IN LOVE WITH A PLAYBOY – Season [Episode 1 – 9]


Her name is Lucia Santos, she is a pretty and

intelligent girl, she’s the only child of her parent

Mr and Mrs Santos, they love her so much being

their only child. She attends hiddenville day and

boarding school and in grade 2 at the age of 16,

she is brilliant and always come out first in her

class. Lucia is a gentle and well trained girl, she

has two friends Vivian and Betty. In school they

are called the three monskaters because they

were always together. They attend the same

school, in the same class and also in the same

dormitory. The three friends sat in the class

during lunch break one afternoon, Lucia was

reading while Betty and Vivian were eating fruits.

“Hey Lucy, do you want some?” Betty asked

“No thanks.” Lucia said.

“Lucy, will you go to the party the senior

students are hosting with us?” Vivian asked.

“You guys can go but am not going.” Lucia said.

“Common, it’s gonna be fun, so many guys will

be there, pls go with us.” Betty pleaded.

“No, I don’t want to, I will rather stay up all night

reading my books instead of going to some

crazy party.” Lucia said

“Hmm, bookworm dats why you don’t have a

boyfriend, how can you have a boyfriend wen all

you know how to do is read, you don’t go out to

have fun.” Vivian said

“I never said am searching for a boyfriend, okay.”

Lucia said

“Fine don’t go, we’ll go alone.” Vivian said.

The lunch break was over and the students

returned to their various sit including Betty and

Vivian. The English teacher came in and gave

them some exercise to work on. After some hour

the closing bell was rang and the students packed

their stuffs and left the class.

When it was Abt 8:pm, Betty and Vivian began

dressing up for the party while Lucia was reading

a novel. They finished preparing and were about

to leave. “Lucy are you sure you don’t wanna

come with us?” Betty asked.

“No am not coming, have fun but remember to

be careful out there and you mustn’t take

alcohol.” Lucia said

“Ok ma’am, we won’t.” Vivian said and they

walked out of the room.

“Come back early, okay.” Lucia shouted

The next morning, their classroom teacher

entered the class and a boy followed behind him,

he was tall and handsome with a sexy eyes and

lips. The class became noisy at the sight of him,

all the girls begin to murmur. Lucia stood up. ”

Class say ur greetings.” She said and the students

also stood up and they greeted the teacher.

“Take ur sits.” The teacher said and they all sat


“Here with me is a new member of our class,

introduce yourself to the class.” The teacher said

“Am Richard Carson Padilla, am a transferred

student.” He said and bowed a little.

“Alright, go and sit beside Lucy over there.” The

teacher pointed towards Lucy and he went to sit

beside Lucy. “Settle down, your teacher will be

here soon.” The classroom teacher said and left.

Lucia was busy solving some maths exercise,

she didn’t pay attention to Richard as he sat

beside her. He looked at her and saw that she

wasn’t staring at him like the other girls. “Hi

Lucy.” He said Lucia looked at him and he winked

at her, she ignored him and shift her attention

back to her book. The maths teacher came in and

the students greeted him. “Be sitted.” Mr Cash


The lesson begin and Mr Cash wrote some

exercise on the board, then he asked who can

solve them. Richard was the first to raise his hand

then Lucia also raised her hand. “You are the new

transferred student if am right?” Mr Cash asked

“Yes sir.” Richard said.

“Ok, come out let’s see what you’ve got.” The

teacher said. He walked over to the front and took

the marker from the teacher then he went over to

the board and started solving. He solved the first,

second and then the third one. The teacher was

impressed and he asked the class to applaud him.

“Lucy, it looks like you now have a rival.” Mr Cash

said and Richard smiled. Lucia saw him smiling

but she ignored him. He walked back to his desk

and was still smiling and looking at Lucia, she

noticed but she ignored him.

Throughout the lesson, Richard kept staring at

Lucia and smiling at the same time, she couldn’t

ignore him anymore and then she turned to him.

“Can you stop staring at me.” She said with a low

voice. It’s actually the first time Lucia took a close

look at him. They looked at each other eyeball to

eyeball, she couldn’t help but stare at him, he

smiled then Lucia got a chill down her spine, she

quickly stared away. “Hmm, sorry but you have

dust on your face that was why I was staring.”

Richard lied. Lucia wiped her face with her and

Richard smiled.

“Ok, solve this exercise the maths teacher said

and Lucy, you and Richard should bring the

books to my office after lunch.” Mr Cash said and

left. Lucia glared at Richard and he smiled.

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chapter 2

Vivian and Betty went to Lucia’s desk

Immediately the recession bell was jingled. She

was packing her books into her bag. Vivian

looked at Richard he was also arranging his

books, she went to him and Betty followed. “Hi

am Vivian.”

“Am Betty, we are both Lucia’s friend.” Betty said

“Ok, it’s nice meeting you guys.” Richard said.

