IN LOVE WITH A PLAYBOY – Season [Episode 1 – 9]

CHAPTER 1 Her name is Lucia Santos, she is a pretty and intelligent girl, she’s the only child of her parent Mr and Mrs Santos, they love her so much being their only child. She attends hiddenville day and boarding school and in grade 2 at the age of 16, she is brilliant and always come out first in her class. Lucia is a gentle and well trained girl, she has two friends Vivian and Betty. In school they are called the three monskaters because they were always together. They attend the same school, in the same class and also in the same dormitory. The three friends sat in the class during lunch break one afternoon, Lucia was reading while Betty and Vivian were eating fruits. “Hey Lucy, do you want some?” Betty asked “No thanks.” Lucia said. “Lucy, will you go to the party the senior students are hosting with us?” Vivian asked. “You guys can go but am not going.” Lucia said. “Common, it’s gonna be fun, so many guys will be there, pls go with us.” Betty pleaded. “No, I don’t want to, I will rather stay up all night reading my books instead of going to some crazy party.” Lucia said “Hmm, bookworm dats why you don’t have a boyfriend, how can you have a boyfriend wen all you know how to do is read, you don’t go out to have fun.” Vivian said “I never said am searching for a boyfriend, okay.” Lucia said “Fine don’t go, we’ll go alone.” Vivian said. The lunch break was over and the students returned to their various sit including Betty and Vivian. The English teacher came in and gave them some exercise to work on. After some hour the closing bell was rang and the students packed their stuffs and left the class. When it was Abt 8:pm, Betty and Vivian began dressing up for the party while Lucia was reading a novel. They finished preparing and were about to leave. “Lucy are you sure you don’t wanna come with us?” Betty asked. “No am not coming, have fun but remember to be careful out there and you mustn’t take alcohol.” Lucia said “Ok ma’am, we won’t.” Vivian said and they walked out of the room. “Come back early, okay.” Lucia shouted The next morning, their classroom teacher entered the class and a boy followed behind him, he was tall and handsome with a sexy eyes and lips. The class became noisy at the sight of him, all the girls begin to murmur. Lucia stood up. ” Class say ur greetings.” She said and the students also stood up and they greeted the teacher. “Take ur sits.” The teacher said and they all sat down. “Here with me is a new member of our class, introduce yourself to the class.” The teacher said “Am Richard Carson Padilla, am a transferred student.” He said and bowed a little. “Alright, go and sit beside Lucy over there.” The teacher pointed towards Lucy and he went to sit beside Lucy. “Settle down, your teacher will be here soon.” The classroom teacher said and left. Lucia was busy solving some maths exercise, she didn’t pay attention to Richard as he sat beside her. He looked at her and saw that she wasn’t staring at him like the other girls. “Hi Lucy.” He said Lucia looked at him and he winked at her, she ignored him and shift her attention back to her book. The maths teacher came in and the students greeted him. “Be sitted.” Mr Cash said. The lesson begin and Mr Cash wrote some exercise on the board, then he asked who can solve them. Richard was the first to raise his hand then Lucia also raised her hand. “You are the new transferred student if am right?” Mr Cash asked “Yes sir.” Richard said. “Ok, come out let’s see what you’ve got.” The teacher said. He walked over to the front and took the marker from the teacher then he went over to the board and started solving. He solved the first, second and then the third one. The teacher was impressed and he asked the class to applaud him. “Lucy, it looks like you now have a rival.” Mr Cash said and Richard smiled. Lucia saw him smiling but she ignored him. He walked back to his desk and was still smiling and looking at Lucia, she noticed but she ignored him. Throughout the lesson, Richard kept staring at Lucia and smiling at the same time, she couldn’t ignore him anymore and then she turned to him. “Can you stop staring at me.” She said with a low voice. It’s actually the first time Lucia took a close look at him. They looked at each other eyeball to eyeball, she couldn’t help but stare at him, he smiled then Lucia got a chill down her spine, she quickly stared away. “Hmm, sorry but you have dust on your face that was why I was staring.” Richard lied. Lucia wiped her face with her and Richard smiled. “Ok, solve this exercise the maths teacher said and Lucy, you and Richard should bring the books to my office after lunch.” Mr Cash said and left. Lucia glared at Richard and he smiled. Like and comment for next episode Thanks

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