Apple AirTags – ‘A perfect tool for stalking’

Apple AirTags - 'A perfect tool for stalking'

Apple AirTags - 'A perfect tool for stalking'

Amber Norsworthy lives in Mississippi with her four children.


It had just turned 3pm when she got home on 27 December. She received a notification on her phone.


“My phone made a ding that I’d never heard before”, she says.


The notification told her that an unknown device had been following her movements.


Ms Norsworthy, who’s 32, went on to the ‘Find My’ app on her iPhone.


“It showed me my whole route. It said ‘the last time the owner saw your location was 15:02’ and I was like, ‘that’s now, I’m at home’.”


She rang the police, who told her they didn’t know what to do. She has yet to find the device, which she believes is somewhere in her car. She says Apple Support was able to confirm it was an AirTag. “I watch my surroundings very closely now,” she says.


The BBC has spoken to six women in the US who say they have been tracked using Apple AirTags.


The button-sized devices are designed to work with Apple’s ‘Find My’ network to locate lost items. But there have been multiple reports in the US of the devices being used to track people.


Apple told the BBC: “We take customer safety very seriously and are committed to AirTag’s privacy and security.”


The company also says AirTags have better security features than rival products. However, there is growing evidence that they are being used for criminal activity across the US.

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