“Your name is Richard right?” Vivian asked

“Yes, Richard Carson.” Richard said

“Can we call you Richie?” Betty asked

“Yes as you wish.” Richard said. Lucia was done

packing her books, she signalled Vivian and Betty

but they didn’t pay attention to her, she got angry

and started leaving, they saw her leaving and

they followed her. “Hey Lucy, wait up.” Betty

said. She stopped and glared at them

provockingly. “Wats wrong with you both, why

were u misbehaving earlier in the class?” She


“Misbehaving? We weren’t misbehaving okay, we

were only introducing our self to the new

student.” Vivian said

“Oh really, alright why don’t you go back there

and keep introducing yourselves.” Lucia said.

“Hey Lucy, you have started again, why are you

being mean to the new student?” Betty asked.

“What do you mean being mean, who told you I

was mean to him?” Lucia asked

“I saw the way he was smiling at you in class,

trying to be friends with you then you yelled at

him.” Betty said.

“I never yelled at him, I only told him to stop

staring at me.” Lucia said

“He’s new here, you shouldn’t treat him d way

you treat other boys that once asked you out,

maybe he just want to be friends with you since

you guys desk is close to each other.” Vivian said

“Oh so because he’s new I should treat him like a

king right?” Lucia asked

“No one is saying you should treat him like a

king, just be nice to him.” Betty said

“And what if I don’t want to?” Lucia asked

“Then don’t get mad when we are trying to be

nice to him.” Vivian said

“Hmph.” Lucia smirked and walked away.

After the lunch break, the students were all sitted,

Lucia asked them for their maths work book and

they all submitted, after collecting, she divided it

into two, she took half and left the remaining for

Richard to carry. He carried it and they both went

to Mr Cash’s office.

“Hey Lucy, can I talk to you for a minute?”

Richard asked on there way back from the maths

teacher’s office. Lucia stopped and turned to him.

“Yes, what is it?” She asked

“Can we be friends? I want us to be friends since

we are sit mate.” Richard said.

“No.” Lucia said and starts walking away.

“Wait, why don’t you want to be friends with

me?” Richard asked.

“Because I don’t want to, I don’t like you so why

will I want to befriend u?” Lucia asked.

“Why don’t you like me? Is it because of what the

maths teacher said about me being your rival?”

Richard asked.

“Why will I have you for that?” Lucia asked.

“Well I heard you always come first in class, but

don’t worry I don’t intend to take ur position

from you.” Richard said.

“I don’t want to be friends with you and I don’t

care if you take my position or not, but you will

have to work hard before you can take it from

me.” Lucia said away.

Betty ran into the class and went direct to Vivian’s

desk. “Vivian, guess what I saw.” She said

“What did you see? Did you see a ghost?” Vivian


“No, I saw Lucy, she was talking with Richard

just now as I was coming from the restroom.”

Betty said

“Really? What were they talking about?” Vivian


“How am I supposed to know, I didn’t go close

to them,I didn’t allow them to see me.” Betty


“Hmm, but I thought she doesn’t want to be

friends with__.”Vivian stopped talking when she

saw Lucia entered the class and Richard followed

behind her. Vivian called her. Lucia saw Betty

sitting on Vivian’s desk, she knew something was

up, she walked over to Vivian’s desk and stood

beside Betty. “Yes whats wrong.” Lucia asked.

“What were you discussing with Richard? Betty

said she saw you two talking at the lobby.” Vivian


“We weren’t talking about anything important, he

just said he wants to be friends with me, thats

all.” Lucia said.

“Wow, so wat was ur response?” Vivian asked

“Well I told him no.”

“What! Why did you say no to him?” Betty asked

“Because I don’t like him.” Lucia said.

“Wait, don’t tell me you told him directly dat you

don’t like him.” Vivian asked

“Yes I did, look, I really don’t like that guy, he

looks like a flirt to me.” Lucia said

“Flirt? Lucy! How can you say such thing.” Betty


“Well dats wat I think of him, am going to my

desk.” Lucia said and left. She saw Richard

looking at her and he looked away wben she saw

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Weeks later Richard was still trying to get close to


but she kept pushing him away, she was walking


the lobby during lunch break when she heard

some group

of girls talking about Richard. “Have you guys

heard dat

Richard, the new transferred student is now

dating Sonia?”

One of the girls asked others.

“I heard the past few weeks he came to our

school, he has

dated about three girls and now he’s dating


Another girl said “who knows, that might be the


why he was transferred from his former school.”


girl said. Lucia was pissed off by what the girls


saying, but she ignored them and went to her

class. There

wasn’t much students in the class, she entered


classroom and saw Richard, sitted on his sit with


in his ears. She went to him and removed the


from his ears. “Hey, wats wrong with you?”

Richard asked

“I should be the one asking you that.” Lucia said

“What do you mean?” Richard asked confused

“What is your relationship with Sonia?” Lucia


“Sonia? Who is Sonia?” Richard asked

“Hey, quit the pretence, you know exactly who

am talking

about, the whole school is talking about you,

about how

you’ve dated different girls in just the past few

weeks you

got transferred here. I knew from the first time I

saw you, I

knew you are a flirt, dat was why I don’t wanna


anything to do with you.” Lucia said.

