5 things you shouldn’t compromise in a relationship

Relationships are a lot many things-love, trust, understanding, fights and compromises.

In all actuality, we all have to compromise about some things here and there to make a relationship successful. These healthy compromises can teach you a lot as a person for personal growth.

But, there are some things you just can’t compromise on, for your relationship. Even if it brings in unwanted complexities, it is not worth risking your most important aspects in life over compromises your partner might demand in the relationship.

And so, we bring to you a few things that you should never compromise in a relationship.

1. Time with your friends and family
They are your dearest and have been there for you since forever. It doesn’t make sense when your partner demands more time from you by restricting time with your family members and friends. Your partner should collectively encourage time and activity with everyone else.

2. Life decisions like marriage and children
You can’t compromise on big life decisions like marriage and wanting children because these will eventually fall heavy on you and your partner. If such things are forced, you will slowly start to resent your partner, thus resulting in a fall-out sooner or later.

3. Traditions and culture
Your partner shouldn’t ask you to let go of your traditions and cultures because they oppose them. You should continue to do things if you appreciate your family’s rich culture and traditions. Your family relations are as important as anything else, so, you shouldn’t think twice about this.

4. Goals and ambitions
A healthy relationship comprises of encouraging and uplifting each other about goals and ambitions. Your partner should respect and encourage you to chase your dreams. If they are asking you to step down from your job role or career prospects, then being with such a person isn’t worth it, at all.

5. Self-worth and love
Are you questioning if you’re enough for your partner? If yes, then you should know that your partner isn’t loving you enough. Your equal half should love all your traits, qualities, quirks and respect your opinions. Your self-doubt and trust issues shouldn’t come in the way; it’s a compromise you shouldn’t be willing to make.

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