7 side effects of using earphones for prolonged hours everyday

We keep our earphones on most of the time, whether it is for a zoom meeting, listening to our favourite tracks, playing games, or just to cancel the outside noise. Let’s just say, earphones have become an inseparable part of our lives. And that’s a cause for concern. Why may you ask? If your earphones spend most of the time staying plugged in your earlobes, it’s not a good sign. The point is that the sound coming from those earphones hits close to your eardrums, and in the most grave situations, can also lead to permanent damage of the eardrum. And that’s not all! Here are the seven problem that you can face if you wear earphones for longer hours 1. Dizziness Do you listen to music or talk through earphones? Then, you should limit its usage, as loud noise can lead to increased pressure in the ear canal. This, in turn, will make you feel dizzy. 2. Hearing loss By letting your earphones stay plugged in for a longer period, you will end up harming yourself. You will be shocked to know that unsafe listening habits via earphones can lead to permanent or temporary hearing loss. Hair cells tend to lose their sensitivity owing to vibration and they bend down too much. This causes temporary or permanent hearing loss. 3. Ear infections Earphones are directly plugged into the ear canal and block the air passage. This can invite ear infections. Using earphones leads to the growth of bacteria and it stays on the earphones. Furthermore, it can infect the ear if the usage increases. So, avoid sharing earphones as the same bacteria will be transferred from your ear to the person with whom you share the earphones. Then, even that person will suffer from serious ear infections. 4. Ear wax “Do you have a habit of using earphones while traveling or while working? Then, beware that using earphones for a longer duration will lead to the development of ear wax that raises the risk of ear infection, hearing problem, or tinnitus,” says Dr Agarwal. 5. Ear pain If you are using poorly-fitted earphones, then this problem can be faced by you. Or do you use earphones for a long time? Then you are doing it all wrong, as doing so can cause pain and soreness in the inner ear. 6. Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) Too much noise can steal your peace of mind. NIHL may occur not only owing to loud noise but using earphones for a long time. 7. Tinnitus Loud noise can damage the hair cells in your cochlea causing a roaring or ringing noise in the ear or even head. This noise is called tinnitus.

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