MY BOSS WIFE – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 13]

Episode 1****

“Honey, the air conditioners aren’t
“Yes, you told me that some two hours ago.”
“I mean the whole house is stuffy. Can’t you
get that?”
“That’s alright; I’m sending the company’s
engineer to work on them immediately.”
“Please do. Thanks honey.”
“You’re welcome, my love.”
In less than thirty minutes time, I heard a
Siena screeched to a stop in the compound
as the gateman closed the gate. Hearing the
sound of the doorbell, I rushed to open the
“Hello sir.” I said.
“Good day Madame, this is Mr. Kayode from
Ray and Sons Ltd.”
“Oh, the engineer from my husband’s
“Yes ma’am. I’m here to work on your fanning
“Air conditioners please.”
“Yes ma’am.” I was almost blushing when the
lanky ebony-brown complexioned man
addressed a young woman like me, ‘ma’am.
He looked far older than me, if not older than
even my husband.
“You’re going to work on the air conditioners
of the whole house, beginning with the sitting
room, then our bedroom and my husband’s
“That’s ok ma’am.”
“If you can’t finish the remaining parts of the
house today, you may have to come back
another day.”
“No problem ma’am.” I felt like slapping him
for calling me ‘ma’am’ like he was addressing
his mother but I felt he was only being as
polite as possible.
“When you’re done for today, I’ll be in the
backyard if you need me.” I smiled.
“That’s fine ma’am.” Addressing me ‘ma’am’
again, I was seriously getting pissed off but I
decided to ignore his good manners.
Three hours later, while I was knitting my
son’s cardigan, Mr. Kayode came.
“I’ve finished my work ma’am.”
“You mean you are done? You mean the
whole house or what?”
“Yes ma’am. I’ve been on this job since the
last fifteen years. It was no big deal checking
all the fanning systems in the house.”
“That’s incredible!”
“I appreciate you ma’am.”
“Can I check them? Just to make sure
they’re working well so I don’t need to call
you back here again.” I didn’t want him to
think I didn’t trust the work is done.
“Why not?” He agreed. Besides, he had no
choice, I was his boss’ wife.
Moving from one part of the room to the
next, I felt the cooling capacities of the
fanning systems, as he called them. They
started working so perfectly like they were
newly bought systems.
“Thank you so much sir.” I was being polite
to him. Besides, he’d been addressing me as
‘ma’am’ since he arrived.
“I’m always at you and your husband’s beck
and call ma’am.”
Leading him out of my husband’s study, my
feet hit the table just before the door and I
fell down. I couldn’t hold the pain as I yelled
as if he was the one that pushed me to the
“Stop yelling ma’am.” He said as he held me
up. I suddenly felt a tingling sensation all
over my body and didn’t know when I started
kissing him. He was about to make a
comment when I held his lips. From my
husband’s study, we ended up in the
bedroom. Though the man was gangling, he
treated so nicely and I felt like clinging to
him forever. When he was leaving, it pained
me that I may never see him again.
“Thank you for coming Mr. Kayode.”
“The pleasure is all mine.” He didn’t add
‘ma’am’ this time around and that made me
happy. We were now on the same page.
“Would you like to have lunch before you go?”
I was trying as much as possible to keep this
man here with me even for the few hours
before my husband will be back from work.
“Maybe some other times dear, there are
other official duties I have to attend to in the
office.” His calling me dear made me even
“That’s okay but you take care of yourself.”
“You too dear.” He winked at me.
As soon as he left, my husband called that he
was coming home for lunch. It was unusual
because he was such a workaholic who
hardly spends time with me or our child.
“So to what do I owe this lunch?”
“I came actually to pick up an important file
in preparation for my meeting with members
of the company’s board of trustees this
“But when will all this stop?” I grumbled,
hovering over him as he looked for the
documents he came for.
“What? Where are you heading to?”
“Honey, it’s been like months since you had
lunch with me na.”
“I see. What about all the money, properties
and security I’ve provided for you and your
son? Do you think if I spend my time at home
all the time, you would be driving that car?”
“Is it security and wealth that make a home?”
Haba, this man though that he could just
leave a whole lot of me at home every
morning before he left for work and that
would somehow satisfy me? I am a woman,
not a piece of metal. I feel, and I have
cravings that I realized not only him could
satisfy today.
“See, you are delaying me ooh. Just let me
get what I came here for okay?” He kissed
my cheeks as he grabbed a hold of the
documents and then he left again. This has
been the routine I have been trying to get
used to ever since we had our first child.
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Episode 2***

In the evening when he returned from work,
my husband was happy as he shared with me
his new position as the Chairman of the
Nation’s Electoral Commission. I was
vibrating with joy as I hugged him tightly.
This meant more money for us and I hoped
that would finally make him stay home.
“Where is Odin?” My husband asked.
“Odin is upstairs doing his assignment.”
“I see.”
“Honey, you know what? I prepared your
special this evening.” I said excitedly.
“Before that, I need to check an old file that
Senator Ogundipe gave me before my
“You must be tired. You need to shower, eat
your food and relax. You can check that in
the morning before you leave for the office.”
“What? You’re thinking too far. I need that
now in order to prepare for my meeting with
the senator tomorrow. We were classmates
in the university and he trusts my integrity. I
don’t want anything to go wrong dear.” There
he goes again, putting his work before me.
Was he the only one in that company? Didn’t
the senator also have a family at home?
“Do as it pleases you honey.” I said, with hurt
written all over my face. Now, if he would
just look up at me once maybe he would see
“Thanks, my love.” He quickly kissed me and
went into his study to go about his search. I
wanted something more but his work and
ambitions will not let him treat me like a
woman. All he was concerned about was his
work and work and work. He rarely touched
me and I’ve been aching for him. I wanted us
to go back to the wedding night where he
promised me more years of endless pleasure.
I wanted us to be closer than we are now. I
wanted us to be best friends and lifetime
lovers not just one bossy husband and rich
man who hardly spends time with his family.
Entering Odin’s room to check in on him, I
saw him already sleeping, his notebook on
the table beside the bed. I looked into the
notebook and saw his homework already
done. Seeing that his additions and
subtractions were correct, I switched off the
light as I went out of his room. My husband
was still in his study looking for the file.
Usually, my husband would go in and check
on Odin like I just did but he has left the role
of mother and father all up to me.
“Honey, I’m tired and need to go to bed
“That’s fine.” He said, “I will join you when
I’m done with my preparations for tomorrow.”
On bed, I pondered as I wondered why and
how I allowed someone else touched me,
besides, my husband’s employee. It was the
last thing I had ever dreamt of but it
happened. Though I enjoyed it, I just
discovered that it was unfaithful of me to
give in to another man when Raymond
provides me with nearly everything I’ve ever
wanted in life. The problem is that he doesn’t
have time for me and my desires keep
seeking for fulfillment. Will I continue to
m——–e because my husband hardly
touches me?
“Tonia, I’ve found the file. I can now shower
and take something before I join you.” He
called out, interrupting my thoughts.
“Glad to hear that.” He was so excited about
his new appointment that I thought he would
touch me tonight. It’s been quite some time
and I’ve been wondering whether our
marriage will go on like that. I was touching
my body, hoping to arouse him when he
comes to bed. To my surprise, after he
showered and ate his food, he entered the
room and sat, his hands on the table as he
disturbed my eardrum flipping through the
pages of some files. I kept shaking on the
bed, distracting him and inviting him to join
me but he sat there like one serious-minded
business tycoon. It was at that time that I
thought of inviting Mr. Kayode again. But
everything was just fine, the fanning systems
were intact, the Dstv and Tv sets were just in
good order. What would I do then? I can’t
continue to live like that naah.
In the morning of the next day, my husband
was dressed and ready to go to the office.
He and Odin were having breakfast as I was
putting some indomie in the flask for Odin.
He normally takes Odin to school in the
morning while I go to pick him up after
school hours because he would be so
engrossed with work at that time. He was the
owner of the company but he worked himself
to death as if the company would crumble
when he stops working. As the two of them
were leaving, I kissed my husband as I
watched his handsome face and luscious
lips. He had all it takes to lure a woman of
his choice but his commitment to duty
makes him a lover of work than anything else
in the world.
As his car pulled out from the drive way, I
became lonely again, not that his presence
filled up the house in the first place anyways.
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Episode 3***

