its virtual reality (VR) business Oculus complies with the regulator’s “children’s code”.


The code aims to ensure that services likely to be accessed by children are appropriate for their use.


A campaign group recently found evidence of harassment of under-18s in a popular third-party VR chat app.


Meta says it is working to implement the code with the ICO.


“We’re committed to meeting the obligations under the code, and to providing young people with age-appropriate experiences,” the company said.


Users of Oculus need to be over 13 years of age, and the firm’s guidance says: “Adults should monitor how their children… use Oculus devices.”



But crossbench peer Beeban Kidron, who is the architect of the children’s code, said she was concerned the checks were insufficient.


She told the Guardian: “ using VR headsets like Oculus can access chat rooms and other features known to carry risk, by simply ticking a box declaring they meet the minimum age requirements.”

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