5 reasons why celebrity marriages hit the rock

They drive some of the most expensive cars, live in posh houses, in fact, they have everything going on for them, all because of the level of stardom which they have attained.

But, wait a minute, it looks as though there is one area where these celebrities just can’t seem to get a hang of. What area could this be? Well, it is the area of relationship and marriage.

Here are five reasons a favorite celebrity of yours may have had a failed relationship:

1. More focus on career than the home front

Truth is that no one wants to be hitched with one who honors career over the relationship in question. This is one sole reason why celebrity marriages fail. It is a known fact that celebrities got famous as a result of their talents, crafts and handiwork, but to mention a few.

But making that career a priority on the home front might be one of the greatest undoing that causes marriage failure. The few who are enjoying their marriages know this and that is why they do not allow their career to interfere with their homes, and vice versa.

2. Trying to ‘keep up with the Joneses’

Some celebrities just do not know how to call it quits with those friends and activities that they enjoyed doing whilst single. These activities and lifestyle more often than not, turn out unhealthy for their married lives.

Marriage is indeed about two individuals who come together to start a life as one. Therefore, each person have got to decide to leave behind some pastime that may be detrimental to the union. In essence, most of the celebrity marriages that have failed, may be due to keeping up with the Joneses.

3. Spending less time together

One of the ways through which celebrities can continue to be in the trade is by doing what they know how to do best. More often than not, this might require that they be on location (that is if they are actors), be in the studio, and in other cases they may have to be away either touring or doing other stuff that will help them be at the apogee of the career.

However, fame is dangerous to relationships because of the time they spend away from their loved one.

4. Rumours

Rumour is one of the things which the media or people can successfully use to break people’s homes. This means that if a marriage is shaky and there are rumours concerning an individual in the marriage, the lies being pedaled may as well help in the total crash of the union.

There are an avalanche marriages in Nigeria that have crashed due to the stories one partner heard about another. In some cases it might be true, whilst in other cases, the media and the world may be wrong.

5. Pressure to be married

Yes, it may be true that some celebrities get pressurized either by their family, fans, or by circumstances to get married. However, if one rushes into marriage before being actually prepared and ready for it, there might be the likelihood of a crash in the end.

These celebrities have failed to realize that age isn’t maturity as experts have said. So, allowing the media and the world to dictate when the right time to get hitched, might just be one of greatest mistakes to make.

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