6 signs you’re sacrificing too much in your relationship

A healthy should consist of two people committed to one another who meet each other halfway on any issues or decisions.

If you feel drained in your relationship, or feel that your partner takes more than he or she gives, you are probably making too many compromises to make this work.

Always stay true to yourself and never sacrifice yourself for anyone. Here are 7 warning signs you’re sacrificing too much in a relationship:

1. Your partner’s happiness seems like a constant chore

If your partner can’t create happiness within him or herself, he or she will most likely turn to you as their source of happiness. This means that you not only have to keep your happiness levels high for yourself.. you have to worry about maintaining someone else’s mood, too. Furthermore, they don’t know how to cultivate it on their own.

2. You concede to often

They never want to meet you halfway, and view the as a one-way street. They expect you to bend over backward for them, but they aren’t willing to do that for you. Maybe it wasn’t like that in the beginning, but people can change their demeanor over time – especially if they have had a major promotion at work or gone through some other significant life change.

3. You don’t feel on the inside

You should never compromise your own happiness in order to make a work. By staying in a relationship just because it feels comfortable, not because it feels right, you just prolong your discontentment. Make the courageous and optimal decision to leave any relationship that no longer makes your heart happy. It may hurt in the beginning, but it will pay off in the long run as you meet others who enrich your life.

4. You have to babysit their emotions too often

Listening to your partner when they encounter tough situations in their life is different than having to boost their every single day. If your partner blows the smallest incidences out of proportion and can’t seem to find balance with their emotions, it’s probably time to let them work on themselves on their own without the responsibility of a relationship.

5. They have asked you to change major things about yourself

Personal growth is terrific, but as we’ve said before, no is worth changing yourself over upon your partner’s request. Even if you truly and deeply love the person, they obviously don’t genuinely love you if they don’t absolutely adore the person you already are. Vow to step away from any relationship that doesn’t honor your highest self.

6. You don’t support their lifestyle

Does your partner smoke, drink, do drugs, or just live an unhealthy lifestyle in general? While they can make their own decisions, it will unavoidably cause turbulence in a if you don’t share their views. You deserve a partner who wants to go in the same direction as you, so don’t settle for anything less.

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