“What are you saying, those aren’t true, it’s just a


rumors and besides I don’t even know this Sonia

girl u are

talking abt.” Richard said.

“Whatever, but you better keep your dating skills

in check

before the principal finds out, then u will be


from here again.” Lucia said

“You sound worried, why are you worrying

about me? I

thought you said you don’t like me.” Richard



“Fool, am not worried about you, am just telling

u this


“Because what?” Richard asked.

“Because__I___I, because I don’t want you to ruin


class reputation, as the class president I have to


concerned.” Lucia said and walked away.

“Hmm, playing hard to get, hmm__ don’t worry,

I will

make you fall for me very soon.” Richard said to


and put back his earpiece in his ears.

Lucia was sitting alone on the stairs, Betty and

Vivian saw

her and ran to her. “Lucy, Lucy.” Betty called.

“Yes what is it?” Lucia asked

“Have you heard?” Vivian asked.

“Heard what?” Lucia asked.

“Have you heard Richard is now dating Sonia

from wild

flower class after dating her best friend and

dumping her?”

Betty asked. Lucia stood up. “I don’t wanna hear


about that idiot.” Lucia said

“Hey whats wrong? Why don’t you wanna talk


him?” Vivian asked

“No reason, I just don’t wanna talk or hear

anything about

him.” Lucia said

“Common Lucy, we are ur best friends, you can

tell us

anything.” Betty said

“Did you guys fight?” Vivian asked

“Ok, I already heard about him dating Sonia and I

went to

confront him.” Lucia said

“What!” Betty and Vivian exclaimed

“You confronted him?” Vivian asked

“Yes I did, I confronted him and he denied it, he

said it’s

just a rumor.” Lucia said

“And you believed him?” Betty asked

“Well not really but I also think it’s just a rumor,

and he

also said he doesn’t know who Sonia is.” Lucia


“Really? Wait a minute Lucy, I thought you said

you don’t

like him, as in you dislike him, so why did u go


confront him? It’s none of your business.” Vivian


“That’s because I don’t want the kids to start

talking bad

about our class because of him.” Lucia said

“Hmm, really?” Vivian asked

“Yes, let’s go, the break is over.” Lucia said and

they went

back to the class.

Some days later, the class teacher entered the

class and

the students greeted her. “Am here to inform you


about the presentation coming up next week, all


are to present what ever you know how to do,

each class

will have a representative and I want my class to

be the

best. So you guys should think of what to do and

let me

know.” The teacher said. The class was silent, no

one was

talking then Richard raised his hand. “Yes Richard,


do you have to say?” The teacher asked and the


turned to him. “Ma’am, I suggest we present a

song and a

dance.” Richard said

“Song and dance?” Mrs Tony asked

“Yes, since you said each class will have a


so in our class we can pick two representatives a

boy and

a girl, they will both sing a song and also dance.”



“Nice idea, but Richard do u know any suitable

song to

present?” Mrs Tony asked

“Yes ma’am, I do.” Richard said

“Well then, if we have to go with that then you

will be

presenting it together with a girl but first does

anyone have

any other suggestions?” Mrs Tony asked. No one

responded. “Ok then, so we all agree with


suggestion right?”

“Yes!!” The class chorused except Lucia.

“So Richard you will be presenting together with


She looked around “Lucia.” She said.

Lucia was shocked as her name was mentioned.

She stood

up and glared at Richard and he smiled.

“The two of you will be our class representative,

a round

of applause for them.” Mrs Tony said.

“But ma’am, I don’t know how to dance.” Lucia


“Don’t worry I will teach you, am a good

dancer.” Richard


“Did you hear, Richard said he will put you

through, you

will start practicing as from tomorrow.” The

teacher said

and starts leaving.

