6 lessons you should learn from a breakup

When we go through a breakup, we’re mostly left with bitterness and hate for the other person.

It always seems like a negative experience and while it may be, there are still positive things to take away from a breakup.

However, due to the pain, most people simply jump into another relationship without giving the previous one much thought.

There are important lessons one should learn from a breakup that will help them in the next relationship. Here are some of them.

1. Life doesn’t revolve around your partner
It’s common to drop everything in your life to focus on your relationship. Some might even go as far as to push their family and friends away. However, it’s after a breakup that you realize that your life doesn’t and shouldn’t revolve around your partner. It may be cute at the beginning of the relationship but your partner may also grow tired of your clinginess. This also makes you live a life to please your spouse which can be exhausting.

2. Relationship expectations
Sometimes, relationships end because both parties were not on the same page. It might be hard to see it or admit it while you’re in a relationship. However, a breakup is a perfect time to look at the relationship from a different point of view and be honest with yourself. You may realize that the person didn’t meet your expectations and be able to prioritize what you need from your next relationship.

3. A breakup doesn’t reflect your self-worth
A breakup will almost certainly affect your self-esteem whether you saw it coming or not. At the very least, it will bruise your ego. However, you shouldn’t hold it against yourself. We tend to focus on what we did wrong and what we could have done differently. Remember that your partner also played a role that contributed to the breakup and that it’s their loss.

4. Love isn’t hard

It’s said that love is hard and it’s true. There are days when you’ll need to put in more effort than others. However, this shouldn’t be one-sided as this can be draining to the person making all the effort. Many have a misconception about how hard you should work in a relationship. If it felt like you carried the weight of the relationship alone, then it wasn’t healthy.

5. Letting go is necessary
You may want to hold on to your relationship. Additionally, with social media, it’s easy to find out what your ex is up to. This can lead to an unhealthy habit that will prevent you from moving on after a breakup. If both of you have decided to go your separate ways, cut off all ties with the person, and let go of the relationship. The sooner you do it, the easier it is. This way, you won’t go into a new relationship with old baggage.

6. Everything works out as it should
Nobody gets into a relationship thinking that you’ll break up. Women, especially, tend to dream of a happily ever after when things are blissful. However, breakups are a reality check that what was meant to be will be. You may have tried hard to make things work but it still ended in a breakup. This could be a blessing

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