5 bad hair habits women need to stop immediately

A lot of women complain about having dry, thin and unhealthy hair but the truth is that they probably do not take enough care of their hair.
To have healthy hair with bounce, you need to have a good hair routine.

Here are some bad habits to stop immediately:

1. Too many styling treatments
Other styling treatments like straightening and curling contribute to more hair loss when done frequently. When using a hair straightener or curler to style your hair, the less heat, the better. Too much heat can cause serious hair damage including breakage.

2. Too many chemicals
Many products contain harmful chemicals that can cause great damage to your hair, which may not be reversible. Chemicals like hydrogen peroxide and ammonia found in hair dye can cause thinning hair and hair loss. Dihydrotestosterone or DHT is another harmful chemical found in shampoos that can contribute to hair loss.

In hair relaxers, the primary chemical is sodium hydroxide, which can weaken the hair and cause a scalp infection. Avoid overloading your hair with harsh chemical-based products. Instead, opt for more natural and homemade products for healthy hair.

3. Wearing too tight hairstyles
If you love styling your hair in tight ponytails, braids, knots and buns, you should think twice the next time you want to do it. These hairstyles can be the cause of your damaged hair.

Tight hairstyles put excessive tension on the hair follicles, which can lead to hair breakage and even hair loss. This can also lead to alopecia- a condition that permanently weakens the follicles and makes it impossible for hair to grow. Wearing too much of weaves that strain the hair also has a similar effect.

4. Combing hair when it is wet
People often brush or comb their wet hair right after washing, without considering how harmful it is for the hair. When wet, your hair strands are more fragile and vulnerable to breakage.

It is best to comb your hair before washing to reduce tangling. After washing, wipe your hair with a soft towel and allow it to air dry before combing. In fact, you should comb your hair when it is slightly damp. Slightly damp hair is also easier to style.

5. Washing too frequently
Be sure to time how you wash your hair. If you’re sweating or using lots of products, you can wash your hair every week but if not, twice in 2 weeks is good enough. When washing, use the right shampoo for your hair type and texture. This will help add moisture, body and beauty to your hair.

Along with over washing, people often mishandle their wet hair. After washing, the protective cuticle is slightly raised, leaving your strands fragile and more prone to breakage. This is why you must avoid aggressive towel drying.