7 things real men will never expect from you in relationships

You might’ve had to do something for your guy at some point, which you didn’t want to do, but since he asked you, you just couldn’t say no.

For some of you (the lucky ones), this might not happen often, but for others, it’s a completely different story.
He might be making you do all sorts of things for him, and for some reason you’ve played your part of a pushover exceptionally well.

If there’s something you don’t want to do, you’re justified to say no. It won’t make you a bad girlfriend. In fact, if he were a good guy, he wouldn’t be asking you to do any of the following things;

1. Taking care of his laundry
You’re not his mom! You don’t have to do his laundry. He’s more than capable of doing it himself. Helping him out, on the other hand, is a different story. If he has a little also much on his hands, then you might want to help him with a couple of chores.

2. Getting people stuff on his behalf
If he has difficulty shopping, you should openheartedly offer help. But, don’t take it on yourself to run around arranging presents for him to give out. This is his responsibility, not yours. With a little practice, he might get good at it. But if you don’t allow him to do it in the first place, being the amazing girlfriend you’re, you might as well have to amaze him all the time.

3. Plan a getaway on your own
It’s a trip for two and it should be planned by both the people involved. His lack of participation only reflects his probable lack of interest. Plus, a guy who takes charge of things is attractive. Make him a part of the process. Don’t allow him to talk his way out of it.

4. Make him food
If he has time to ask for food, he has time to prepare it as well (everyone has time for food). It’s not your job to feed him. It’d be a good thing to take turns preparing meals or snacks. You can have what you want, and you’re constantly experiencing a variety of tastes.

5. Advertise your relationship on social media
Your social media is full of people that you may not even know so well. And your personal life shouldn’t be any of their business. So there’s no point in sharing your relationship status. The people, who should know, will know from you, in a proper manner. And the rest of the world isn’t concerned with your life.

6. Be his alarm clock
You’re a human being, not an alarm clock. Realize the difference! He’s been waking up at the desired time for long before you even came into his life. A change in relationship status does not mean a change in waking habits. If he’s sure that an alarm won’t be enough to wake him up, then you might do the honors, but definitely not all the time.

7. Watch what he likes, all the time
If you have similar tastes, then it’s not a problem. But if they’re different, then there’s only so long that you can put up with watching the things they like. Try finding a common ground, something that you both can enjoy, together.

8. Shape up
If he’s asking you to do it, it’s kind of insensitive. You might be planning on losing weight, but him pointing it out, or demanding you to do it, is downright embarrassing. He should love you for your personality, not your size. Even if he thinks you need to exercise, maybe he should make it a couple’s activity, to give you the needed motivation and support.