Meet Five Nigerian Ladies Who Happened To Be Transgender Men

In recent times, we are always fascinated by various things happening around us, and there seems to be many strange things which goes on around us, such as the issue we will be discussing vividly in this article. This is the issue about men transforming into a woman, sounds strange but it’ s actually in existence, there are men out there who decided to transform into a woman, for many reasons best known to them alone.
The general term for them are ” transgender” in a lay man explanation it simply means, a man who decided to modify his body to look like that of a woman or a woman who modifies her body to look like that of a man
Mare looking at it one may think it’ s not possible, but due to the ever advancing, progress in technology and science, people are able to do that through the process called Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS).
GRS is the type of surgery in which a person body part are ” reassigned” as the name implies, that is they are rearranged, by making some modifications to some parts of human body to make it look like the opposite gender of their choice, and such modification can include, changing the eyes, lips, hairs, ribs and many other body parts which make them look like the opposite gender of their choice.
Although this practice is highly frowned at in Nigeria, there were still some daring Nigerian men that decided they want to look like a woman, or just want to be a woman so they took the surgery. So without much further ado I’ ll be listing out some Nigerian men who transformed into females through surgical process;

1. Noni Salma Lawal

Noni Salma who graduated from the University of Lagos, Nigeria, where she studied Theatre Arts.
She used to be know intially as Habeeb Babatunde Lawal, but after his surgery he adopted the name Noni Salma Lawal, she currently a film maker and a screenwriter.

2. Bisi Alimi

Bisi Alimi is was once a popular Nigerian gay rights activist who then decided to go under the knife to transform from a man to a woman.

3. Stephanie Rose

Stephanie Rose was formerly known as Dapo Adaralegbe, back then he attended Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria from the year 1995 to the 2001 when he was then expelled from school as a result of this identity crisis.
After the event he then traveled to Europe where an extensive surgery was performed on him and he became Stephanie Rose.
She then moved and decided to settle in Spain as a result of the fear of rejection back here in Nigeria.
It should be know that she is an atheist which means she doesn’ t believe in the existence of God, she is also a vowed hater of God.

4. Miss Sahhara

Before becoming Miss Sahhara, Clifford Oche was formally a man who hailed from Benue state, Nigeria. Once a student of the prestigious Benue state university.
In the year 2011, Miss Sahhara became the first Nigerian transgender woman to publicly come out on international press during the time of the Miss International Queen beauty pageant in Pattaya, Thailand.
She is the most successful Nigerian transgender and also first transgender in Nigeria to win an International beauty queen.


5. Bobrisky


The popular crossdresser, Bobrisky used to be formerly known as Okuneye Idris Olarewaju. He/she is currently the most popular t crossdresser in Nigerian, as a result of her close relationships with many celebrities and her various attention seeking post.

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