6 things that happen when you’av been single for too long

Being single is one of the things that could be both exhilarating and mortifying at the same time! It comes with many phases though, and you really get good at it by time.

It could sometimes could aid you think clearer, there is also spending less and little to no drama. With all these come some funny changes in your behaviour.
Here are 6 things that happen when you’av been single for too long:

1. Your flirting game becomes weak
When a guy tells you how beautiful you are, you immediately contemplate his motives. Flirting is like this impossible math equation you’ve started to think you’ll never figure out.

2. You are content with being the third wheel
You know you can’t be a hermit all the time, so you tag along with your favorite couple. Before you know it, you’re a master third wheeler.

3. When you like someone, you start to self doubt
Text message conversations give you extreme anxiety because you’re constantly trying to figure out “what he means”. You analyze the shit out of your grammar and punctuation even though it doesn’t matter. When those three dots do finally appear, you feel as if you’re sitting outside in a thunderstorm just waiting to be struck by lightning. We won’t even talk about emoji decisions.

4. Your friends give up one you when it comes to dating
You instantly decline any and all dates. Nope, not happening. He’s probably an asshole who will cheat anyway.

5. Love related things make you roll your eyes
Scrolling through social media is no longer a habit because of how exasperating it’s become. Everyone’s getting married or pregnant, which is gross and you don’t have time for that.

6. Eventually, you tend to discover yourself
Some things need to be done alone. Now that you’ve finally found who you are, you understand that you don’t need anyone else. But… Perhaps, you want someone else. Maybe.