5 happiest countries in the world right now

Happiness is something that we all like to chase. It is after all the single most important aim in our lives. While not all individuals can be happy all the time, a country, supposedly, can be a happy one.

It is however, rather difficult to measure happiness, there are certain factors that go into it. The World Happiness Report 2021 has been specially interesting, as it has taken the effects of COVID-19 into account.

It tried to focus on how the pandemic has affected people’s lives, and how governments around the world have managed to deal with the situation.

If you have been wondering how the world around you has been faring in all this madness, here is a list of top five countries that are still quite happy, despite everything.

1. Finland
Right on top, Finland is yet again the leading happiest country in the world. In fact this is the fourth consecutive year for the Nordic country. With some of the best education systems in the world, the country has been happier than the rest for a long time. As of today, the nation is planning to reopen its restaurants, and speed up the vaccination process, as it sees a decline in covid positive cases.

​2. Denmark
Yet another Nordic country in the list, Denmark is known to be at the top of its game as far as life expectancy, and social support is concerned. Denmark also has one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world. Other factors also come into play to contribute to its happiness. A visit to Denmark is a must for anyone who has been feeling a little low. Maybe a trip to this happy country will cheer you up.

3. ​Switzerland
The only European country in the top five, Switzerland is a traveler’s paradise. The country has done exceptionally well at this year’s ranking, as it has moved up three spots. After all, the nation goes to vote on most decisions, even if it is to decide the number of vacation days for workers. A Swiss holiday is of course one of the most coveted holidays for any traveler, and now you know that you can be a lot happier by choosing to visit this paradise.

4. ​Iceland
A country that is high on well-being, Iceland is certainly one of the finest countries to visit, not to mention, one of the happiest. The nation is known to attract numerous visitors every year, and it has successfully managed to remain one of the more advanced nations in the world. To top it all, Icelanders feel that they can always rely on a fellow Icelander when things get rough; isn’t that amazing?

​5. Netherlands
According to a UNICEF report from back in 2013. Dutch children are the happiest in the world. Doesn’t that say something about the country? The nation has remained high on the happiness ranking since 2005, which is a big deal. It is hard enough to maintain such rankings from one year to the next, but this sort of consistency is just exceptional. So, why don’t you take your children on a vacation to this beautiful country.