6 incredible ailments you never knew bitter leaf could cure

Bitter leaf, unknown to many people can cure almost a dozen of diseases if not more.

It’s researched to have a certain amount of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that help to fight off sicknesses and diseases.

Many people in countries around the world especially use it as a natural home remedy to cure ailments and diseases ranging from diabetes to measles.

The taste of this leaf is bitter and not everyone enjoys taking it. Some people tolerate the bitterness because of the health benefits to be gained after consuming it.

Here are 6 ailments you never knew bitter leaf could cure:

1. Ulcer
According to a study, bitter leaf plants may cure or protect against stomach ulcers. Stomach ulcers, also known as gastric ulcers leave painful sores in the lining of your stomach. The feeling can be so discomforting but can be relieved with bitter leaf juice.

2. Diabetes
Eating bitter leaf has a positive effect on diabetes. It’s thought to be a good consumable for adults and children living with diabetes. This thought is birth out of the fact that bitter leaf contains phytochemicals, vitamins, proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, ash, and other nutrients.

3. Piles
Bitter Leaf is an excellent herbal treatment for combating piles. one cup of bitter leave water a day for one week may help reduce the pain and swelling that comes with piles. However, the use of vernonia amygdalina to cure piles should not be relied on as there is no research study supporting this claim.

4. Fibroid
A lot of people get it wrong by thinking surgeries like hysterectomy cure fibroids. But the truth is, surgeries focus more on treating the symptoms related to fibroids than eliminating the fibroids themselves. Natural treatment like the use of herbs such as bitter leaf can shrink or even terminate fibroids. Squeeze 5grams of vernonia amygdalina, extract its juice into a container and drink twice daily for fibroids cure.

5. High blood pressure
High blood pressure is a condition that threatens the wellness of your health. It stresses the arterial wall and makes the heart works harder than normal to pump blood. If left unmanaged, HBP can lead to several other ailments. Bitter leaf among a few other herbs can help restore high blood pressure readings to normal. According to a report, bitter leave has a positive effect on high blood pressure and may aid the treatment.

6. Insomnia
Vernonia amygdalina juice should be your best plug if you have insomnia or can’t fall asleep a few minutes after you climbed the bed with your head rested on a pillow at night. Insomnia is a night sleep snatcher and a daytime productivity destroyer, hence there is a need to fix the problem if you have it. With the juice of this incredible plant, your nerves will get relaxed, calmed and in turn cause your body to sleep.