No fund missing in military pensions, says Military Pensions Board

The Military Pensions Board (MPB) has dismissed the allegation of missing N2.5 billion military pensions fund, describing the publications as outrageous and spurious.

The Public Relations Officer of the Board, Flt.-Lt. Olayinka Lawal, in a statement on Wednesday in Abuja, said the publication alleged that funds were shared or looted by some persons.

Lawal urged pensioners and all Nigerians to disregard, in totality, the deliberate falsehood being peddled by these and social media outlets that such amount of money was misappropriated by the MPB in conjunction with some “top military chiefs”.

He assured the public that the military pensions administration was in safe hands.

“The board has no link with the names published in the false publication. There are no records of the names listed in the publication at the Military Pensions Board.

“The MPB has chosen to set the records straight and defend itself in the of public opinion.

“Nigerians are encouraged to find out from qualified military pensioners across the country on the promptness of the payment of their entitlements.

“As at today, MPB does not owe any pensioner monthly pensions and will continue to work assiduously to ensure that the standards are maintained,” he said.

Lawal also assured the retirees that the board would remain devoted to sustain the prompt payment of all entitlements of military retirees or their next-of-kins in a transparent and accountable manner.

He also assured the public that MPB would uphold the principles of fairness and service to humanity in the discharge of its mandate.

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