“But ma’am, d–n.” Lucia said as the teacher

walk out of

the room.
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After school Richard went to meet Lucia as she was about to leave with her friends. “Hi.” He said. Lucia looked at him and walked away. The next day immediately the dismissal bell was jingled, Richard quickly pack up his books and went to Lucia. “Hey Lucy, are you done? We have to go to the practice room so we can start practicing.” He said but Lucia ignored him. She packed her stuff and called Betty and Vivian. “Let’s get going.” She said. They came to her and was about to leave, Richard grabbed her by the hand. “Lucy, we need to practice if you don’t want us to loose the presentation.” He said. Lucia shoved his hand away. “Is this the reason why you suggested we present a song? Because you want to get close to me? Well am sorry to say but it won’t work, I don’t care if we loose or not, and I thought you said you don’t know who Sonia is? But I saw you two together during lunch break.” Lucia said. “Oh, I swear I didn’t know that was her name, she told me her name was Jenna.” Richard said “What ever, just stop disturbing me.” Lucia said and walked away. “Lucy, why are you like this? You have really changed this past few weeks, the Lucia I know before would never say she doesn’t care if our class loose the presentation or not, u used to care about our class.” Vivian said on their way. “What are you saying?” Lucia asked “Vivian is right, common Lucy, you shouldn’t allow your pride and ego get in the way of our class victory. You don’t like Richard fine, but don’t because of your personal feeling make us loose this presentation, and besides it wasn’t Richard who chose you to be his partner, he only made a suggestion, so why getting mad at him, if u don’t want to be his partner you shud have gone to Mrs Tony and tell her to replace you with someone else.” Betty said. “You are the class president after all, you should be wishing for a the class successful.” Vivian said. Lucia looked at the both of them, she didn’t say anything as they walk to their dorm. During recession the next day, Lucia went to the class and saw Richard sitting alone, she went to him and was about to say something but he stood up and walked away, she went after him, calling his name but he couldn’t hear her because of the earpiece in his ears, she was about to catch up with him then she saw a girl walking towards him, it was Sonia, they hugged each other and left. Lucia watch them as they left and she went back to the class. After the last lesson and the teacher left Lucia went to Richard and stood in front of his desk. “What do you want? You said I should stay away from you.” Richard said. “Let’s practice.” Lucia said and Richard looked at him. “I will be waiting in the practice room.” She said and went to Betty and Vivian. “You two should go without me, am going to the practice room.” Lucia said “Alright you shud go.” Betty said and Lucia left them. Richard quickly pack up his books and dashed out of the class, he saw Lucia sitting inside the practice room, he walk to her and stood beside her. “Are you ready?” Richard asked. Lucia nodded positively “Ok, let’s begin with the song, here have it.” He gave a paper to her. “That’s the lyrics.” He moved close to her and pierced his earpiece into her ears. “Listen to the tune.” He said. After listening to the music she gave his phone back to him. “Here.” “Do you knw the tune now?” He asked “Yes.” She said “Ok, I will transfer it to ur phone later.” Richard said “Alright, let’s begin the dance.” Lucia said. “Okay.” Richard said and connected his phone to the speaker. He played a song and went to Lucia, he was about to teach her some steps, he was surprised when he saw that she could dance better than him, he looked at her as she was dancing, she stopped and turned to him. “what are you doing, let’s begin, as you can see I can dance so you don’t need to teach me.” Lucia said “ok, so can I have this dance?” He stretched out his hand and Lucia took it and they began dancing. They practiced the dance three times and Lucia became tired. “This is the third time we are dancing and am tired already.” She said. “Let’s do it one more time.” Richard said “Am tired I can’t.” Lucia said. Richard stopped the music and looked at Lucia as she was breathing fast. “Ok, let’s stop here, we’ll continue tomorrow.” He said “Ok, I will be leaving then.” Lucia said “Wait.” Richard said. He moves close to her and she moved back. “What is it?” She asked but he didn’t respond. He moved closer to her his chest almost touching hers and she gasped and moved back again. “What are you doing?” She asked. “I removed this from your hair.” Richard said “Thanks.” She said and took her bag to leave. “Here I won’t be needing this sheet anymore since you transferred the song to me already.” Lucia said “What about the lyrics, do you know it already?” Richard asked “Well no.” She said “Then why giving back the sheet, just take it with you.” Richard said. “Alright, I will leave now.” Lucia said and rushed out and Richard smiled. ENCOURAGE ME TO KEEP POSTING BY LIKING AND COMMENTING… the way dont u guys think Lucia is too pride lets hope Sonia isnt what we are thinking
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<>CHAPTER 5<> The

D-Day came and Lucia was in the practice room

together with Richard, she was so nervous, she

kept pacing around the room. “Let’s go to the

hall, we would soon be called on.” Richard said.

“Now?” Lucia asked. “Yes, don’t be nervous, just

be cool, take a deep breath and relax.” Richard

said “Okay, let’s go.” Lucia said. Immediately they

got to the hall, a class just finished presenting a

drama, then the speaker called on their class. “Let

the shining star come up on stage.” The speaker

said and left the stage. Lucia became more

nervous. “Lucy, let’s do this.” Richard said. “Yes,

let’s do it.” She said and they went up to the

stage, when their classmates saw them they

shouted and cheered them up. Lucia was the first

to come to the front of the stage singing while

Richard wait behind the stage for his turn. Lucia

took a mic and started singing. (Lucia) “I never

dream cause I always thought day dreaming was

for kids, just a childish thing. And I could swear

love is just a game dat children play and no more

than a game. Till I met you, I never knew wat

love was Till I met you, this feeling seems to

grow more everyday I love more each day.” She

finished singing and Richard walked towards her

singing his part. (Richard) “I believe you, I believe

in every word that you say I love you other way.

