[STORY 18+] IN LOVE WITH A PROSTITUTE [season 1_ episode 1-11]


“Over my dead body!”Lucia spat out, storming out of the room,carrying her eight months old baby with her.

Her mother, Patricia ran after her and held her hand, turning her back to face her.

“How dare you walk out on me!” Patricia shouted on her daughter.

Lucia’s eyes welled up in tears as she looked at the woman she called her mother.

“Mother,how could you! How could you ask me to join your ruined life?”

“Watch what you say to me,Lucy!!”

“I don’t care! I will never ever go back to my old ways when I was a teenager!

You taught me nothing but how to go after boys and extort money from them!

My mates are all in school while I’m here with a child!

I went about sleeping around with boys and married men, collecting their money!

It is the result of this child I’m carrying now and you still have the guts to ask me to become a w—e like you?

I don’t care what you do with your life,just count me out of it!” Lucy shouted on her mother who laughed.

“See who’s talking? Is your life not ruined too?

Yes,you are supposed to be in school,not saddled with a bastard.”

Patricia said, gesturing and sneering at Lucia’s daughter,Rachel.

“My daughter is not a bastard!! She has a father…and I know who the father is.

He’s out there! You are the one who gave birth to me without a father!

I’m the bastard here!now If you have given me the morals a mother should have given to her daughter…I wouldn’t have ended up like this!

You have no right to tell me my mistakes! You caused them!” Lucy yelled back.

Rachel’s face squeezed in confusion at the noice and started crying.

Lucy brought her head closer, cuddling the baby to her chest,while glaring at her mother.

“I don’t care what you think. All I want you to know is that if you won’t join me and make money, count your mouth and that of your baby out of any food in this house.

Not only that, no money for you again in this house until your senses are back.

I can’t continue being the only person making money in this house while you sit down and spend them!

You can’t do what I do but yet,you can spend the money I make out of it? Impossible, no food for you and your daughter in this house again!

Not the one I brought with my own money. Nonsense!”

Lucy looked unbelievably at her mother.” So,it has gotten to the point of that? What did my innocent baby do to you?” Lucy asked,more tears running out.

As though she heard what her grandmother had said, Rachel’s cries increased.

Patricia said nothing,she hissed and was about to walk out when her phone rang.

She sneered at Lucy as she picked it up, switching into a sweet voice.” Oh, Chief Abdul….yeah…I’m already dressed. Really?”

She paused, smiling happily.”Of course,you know I never fail you,chief!

Yes. Right now,I’m on my way out. Pick me up at the round about near Zion filling station.

Yes…oh… thanks chief!” Patricia said sweetly into the phone.

“Wow..that was a cool amount!” She said, taking up her bag.

She looked at Lucy,up and down pointing to her.”I’m going out right now and I won’t be back till tommorow morning.

Make sure you lock my door and fill that drum at the backyard.”

Patricia said and walked out of the house in her mini skirt and spaghetti top.

Lucy stared after her, regretting she was born into this world… regretting the very day this woman gave birth to her… she cursed that day.

She wished she never had a mother at all.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she looked down at her baby,who was falling into sleep.

The tears dropped down as she thought of what to do….where to get money to feed them. She would never join her… never but then….

She was doomed……


school certificate holder.

Would she be able to get a job?

Lucy got up from bed and went out to take her bath before drifting into an uneasy sleep.

The next morning,she woke up with an headache.

After drinking some pills, she bathed her daughter and dressed her up,then went out of the house to buy cassava flour with the little money with her.

She was closed to the seller,so she got the sugar and groundnut on credit, promising to bring the money by evening.

As she was going home,she took another route and passed by the primary school in the other street and saw a noticed board.

They were looking for a teacher to teach the primary one pupils.

Lucy stopped, staring at the board in front of the school,an idea stroking her.

Should she go in there and try her luck?

She looked at Rachel. What was she going to do with her?

No one was ever going to employ her with a baby.

Lucy breathed in,as she started walking back home.

Who would be so considerate to help her look after a baby?.

After taking the cassava flour,she went back to the seller. She was her only option.

“An an…this one you came back with this small baby,I hope all is well.