My friend, Busayo, stopped by on her way to
get her wedding dress and accessories. The
joy she radiated as she tells me about her
fiancé made me jealous. We were classmates
in the university; she was busy pursuing a
career when I married Raymond. I’m happy
that she has found her right hand man now.
“Tonia, Peter is the man I’ve been waiting for
all my life.” She spoke so gloriously in her
British tainted accent.
“Oh, I’m so happy for you. I’ve been waiting
all the while for this to happen.”
“Thank you Tony-baby, I was wondering if you
could accompany me to purchase my
wedding accessories.”
“That’s no problem. Raymond and Odin have
gone to school and work, what will I be doing
in this house all alone? Let’s go get some
amazing things in the market my dear.”
“Hey, I’ve got news for you. My husband is
organizing a small party for just close friends
this Saturday; I would love for you and
Raymond to be there.”
“I hope Ray will not be in the office this
week-end like he does nearly every week in
the name of supervising his accountants and
auditors ooo?”
“I pray so dear because I would not be happy
at all if the both of you can’t make it; who
else I know again?.”
“So how is peter?” I asked.
“Trust me, my Peter is the best man that
have come into my life. He’s handsome,
hardworking, caring and really romantic.”
“You are highly lucky my dear.”
“Why are you saying that? What about Ray, I
used to have a crush on him ooh until I met
“I hope you were not playing with my
“Nope, how can I do such a thing; that’s the
last thing I would do, no, not to my best
“Give me a minute dear; let me quickly
change so that we can go shopping. This
reminds me of the day I and Raymond were
going shopping for our own wedding
“I’m also happy for you two.”
As I turned, going to my room and channeling
the Dstv to Telemundo, I rushed to my room
to dress up. It’s been long I wore any of my
innumerable jean trousers. I decided to go so
youngish by wearing a jean trouser with a
white top. When I came to the sitting room,
Busayo blurted: “What is this, are you going
on a date?”
“Date ke, I need to relax in something simple
once in a while since I’m not with a
“That’s okay but I’m jealous ooh. Are you the
one getting married or I am?”
“Better mellow your mind and let’s go
shopping.” I burst with excitement, laughing
out loud as I switched off the Dstv and telly
After shopping, I sighted Mr. Kayode entering
his car as we just got out of the shopping
“Kayode.” I called but he didn’t hear me.
“Kayode, Kayode, Kayode.” I shouted and he
turned, facing me.
“Hi Mrs. Raymond.” He was polite but not
like the other day when he was calling me
‘ma’am’ like I was an elderly woman.
“Hi Kayode.” I responded gently and gingerly
as Busayo pinched me, asking who he was.
“He’s my husband’s employee.” I told her.
“I can see your hands are full, that’s
evidence of extravagant shopping.” He said,
“My friend is about to wed and we came
buying her wedding accessories.”
“I can see.” He said, saying hi to Busayo as
she responded simply.
“What brought you here?” I was prying into
his affairs.
“I actually stopped by to see my wife before I
leave for the office. I’ll be working long hours
today, so I came to let her know.”
It’s not as if I expected a man of his age to
still be single but I had to admit, I was
envious and disappointed in finding out that
some lucky woman out there was getting all
of him.
“That’s good. You are a good husband.”
“Ok, I have to be on my way now.”
“That’s alright, bye!” I said as I turned,
walking to Busayo’s car, shaking my butt as
his eyes were all on me.
“What did you just do? You know you’re a
married woman?” Tonia said, making a fuss.
“Don’t worry, he’s just one of those diligent
employees of my husband.”
“But you saw how you shook your behind and
he was staring at you like his girl friend.”
“Oh, he was staring at me, don’t mind that
man joor. Let’s get going.” I turned around to
see if he was still there with a huge smile on
my face.
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Episode 4***:::::

“Darling, I will be travelling this week-end.”
My husband told me as soon as he returned
from work.
“To where now? I’ve been waiting to tell you
about the party Tonia invited us to.”
“Oh, Tonia. I would love to be there but I
can’t miss the flight first thing tomorrow.
There’s an important meeting I can’t but
attend.” He will be meeting with Senator
Ogundipe, he told me.
“That’s ok, you’ve always wanted it your way.
Keep building your company and achieving
your dreams while I live here lonely and
always in need of you.”
“It’s not like that Tonia, you know that I love
you and would do anything for you.”
“I know but you hardly touch me nowadays.
I’m a woman in need of a man. Most nights
while you lie down snoring away, I stay
awake masturbating instead of you
penetrating in between my thighs.”
“I understand baby, I will make everything up
to you.” I knew though that our romantic life
has ended and I have to become accustomed
to the fact. Sincerely, I try seducing my
husband most times but he has been as
strong-minded like a zebra. I felt that the hot
banging that Mr. Kayode gave me would be
greater if it was my husband. I never wanted
to cheat on him but the way things are going
and the way I feel, I just don’t know what to
do now. I wasn’t going to say yes to a life of
promiscuity but Mr. Kayode has since the day
I met him occupied the front page of my
mind. He is the kind of man any sexy and
romantic woman would love; he is an
epitome of sensuous passions.
After supper that evening I changed to my
most transparent nightgown, wearing nothing
inside. I was just praying that my husband
feels hot tonight. I’ve been longing for him.
He has everything desirable in a man except
his somehow busy schedules that made him
forget he has a wife. Before I could focus on
my thoughts, he came in without his
pajamas. He was just on his boxers. I was
hyped and wet and all I wanted was hot sex.
I didn’t like the idea of another man touching
me, no, not anymore.
Climbing the bed and pulling me close to
himself, he wrapped his arms around my
waist, stripping me of my nightgown as I said
in a whisper: I love you baby.
“I know it’s been long baby. I love you but my
commitment to duty is taking me away from
you. I promise never to leave you but to
spend more time with you.” I saw sincerity in
his eyes as he bend downwards, giving it to
The following day, I accompanied him to the
airport after dropping Odin in school. I was
saturated with joy seeing our love life
I was at Peter’s residence to grace their
party. There were many people there, friends,
relatives and well-wishers. I came with Odin,
wearing something decent so as not to
attract some remarks from Tonia. While Odin
was playing with some of the kids that were
at the party, I was speaking with Busayo
even as the guests were dancing to the
sound of the music.
“Tony-baby, you know where I met Peter?”
“No, I’ve never thought of it.”
“It was at Jacinta’s wedding ceremony ooo.”
“I met him while I was leaving the ceremony;
he was asking me about life here in the
country having just returned from overseas
when our discussions turned into toasting.”
“And you just gave in?”
“Of course naah, I’m not growing any
“But you know about I and Peter already
“No, you’ve never told me about that. I’ve
been meaning to ask you but I have been
waiting for the right time.”
“This is the right time abi? Let me tell you
“Carry on dear.”
“Raymond and I met while we were serving.
After being to the same camp, we were
posted to the same secondary school to
work. Raymond was just a perfect guy. To
tell you the truth, I had a crush on him and I
toasted him.”
“And he also gave in abi?”
“He had no other option.” I said and we both
laughed out loud.
“Raymond is just a rare breed; a perfect guy.
He’s always about his family; about his job;
about his appointment; about…”
“…about his wife.” Busayo completed my
The party went well, right into the night. I
was enjoying the party when Odin came,
calling me.
“Mummy, mummy, I want to go home.” His
eyes were sleepy.
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Episode 5***::::::

