7 powerful signs of chemistry between two people

Chemistry is one of the important pillars of healthy and successful relationships.

Without that natural connection and the feeling that two people click, a relationship tends to feel strained or forced.

Even when someone meets all your standards, you can end up just having a friendship with them if you don’t share that romantic chemistry.

So how do you know if you’ve got chemistry with the person you’ve just started seeing? Read this list for the most powerful signs that the two of you share an indisputable connection.

1. Definite attraction
Chemistry is often fortified by an undeniable attraction between two people. A lot of the time, you won’t be able to put your finger on it. If you look at each other objectively, you might not be able to pinpoint exactly what it is about each other that you’re attracted to. Often, the attraction between two people who share chemistry runs deeper than just the physical level.

2. Easy-breezy hangouts
You know those people that are so easy to hang out with? When you spend time with them, the hours seem to fly by. There might be silences every now and then, but they’re not awkward. You’re just comfortable in each other’s presence. And often, hanging out is fun and you spend all the time laughing.

3. Conversation that flows
Part of the reason why it’s easy to hang out with people you have chemistry with is talking to them is easy. When you have chemistry with someone, the conversation will just flow naturally. You’ll always seem to find things to talk about. And the conversation won’t feel forced or boring.

4. The desire for each other’s company
Often when two people share chemistry, they crave each other’s company. Depending on how well they know each other, they might also think about each other when they’re not together. Because they have so much fun when they do hang out, they’ll naturally want to see each other again.

5. An understanding of each other
Two people who are connected by chemistry are more likely to understand each other. They’ll be able to relate to each other and understand what makes the other tick. They might not necessarily agree on everything. And they might have quite a few differences. But they’ll still get the essence of one another, even when not many other people do.

6. The good kind of butterflies
There’s a difference between good and bad butterflies. Bad butterflies happen when you’re dreading something. They happen when your instincts tell you that something’s not right. But good butterflies are that fluttering feeling you get when you’re nervous about something exciting.

7. The ability to be yourself
One of the hallmark signs of having chemistry with someone is the ability to be yourself. Because people who share chemistry tend to understand each other, they also don’t judge each other.

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