Why are you carrying her around in this hot sun na,en?the woman whom was known as Aunty Martha said, taking the baby from her.

She loves little children so much especially Rachel.

She has been married to her husband for eight years with no issue and whenever she sees little children,her heart was always filled with hope.

“Aunty Martha,I have something I want you to do for me. Please,you are my only hope.”Lucy pleaded and went down on her knees.

Aunty Martha urged her to her up and they sat down.

“What is the matter? You are free to tell me your mind.

“Aunty Martha said as Lucy stared down at her hands, trying to fight back the tears that threatened to pour out.

“I have no one else to turn to neither do I have any other choice.

I need to go out there and look for a job to sustain myself and to be able to look after my baby. Please…can she be staying with you from morning till afternoon if I get the job?” Lucy slowly asked, praying she would not say no.

Aunty Martha smiled, looking at Rachel who played with the Hem of her dress.” It’s a very great privilege for me to do that. I will gladly take care of her.

Don’t worry.” Martha said and Lucy smiled happily at her, having rest of mind immediately.

She left her baby in the care of Martha with some money and quickly left, promising to come back on time.

She went home to take her School cert.

She got to the school and entered the school compound, praying fervently that she would be employed.

She needed the job badly.

She met a teacher on her way and stopped her with a greeting.

“Excuse me ma.” Lucy said,as the teacher turned to look at her.

“Yes,how many I help you? Please be quite fast,I have a class right now.” The teacher replied, looking down at her wrist watch.

“Oh I’m sorry. I just wanted to ask you the way to the principal’s office.” Lucy replied quickly.

“Okay. Just go straight from this point to that building over there then take your left turn. The office is there ” the teacher replied and continued barely waiting for Lucy to say thank you.

Lucy walked as directed and came across a single building by the last class.

She walked to the main door and knocked. A make voice asked her to come inside. Lucy breathed in and pushed the door opened, coming face to face with the principal.

“Yes,what do you want young lady?” The man behind the large table asked, lowering his eye glasses to take a close look at the intruder.

Lucy quickly greeted.” I saw a notice board in front of the school gate so I cane inside to apply.” Lucy Saud and the principal answered.

“You can sit down.” The principal, Mr Ekpor said, gesturing to one of the chair in front of him.

Lucy sat quietly, looking around.

“So,what do you think you can do as I what are your potentials?” Mr Ekpor asked.

Lucy handed him her school certificate and he briefly looked into it.

“Well,sir…I know this is not really enough to show how good I am but I’m promising you a very brilliant work.

Please…just grant me this employment and you will never regret it. Please sir…I so much need this job.” Lucy pleaded,almost standing up from her chair.

Mr Ekpor smiled.” It’s okay. I will give you a chance tommorow if you are only obedient.” Mr Ekpor said, looking at Lucy and smiling.

Lucy looked at him wondering what he meant by obedient. Of course,she was going to be obedient! “Yes sir. You don’t have to worry about that!” She quickly responded.

She returned to Martha’s shop with so much joy in her heart. She was going to begin her teaching tommorow. Although,she knew nothing about the amount she was going to be collecting but at this stage in time,she needed anything to sustain herself.

After saying thank you to Martha,she journeyed back home with her baby.

As soon as she opened the door,the smell of cigarette rented the air.

Lucy cane in to see her mother, laughing and making out with one of her male friends,Mr Paul.

A married man who owns one of the big factories in town.

Lucy stood, looking at them disdainfully.

Patricia stopped laughing a d looked at Lucy.”So, greeting has also become a problem to you right? Can’t you greet?” She queried.

Lucy ignored her,still staring at them.”Did I just hear you say greet? Wait….greet who in particular? I will only say this. The smell of this cigarette is affecting my baby, please.” Lucy replied rudely as Patricia stood up.

“In my own house? I will advise you carry your baby and leave this house till I’m done or you will be forced to hear your mother, making sweet sounds of pleasure.” Patricia said,smiling down at Mr Paul.

“Children of nowadays,they have no regards for their elders!” Mr Paul said as Lucy hissed looked at him.

