Insecurity issues threatening Nigeria’s existence —NNSG

The Nigeria National Summit Group, NNSG, yesterday, warned that the insecurity problem threatening Nigeria as a country must be resolved.
In a statement by its Executive Secretary, Mr Tony Uranta, said, “An emergency virtual assembly of a vital zonal coalition on Monday, was suspended following the heated back and forth regarding the need to keep Nigeria together, where the hot-heated majority didn’t care how it be arrived at but were determined that Nigeria should cease to exist immediately, regardless of the negative fallouts that a dismembered Nigeria would force on both Nigeria and the world.
“The only news that we hear these days regarding Nigeria are frighteningly bizarre. We hear about the unilateral declarations of independence and the avoidable massacres that will be visited on Nigerians nationwide. Nobody’s leading any attempt to urge restraint on anybody, even as erstwhile commonsensical leaders are grandstanding and computing what may be gained by who at the end of a series of no-walks-in the park set of conflicts that we all must join in the fighting.
“This sad part, we are all in today, could have been avoided if our leaders had respected the people they profess to lead and if a reconciliatory national roundtable had been convened by the Federal Government. The roundtable could have been focused on the principles distilled and agreed upon during the 2014 National Conference, or the Federal Government could even have chosen to concentrate on Governor El-Rufai’s APC report which was a mishmash of the 2014 conference in a sense. Now, everybody is bent on the country’s splintering regardless of the human, territorial or properties costs.
“The ongoing insecurity problem threatening the very fabric of Nigeria as a country must be resolved. Sanity and stability must calculatedly and consistently replace the current anarchy and diminishing humanity that have become de rigueur.
“The Federal Government must begin to act more as a government of all the people, must act decisively against every anti-law and order bodies and actions, such as kidnappings, banditry, and herdsmen attacks on other Nigerians. The Federal Government must show that it is determined to see to their elimination, even if means inviting some superpowers of the European continent especially.”

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