8 types of people most likely to cheat in relationship

Back in the day, cheating was a big deal but nowadays, it has become commonplace to a level that infidelity and cheating in a romantic relationship is expected.
However, it seems that there is a certain type of people who are most likely to cheat; the reasons for cheating can range from the opportunities accessible to them or their personality.
Here are the types of people most likely to cheat in a relationship:

1. A guy who has glo-d up
A man who started out broke but during the course of the relationship he levelled up is likely to cheat. This is because he looks better, is making more money and is attracting a different class of women.

2. The woman who is all about making money
A woman who is all about money will dump you when a man in a higher tax bracket shows up. Everything is about money for these women. There is no line they are not willing to cross to get that money. Its money over everything for them.

3. Rich successful men
Having money opens you up to new opportunities and also an upper echelon of women that you didn’t have access to previously.

4. Insecure people
Insecure people are something to be careful of. And I don’t mean a basic level of insecurity that we all have, because we all have our own self-doubts and worries about ourselves. But when someone is so deeply insecure that if you don’t give them love today, they’re going to find it somewhere else — that’s dangerous.

5. Heavy social media users
According to research from Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking, “the more often a person uses social media apps like Twitter, the more often they have relationship conflicts…culminating in cheating, breakups, and divorce.”

6. The one who handles relationship fights passive aggressively
A man who prefers silent treatment over talking things through is likely to cheat because now that he is angry after an argument, he has an excuse to cheat. The moment his woman says something he doesn’t like, he needs some couple of minutes or he needs to a couple of hours to clear his head… He can say that he cheated because he was emotional or angry.

7. The woman who feels neglected
A woman who feels emotionally neglected is most likely to cheat. She will most likely cheat with that man who comforts her whenever you f**k up.

8. The woman that is getting cheated on
A woman who is cheated on numerous times can start playing your game. Today’s women fight fire with fire, they will respond to cheating with cheating.

The problem with that is that women cheat up, they cheat with a man who is better than you. That dude she cheats on you with will leave you feeling like sh*t because you can’t compete; as he is better looking, nicer and richer.