“Elders? Did I just hear you say elders? Are you an elder?

A married man who goes to meet a w—e in her house…is that what you call an elder!” Lucy asked.

“Get oit of this house,Lucy!” Patricia shouted,pointing at the door.

Lucy looked at her,hissed and left the house.

She sat down outside the house, waiting for them to come out.

She say till evening, hearing their laughter.

Rachel fell asleep in her arms and she desperately wanted to go inside but the door was already closed.

They did not come out till late in the night.

Patricia looked mockingly at her as she came out.”Now you can go inside and make sure you lock my door. I’m going out.” She said and went away with Mr Paul in his car.

Lucy stared after her,her eyes filled with tears.

She went inside and put her baby on the bed before kneeling down to pray.

Early the next morning,Lucy woke up and quickly dressed for her new work.

She did her best to look smart in her shirt and black skirt. She was a little nervous but she tried her best to control it.

She dropped her baby with Martha who gladly accepted to take care if her the whole day.

Lucy was taken to her class and she quickly adapted to the new work, getting along with the students quickly.

For the first time,the class was lively that even the principal came to greet her.

“You are doing a very good job here. This class is not always this lively when the former teacher was here. Well done”. The principal said and Lucy beaned with smiles.

“Thank you sir.” Lucy said.

“See after closing time. Let’s talk about your salary and other things.” The principal said and left.

When it was closing time,the students joined others for after lessons while Lucy quickly went to the principal’s office to see him.

“Sir,you asked me to come.” Lucy Saud, standing before him.

The principal smiled and nodded, taking away his glasses and placing them on the table.”Yes,have your seat.”

Lucy sat down, waiting to hear what he wanted to say.

“Well,in this school,most things comes with a lot of prices….you know.” The principal started.

Lucy said nothing. She sat still, looking at him.

“Well…your salary will even get increased only if you can be obedient like I said yesterday. The thing is…” The principal said and started to stand up, going round the table.

Lucy’s heart did a double flip as the man started walking directly towards her.

“You have to be brave my dear and use what you have to get what you want.” Mr Ekpor said as he got to Lucy.

He turned her chair around so she was facing him. He sat in front of her, smiling.

Lucy was confused. What was this man trying to do?

Then she understood when he brought his head closer, reaching for her mouth with his dirty tongue sticking out.

His hand reached into her shirt as he unbuttoned it.

Lucy’s heart started to beat fast. What was this man trying to do with her body?

She slapped his hand away, rushing up.”Ex… Excuse me sir…I…I.. don’t understand what you are talking about.” Lucy stammered and the principal laughed, standing up and going closer to her.

“You don’t understand? Well,I want your body and if you want this job.. I advise you use your head and give it to me.” Mr Ekpor said, pulling Lucy to himself,as he started kissing her neck.

Lucy was shoocked as her body froze at the touch.

She would never do this! Never! But it was her only hope for now! Her only hope.

Lucy desperately wanted to stop him…wanted to push him away but she found herself relaxing… relaxing at his touch……..

in love with a prostitute episode 3

Lucy’s eyes closed down as she felt the man’s
hand sliding into her shirt. Suddenly,she came
back to her senses, and slapped him, rushing
away from him.
“You slapped me for trying to help you?”Mr
Ekpor asked,his hand on the affected cheek. “I’m.. sorry sir but why are you doing this?
Please….I can’t do this with you….just give
me any amount you like…I will manage it
like that.”
Lucy pleaded as she felt hot tears pricking
her eyes. Mr Ekpor smiled.”I’m sorry but that’s not
You have to give something in return if you
want this job.

