Erinmope’s rain of fury: Over 200 houses destroyed, 1000 rendered homeless

LAST Friday evening, people of the agrarian community of Erinmope-Ekiti in Moba Local Government Area of Ekiti State, were expectant as the cloud had gathered.

It was a relief from the scorching heat, so they thought, but little did they know that nature was furious and was about to unleash untold pain and gnashing of teeth.

The heavy rain accompanied by a furious wind, did not bring relief, rather it brought sorrow as rooftops were blown off, houses were washed away, thousands, who had encased in the comfort of their homes, believing they have had a shelter from the rain, all of a sudden became homeless and destitute.

Vanguard gathered that the rainstorm, which started at about 6pm last Friday, pounded the community till the dawn of the next day.

About 200 houses were destroyed and 1,000 residents of the community were rendered homeless, while some had to relocate to the neighbouring town for shelter.

The mysterious rainstorm had disrupted the peace of the sleepy agrarian community, a border town between Ekiti and Kwara states.

Also affected were the AUD and Saint George’s primary schools; the Saint Jude Catholic Church located at the centre of the town, had its roof blown off by the heavy storm.

Properties that were destroyed in those buildings included roofing sheets, kitchen utensils, mattresses, household materials, electric poles and appliances.