Three days later, it was broadcast that there
was a bomb blast in the Federal Capital
Territory. The bomb was said to be
detonated at the early hours of the morning
rush, claiming not less than twenty-seven
lives. The names of certain senators and
political juggernauts were mentioned among
the victims and that made me worried. I was
not ready to miss my husband yet. We’ve
just re-ignited the romantic lights of our life
and I’m not willing to let him go at such a
time. On my way back from Odin’s school, I
tried calling my husband but none of his
numbers were going through. What is
happening? Tears began dropping from my
eyes, creating a tributary on my face, moving
down my neck and body. We used to talk
together, laugh together as I’ve always
known he loved me, if not for his ambitions
that made him the person he has fast
become already.
Reaching the gate of our house, I shouted at
the gateman to bring me today’s papers. On
the “Truth Seekers”, the headline reads: “7
Senators pronounced Death.” It shocked me
and made me almost bashed my car on the
Getting inside the house, I went straight to
our room and carried the picture that stood
on the table.
“Oh honey, please don’t go please; don’t
leave me yet. When it’s time, we’ll go
together.” I was soliloquizing. All of a sudden,
my phone beeped, it was Busayo. Though we
shared the same English name, Anthonia, I
preferred calling her Busayo just as she often
called me Tony-baby.
“Tony-baby, what’s up?”
“I’m good and you?”
“I’m happy to tell you that our wedding date
has finally been fixed.”
“Wow! I’m elated to know that?”
“You know what? It’s on June 12.”
“Really, that’s a historic date and your
wedding is going to be a memorable one
“Let’s sing Amen to that Tonia.”
“That’s perfect.”
“I lead and you respond accordingly.”
“Great Busayo.”
“Let’s shout Amen six times after the name
“Je-ho-vah-Ra-pha, A-men, A-men, A-men, A-
men, A-men and the great A-men.”
“A-mennnnnnnn.” I deliberately dragged the
last one.
“You’ve made my day.” Busayo said laughing
out loud.
“Busayo, I should be thanking you for stealing
away my worry.”
“What’s the matter?”
“You’ve not heard? My husband went to the
Federal Capital Territory to see one senator
and the papers are saying about seven
senators were victims of the last bomb blast.
The worst of it all, I’ve been trying my
husband’s number and none of his numbers
is going through. I just don’t know what to
“What’s our country turning to?”
“Our country is becoming so unsecured as
we now sleep with eyes wide open because
the next bomb blast may be right on our
“My dear, you have to calm down. I know this
would be a trying time for you but you have
to relax and think through it. We can no
longer talk with heads held high about our
country, no, not anymore.”
“Ours is a country where the abnormal now
becomes normal. In fact, bombing has
become the “modus operandi.” I’m just
scared jare.”
“Hey, before I forget, I’m coming over to
discuss our wedding ceremony with you.
Many things are on my head, who to invite,
what food to prepare, clothes to wear and
change and what have you.”
“That’s fine, that will also make me think less
about the bomb blast naah.”
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Episode 6***::::::

While we were discussing who to invite and
who not to invite to the wedding, what food
to prepare and what not to prepare, my
phone beeped. It was my husband.
“Hello honey.”
“Hello Madame.” A feminine voice said from
the other end.
“Who are you? What are you doing with my
husband? Tell him I’m leaving his house for
him.” I cut off the call.
“Who was that?” Busayo asked.
“It was the woman my husband is messing
“Messing? No, I trust your husband would not
be doing such a thing.”
“See, the fact is that no man can be trusted.
I’ve trusted my husband far too much and he
has not reciprocated that.”
“Don’t think about that now, what is most
important now is to know whether your
husband is fine or not.” Before Busayo
finished speaking, my phone beeped again.
This time around, it was an unknown number.
“Hello, this is Dr. Ijeoma from the Federal
Teaching Hospital.”
“Yes, what is it?”
“It’s your husband.”
“What? My husband, is he alive, is he…”
“No Madame, he is alive and recovering quite
“Thank God.”
“Your husband was the luckiest of all the
victims of the bomb blast. He didn’t sustain
many injuries and would be discharged
tomorrow or next.”
“Oh Jesus!” I exclaimed, breathing in and out
in a fast tempo.
“What’s the news now?”
“She’s even a doctor.”
“I said it, your husband can’t be involved with
any other woman.”
“I know joor…you just can’t be so sure.”
“That’s true but you can trust your husband.”
“I trust him of course. Oh, who are we
inviting next?” I brought us back to the
subject matter of our earlier discussion.
“Oh, I’m thinking of specially inviting my
“See you, you can’t forget that naah.”
As we talked on, my phone beeped again.
“Who will this be now?”
“Pick it first naah.”
“Ok, it’s another unknown number?”
“Hello.” I said.
“Hello.” The voice on the phone sounded
familiar but it was difficult deciphering whose
voice was that.
“It’s Kayode, your husband’s company’s
“Oh, the one that repaired our fanning
“Yes, your fanning systems.” He said as we
both laughed. “I’m calling with particular
reference to your husband.”
“What about my husband?” I said as if I’m
totally ignorant about his condition.
“We’ve just been informed by the Federal
Teaching Hospital that your husband is one
of the victims of the bomb blast but he was
the luckiest of all the victims. He was
minimally injured by the blast.”
“Thank you for the information.”
“You need not mention.”
“There’s something else.”
“What’s that?”
“It’s about the other day. Since that day, I
couldn’t stop thinking about you.”
“Thanks but you need not go there. I don’t
have time for such rubbish.” I hissed as I cut
off the call.
My husband returned the next day in the
evening with his head plastered.
“Honey, what happened to you?”
“It’s a long story my love.”
“Don’t worry my dear, go and shower first, we
would talk about it later.” I was helping him
remove his tie from his neck.
“Daddy, daddy, welcome.”
“That’s my boy. How are you my brain box?”
“I’m fine daddy, our Aunty told us that there
was a bomb blast and I’ve been waiting to
ask you because mummy does not know
“Close your mouth there.” I said.
“Odin, mummy knows something ehn?” Odin
shook his head in acquiescence.
“And the bomb blast, some lives were
“Thank God Daddy.”
“That’s my boy.” My husband carried him on
his shoulder playing with him before he took
him to his room before he went to shower.
As he was taking his bath, Odin ran to me.
“Mummy, mummy, daddy bought me
“Oh, and he bought me nothing.”
“It’s because I know something more than
you like the bomb blast.”
“My boy is intelligent. He knows about the
bomb blast.”
“Yea! I know about the bomb blast.”
“Have you done your assignment for
“No mummy but I have started it.”
“Now go and finish it before lunch is ready.”
“Yea! I love my mummy.”
“I love you too baby.” I pinched him as he
goes to his room, laughing.
When my husband finished showering, he
came to the kitchen where I was.
“So what happened honey?”
“I need to cook for my family first. It’s been
long I did that.”
“What can you cook? Do you think we want to
drink tea for lunch?” I was laughing out loud.
“Ok, I want to surprise you.”
“Yes my love, so you go and rest in the room,
I’ll invite you when it’s time.”
Going to my room, I met Odin coming out
from our bedroom.
“And what is my baby doing in our room?”
“I was looking for my mummy. I love my
mummy even though I know something she
doesn’t know.”
“I love you too my baby.”
“So have you finished your assignment?”
“I’ve finished it mummy.”
“Can we go to your room, let me check it
“Wow, this is great. I love it.”
“Yea! I love my mummy.”
“I love my baby too.”
As I was jollying with my baby, my husband
“My love, call Odin and you two should come
and have something delicious.”
As we were eating, Odin spoke up.
“Mummy, the food is yummy yummy.”
“That’s true my baby.”
“Thanks honey for this. You’re everyday
bringing joy into my life.”
As soon as he finished eating, he rushed to
the sitting room, putting on the telly. As soon
as we finished eating, my husband carried
me like a baby.
“What are you doing honey? Stop it.”
“I want to tell you what happened to me in
the bedroom.”
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Episode 7****:::::::

