“I’m Overprotective Of Anything I Love” – Davido’s Alleged Girlfriend, Mya Yafai Writes

Mya Yafai, the rumoured boo of Davido has stated that she is over protective of everything she loves.

The model became a trending topic on social media after being spotted kissing the popular singer.

The model began making the headlines after she was spotted with the music star back in February while he was vacationing in the Caribbean.

Mya Yafai isn’t a newbie in the celebrity world as she used to date American rapper Young M.A.

Well, she has finally bounced back to social media after the scandal between her and Davido died down.

Mya Yafai in a recent post said if you love something you protect it and to love something is to protect it that is why she’s overprotective of anything she loves and no one can fight her or say otherwise for her to change her mind.

We are yet to find out the reason for this post but we believe it has to do with a romantic relationship with a guy as most ladies claim to be overprotective when it comes to their relationship with their boyfriends.