Get out of my office if you are not ready!” Mr
Ekpor shouted marching back to his seat. Lucy was heartbroken as she turned around
and left the office.
Once outside,she broke into a silent soon as
she walked out of the school compound.
She went to Martha’s shop and picked up her
baby, pretending that everything was inside. As she got home that evening,she went
straight to her room and cried.
She cried till she could not longer cry again.
Suddenly,she was angry. Very angry as she
dried up her tears, frowning deeply.
“God,what’s all this! Why is my life like this? Is this what you really want me to do?
To continue from where I stopped? Do you
really want me to give out my body again?
Since you don’t want me to become the good
girl u want you be,then no problem because I
can see that you have forsaken me! Why can’t you give me a job even after
becoming faithful to you!
Let’s put an end to this,by tommorow
morning…I’m going to give my body to that
man for the job…. for my daughter…I can’t
loose her to hunger!” Lucy said as tears ran through her face once more.
Having nothing on her,she decided to go into
the kitchen and take the baby food there
although she knew her mother had told her
not to touch anything in the house again.
Rachel was hungry even after she had breastfeeded her.
She brought out the baby food and milk and
set them on the dinning.
After mixing them together,she sat down
with the baby and began to feed her.
She had barely fed her when Patricia returned home.
When she entered,her eyes went straight to
She walked to the dinning, staring down at
the food.
Lucy ignored her as she continued feeding her baby.
Patricia lifted the plate and threw the food on
the ground as everything spilled on the floor.
Lucy was alarmed as she bolted up on her
Her eyes went wide as she stared at the spilled food on the carpet, shocked.
“So,you think I was joking about my decision
in this house?
Whose money was used in buying this baby
food! You shameless thing! You can’t join me and make money but you
can use the money and feed your precious
Patricia shouted at her and Rachel’s cries
rented the whole house.
Lucy tried to fight back the tears that threatened to pour out but she just couldn’t
help it. They came down in a rush.
“Why are you being so wicked? This baby has
done nothing to you!” Lucy cried.
Patricia laughed.”By the time you are
ready,you will find that fish by your self. I can’t continue giving you fish my dear…
learn how to catch it by your self!” Patricia
snapped at her as she picked up the baby
food pack and the milk. She hissed once more
at her and left the room.
Lucy sat down heavily background on her chair in tears as she looked at her crying
She had no choice but to go back to Martha
who gave them something to eat.
Lucy returned home with her mind made up.
Tommorow….. she would go back to Mr Ekpor.
The next morning,she woke up and did not
bother about prayer.
What was she praying for? She got dressed
and prepare Rachel too,taking her to Martha
as usual. She walked to school,her heart beating fast
with disgust, hatred and frustration
She got to the school compound and started
walking to Mr Ekpor’s office.
She got to the door and breathed in.
She raised her hand to knock and brought it down again, fighting the urge to turn and run
She decided not to knock… what was the use
of it? The principal already lost the respect
she was supposed to have for him.

Suddenly,she pushed the door open and entered.
She stopped,as she felt her heart beat stop
too. Her eyes widened at what she saw.
On top of Mr Ekpor on his seat,was an half
naked woman… probably a teacher too….
s—–g his penis. “Oh my God!” Lucy shouted,her hands flying
up to cover her mouth.
Mr Ekpor jumped up as the teacher rushed off
him too, trying to cover her nakedness.
“Emm…oh..you…you..came… don’t…
really…mind.. come..have… have…”Mr Ekpor stammered, trying to knot back his loosened
Without any word,Lucy turned and ran out of
the office.
She felt cheap….so cheap!!..
“Lucy!! Lucy!! Come back, Please, Lucy…Oh goodness!!” Mr Ekpor screamed from his
office but Lucy did not turn… neither did she
even look back a bit.
She continued running, never going
back,tears flying freely from her face.
Just as she came out of the main road to link the round about which led to her house,a car
coming directly from her left ran into her and
knocked her… throwing her on the solid
ground with a great thud.
Her tears touched the ground before her
blood did. Lucy stared blankly at the sky….. asking God
why…asking him why he had forsaken her
as she felt herself slipping away…. slipping
out of her body… and slipping into



Lucy opened her eyes slowly and saw herself laying on a bed.

She sat up looking around and immediately knew where she was.


She looked down at her knee,it was bandaged already.

She touched her head. Nothing happened to her there.

Lucy was relieved as she remembered how the car had knocked her down.

She looked around again. How did she get here?

She wanted to come down from the bed but her body was in pain, especially her legs.

She could not get down. She was seriously in pain.

Just then,the door opened and a woman came in, smiling at her.

