8 types of friends who will ruin your relationships

If you are vigilant, you will see signs your are trying to ruin your .

Some friends can be mean, envious and wicked. Friends ruining relationships is not a new thing but you shouldn’t allow it happen to you.
Unfortunately, friends sabotaging relationships happens all the time. If you truly care for the person you are dating now and the feeling is mutual, don’t let your friends ruin your relationship. Don’t allow them destroy the beautiful thing you are building.
You should know what to do when someone tries to ruin your relationship but first, you have to know the signs to look out for that their intentions are to ruin your life.
Watch out for these signs that reveal your friends want to ruin your relationship.

1. They think your date is not good enough for you
You just met someone you like and they fit into your life but your friends think otherwise, look well. They may be trying to ruin your relationship.

2. They are always talking about your past relationships
If your friends constantly talk about your exes whenever you are hanging out with them and your latest date, be alert. They shouldn’t be doing that before your new date, it’s disrespectful.

3. They want you to cheat
Any friend who encourages you to cheat on your doesn’t want your romantic relationships to evolve into something better. They may love one night stands, but they shouldn’t be trying to convince you to do the same.

4. They flirt with your lover
Friends who flirt with your new date behind your back are the worst kind. If your friend tries to put you down, or calls up your lover and talks for hours when you are not around, there’s a good chance that your friend is looking for ways to break both of you up and enter the picture.

5. They make you ignore your lover
Friends who make you ignore your lover by constantly keeping you engrossed in another conversation or taking you somewhere else when your partner needs your attention are not good for your relationship.

6. They disrespect your partner
If your friends ignore your new lover or treat them disrespectfully while hanging out together, they don’t mean well for your relationship. When your friends disrespect your date, it reflects badly on you as a lover.

7. They speak ill of you
If your friends treat you disrespectfully when you are with your date, they want to ruin your relationship. Your friends should help you impress your date and win a lover over, not make you look bad. Your friend should not put you down in front of your lover.

8. They threaten to reveal your amorous secrets
Your close friends know some of your dirty secrets and if they pull your leg or threaten to reveal all your dirty secrets in front of your lover, they may want to ruin your relationship. Even if it’s just a joke, these kinds of conversations will rouse doubts in the mind of your lover and may even strain your

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