Now I could swear love is not a game that

children play, so tell me that you will

staaaaay.” (Both) “Till I met you I never knew

what love was, till I met you, this feeling seems

to grow more everyday.. I love you more each

day.” (Lucia) “You and I should be together can’t

you see (can’t you see) can’t you seeeeeeeeeeeee.

” (Both) Till I met you, I never knew wat love was

Till I met you,this feeling seems to grow more

everyday I love you more each day uuuohohoh,

till I met you, till I met you, till I met you, till I met

uuuuu….Till I Met You.” They finished singing and

looked at each other, the audience shouted and

clapped for them. They dropped the mic and

Lucia took Richards hand then a song was played

and they started dancing, as they were dancing

Lucia kept staring at Richard. He flipped her and

the audience gasped thinking she was going to

fall but Richard held her waist and drew her close,

she gasped and looked at him and he smiled at

her. The dance ended and they bowed holding

each other’s hand. The audience gave them a

standing ovation and dey walked out of the stage.

They all rushed to their class after the

presentation, they were all happy and hailing

Lucia and Richard, their class teacher followed

behind them, she saw how excited they are and

she smiled. They got to the class and sat down,

Mrs Tony stood at the front of the class, she

watch them as they murmured. “Ok, silent

everyone.” She said “I can see how happy you all

are and I must say am equally happy, I knew the

shining stars can never loose, u always make me

proud, Lucy and Richard you guys really did

great, a round of applause for them.” Mrs Tony

said smiling. After addressing them, she left,

Richard looked at Lucia and he smiled at her, she

saw him smiling and she looked away. “Hey

Lucy, you guys really did awesome, you were

like a couple while on stage.” Betty said as she sat

on Lucia’s desk and Vivian sat beside her. “Betty,

stop it.” Lucia said as she saw that Richard was

looking at them. “Oh sorry, I was just so

excited.” Betty said. “Well it’s true, I saw how

sweet the both of you were looking at each other

as u were singing.” Vivian said “Can the both of

you stop talking rubbish.” Lucia said angrily.

“Anyways, I really like that song you guys sang,

can you transfer it to me?” Vivian asked “I will but

not now, you guys should go back to ur desk, I

need to read.” Lucia said. “Ok ma’am.” Betty and

Vivian chorused and left. Some minutes later the

dismissal bell was jingled and Lucia carried her

bag and stood up to leave but Richard stopped

her. “Lucy.” He called. “Yes.” She answered “So

can we be friends now?” He asked “Well, I don’t

know, but I will think abt it.” Lucia said and went

to meet her friends
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<>Chapter 6<> While

in the room that night, Lucia couldn’t sleep, each

time she close her eyes all she see is Richards

smiling face, she tried forcing herself to sleep but

couldn’t. She decided to listen to a music, she

took her phone and searched for a music, she

scrolled and saw the music she sang together

with Richard, she recalled the moment, the way

they sang and danced and how Richard pulled

her from behind her waist and her heart beat

heavily. “Wats happening to me, why can’t I stop

thinking about Richard, I can’t seems to get his

thoughts out of my head, whats wrong?” She

thought to herself and she shook her head to get

those thoughts out of her head. The following

morning all the students were present in class

except Richard, Lucia kept looking at his desk. The

English teacher came in munites later and she

was greeted, she brought out her attendant book

and started calling the names of the students one

after the other until she got to Richards name.

“He’s not in school.” Lucia said. “Alright, let’s

begin todays lesson, bring out your text books.”

The teacher said. They all brought out their text

books. “Ok, Lucy read the poem in passage 75.”

The teacher said. Lucia stood up and started

reading, she got to the last line of the poem and

she paused, she looked at it then she continued.

“Value what you have when you still have it,

once it is gone/lost you might not be able to

retrieve it again.” She finished reading and sat

down. “Why do I feel like this poem is talking to

me.” She said to herself and took a glance at

Richards desk once again. “Hmmmph.” She

sighed. During recession, Lucia refused to go out

with her friends, she sat down down alone and

placed her head on her desk, she stared at

Richards desk and recalled when he would sit

there and smiled at her. “Why isn’t he in school.”

She said. Then a girl came to her and tapped her,

she sat up and looked at the girl standing beside

her. She was from the junior class. “Please am

here to see Richard, is he in school?” The girl

asked. Lucia glared at her badly and the girl

understood she wasn’t in a good mood so she

turned to leave. “Wait.” Lucia said and the girl

stopped. “Who are you to Richard?” Lucia asked.

“Am his girlfriend.” The girl said. “What? His

girlfriend?” “Yes, am his girlfriend.” “Alright, he

isn’t in school today.” Lucia said “Why? Is he

okay?” The girl asked “Are you asking me? How

am I supposed to know that? Anyways whats

your name so when he comes tomorrow I will

let him know you came.” Lucia said “Don’t

bother, I will just call him.” The girl said “You

should have done that instead of coming here.”

Lucia whispered to herself. “What did you say?”

