Kwara Hijab Controversy: 10 affected schools to resume Monday

Kwara state government has directed the ten affected Christian named schools, in Hijab controversy, to resume academic activities Monday in order make up for the period they stayed at home while the crisis lasted.

All other schools across the state are currently on holiday, and will resume on April 26, 2021.

Among other measures earlier taken by the government when the crisis ended was for the students to wait for extra hours after the normal school hours, with government providing light lunch for them,while the teachers too were promised stipend for the extra hours.

Vanguard recall that the students in these affected schools during the controversy couldn’t go to school while their counterparts in other schools across the state continued academic excercise unhindered.

The crisis erupted when the churches and missionary who purportedly own these schools had opposed the use of hijab in their schools as pronounced by the government, which insisted that female students should be allowed to practice their religion since the schools are funded by the government.

The hijab crisis attracted national and international dimensions until it ended, and the students were allowed to wear hijab while the churches among other resolutions were also promised that the schools would be returned to them.

The affected schools closed by the government are C&S College Sabo Oke, ST. Anthony College, Offa Road, ECWA School, Oja Iya, Surulere Baptist Secondary School and Bishop Smith Secondary School, Agba Dam.