“Thank God you are awake. I was so scared that I have killed someone.” The woman said, walking up to Lucy who stared up at her.

“Did you brought me here?” Lucy asked.

“Yes. You lost consciousness before I rushed you here.

But thankfully,you did not have any injury on your head…just a scratch beside your ear and it has been treated.

Also,you did not lose so much blood.” The woman explained.

Lucy looked at her , nodding.

The woman was probably her mum’s age or she could be older than her.

She looked d–n rich and beautiful. She smelt so good too.

“Thank you very much ma. I was the one who ran into the road without looking.

It was my fault but right now,I have to get going…my baby…I have to go and get her from my friend.”

Lucy said as the woman looked thoughtfully at her.

“You can’t go home just like this. You still need treatment and I’m ready to pay.

Just tell me where you live… maybe I can contact your husband… anybody.”the woman said and Lucy nodded. No need to full herself.

She would not be able to walk in her condition.

Lucy gave her the direction of the house and prayed the woman would meet her mother at home.

Even though they were having some misunderstanding, Lucy knew her mother would not hesitate to run along with the woman to the hospital when she hears about what happened to her.

Few hours later,the woman came back with Patricia who rushed to Lucy’s bed,alarmed.

“What were you looking for! Oh my goodness,do you want to kill yourself,Lucy!” Patricia shouted.

Lucy managed a week smile.”I’m getting better, mother. I need you to help me get out of here …I need to pick up Rachel.”

“Where did you keep that little girl,Lucy! What were you looking for? I try to show you the way but is it death you want?” Patricia snapped at Lucy.

Lucy glared at her mother and looked at the woman who stared at mother and daughter.

Lucy glared back at her mother, praying the woman dud not understand what they were talking about.

“Mother, please… can we not discuss about this here right now”Lucy asked silently.

The woman payed all the bills and even gave Lucy extra money for additional treatment.

“Is there anything I can help you with…let me know.”The woman said as Lucy looked at her, smiling.

What could she probably need from the woman? Lucy was fed up with life….she was still shocked at the experience she saw earlier.

“Nothing ma. I’m just grateful that you did not abandon me on the road and also for the additional money…what more can I ask of?

Thanks so much… goodbye.” Lucy said and the woman smiled back at the lady before her. She quickly took a liking to her but she had to leave.

“Okay….can you give me your contact…if possible?” The woman asked.

“Oh I’m sorry but I don’t have any available contact with me ” Lucy replied.

“Okay no problem. I guess it’s good bye for now.”

The woman said, carrying her bag. Lucy waved and suddenly stopped to ask her something.

“I will like to know your name, please.” She requested as the woman smiled.

“Susana Johnson. Mrs Johnson.” The woman replied,before leaving the room.

Lucy stared after the door,her heart urging her to go out and stop the woman, begging her for help but Lucy sat her heart made up.

The door opened and Patricia came in, looking at Lucy.

She went closer to her and sat beside her in the bed.

She coughed severally before she started talking.

“Don’t you think you need to treat this cough? It’s becoming too much.” Lucy said.

“Don’t worry…its nothing.

Lucy can’t you see? Being a good good girl or trying to be one is useless!

Where was your God when you had an accident? Why couldn’t he stop the accident and give you a job instead?

Use your brain!!” Patricia said aloud as Lucy looked away,tears coming out.

They got home around 9 in the night,with Rachel who had slept off in Martha’s house.

Lucy explained what happened and Martha was deeply sorry for her.

She took her bath and dressed in her night gown.

She was feeling pain all over her body but she endured.

Patricia was making up her face,getting ready for tonight’s outing when a knock came on her bedroom door.

“Come in.” She called and Lucy gently entered and sat on the bed, looking at her mother as she make up her face.

When she said nothing, Patricia turned to look at her from the mirror.

“What’s it? I thought you came in here to tell me something.

Did you come here to watch me dress for my outing?” Patricia asked, turning back to the mirror,to add her mascara.

Lucy breathed in, regretting what she was about to say,

hating herself for what she was about to do but she had no other choice…no other option…she just had to.

Taking another deep breath,she fought back the urge to break down in tears as she looked up at her mother.

