5 signs that a man has big secrets hidden from you

In response, he just slightly squeezes his face and mumbles the same response he has been giving you for a long time. Just chill. You’ll meet them soon. I’m sure they’ll like you, though.”
You get more confused because that’s almost the same thing he says when you ask why he hasn’t introduced you to his friends, too.

He tells you he likes to keep his private business private and yeah, there are men who really are like that, but is he like that, or he’s only got loads of ugly stuff he wouldn’t dare have you know about?

With these five steps, you stand a chance of detecting a man who has ugly secrets that he’s trying to hide from you.

1. He takes too many phone calls away from you. It’s especially more suspicious when he cuts a conversation you’re both having, walks to a safe distance to talk into the phone and when he returns he does not even bother to explain who it was.

2. You’ve been dating him for a while and though he goes home and visits friends all the time, he hasn’t taken you to either of them at any point. Not even a phone call introduction. He might indeed be going to meet his family – yeah, his wife and kids, not his parents and siblings.

3. Says he’s working extra hours but his finances are still the same. He could actually be making extra cash and spending on his girlfriend [of course, you know that’s not you.]

4. He seems to have an unnatural phobia for pictures and all form of PDA’s.

It looks like a real thing except that he has quite a number of pictures on his Instagram and Facebook pages, and he doesn’t seem shy in them.

Could he really have changed from photo-loving to photo-shy or he’s just pretty scared that someone will see a picture of you together and all hell will be let loose?

His main girlfriend, maybe?

5. If you keep getting weird phone calls – the ones where someone calls you and says nothing for a while, until you angrily end the call, it could be someone who has an obsessive crush on you, right?

But wait. What if it’s not a crush? What if it’s your boo’s side-chick? Just saying, what if he has a hidden girlfriend who wants to be sure you actually exist?