8 ways to avoid workout burnout

Fitness is essential if you want to live a healthy lifestyle, but how do you know when it’s too much?

Starting a fitness journey can even get addictive at times, but even though you’re seeing initial results, you don’t have to constantly set new goals and work out longer and harder.

In fact, pushing your body too hard or too fast can cause injuries and fatigue. Instead, focus on slow and steady results and follow these must-see tips to avoid workout burnout.

1. Mix up intensity
Don’t aim to go as hard as possible every day. Vary levels of intensity and give certain body parts rest days so that you don’t feel overworked. Consider splitting workout days into a leg day, a core day, and an arms day to structure your weekly routine and make sure no single muscle feels tired out compared to the rest.

2. Don’t give in to muscle memory
Mixing it up is essential. If you do the same routine every time, your body will never grow and adapt — this is known as an exercise plateau. The more diverse activity you add into your regime, the less you’ll be likely to get bored, and the more your body will positively change.

3. Restoration is activity
Do you feel like it`s not a workout unless you’re shaking and pouring buckets of sweat? Learn to expand your definition of activity so that it includes restoration. Walking and yoga are perfectly valid forms of activity that help you treat your body like the sacred temple it is, rather than overworking it.

4. Rest days are important
Getting sleep every night is key, but so is taking days off! Rest days allow you to recharge and let those new muscles develop. When you come back to your workout routine, you’ll feel more refreshed and energetic than if you were burning the candle at both ends.

5. Listen to your body
Just like we listen to our gut instinct on situations, we have to listen to our body and what it’s trying to tell us. There’s a different between good pain and bad pain — when your body says to take a break or stop, listen to it! Your brain might be doing the motivation, but your body are carrying out the work!

6. Form over weight
It might be tempting to up your routine by adding on additional pounds, but what you always need to focus on is form over weight. If you sacrifice form and go too heavy, you could end up hurting yourself, and needing to take a longer break from exercise than you want.

7. Finish workout with a gentle walk
If your muscles are sore after a workout, don’t overdo it with a stretch session. Instead, warm down with a gentle walk. It has a similar effect to a stretching session, and will help lower your heart rate, bringing you back to a relaxed state.

8. Eat right with post-workout meals
People always focus on protein, protein, protein when it comes to recover and building muscles. But carbs are the underdog we really need to focus on. Carbohydrates keep out body working, and are required if you want to maintain and repair your muscles. Don’t be afraid to chow down on that bread and pasta — at the end of the day, it can help chisel you even more.