5 alcoholic drinks that are good for your skin!

Drinking alcohol has become a subjective thing. While some can’t imagine their weekends without a few drinks, some really steer clear from the habit.
Though no one can question the health hazards excessive drinking comes with and the effect it has on the liver, some types of alcoholic drinks are actually good for the skin. Don’t believe us? Read on to know.
1. Beer
Well, you might have heard a lot of stories about beer being good for the hair, let’s tell you that it’s great for your skin too! First things first, beer balances the skin’s pH levels, thereby cleansing it and nourishing it. It’s also great for acne reduction, thanks to all the vitamins present in it.
2. Wine
Believe it or not, red wine keeps you looking young since it’s full of antioxidants that fight ageing and restore collagen.
Also, wine maintains elastic fibers that give skin its elasticity.
3. Gin
Gin is made from juniper berries that give gin its distinct flavour and are said to be super foods that improve blood circulation to the face, making it look youthful.
4. Vodka
If you are sick of blackheads, all you need to do is wash your face with vodka that acts as a natural astringent, tighten pores and disinfects the skin.
5. Rum
Rum might be winter’s favourite drink, but it’s famous for its antibacterial properties. If your skin is prone pimples, fight them with rum. It fights the bacteria but since its very strong, you need to dilute it with water/rose water in the ratio of 1:2 ratio and apply it to the affected area. Keep it on for five minutes

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