The girl asked “Nothing, but I want to know your

name.” Lucia said “Chloe.” The girl said and

walked away. The next day, Lucia went to the

class hoping to see Richard but wen she got to

the class he wasn’t there, she walked to her desk

and sat down. “isn’t he coming today too.” Lucia

said. Just then Richard walked in and Lucia stared

at him until he got to his desk and sat down. He

looked at her and she was still staring. “Hey

whats up.” He said “Huh? Uhm.” Lucia quickly

stare away. “Are you okay, you’ve been staring

at me since I came in, do you want to say

something to me?” He asked. “Uhm, nothing.”

Lucia said.” “Okay.” Richard said “Errrhh, your

girlfriend, was here yesterday, she was looking

for you.” Lucia said “Oh, we already spoke to

each other yesterday, but thanks anyway.”

Richard said “You’re welcome.” Lucia said Their

class teacher came in and they all stood up and

greeted her. “How are you all doing today?” She

asked “Very fine ma’am.” The class chorused.

She began the role call and when she was done

she walked over to their midst. “Kids, I think its

time we elect a new assistant class president, it’s

been months since Daniel transferred school, so

we need to replace him.” Mrs Tony said. “Who

will be the assistant class president?” She asked.

No one responded. “Anyone? Or should I pick

someone myself?” She asked but still no

response. “Ok then, since no one is volunteering,

I will choose someone myself, Richard please

stand up.” Mrs Tony said. Richard saw it coming

so he wasn’t surprised and he stood up. “You will

be Lucia’s assistant, since the two of you are the

top students in our class.” The teacher said and

then another teacher walked in. “Ok guys, your

language teacher is here.” Mrs Tony said and she

packed up her books and left. +++ Lucia is in love

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Lucia was walking to the cafeteria together with

her friends, they were getting and laughing then

Lucia’s mood changed wen she saw Richard with

a girl, he was holding her hand and they walked

towards them, Vivian noticed Lucia’s change of

mood but she was quiet. When dey got close,

Lucia saw the girl was Chloe, Richard saw how

Lucia was looking at them and they walked pass

Lucia and her friends. “That Richard really has no

shame, he has broken up with Sonia and now

he’s dating someone else.” Betty said “Am sorry

but I don’t have appetite anymore, I will just go

back to the class.” Lucia said and left. “Whats

wrong with her?” Betty asked “I think Lucia has

fallen in love with Richard.” Vivian said “What are

you saying, you know how much Lucia despises

him.” Betty said “Well thats what I think, can’t

you see the way she acts nowadays, yesterday

she kept staring at Richards desk, she refused to

go out for lunch because he wasn’t in school.”

Vivian said. “Vivian!” Betty called “What? Am only

saying what I saw, and now she was in a good

mood until she saw Richard with a girl and then

she suddenly lost her appetite.” Vivian said. “Well,

dats just what you want to think.” Betty said.

They finished eating and left the cafeteria. They

got to the class and saw Lucia, she placed her

head on her desk. “Lucy, here, we bought this for

you.” Betty handed her some snacks in a

waterproof. “Thanks.” She said and kept it under

her locker. “Lucy are you okay?” Betty asked.

“Yes am fine.” Lucia said. “Are you sure, Lucy

you know we are your best friends and we are

like sisters, what ever is bothering you, you can

tell us ok.” Vivian said “Yes I know, don’t worry

about me, am fine.” Lucia said and the three of

them hugged each other. When it was time to

dismiss from school, Lucia went to meet Betty

and Vivian. “U guys should go first, I need to do

something.” she said and went to Richard. “I

need to talk to you.” She said and walked out.

