4 effective and powerful tips to make him want you back

When a relationship ends, you feel alone, depressed and anxious. You experience withdrawal symptoms and crave their presence. At such times, moving on can be hard.
Sure, you must have tried to forget them and the relationship, but it’s easier said than done. Breakups are tough and messy
When despite many attempts, you feel that you are unable to move on, you decide that you want them back and want them to want you back too.
So if you are still not over them and want them to miss you like crazy and crave your presence, then follow these simple but effective tips and make them come back to you!
1. Stop talking to him
While this may sound strange, but stopping all communication with him can actually make him want you more. Put an end to the texts, meme-sharing and random calls and spend some time away from him to let him value your presence and miss you like crazy.
2. Work on yourself
Can’t move on from him? This doesn’t mean that you spend your entire day watching television while gorging on a tub of ice-cream! Get up, get dressed and be the best version of yourself. Work on your shortcomings and improve your strengths and don’t let your needs and aspirations take a backseat because of a breakup. And believe us, this will make him come to you!
3. Have fun
Nothing is more attractive than a who knows how to have fun all by herself and doesn’t need a man in her life to make her enjoy and cherish it. Meet your friends, watch a movie alone, take yourself out to a fancy restaurant and enjoy your newfound singlehood. And be sure to keep him updated about your eventful and happening life to make him want you back.
4. Make him jealous
Hang out with your male friends or better, hang out with friends of your ex to make him jealous. Flirt with guys in front of him to make him want you, but do it in a subtle manner without coming across as careless. Make him aware of his competition and he is sure to come back to you in no time!

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