4 beauty benefits of an overnight sleep mask

Skincare has always been complex and challenging to many. It starts with understanding the intricacies of skin structure, buying the products that target that skin type, and waiting longer for results to show. Thankfully there are simplified solutions where you can achieve the same results in a single step. Behold the Sleeping mask! What are sleeping masks? During the day, our skin works to protect itself from UV rays, pollution, stress, acidic environment, etc. It switches to repair mode at night, where your body will heal and repair itself while you sleep. When your epidermal cells undergo a healing process, the mask provides the skin with active ingredients that make the healing process even more effective. How do overnight masks benefit the skin? Overnight face masks are applied when just before you sleep and are left on through the night. You wash them off while you wake up to start the day with fresh and rejuvenated skin. They target specific skincare problems like anti-ageing, brightening, rejuvenating and repair, along with hydration and skin nourishment. 1. Hydrates skin Skin loses moisture with age. Overnight masks hydrate it with the active ingredients and soothe it with minerals, vitamins, and skin-boosting ingredients. 2. Acts as a Sealant It prevents skin from drying out while you sleep and also helps keep dirt and other pollutants from getting into pores. 3. Repairs and rejuvenates The night mask acts as a catalyst in cell regeneration and provides the nourishment it needs by slowing down the signs of ageing. It gives extra time for the active ingredients to work to their full potential and relaxes the face for a deeper sleep. 4. Protects against impurities When was the last time you washed your pillow or your pillowcase? Unfortunately, your pillowcase and sheets can be a hot spot for debris, dust, and toxins. And if you share your bed with a pet, partner, or children, your skin is likely picking up dirt and debris from them that gets left behind on your bedding. An overnight mask helps protect skin from these impurities by sitting on top of the skin and blocking out any funky gunk that is hanging out in your bed, waiting to clog your pores. What are the best ingredients to look for in overnight masks? Sleeping masks help to keep the skin microbiome balanced. A balanced microbiome is imperative for healthy skin. Sleeping masks can rejuvenate, repair and protect your skin by balancing the skin microbiome. Research suggests that skincare with prebiotics and probiotics help restore healthy microbes to improve the skin’s immunity—the prebiotic and the probiotic combine to have a synergistic effect, known as synbiotics. Evidence-based research proves that these synbiotics improve skin elasticity and has moisturising and anti-aging properties. Additionally, the unique liposomal technology used in the night masks helps deliver skin-identical molecules at the right skin levels. Liposomes help protect, transport and release the formulation at the right place and time to achieve better product efficiency. Night-time skincare is the best nourishment you can offer your skin. Getting your skin back to its healthy best comes with confidence. So, pamper yourself! Put on your sleeping mask and wake up to healthy skin

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