7 natural ways to get rid of oily nose

An oily nose is a common problem. Oiliness occurs when the sebaceous glands on your nose produce too much sebum. This is a natural oil that protects and lubricates your skin.
If you have oily skin, your nose may produce considerably more oil because your pores are naturally larger than other pores on the face.
Pore size is mostly determined by genetics. But while you can’t control the makeup of your pores, you can take steps to reduce how much sebum your nose produces.

Here’s a look at 7 remedies to get rid of an oily nose:

1. Use makeup specific to your skin type
When shopping for foundation and other cosmetics, choose makeup that’s specific to your skin type, which is oily. These cosmetics are typically oil-free and won’t clog pores. Using the wrong type of makeup, such as products for combination or dry skin, could potentially increase oil production, worsening an already shiny nose.

2. Wash your face at least twice a day
Develop a routine of washing your face in the morning and before bed to remove makeup, dirt, and excess oils from your nose. Use a gentle face wash and warm water.

3. Use a moisturizer
After washing your face, apply an oil-free moisturizer. This keeps your nose hydrated while balancing the oiliness on your skin. Look specifically for moisturizers that contain an oil-absorbing ingredient like oatmeal.

4. Exfoliate your face
Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, allowing your skin care products to penetrate your skin. An accumulation of dead skin cells on your nose can cause dryness. Your sebaceous glands increase oil production to compensate for lack of hydration.

5. Use an oil-free primer
Primer is a cream or gel that creates a smooth base for makeup. It also helps absorb excess oil on your nose and skin, as well as minimize the appearance of pores. Choose an oil-free primer that doesn’t add extra oil to your face.

6. Apply oil mattifiers
An oil mattifier can dull a naturally shiny complexion. Apply this product before applying moisturizer and foundation. It absorbs excess oil, resulting in a matte finish.

7. Watch your diet
Your diet can affect your skin more than you realize, especially if you love spicy foods. These dishes cause blood vessels to dilate and trigger perspiration, increasing the appearance of a shiny, oily nose. Limit eating spicy foods to once a week.