7 warning signs entrepreneurship is not for you

In recent times, there has been a great desire for people to embrace entrepreneurship.

When you think of successful people or read success stories, there are millions of others that have also failed.

Building and running a business is one sure way to create wealth in any economy, however, not everyone has what it takes to excel as an entrepreneur as it is not a walk in the park.

Here are 7 warning signs that entrepreneurship is not for you.

1.You are not a risk-taker
Life is all about taking risks but if you are averse to taking risks and are comfortable with being in your comfort zone, then entrepreneurship is not for you.

Entrepreneurship comes with many highs and lows, from not generating a steady cash flow to stiff competition, the life of an entrepreneur is riddled with risk-taking at different points in time.

2. You prefer following orders than taking the lead
An entrepreneur is known to have great leadership skills. This is because they are tasked with making decisions and strategising ways to grow and achieve the set goals of the business. More often than not, they take the lead and work independently as they steer the ship.

Therefore, If you are okay with taking orders and hate taking the lead, you should not be an entrepreneur.

3. You detest working alone
It is not news that the path of entrepreneurship is most times lonely. As an entrepreneur, you don’t have the camaraderie or perks that come with an office environment or working in a team.

It can get so bad that you may slip into depression if you feel nobody is there to cheer you on when you succeed and stand by you when you are down. If this is not what you can handle or you are a people person, then a 9-5 would work better for you.

4. You have trouble motivating yourself
You need a great deal of motivation to keep going as an entrepreneur, remember that you are the driving force of your business and its success lies solely on you.

There is no one to give you a stamp of approval for a job well done as you are only accountable to yourself unlike a corporate environment, where you have a manager and colleagues who have your back and are available to motivate you from time to time.

The onus, therefore, lies on you as an entrepreneur to stay grounded and this takes incredible willpower.

5. You want quick money
Many people have the mindset that entrepreneurship is the fastest way to make quick cash. Sorry to burst your bubble but this notion is quite wrong.

Truth is, there is no regular income with entrepreneurship unlike a 9-5 where you get paid at the end of every month. It may take a while sometimes years before you get your first big break as an entrepreneur and there might be a drought after that again.

Remember, entrepreneurship is not a journey but a destination.

6. You are not willing to get your hands dirty
If you are not willing to get your hands dirty, you might need to reconsider towing the entrepreneurship line.

Being an entrepreneur will see you wearing many hats all at once e.g accountant, writer, salesperson, project manager, and this in itself is not bad because you are indirectly honing your skills in different areas.

Many entrepreneurs end up becoming Jack of all trades and master of none.

7. You don’t cope well with pressure
Being an entrepreneur is no mean feat, the sleepless nights, the inconsistent income, angry clients, and the carefree employees are all bound to drive you nuts.

Running a business can be an overwhelming and unending circle of problems and if as an individual, you generally don’t cope well with pressure and stressful situations, you may need to think again about becoming an entrepreneur.

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