coming home for lunch today my love.”
My husband said the morning of the next day
as he and Odin were leaving for school and
office respectively.
“Thanks honey, I love you.”
“I love you too, my love.”
“Oh, my baby, wait.” I rushed bringing his
food flask.
“Daddy, I love my mummy though I know
something about the bomb blast she doesn’t
“Wow! I love my baby too.”
Smiled smoothed my face as I waved them
goodbye. My husband always kept his words,
whether on personal or official terms. I know
him to be a strict and diligent man who loves
to work and work himself almost to death but
he is proving to me that he can still love me
as he goes about his work. He’s keeping his
word and I’m happy that I’m with the man of
my life.
Going back inside the house, I picked up my
phone only to see twelve missed calls.
Busayo had been trying my number. I called
her immediately.
“Hello.” She said as she sobbed.
“What is it Busayo? Stop crying and speak to
“This is the worst thing that has happened to
me in all my life.”
“Speak to me Bussy-baby and clean those
“You won’t believe what has just happened to
“Speak to me first dear.”
“It’s heavy on my mouth, I can’t speak.”
“I’m coming to your house immediately.”
I rushed to the bathroom, showering and
wearing a kente gown. Driving fast out of the
gate, almost hitting the gateman, I sped my
way through to Busayo’s house.
“You are already here.” She said as tears
flowed down from her eyes.
“Stop crying Bussy-baby and speak to me.”
“You know what? Peter’s wife drove to this
house and rained curses on my head.”
“Was he married?”
“That bastard has shattered and battered my
life. I trusted him, sharing my life and body
with him and the reward I gain is a million
“What are you saying? Tell me something.”
“He told me the wedding can no longer hold.
He’s sorry for playing with my life but he
can’t marry me. He has a wife and family
overseas; he’s going back to them. I should
better my life with the money. He would keep
in touch.”
“What rubbish is that?”
“I tore the cheque in his presence; he thinks I
gave him my life in exchange for money. Men
cannot be trusted at all.”
“Except my Raymond, I can trust him with
everything in the world.”
“I can give my consent to that. Ray is such a
rare breed, a man of integrity and industry.”
As I was trying to calm Busayo down, my
phone beeped. It was my husband.
“Hello honey.”
“Yes my love, please I need to take a flight to
the Federal Capital Territory.”
“For what again? I’m not ready to lose you
“Don’t worry; you would not lose me my
“That’s alright honey.”
“I love you.” He said. “I love you too.” I
“The intentions of Mr. President are perfect
and must prevail.”
“I beg to contradict Honorable Senator of the
Federal Republic.”
“Contradict the purposes of Mr. President?
Are you out of your senses?” Senator
Ogundipe bellowed at my husband.
“I am so sorry if that’s how it would seem
Senator.” My husband responded calmly,
“You mean you want to shatter the
consensus of the Grand Democratic Party?”
“As the Chairman of the Nations Electoral
Commission, I cannot work according to the
President’s directives as far as they
contradict the foundational tenets of this
commission. I must adhere strictly to the
fundamental principles, Honorable Senator.
There are no two ways about it.”
“Do you know that you were put in as the
chairman of the commission because the
president thought you will comply accordingly
so as to be made the Minister of Finance
after the elections?”
“If that’s the dividend of a corrupt electoral
process, I prefer not to be part of it Senator.”
“Do you know your actions bespeak your
removal from office?” The senator said to my
husband, shaking his head in annoyance.
“If that’s the price of integrity, I gladly
accept it as my fate.” My husband said
without much ado.
“Mr. Raymond, do you know what you are
“I mean every one of my word, Honorable
“Get out from my office before I incur the
wrath of the president.”
“I’m really sorry if my words have grossly
infuriated you Senator, I’m only trying to work
according to laid down principles.”
“Principles my shit, get out from my office,
you ingrate.”
Instead of arguing further, my husband went
out before the Senator invited the security to
embarrass him out of his office.
Two weeks after, my husband was the topic
of all the headlines in all the National dailies.
By the grace of God, he was the only
survivor in an assassination attempt. The
Vice-Chairman of the Nation’s Electoral
Commission who was with him in our house
was shot dead in my presence. What saved
my husband was that the assassins mistook
his deputy for him. I was talking with him and
they thought he was my husband. He was
the only one shot. The rest of us were
threatened but no bullets penetrated our
What did Senator Ogundipe did thereafter? He
certainly knew that he had done the most
dreaded thing just on the week before the
nation’s primaries. He quickly notified the
president who, with him, tried to placate my
husband and the entire electoral commission.
There were lots of condolence and
consolation gifts from the office of the
President, the office of Senator Ogundipe and
the office of many other high dignitaries of
the Grand Democratic Party. My husband
wanted to sue Senator Ogundipe but he had
no evidence to justify the assassination, so I
advised him to keep his fingers crossed.
During the burial of the vice-chairman of the
Nation’s Electoral Commission, many people
were in attendance. The President, Senator
Ogundipe and many senators and governors
of the Federal Republic were present. During
his eulogy, Senator Ogundipe said: “Though
we erring mortals fail to understand, God
works through our death to bring us glory.”
He spoke like a saint and I admired his words
but I watched him seething in rage because
in the Federal Republic, people kill everyday
and keep on living like everything is just
During the primaries, my husband tried as
much as possible and I can say that the
elections were free, fair and transparent. But
when the main elections came, the surprise
that blew my head was the fact that all
those working in the electoral commission
seemed bought and the elections went just
as not planned by my husband. The main
elections were completely rigged and Mr.
President, Senator Ogundipe and those
stamped by the president were elected as
governors, senators and chairmen of the local
governments. Though my husband was not
part of the rigging, he was appointed the
Minister of Finance. I persuaded him to
accept the offer and let bygones be bygones
but he refused. Two weeks later, he was shot
dead while on his way to the office.
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Episode 8****::::::