Richard carried his bag and go after her. She

stopped when she got to the store room, she

looked at him and she opened the door and went

in. “Why are we here?” Richard asked her. She

turned and face him. “You__ didn’t I tell you to

keep your flirting skills in check? Now you don’t

even care anymore, you now flirt openly so

everyone will see that you are a flirt and a

Playboy.” Lucia said angrily. “What are you so

angry about? And who gave you the right to call

me names?” Richard asked. “Why? Aren’t you a

flirt and a Playboy?” Lucia asked. “You think you

can just do as you please, you can just toy with

girls feelings as you want, last month it was

Sonia and this month it’s Chloe, who knows who

it gonna be next month. You change girls like you

are changing ur underwear.” Lucia yelled. “So

what does that have to do with you? Are you the

girls? Are they your sisters? If am changing girls

it’s none of your d–n business, you don’t want

to have anything to do with me so stay out of

my business.” Richard yelled back “Of course, its

none of my business, why do I even care how

you live your stinky life, I don’t care, do what

ever you like.” Lucia said and walked out. “D–n

it.” Richard said and also left the room. Lucia got

to the room and saw Betty sitting on the bed, she

walked in and went to her bed. “Hey Lucy.” Betty

called. “Where did Vivian go to?” Lucia asked “She

went to see Jake.” Betty said “Okay.” Lucia said

“You don’t look gud, did you cry? Common talk

to me, what happened.” Betty asked concerned

and went to sit beside her. Lucia looked at her

and began to cry. “Lucy pls talk to me, whats

wrong? Why are you crying?” Betty asked “Betty,

what am I going to do now.” Lucia said “What

are you going to do about wat, I don’t

understand.” Betty said “I think___ I think am in

love with Richard.” Lucia said “What?! You love

Richard? How comes? Oh my goodness, why

Richard, why do you have to fall in love with

someone like him.” Betty said surprised “It started

from the day we did the presentation, I really

don’t know what to do.” Lucia said “Is dat why

you are crying?” Betty asked. “I really can’t fall in

love with Richard, you know exactly what he is

like, he’s not the kind of guy I should be having

this kind of feelings for.” Lucia said “Thats true,

you don’t deserve someone like him.” Betty said

“I think this is the Lord’s way of punishing me for

rejecting all the guys that once asked me out.”

Lucia said “No, don’t say that, to love isn’t a

punishment, you don’t love those guys that was

why you didn’t accept them, and now you’ve

finally found the one you love but too bad he’s a

playboy, so are you going to tell him?” Betty

asked “No, I can’t tell him, never, besides I don’t

intend on dating him.” Lucia said “Then what

about your feelings, what are you going to do

about it?” Betty asked “Nothing, I will just make

sure he doesn’t find out about it.” Lucia said and

stood up. “Where are u going to?” Betty asked.

“The restroom.” She said and smiled.////// It’s

cool right Lucy don’t wanna fall in love with a

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Chapter 8<><>

The following day, Lucia sat down in the school

garden together with Betty and Vivian, it was

during break, the three of them were eating

snacks and Vivian was telling them about her

quarrel with Jake her boyfriend, then they saw

Richard walking hand in hand with Chloe, he

didn’t see them but Chloe saw Lucia staring at

them. “Richard, whats wrong with that girl, the

way she looks at you each time she sees us

together, I think she has a crush on you.” Chloe

said. And Richard looked at the direction Chloe

was looking at and he saw Lucia looking at them,

she stared away when he saw her. “Don’t worry

about her, and she doesn’t have a crush on me.”

Richard said

“Hey Lucy, are you okay? Betty told me about

your feelings for Richard.” Vivian said

“Am okay.” Lucia said

“Why don’t you tell him about it.” Vivian said

“No I can’t, he has a girlfriend and he doesn’t

even like me , telling him how I feel when I know

he has a girlfriend is the perfect ingredient for an

heartache.” Lucia said

“No, I think he likes you, I can see it in his eyes

each time he looks at you, thats why he’s always

after you.” Vivian said

“No, he’s a player, what if he just want my

attention so he can toy with my feelings the way

he does with other girls.” Lucia said

“Let’s go back to the class.” Betty said.

“I don’t feel like going to the class.” Lucia said

“Why? Because u don’t want to see him?

Common be the brave Lucia we know.” Betty


“Alright let’s go.” Lucia said and they went to the

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<>Chapter 9<> For

about two days Lucia couldn’t get Richard out of

her mind, she couldn’t concentrate in class, most

times she would sit alone and be lost in thought.

She was sitting in class one noon during lunch

when Betty and Vivian came to her, they called

her but she didn’t hear or see them. “Hey Lucy.”

Betty tapped her and she stood up in shock.

“Whats wrong? We’ve been calling you but you

were lost in thought.” Betty said “Sorry but I have

to be somewhere.” Lucia said and moved out of

her desk. “Where are you going?” Vivian asked

her but she didn’t answer and she walked out in a

hurry. “Why is she acting weird these days.”

Vivian asked “Let’s just let her be for now.” Betty

said. Lucia walked through the lobby, she was

looking every corner as she walk. “Where could

he be, I really have to tell him how I feel, I don’t

care anymore, maybe after telling him I will feel

better.” Lucia said as she was walking. She got to

the cafeteria and saw Richard sitting opposite

Chloe. Chloe saw her walking towards them but

Richard didn’t see her becos he was backing her,

Lucia walked over to them before Chloe could tell

Richard, she stood beside them and Richard was

surprised. “Richard, come with me I need to talk

to you.” Lucia said “Excuse me, are you blind?

Can’t you see he’s with someone, you can’t just

come here and tell him to come with you, who

the hell do you think you are.” Chloe said “I have

to talk to you now.” Lucia said ignoring Chloe

then she walked away. “Chloe, I have to go, I

think it’s an emergency.” Richard said as he stood

up. “What, you are going to leave me here and

go with her.” Chloe said. “I will be back.” Richard

said and followed Lucia. “Richie, like seriously,

whats really going on between those two? Am

really pissed off right now.” Chloe said. Lucia

stopped when she got to the rooftop, she turned

and looked at Richard. “Whats going on? What

do you have to tell me? And why on the

rooftop.” Richard asked. “I have something to tell

you.” Lucia said “Isn’t that why we are here, so

what is?” Richard asked. “I___I___I.” She

stammered and tightened her fist. “You what?” “I

think___am in love with you.” She said with her

eyes closed. Richard was flabbergasted, he

looked at her and smiled. “You think or you are?”

