8 ways to sincerely please a submissive woman

If she’s more inclined to listen to you, she can quite safely be categorized as submissive instead of bossing you around.
These women are generally soft, kind, sometimes introverted, and come off as super-friendly! You’ll never find them being mean to you, and they’ll do their best to make sure the guy feels well-respected.
You’ll never find them being mean to you, and they’ll do their best to make sure the guy feels well-respected.

However, it’s best to ensure facts before categorizing your girl correctly. Communication is the best and most reliable way to do so, eradicating any window of confusion and speculation.

1. Call her sweet names
All girls like getting called by adorable names! It’s always practical to go for sensual and romantic nicknames that somewhat match her appearance or personality when it comes to submissive girls. If she looks super fresh, call her ‘sunshine,’ and if she looks extra sexy someday, call her ‘hottie.’ The shyness like a submissive girl magnifies the butterfly-effect of such sweet names.

2. Live up to your alpha male role
Always remember, two submissive personalities can rarely have a fulfilling long-term relationship. If your girl is submissive, you must take on the dominant role. Become the alpha male for her, even if that’s not your natural orientation, because a submissive woman craves dominance. In every aspect of the relationship, remember your responsibility as an alpha, assert authority in making choices, protect her, and make sure she’s satisfied.

3. Write a love note or a love letter
Writing love letters is a lost art. Writing a sweet love note for your adorable girl would give her something to read, showing her that you care about her immensely. Apart from the romantic message itself, it indirectly communicates that she’s on your mind throughout the day – aww!

4. Bring her flowers
There’s a reason why bringing flowers is such a Hollywood romance cliché; it’s because it works every time. Drop some beautiful red roses by her house or hand them to her when she gets in your car. It just fills the moment with happiness, and her eyes will sparkle for you!

5. Send her romantic texts
Girls love feeling those butterflies flutter in their bellies, and a random sweet text is a great way to achieve that. Let her know you’re missing her; tell her you can’t stop thinking about her. A few cute words in a text message could lighten up her entire day!

6. Call her
Calling your partner is the best way to let them know that you genuinely care about them and their well-being. You could ask her how her day has been and what she’s up to. If you’re feeling generous, blow her a few kisses on the phone!

7. Could you respect her?
As submissive as she may be, every girl demands respect. Chivalry never goes unnoticed, and submissive girls love to be treated like a princess. Could you give her a touch of your courteous side? Your simple acts will go a long way in pleasing her.

8. Compliment her
Always appreciate your girl; that’s the golden rule. Whenever you notice something appealing in her, communicate it, and praise her well. Tell her how much you adore her glowing smile, her scent, or how great she looks in her new attire!