Nigerian youths may have misplaced their priorities — Daniel Ogoloma

British-Nigerian youth advocate, inspirational speaker and political consultant Daniel Ogoloma have bemoaned the gross misplacement of priorities among some Nigerian youths.

During his recent visit to Nigeria, the Nigerian political consultant, once again had close interactions and a general observation of the attitude of many Nigerian youths towards important issues that border on their socio-economic and political future. He had firsthand experience of the lukewarm stance being taken by youths over matters that can determine their individual and collective survival.

He discovered that while some of these regrettably reckless decisions by the youths are taken out of ignorance and exuberance, some of them are actually deliberate acts of pleasurable indulgence.

During one of his close encounters with some youths and youth leaders, Ogoloma lamented what he called, “the lackadaisical attitudes of many youths towards their civil responsibilities and nation-building.” He noted that while a few sections of the youth population is interested in matters of nation-building and are striving to contribute their efforts, the majority of the youths are not only displaying apathy, they are channelling their time, resources and energy into a wide range of unproductive, illicit and even time wasting ventures and activities.