7 relationship “tests” your partner will pass if it’s meant to be

There won’t be any violin playing in the background to let you know that you have found your soulmate, only if it was that easy.
However, if you want a serious relationship that ends with you two saying “I do,” but aren’t sure if they are the one, there are few signs that may help you get clarity. Here are a few tests your partner can pass to let you know that they are “the one.” 1. Communication test If they connect with you at a level where you both can be weird and comfortable with each other, you’ve found the one. Communication is the key to every relationship problem. It is easy to love someone if they are composed and at their best all the time, but only the person who loves you indeed will be by your side always. 2. The money matters test Money plays a vital role in one’s life, and so does in any relationship they are in. Know what your partner thinks about finances; does it match your goal in the future. Discussing your financial idea for the future can avoid many arguments after settling together. 3. Are you still desirable test If you are having a bad hair day with a pimple right in the middle of your nose, but your partner appreciates you and makes you feel desirable, then you are in luck. If your partner always comes up with a way to make you feel appreciated without complaining, then you found yourself a keeper. 4. Priority test If they make time after a long day at work for you, your relationship is going strong. However, pay attention that this doesn’t just stop after a few months or years. If they make you feel like you put colors in their life, even after some time in a relationship, then you’ve found the one. 5. Meeting the family test Meeting family and friends can be a tough experience for many. If your partner doesn’t treat your parents and friends as their own, then they might not be the one for you, as they don’t value the relationships in your life. 6. Together in every phase test If you have a high fever and are surprised by a hot chocolate cup with your favorite flowers, you have found yourself a keeper. Also, many people might get you flowers and cards if you are sick or injured, but only those who genuinely love you will stay by your side throughout. 7. A test for you You’ve to fight your demons alone to enter a healthy relationship. If you aren’t happy with yourself, then you won’t be satisfied with anyone. You need to first love yourself to the fullest and overcome all your fears to love someone without any expectations finally.

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