5 sleeping habits you need to break immediately

Who knew your bad sleeping habits can take a big toll on your overall health? Well it turns out sleep plays a bigger factor in your well-being and your weight loss program than we thought.

Now you can think, well my sleep routine is great, I mean how can I possibly ruin my sleep.

Well, the truth is you can and here are these mistakes to avoid:

1. Phone use
You use your phone or watch television prior to your sleep. Which doesn’t give your brain time to relax prior to your actual sleep. And this can result in a poor quality of sleep because you’re not able to create a comfortable sleeping environment.

2. Food
You eat prior to going to sleep. Which means your body is not able to burn the calories you’ve eaten prior to going to sleep. Since your body cannot burn or process the food you’ve eaten it stores the food as body fat. When the body clings onto the fat it causes weight gain that could have been easily avoided

3. Snooze
You keep hitting the snooze button. Sometimes it’s better to force yourself out of bed and take on the day rather than staying in bed because there is no routine to your sleeping ways. And by having a routine your body knows when it’s time for your body to relax making it easier to go to sleep and wake up.

4. Pets
Having your pets sleep in your room or on your bed can create a poor sleeping experience they often make noise or take up most of the bed (or at least my dog does). A poor sleeping experience can result in a hormonal imbalance because your body didn’t have time to regulate itself during sleep. So try to keep Fido off the bed for a better sleep.

5. Priorities
You don’t make sleep a priority. When you don’t prioritize sleep you make your body a second option. You have to prioritize sleep because it speeds up your metabolism, helps promote a healthy weight loss and it regulates your hormones. When you prioritize sleep you feel better the next day and better you feel the better you slay