My late husband wrote his son as the heir to
all his properties but everything should be
under my control until he reached the age of
twenty-one. I was the happiest woman in the
world even though his younger brother had
been coming arguing that I killed his brother
because I wanted to inherit everything. He
had been coming around the house disturbing
until our family lawyer read the will in the
presence of all family members. Busayo had
been depressed and I wanted to be closer to
her so as to encourage her that she can still
find love again. I employed her as the
Accountant-in-Chief of Ray and Sons Ltd. I’ve
been seeing Mr. Kayode only on official
matters now. Moreover, he was a married
man and I wouldn’t want to put two hearts
asunder. But surprisingly, I received a parcel
from my gateman on reaching home one
afternoon. After coming down from the car, I
opened the parcel as I was walking inside
our home. It was a letter and a flower. The
cover had the title: “A Letter to My Boss’
Dear Tonia,
I’m sorry for writing you but read this letter
with “hakuri” because like the Latins say,
“non sum dingus”, I’m just not worthy. Deep
inside the bottomless part of my innermost
heart is a sweet madness which pushes me
so hard to write you this letter. My one and
only experience with you stole my heart away
from me.
First accept my sincerest condolences to you
for the lost of your husband, my boss and
faithful mentor. To tell you the truth, since I
encountered you, I’ve longed for something
more. You brought sunshine into my life’s
pathway no matter the misery and
melancholy that characterize our unsecured
condition in the country. Since you took over
the position of your late husband, you’ve
been the loving object of my eyes. How
stupid am I but I can’t spend a day without
the thought of you. My days are filled with
sadness without you. Where have you been?
Where, oh where have you been leaving my
heart so sour? I’m trying to reach your heart
with my true words, whispering that I love
I cannot live another day, no, not another day
without you. Listen to me, take my heart and
soul even though I’m a married man and you,
a widow.
I love you.
From Kayode.
What is this? “Listen to me, take my heart
and soul even though I’m a married man and
you, a widow.”
This man must be unfaithful to his wife. Why
would he be asking me of such a thing? I
went to the kitchen and quickly burned the
letter and the flower inclusive. I can’t take
this rubbish. I decided to discuss with
Busayo who stopped by my house on her way
from the market the next day.
“Bussy-baby, there’s something I’ve been
meaning to share with you since yesterday.”
“What’s that?”
“You know Kayode in the office?”
“Yes, the one whom we met when we went
shopping for my sham marriage naah.”
“Perfect, he wrote me a letter asking me to
be his girl friend. He has the guts to say
since he’s married and I’m a widow.”
“What the hell! And what did you say to him
in reply?”
“I’ve not replied him yet. I want to cease his
employment and make him jobless.”
“No, don’t go that far; he’s one of the most
diligent of all the workers in your company.”
“Then I would give him the warning of his
“That will be fine for you’re his boss’ wife, his
new boss.”
Although I burnt his parcel and warned him
embarrassingly in the office, I couldn’t stop
thinking of him. I remembered the way
Kayode kissed me; his luscious lips tasted
like mint explosion. It was a perfect meeting
and mating I had since longed for more.
Switching off the lights in Odin’s room at
night, my son exclaimed.
“Mummy, I love you!”
“I love you too honey.”
“But I know something about the bomb blast
that mummy does not know.”
“That’s my baby.” I said as we both laughed.
I went to my room that night thinking of
Kayode. Sunk was I in thoughts, imagining
myself in his arms. As I was touching myself,
my phone rang. It was a text message so I
didn’t bother to check it. Since the death of
his father, I’ve been calling Odin the names I
used to call his dad. Odin loves me and I
don’t want any Kayode to come in between
our happy lives but the truth is that I have
not been able to stop thinking of him. What
has been happening to me is what I do not
know right now. Leaving my room, I went
peeping to see whether Odin has slept off.
Yes, he had slept off. Going back to my room,
I picked up my phone to read through the
message; it was Kayode.
“Please don’t say no to me for my life is in
your hands. I’ve been sick because my heart
leaves me daily in search of you. Make me
well again by saying yes. I love you.”
What will I do now? I can’t deny the fact that
thoughts of him have been the predominant
thing on my mind. Should I say yes and keep
the affair hidden from Busayo and my son?
Yes, that’s what I will do. Kayode is such a
handsome and romantic man.
I pressed the reply button and send a reply to
“I love you too Kayode-baby and let’s meet
tomorrow at 10am to begin our love
Before I knew it, he called me immediately.
“I’m so happy you accepted.”
“I couldn’t run away from my feelings. It was
the best thing I could do.”
“But won’t your son be home by 10am
“Are you not a dad, tomorrow is a school day
man…c’mon go to bed.”
“I love you.” He said with a singing voice.
“I love you too hon…good night.” I stopped
immediately. I shouldn’t call him what I used
to call my late husband; his son deserves
that more than any man in the world. My
husband has just been buried and I’m about
to begin a relationship with another man.
When I drove Odin to school the next door,
he reminded me of his father. He was such a
good child, doing things far above his age.
“I love mummy.” He said to the gateman.
“I love you too honey.” I shouted, smiling.
While on my way home, I put a call to my
secretary, intimating her that I will not be in
the office today because of an important
appointment. Appointment ke? I smiled as I
increased my speed, overtaking cars
imagining that Kayode was already waiting
for me.
I reached home and changed to something
simple. I wore a jean shorts and a T-shirt. I
moved to the sitting room and put on the
telly, quickly channeling to telemundo. Before
I finished watching a scene, a car horned. It
was Kayode horning to get into my house.
“Ooh, I’m so glad you made it.” I said.
“I excused myself from office today.” He
“We have all the time for us. The whole
world can wait.”
“Yes dear, we can catch some fun here.”
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Episode 9***:;;;;;:;

