6 ways to avoid food cravings while dieting

Lots of people have food cravings, especially when they’re dieting. These cravings are typically for unhealthy foods that are high in sugar, fat, or sodium.

While it may seem impossible to maintain your willpower when faced with a craving, there is hope! If you diet the right way, you will be much less susceptible to food cravings in the first place.

It’s also important to be aware of the triggers that cause your cravings and to know how to satisfy your cravings without ruining your diet.

Listed below are 6 ways to avoid food cravings while dieting:

1. Make healthy foods more enjoyable
When you’re trying to eat healthy, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut of eating the same boring, bland foods. Unfortunately, this kind of pattern is likely to cause you to fail with your diet because you will begin to crave other foods. To stop this from happening, add some variety into your diet.
Eat a variety of proteins, vegetables, and complex carbohydrates instead of the same steamed chicken and broccoli every night.
2. Don’t starve yourself
You are much more likely to have food cravings if you are legitimately hungry. No matter how much weight you want to lose, you should never ignore real hunger.
Eat regular meals to keep yourself satisfied and avoid snack cravings. Depriving yourself of food for long periods of time will only make your cravings worse.
3. Get enough sleep
Sleep deprivation can cause you to reach for foods that are high in sugar and carbohydrates for quick bursts of energy. It may even make you feel hungry when you aren’t. If you are constantly tired, getting more sleep can improve your energy and reduce your cravings.
Cravings also tend to be at their worst late at night. If you can be asleep during these hours, you’ll avoid the cravings.

4. Start your day right
Consuming foods and drinks that are high in sugar early in the day can cause you to crave even more sugar later on. This happens because the sugar only sustains your energy for a short period of time, so you need more sugar to keep going.
Avoiding sugar in the morning will help decrease your cravings throughout the rest of the day. Sugary coffee drinks are a major culprit, so steer clear of these sugary drinks.
5. Don’t keep unhealthy foods at home
It’s much easier to give in to a craving when the food you want is easily accessible. To avoid this, don’t keep unhealthy foods in your home, especially large amounts of them.

If you must give in to a craving, buy a single portion of the food you want. Don’t bring any of it home, or it will be readily available the next time you have a craving.

6. Don’t be too hard on yourself
Lots of people get so disappointed with themselves when they cheat on their diets that they give up on them all together. This is very destructive, so don’t let a few bad choices derail your entire diet.

Instead of giving up, focus on all of the progress you’ve made. Keeping a positive attitude can help encourage you to keep going.