He asked. Lucia opened her eyes and looked at

him. “Yes, I am, am in love with you.” She said

and immediately Richard drew her close and

kissed her, Lucia was shocked, she flung her eyes

wide open, Richard caressed her cheek and

kissed her softly, she pushed him away and

slapped him then she walked away. “Lucy.”

Richard tried going after her but she yelled at him.

“Don’t follow me.” She said and climbed down

the stairs, she walk as fast as she could and

Richard followed her, she walked pass Betty at

the front of their class, Betty called her but she

entered inside the class. She was about to go

after her then she heard Richard call out her

name. “Betty, wait.” He said. “What is it?” Betty

asked “Please give me Lucia’s number.” Richard

said “What for? And what did you do to her?

Why is her face pale.” Betty asked “I didn’t do

anything to her, she told me about her feelings

for me and before I could say anything, she ran

off.” Richard lied “What? She told you already?”

Betty asked surprised. “Yes she did, please just

give me her number, I need to speak to her, am

sure she don’t want to talk to me right now, so I

want to call her on phone later.” Richard said.

“Am not sure about this, but I don’t like seeing

her troubled so I will give it to you, you guys

should sort things out.” Betty said and typed

Lucia’s number on his phone. The following day

was Saturday, Lucia was lying on her bed, she

was alone, Betty and Vivian weren’t in the room.

She closed her eyes and recalled the kiss, it was

actually her first kiss, she opened her eyes and

touched her lips. Her phone began to ring and

she looked at the caller but it was an unknown

number. “Who could this be.”she said and picked

up. “Hello, sorry who am I unto?” Lucia asked

“Lucy, its me.” “Richard? You_ how did you get

my number and why are you calling me?” Lucia

asked. “I just want to apologise for what I did,

am really sorry, I never meant to do dat, I was

just so excited when you said you love me.”

Richard said “The fact that I told you how I feel

about you, doesn’t mean that I want to go out

with you, I told you so I could ease my self from

the pain I feel inside me.” Lucia said. “I told you I

love you but you dont have to love me back, you

don’t even know what love is anyway since you

are a player.” She added. “But I love you.”

Richard said “Sorry but am hanging up.” Lucia

said and hung up. At school on Monday, Lucia

was walking to the class with her friends, Richard

saw them and walked up to them. “Lucy, can we

talk.” He asked “No, I don’t wanna talk to you.”

Lucia said while walking. “We have to talk.”

Richard said “And I said I don’t wanna talk to you,

can’t you just let me be.” Lucia said “No, I can’t let

you be, we need to talk now.” Richard said and

held her by the wrist. “What are you doing, let go

of me.” Lucia yelled “Richie, whats your problem,

she said she doesn’t want to talk to you, so let go

of her.” Vivian said. Richard ignored her and

dragged Lucia away, Lucia tried to free her hand

from his grip but she couldn’t. “Richard you are

hurting me, let me go.” She said but Richard

didn’t listen to her. He took her to the rooftop and

when they got there he let go of her hand.

“Ouch, what have come over you, are you out of

your mind.” Lucia yelled at him. “Yes am out of

my mind, what is wrong with you, I never asked

you to tell me how you feel for me, you were the

one who came to me and told me you love me

and when I told you I love you back, you are

playing hard to get.” Richard yelled back. “But I

told you not to love me, I didn’t tell u that I love

you for you to love me back.” Lucia said “But I

love you, I really do.” Richard said “Then prove it,

prove to me that you really love me.” Lucia said.

“How? How should I prove it to you?” Richard

asked. “The only way you can prove your love

for me, is for you to stop being a playboy and

start living responsible.” Lucia said “Ok, I promise

you, I will change and I will also end everything I

have with Chloe. I know I have been an a—–e

and a jerk, but I promise to change for you.”

Richard said “Really?” Lucia asked “Yes, just

promise me you will be my girlfriend after that.”

Richard said. “Am sorry, I can’t promise you

that.” Lucia said “Why not?” “I just have to be

sure you have really changed before going out

with you.” Lucia said. “Ok, I understand, but at

least untill you are sure that have really changed,

can you stop ignoring me and let’s be friends.”

Richard said “Ok, I won’t ignore you anymore.”

Lucia said. “Thanks.” Richard said and hugged

her. “Hey stop, someone might see us.” Lucia

said “No one can see us up here.” Richard said.

Lucia pulled away from him. “I have to go.” She

said. “To where.” Richard asked. “To the class.”

Lucia said walking away. “But the stairs is this

way.” Richard said smiling. Lucia turned back and

walked towards the stairs. “Let’s go together.”

Richard said. “No, I will leave first.” Lucia said as

she was walking. Richard was looking at her and

smiling at the way she was walking awkwardly.

Lucia has finally disclosed her feelings to


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