After a meeting with the Heads of
Departments of my husband’s company, I
followed Busayo to her house before going to
pick up Odin from school. I was pressed, so I
went to the comfort station to pee when my
phone rang. It was a message and Busayo
read it before I came out.
“Tony-baby, what the hell are you doing with
“Like what?” I pretended as if nothing is
going on between I and him.
“Don’t lie here joor, you think you can spoil
what Ray laboured to establish?”
“Where are you going? Better stop it.”
“Stop what, c’mon, take your phone and tell
him where you two will be meeting tonight.”
She threw my phone at me and I saw the
“Bussy-baby, you have to understand.”
“Understand what? That you want to crumble
Ray’s family and company or what?”
“I know you will not understand. See Busayo,
I’m a woman and need some good man to
touch me. I can’t stay masturbating all by
myself jare.”
“Is that all you can say?”
“See, the issue here is that I have feelings
for Kayode, even though I was kind of
wondering why he sent me the parcel he did
send.” I did as if nothing had happened
between us two some lovely day before my
husband’s demise.
“My friend, Tony-baby, I know you have a life
to live. You’re a young widow and your things
are still in shape but you have to be careful.
Look at your son and see a replica of Ray.”
“If you can’t get a man and marry, don’t be
telling me rubbish about life. What do you
know about life?” I spoke to her as if we’ve
not been friends for quite some years now.
“Listen to me Tonia or ruin your life joor.”
She told me as she went into her bedroom. I
called her but she wouldn’t answer, so I left
to pick up Odin from school.
“Mummy, I love you but I know something
about the bomb blast that mummy does not
“That’s my boy.” Truly, in him is a replica of
Ray; his pointed nose, lovely brown eyes and
dark hair. My son is just like his father; like
father like son, they say.
In the evening, I forgot to fry some fish for
my son. He had been piscivorous all his small
years. What is happening to me?
“Mummy, where’s my fish. Ooh, mummy is
selfish; she prepared chicken for only
“No baby.” I rushed to the kitchen and fried
some fish for him but he was gone before I
came out. I followed him to his room and
saw him crying. Getting closer and wiping his
tears and telling him I have special fish for
him tonight and I wanted to surprise him, he
burst out laughing and we went back to the
dining eating. Surprisingly, Kayode showed up
and I went to open the door for him as Odin
went upstairs.
“Baby, I came to take you out for party.”
“What party? You know I have a son to
“I know but you have to get my point naah.”
“Which point is that?” I said and saw his lips
approaching mine.
“Mummy, mummy.” My son called from
“Oh, my son.” But before Kayode could get
up from me because he was already on top
right there in the sitting room, my son
shouted as he fell down from above, breaking
his hand. Odin was breathing loud and I
raced him to the hospital after asking Kayode
to leave my house.
In the hospital, the doctor said my son will
get up soonest; it was not a complicated
medical case just that he broke his hand.
“Madame, don’t worry, your son will be up
and doing very soon.”
“Thank you doctor, I really appreciate your
“It’s my pleasure ma’am.” I stared at the
doctor when he called me ‘ma’am.’ I
wondered as I pondered what people see in
me that they address me with such respect.
In the morning, Odin woke up smiling. As I
watched him closely, I saw the photocopy of
my husband.
“Mummy, where am I? What happened to my
“Don’t worry honey, you will be fine.”
“I love you mummy but I don’t know that man
that was on top of you.”
“Ooh…don’t worry about that baby.”
All of a sudden, Odin closed his eyes and I
jumped up.
“Oh, thank God, he doesn’t know what’s
going on. Besides, he’s only a child.” I said
smiling, moving from one end of the hospital
room to the next before the doctor came in.
“Madame, what happened to your son?”
“I don’t know, we just spoke now before he
closed his eyes.”
Checking my son’s eyes and his pulse rate,
the doctor discovered that he was no longer
breathing. The doctor looked at me and
shook his head.
“Doctor, what has happened to him? Don’t tell
me he’s dead.” I started crying.
“Madame, your son is gone? Maybe there
was internal bleeding we didn’t discover
“Gone to where? Doctor, tell me you’re
kidding. Doctor, no, no, no.” I started crying
as I touched my son’s body looking at him.
Indeed, he was the photocopy of his father;
his replica. Holding him on my laps, I saw his
eyes opened and closed and breathing in and
“Doctor, doctor.” I shouted. A nurse came
saying the doctor is doing his ward round, I
should not be disturbing the whole hospital.
“What are you saying? My son’s life is at
stake and you are telling me not to disturb
the whole hospital, you must be out of your
“Madame, don’t say rubbish to me ooo, I’m
not any girl you just speak anyhow to ooo.” I
felt like slapping the nurse but I didn’t want
to call attention. Besides, my child’s life is
far more precious than a petty quarrel.
“I’m sorry nurse, I was really worried because
the doctor declared my son dead.”
“Dead? But look at him smiling.”
“Yes dear, he just opened his eyes now.”
“Sorry ma’am, I never meant to be rude to
“I understand your job nurse.” I said to the
nurse as my phone rang. It was Busayo.
“Hello Bussy-baby.”
“Hello Tonia, I didn’t see you in the office and
I was really concerned.”
“Ooh, an accident happened yesterday, I’m in
the hospital at the moment.”
“What happened?”
“My son fell down from upstairs and broke his
“How? Where were you?”
“It’s all my fault but I’ve learnt my lesson.”
“Tony-baby, I’m coming right away. Which
hospital are you?”
“The Covenant Hospital.”
“Oh, I will be there soon.”
When she came, I narrated the entire story to
her and she looked at me. Odin was sleeping
when she arrived, so we talked and chatted,
remembering our university days even.
“But you were a hot babe, no guy could get
you that easily naah, what has changed you?”
she asked, smiling.
“Don’t mind me joor, I just can’t explain it
“So what are you going to do about the
Kayode of a man before he destroys you and
your son?”
“I’ve made a fundamental decision.”
“And what’s that?”
“I’m removing him from office; I want him far
from my life.”
“I think that will be the best idea now.”
“I think so too.” I said.
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Episode 10***:::::;;

“What are you doing?” Busayo asked as soon
as she entered the hospital room.
“Ooh Busayo, I was thinking you weren’t
coming again.”
“Not coming again? Noo, I would have arrived
earlier if not for the traffic.” She said smiling.
My son had been discharged from the
hospital and I was dressing him up when she
came in. She had told me she would be
coming after work and I thought she was not
coming again since it was already late in the
“Hmmmm, I just hope we will reach home
early this evening.”
“We would reach home naah, let me help you
put the clothes in the suitcase.” She started
arranging the clothes as I was drawing up his
pair of trousers.
“Thank you joor.”
“Aunty Busayo good evening.” Odin greeted
“Odin, how are you?”
“I am fine but mummy said I broke my hand.”
“Don’t mind mummy; your hand is fine.”
“I don’t mind my mummy but I’m thinking
about my daddy because I saw a man on top
of mummy the other day.” He shook his head
and I watched his eyes closing and opening,
wondering what was exactly on his mind.
“Odin, don’t worry about that man; mummy
loves you so much.” I said as I quickly tied
his belt around his waist.
“Tonia, you have to do something fast about
that Kayode of a man before he…”
“Trust me naah, I am dismissing him from
office as soon as I step my feet there
tomorrow.” I was saying when the nurse
came in with Odin’s drugs. I received the
drugs from her and put them inside the
suitcase before we left the hospital.
The next day, I told my secretary to typeset a
letter for me. It was Mr. Kayode’s Letter of
Dismissal. I had spent the night thinking
about whether to go ahead and dismiss him
or not since he had not done anything
against the company’s moral code. I decided
to still ask him to leave because I couldn’t
stop thinking of him; working closely with him
can ignite my feelings and I don’t want that
to happen again.
“Madame, is there anything wrong?” Mr.
Kayode said when I summoned him to my
“Who are you calling Madame? You better get
out from my sight before I…” I threw a white
envelope at him without saying a word.
“Madame, is there any work for me outside
the office environment?” He asked calmly.
I looked at him and remembered the first day
I met him; the day he touched me. I tried to
evade the experience of him out of my mind
but it all seemed like a herculean task. I
settled at my desk and began moving my
fingers on the arm of the chair as I showed
him the way out of my office. After some
three minutes, my office phone rang. The
secretary was calling to let me know that he
was coming to see me.
“Tell Mr. Kayode I don’t want to see him in
my life.” I shouted on the phone. “Let him
get out of my life.” I said to myself.
“But Madame…” the secretary was saying.
“Do as I say or you lose your job.” I said,
sounding bossy.
After work that day, Busayo intimated me on
her new found friend. She had met another
guy and she seemed to be falling for him
“The guy is just awesome.” She was saying
and smiling.
“Bussy-baby, who is this guy you are already
crazy about?”
“His name is Andrew; I met him just by my
“By your gate, doing what?”
“Oh, he was asking about a neighbour and we
ended up exchanging numbers.”
“Busayo, you have to watch him before you
let him steal your heart without loving you.” I
was telling her and she was just smiling.
“Busayo, what charm did he do for you?” I
asked her and she burst out laughing.
“Charm ke? Andrew is just different; I fell in
love with him as soon as I saw him.”
“Love abi? I just hope Andrew will not
deceive you like Peter did.”
“No, Andrew cannot do that. The way he
smiled at me made me forget my former
I was happy that nothing disastrous had
happened to my son. He was playing his
computer games when I returned from work
and the way he welcomed me made me
remembered my late husband.
“Mummy, mummy, welcome.”
“How are you honey?”
“I’m fine mummy; I love my mummy.”
“Mummy loves you too honey.”
After I cooked that evening, my son told me
as we were eating that he wants to go to
school the next day. I wanted him to have
more rest until he recovered fully but the
smiles all over his face couldn’t let me say
no. I saw in him the face of my late husband
and I loved him more.
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Episode 11****:::::::

