6 bad habits that can lead to depression

Depression is a serious medical condition which affects the mind. It is a state which everyone should avoid.

This condition can lead to alcoholism and so many social vices and it’s even a major cause of suicide.

There are some habits which should be avoided as it can lead to the mind being depressed gradually without you knowing.

However, there is no single cause of depression as there are so many things that can trigger depression; though it should be noted that certain bad habits can lead to depression.

Depression is never a good thing, and the habits which lead to it should be avoided.

1. Poor diet
There are so many things a poor diet can cause, and depression is one of them. The importance of eating well cannot be overstated as a poor diet would make your body vulnerable to harm’s way. There are certain foods which are good for the body as it contains omega-3 fats which help the brain tissue. Our body can’t produce these on its own but through the food we eat. When the body doesn’t have enough omega-3 fats, it becomes susceptible to depression and a whole lot.

2. Isolation
This is also another habit that can lead to depression. Research has shown that a strong social network can reduce the risk of being depressed; when you are close to people who really matter to you, it helps your brain chemistry which leads to lower stress levels. With loved ones, you have people to share your problems with thereby taking off the weight of the problems; but in isolation, your woes are compounded.

3. Lack of exercise
Exercise doesn’t just power your physical being but your mental being as well; eating too much and being lazy can lead to depression. A lack of exercise can lead to overweight which would kill your self-esteem. Doing physical activity everyday would help the brain as it would produce dopamine and serotonin which are important brain chemicals.

4. Poor sleep habits
There are so many things poor sleeping habits can do to you and depression is one of them. Depriving yourself of sleep would only increase your stress level hence making you easily agitated and paranoid; this can easily lead to depression. You should have a well-structured time plan that would help you rest well, and sleeping on a good mattress is as well important.

5. Ruminating/too much thinking
Too much of thinking (especially negative thinking) wouldn’t do any good to your mind as it can lead to depression. When you have to think for long hours, of negative thoughts especially, it can trigger depression. Instead of being in a state of rejection, spend time with people who would make you feel good.

6. Pressure
Putting yourself under unnecessary pressure can as well lead to depression. When you put yourself under pressure from work, relationship and finance, it can lead to a dejected mind which would as well aid depression.

Beware of these habits; eat well, sleep well, exercise, keep your mind free and be happy.