Milton Keynes to hold large-scale driverless car trial

Milton Keynes to hold large-scale driverless car trial

A major trial of driverless cars on the public roads will begin in Milton Keynes later this month.


The Fetch system, backed by the government and Milton Keynes Council, will allow people to order a car through an app.


The car, which is remotely controlled by an operator, will then be delivered to them.


The company behind the trials says a “safety driver” will also initially be in every vehicle


“It’s driverless but not autonomous,” said Koosha Kaveh, the chief executive of Imperium Drive, the company behind the trials.


“There’s still a human involved, but they’ll be sitting in a control centre controlling the vehicle in the same way you would control a .”


The inside of a driverless car

He said to start with, a safety driver will be present for every journey.


“We’re working towards making remote driving safer than normal driving. In normal driving you still have blind spots around you that cause accidents. You also can’t anticipate what’s coming in terms of traffic, pedestrians, cyclists.

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