As a kid growing up, my dad always picked
me up from school and I always imagined
those memorable days anytime I went picking
up my son from school. Since I lost my
husband, I always made sure I was there for
him at all times but it happened this
afternoon that I was in a meeting with the
Board of Trustees of my husband’s company
and I couldn’t go to pick up Odin from
school. I almost forgot when I sent a text
message to Busayo to help me pick him up.
Thirty minutes later, I received a phone call.
“Hello.” It was just after the meeting with the
members of the Board of Trustees.
“Is this Mrs. Anthonia Raymond?” A manly
voice from the other end spoke up.
“Yes, who am I speaking with?”
“You are speaking with Dr. Henry from St.
Gerald’s Hospital.”
“How may I help you doctor?”
“I’m sorry to inform you that Miss Busayo
was involved in an accident.”
“You mean Busayo, my friend and my only
child?” I yelled over the phone.
“I’m sorry ma’am but your presence is
needed urgently in the hospital.”
“I’ll be there right away.” I ran out of the
office and went to the parking lodge. My
hands were shaking when I entered the car.
To steady myself, I sat back and took a slow,
deep breath. My mind was filled with images
of my son and Busayo. Hope they were not
dead or seriously injured? I was not only
concerned but really worried. All the way to
the hospital, I couldn’t shake the mental
image of my son from my mind. He was all I
had and I didn’t want anything to happen to
him. As soon as I reached the hospital, the
nurses were walking up and down, carrying
files and hardly speaking with anyone.
“Good afternoon.” I greeted a nurse whose
hands touched mine mistakenly.
“Good afternoon ma’am.”
“Please some accident victims were brought
to the hospital.”
“Ooh, are you related to any of them?” My
heart was beating in a fast tempo and I had a
feeling that something bad had happened but
the doctor didn’t want to let me know over
the phone.
“Are they fine?” I quickly asked the nurse.
“We’re doing our best ma’am.” The nurse
said and at that instant, I nearly fell down
before somebody held me from behind. It
was another nurse.
“Um…thank you nurse.”
“You’re welcome ma’am.” The nurse said and
walked away.
“Doctor.” I called the doctor who was
passing but he didn’t stop. “Doctor, doctor.” I
called again and again before he stopped.
“Yes, can I help you?”
“Yes doctor, I am Mrs. Anthonia Raymond,
the one you spoke with on phone.”
“Oh, I remember.” He paused for some
seconds before he added: “Can I see you
immediately in my office please.”
“Are they fine?” I asked but the doctor was
trying to calm me down. “Doctor, is my son
alright?” I shouted and the doctor held my
“Yes, your son is fine.” He said and my mind
calmed down.
In his office, the doctor wanted to speak to
me when he stammered.
“Doctor, is everything alright?” I asked him,
my mind still perturbed.
“Madame, everything is not alright; we lost
the two other victims.”
“What?” I shouted and started crying.
“You need to be strong ma’am.” The doctor
told me in a calm tune. He led me to the
room where Busayo’s body lay covered. I saw
my friend’s corpse and I couldn’t hold myself.
I stood there speechless and tears fell from
my wet eyes. The doctor looked at me before
he covered the body.
“What about the other victim?” I asked in a
trembling voice.
“Madame, the other victim is in the next
room but the husband to the woman is there
and wouldn’t want to be disturbed now. I
shook my head, my eyes still wet with tears
as I asked the doctor if I could see my son.
“Can I see my son then?”
“That’s no problem ma’am; your son is in the
children’s ward. He sustained a minor injury
and a nurse was helping to dress the wound.”
“Ooh, my son.” My eyes were streaming
“Mummy I love you.” My son said.
“I love you too honey.” I carried him and
kissed him.
After I had seen my son, the doctor led me to
the room where the other victim lay. I left my
son with one of the nurses and followed the
doctor. As soon as I stepped my feet inside
the room, I froze when I saw the husband of
the deceased. It was Mr. Kayode.
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Episode 12***:::::::

