Millions more get fibre broadband but take-up lags

Millions more get fibre broadband but take-up lags


Eight million UK homes now have access to full-fibre , a record rise of three million since last year.

But fewer than a quarter of those have chosen to upgrade to a full-fibre package, regulator Ofcom’s annual Connected Nations report says.


Many could upgrade without paying more than they currently did, Ofcom said.


The number of upgrades was rising, with 750,000 homes moving to full-fibre services in 2021, but the rapid rollout meant take-up was likely to lag behind. telecoms expert Ernest Doku said: “Taking full fibre infrastructure to eight million households is an impressive achievement – but it is sobering to think that fewer than two million are actually taking advantage of these connections.”


The report reveals 47% of homes – 13.7 million – now have 1GBps-capable broadband, provided by full-fibre or the latest coaxial cable networks.


But it is based on data before the announcement of Media’s upgrade, which would push the figure past 15 million to “around 65%” of homes.


In theory, 1GBps speeds would allow a feature film to be downloaded in less than a minute, Ofcom said.

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