Mr President ‘we lead by example’ statement


“Yes, we lead by example…” – Buhari at Arewa House Lecture, March 27, 2021.

The speech was read on his behalf by Professor Gambari. The topic was ‘Put Nigeria first’. To that I will return shortly to demonstrate how hypocritical it all was. Let me start with the claim (or was it admission?) that “we lead by example” to list a few well-documented examples which no Nigerian will ever want to follow. We draw from facts and figures since May 29, 2015 which prove conclusively that the current leadership can never be the one to emulate by anybody who wishes Nigeria well.

Every nation rests on three fundamental pillars – security, economy and internal justice. Extreme weakness in any of them invariably results in social unrest, enduring discord and, ultimately, violence. One thing struck me most profoundly while compiling the VANGUARD BOOK OF QUOTATIONS, VBQ – it was how the most progressive nations were thosewhich have managed to strike a neat balance between the three elements.

I deliberately did not include democracy as an essential ingredient. To me democracy is the icing on the cake; it is not the real thing. At any rate, to a great extent “democratic” America is more unjust than “autocratic China”. At least in China everybody is treated the same for what is regarded as “illegal”. A policeman shooting any Chinese without cause will be prosecuted. In USA, policemen shoot hundreds of Blacks, for no reason at all, and get away with it. America uses all the propaganda at its disposal to promote its self-image as the champion of democracy worldwide.



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