4 ways to keep the intimacy in a long-distance relationship

Being hours away from each other can be very problematic especially in the area of sex and intimacy.
If you’re not working to keep your sexuality connected to your partner when you can’t physically touch them, it becomes less of a romantic relationship.
You both need to be creative and open to keep the sparks alive. Listed below are 4 romantic ways to keep the intimacy in LDR:

1. Have erotic conversations
Erotic conversations about what you want to do to them when you finally get to see each other is necessary. You can also reminisce on past encounters and talk about the things you want them to do to you or fantasize about the things you want to do to them. Phone sex can be fun!

2. Tech foreplay
Try sexting or texting flirty messages. If you decide to send nudes, make sure you use an app like Snapchat where the messages disappear after viewing and you will be alerted if they screen record or take a screenshot because you can never be too sure about people.

3. Masturbate together
You can use video apps like FaceTime and the likes to watch each other get yourselves off. If you’re not too far from each other, you can buy remote app sex toys that let you take control of your partner’s pleasure.

4. Share p*rn
Share p*rn scenes you like with your partner. You can later talk about the things in that video that you want to try with your partner