“I’m sorry for your loss.” I said as tears of
pity coursed down my face.
“Thanks.” Mr. Kayode responded, after which
he lowered his head and looked me in the
“I’m also sorry for your loss.” He said, biting
his lips and brushing away the tears on his
face. As I made the move towards the door,
he called me.
“Tonia, I love you.”
“Hmmm, I don’t love you.” I said with a
frown. “Think about your dead wife and forget
about me.” I turned, stared at him before I
walked out of the hospital room.
“You have a very nice child.” The nurse with
whom I left my son with said softly.
“Thanks nurse.” I expressed my sentiments
of gratitude.
“Mummy, what about aunty Busayo? We were
together in the car before the car tumbled.”
“Aunty Busayo is fine.” I lied to my son.
“Mummy, is she dead?” My son asked. “I
heard a nurse telling another nurse that two
people died.” My eyes lingered on the face of
my child. What should I tell him? I began to
ponder. I was a little bit flummoxed.
“Take care of your son, I have to go now.”
The nurse said. I was thinking about Busayo
and the way death had suddenly stolen her
away from me.
“I appreciate you.” I told the nurse before she
briskly walked out of my sight. My son then
ran to my arms with a shout: “I love you
“Mummy loves you too honey.” I whispered
into his ears and he laughed as I pinched him
on the ear.
“What will I do now?” I was asking myself,
not knowing I was speaking out loud.
“Mummy will take me home.” My son said.
“That’s what you will do mummy?” My son
smiled and I saw my husband’s face in him
and his pointed nose reminded me of my
husband’s handsomeness.
I felt faint as I sat down inside the car. I
kicked it off and before I realized it, I was
already on the road, maneuvering the
steering wheel. My son was drinking the
yoghurt I bought him just outside the hospital
gate as I was thinking about Busayo. It all
sounded like a dream and I tried to evade the
thought of the fact that I will never chat with
her again, maybe until we meet in the
Five years later, my son wrote the entrance
examination into High School and he passed
with flying colours. I was elated that he was
going to a boarding school: St. Joseph’s
College. After I had helped him dressed his
bed and arranged his box in the hostel, I went
seeing the principal of the school.
“Good day sir.” I greeted him.
“Good afternoon Madame. You are welcome
to St. Joseph’s College.” The bulky,
bespectacled man made me feel at home.
He had gray strands of hair combed over the
top of his bald head and he was wearing a
black bow tie and a black suit that looked as
though it belonged to someone of a much
smaller frame. His white shirt strained at
each buttonhole as if one more bite of the
slice of bread on his hand would explode the
buttons around the cluttered cubicle. His
eyes blinked as he peruse through the list of
items on the prospectus. I sat very straight,
folding my hands on what remained of my lap
and silently wishing the best for my son.
“Mrs. Anthonia, did you get all these for your
son?” The principal asked me, holding the
“Yes sir, I bought everything required and
even more.” I answered him.
“Then be sure that your son will receive the
best training possible. We have the most
qualified teachers in the state.”
“I really do appreciate you sir.” I said when a
young lady barged into the office.
“Ooh, I’m sorry sir; I didn’t know you have a
guest.” The charming looking damsel
apologized to the principal.
“That’s no problem Miss Elizabeth.” She
handed a file to him before she turned
towards the door. I looked at the mini skirt
she wore and the way she walked, shaking
her butt made me smile.
As soon as I came out of the principal’s
office, I saw my son standing next to the car
chatting with another freshman.
“Mummy, meet Christopher my friend.” My
son said smiling and exposing his open teeth.
“Christopher, meet my mum, the best mother
in the world.”
“No, my mummy is the best mum in the
world.” Christopher said and I burst out
“You two have great mothers.” I said. “And
don’t forget to marry your books.” I gave my
son some pocket money and gave
Christopher some two thousand notes before
I entered my car and kicked off.
During the holidays, my son invited
Christopher to spend some days with us. It
was while he was in our house that I
discovered that he had lost his mum and he
was being raised by only his father.
“I’m so happy to be here Odin.” He was
speaking to my son.
“I’m also happy you finally consented to
come around.” My son said, making a sigh.
“I never wanted to leave my dad all alone.”
“What about your mum?” My son asked him.
“My mum died while in an auto crash some
years ago.”
“I’m sorry about your mum but I’m glad we
have something in common.”
“And what could that be?”
“We are children with single parents. You
have a dad and I have a mum. We should be
glad and make merry.” My son said out loud
and I heard him from the kitchen.
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Episode 13***::::::
“Hurry up Chris, my mum is already waiting for us.” My son said. I had promised to take them to the Amusement Park.

“Wait, I’m speaking with my dad.” Chris said, holding his phone with his right hand and making a sign with his left hand, telling me to wait.

“Yes dad.” He said on the phone.

“Where did you say your friend’s house is? I’m coming to get you immediately.” His dad was saying from the other end.

“Dad, I’m not coming home today; we are going to the Amusement Park.”

“Amusement what? You grandma wants to see you.”

“Dad, tell grandma that I’ll be seeing her as soon as I return, we’re already on our way to the Amusement Park.”

“I’m coming to get you from there; you will have other opportunities to meet with your friend.” His dad said and ended the call.

“Mummy, wait, Chris is coming.” My son told me as I picked up the car key from the table.

On our way to the Amusement Park, we stopped at the “Juice and Spice” and bought some snacks and drinks.

“Mummy, get some egg roll too.” My son said pointing his hand to a “Juice and Spice” waitress who was giving some egg rolls to a customer. I bought some and got some ice cream, in addition to some soft drinks.

We were held on traffic just before the Amusement Park; a trailer fell down and blocked the road. The security agents were trying to get the trailer off the road when my son opened the door of the car and went out.

“Where are you going?” I called my son but he was keenly watching what was happening. Before I could stop him, Chris joined him and I saw myself following them.

“Mummy, we’ve even reached the Amusement Park; that’s the gate.” My son was pointing his fingers at the gate and I was just smiling deep within me. “This boy is just behaving like his father.”

“Chris, c’mon, let’s go inside the Amusement Park and begin to play.” My son dragged Chris with his hand and before I could stop them, they were opening the gate to the Amusement Park. I later joined them when the trailer was taken off the road.

As we were eating, drinking and watching the camaraderie of the charming species in the zoological garden of the Amusement Park, Chris’ phone beeped.

“Hello daddy.” He answered the call.

“Hello son, where are you in the Amusement Park? I’m here with your grandma to see you.”

“I’m in the zoological garden admiring the caged lions and zebra.”

“I’ll be there in a minute.”

When Chris saw his grandma, he ran and embraced her. I was chatting and smiling with my son when I saw Mr. Kayode hugging Chris. Was he his father? He was as shocked as I was when he saw me.

“Dad, meet Odin, my friend and his mum.”

“Good day sir, Chris has told me a lot about you.”

“How are you enjoying your small picnic?” Mr. Kayode asked my son.

“It’s been great sir.” My son responded with a smile.

“Chris’ dad, nice to meet you.” I said pretending as if I was just meeting him for the first time. He shot an incredulous look at me and I saw myself almost stammering.

“Mummy, good afternoon.” I greeted his mother and she smiled.

“Good afternoon my daughter. You know what children enjoy most.” She said.

I looked at Kayode’s dark eyes and they reflected a man of strong passions. I still had feelings for him but I didn’t want to create a scene in front of our kids. As Chris and my son went watching the crocodiles, Chris’ grandma sat down sipping a drink. It was at that instant that Kayode brought his chair close to mine. He tried talking to me but I didn’t give him the chance. I stood up from there and went joining my son and his friend, leaving Kayode and his mother.

“Mummy, look at this tilapia.” My son said. We watched as we admired the animal species until we saw some children playing and running up and down at one end of the garden. My son and Chris joined them and instead of going back to where I sat and where we dropped our things, I decided to go to the lions than go and meet Kayode.

When my son and his friend finished playing and came around, we three walked to where Kayode and his mum sat.

“Daddy, why are you looking at my friend’s mum like that?” Chris asked his father and I shivered with surprise.

“Nothing son, I’m just wondering why she came with you two to play here.” Kayode responded with common sense, hiding the truth.

“Or do you love her dad?” His son asked further. At that point, I was awestruck.

“I love my mummy but you can love her too, Chris told me that you are a good daddy.” My son said.

“Mummy, do you love him?” My son asked and I denied loving him, staring at him as tears rose in my eyes.

“Chris, I can’t find one leg of my shoes.” My son said.

“Odin, I think you left it in front of the lion’s cage.” My son and Chris walked to the lion’s cage to get one leg of his sandal. It was at that point in time that Kayode’s mother stared at us too and smiled, making a deep sigh.

“Kayode, I love you.” I didn’t know how the words came out. After some seconds of silence, he responded: “I love you too dear.” As the words tumbled from his lips, he came closer. I couldn’t fight the desire that suddenly surged within me. I had tried too long and too hard to hold it in check but it overshadowed me; my feelings for him swept through me like a fire, searing her nerve endings, heating the surface of my skin, burning all the spots that ached for a man’s touched. Without saying a word, I kissed him and he embraced me so passionately. His mother’s gaze was on us. When Chris and my son returned, they saw me in his arms and they all smiled, hugging us two and smiling.

He married me thereafter and Chris and Odin became brothers; they were the ones who affirmed our union. They remained our heroes ever after
The end….

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