It’s time to take Ohanaeze to the People — Esere Umuna


The Esere Umuna, Mazi Ifeanyi Asikaogu has urged the Ohaneze leadership to take ohanaeze to the grass-root if the leadership expect it to achieve meaningful goals.

Mazi Ifeanyi made this known in an open letter sent to the Ohanaeze head, Ambassador George Obiozor, obtained by VANGUARD, Mazi Ifeanyi noted that cultural festivals of the Igbos need to be revived to sensitize the people to the need to participate more in politics.

According to Esere Umuna, the Igbo has the numbers and it is time to utilize the numbers through registering to vote come 2023.


I seize this opportunity to congratulate you on your well-deserved success at the poll.

For many years upon the formation of Ohanaeze, it is a fact that so many of our people have not embraced nor joined in the building of a prosperous Ohanaeze Ndigbom, moreso the people living in the rural area of our southeastern states. Many people see Ohanaeze as a product of the elite, by the elite and for the elite. I stand not to be one of such. It is my opinion we take Ohanaeze down to the grass root. For no one plants from up and expect it to bear fruit.

For you, do not plant from the top. You build and plant from the ground. If we must achieve the results of why Ohanaeze was formed by our founding fathers, we must return to the people. That is if we must achieve the goals and the dreams of the founding fathers.


We need to look into some of the cultural celebrations of Ohaneze. eg. Sept. 29th Igbo day: Igbo day must be revived in the whole of the seven (7) States of the Igbo nation. From our finding, we discovered that the Igbo day Sept. 29th has only been observed more by those in diaspora, making Igbo stronger, more united and better informed in the diaspora than in their homeland. So, it should be made mandatory for every Igbo born, to the extent where all the major markets of the Igbo’s are closed for business just to observe that day as Igbo day. As in Delta, Kano, Lagos State etc. Can’t that happen here in our South Eastern States? Yes, it can. It can only be when our leaders decide to bring it from the national body down to the ward level.

Sir, let us rebrand Ohanaeze, Organize lectures, showcase our culture and tradition, football matches if need be. Let us go grass root. Let us go to the people.