“Mo…. mother…. I’m….I’m… ready…..” Lucy started and stopped as Patricia turned sharply to look at her.

“Ready…for what?” Patricia asked, hoping it was was she was thinking.

“I’m ready to join you….I’m ready to do what you do…the business you do….I’m ready to sell my body…..to make money…….I’m… ready.”

As soon as she said it, Lucy’s heart sank at the thought of her baby.

She had always wanted to be a good mother to her but right now…she hated herself and as she glanced at her mother’s jubilant face,she hated her the more…hated the world she lived in…..but right now…by tommorow….she would join forces with her mother and become a prostitute…..



“I promise you….you are going to love it!

I will contact Sam Immediately to come over from Abuja.

You remember him right? That guy that came to our house with chief Abdul.

You rejected him even after all the money he promised.

I know he will be willing to come back for you.” Patricia said, happily.

Lucy nodded, managing a smile. She would have gone out for her first night but because of Rachel and the pains in her body,they decided to make it tommorow.

The next day,Lucy went to Martha and told her the change in plans.

She begged her to keep Rachel with her through out the night, promising to pay.

Martha agreed.

By evening,Lucy bathed Rachel,clothed her and took her to Martha with so much grieve that it showed on her face.

She we t back home and get her mother in her room, putting a cloth for her in the bed.

By the time her face was painted and rearranged,Lucy looked like a sexy lady.

She was actually a black beauty with all the curves in the right places.

Patricia smiled at her from the mirror, proud of the work she had done.

“Now,I will go out for you to dress. Hurry up for your first night.

Sam is already at the airport and has given me the address of the hotel he’s going to be staying in. You don’t have to be dad.

He’s d–n rich and he’s also going to pay well.” Patricia said as Lucy nodded, smiling with pain in her heart.

“And also,there are some advice I want to give you concerning this midnight work.

You must not follow a car with more that one guy inside. You must not sleep with any man without protection.

Under no circumstances should you allow a guy to take you to his real house whether married or unmarried.

You must abide by this time, understand.” Patricia asked and Lucy looked at her, nodding.

“You don’t have to worry. I won’t disappoint you.” Lucy replied and Patricia smiled,and went out.

Lucy stood up from the mirror, turning to look at the cloth on the bed.

She allowed the towel around her drop to the floor and picked up the jump suit and started dressing into it.

By the time she was done and looked into the mirror,Lucy gasped at the image she saw.

She looked so hot and sexy.

“Oh my goodness!! Your first night is gonna be hot!”

Patricia sang happily as her daughter emerged from the room.

Lucy said nothing,she only managed a smile.

Around 9:30 pm,they left the house for the hotel.

When they got to the Porter’s lodge, they asked for the room number and we’re directed.

Patricia winked at Lucy.” Make sure you win his heart for another night.

Treat him well and give him your best,okay?”Patricia said,before rushing out of the place.

Lucy breathed in, looked up the stairs and started going up.

She knocked on the door and her heartbeat accelerated as a make voice asked her to come inside.

Lucy turned the door knob a d it swooshed open.

She entered and saw Sam, standing by the lamp side,pouring himself a drink.

He was waiting nothing but short briefs that left little to the imagination.

“Wow,Lucy!! I can’t believe you actually came.

I thought your mother was only trying to force you again after what happened the last time.

I’m glad you are here.” Sam said, smiling broadly at her.

Lucy looked at him and looked away.”Where is the bathroom? I need a towel too.”

She responded and Sam showed her the bathroom.

Lucy took a white towel and went intk the bathroom to change.

She came out and saw Sam already on the bed,his manhood already up and thankful.

Lucy endured all shame,all regrets and walked to the bed.

She climbed up and sat on Sam, loosing the towel off her body to reveal her full boobs.

Sam sunk in his breath as he grabbed one and lifted his head, s—–g at it madly.

Lucy closed her eyes and pushed him back onto the bed.

She gave him a sexy massage pinning him down to the pillow.

She licked his chest down to his navel….down his hairy part and made him go crazy.

Sam stood up and turned her over on the bed, penetrating her before she could slid off.

Lucy gasped,as though she had just been violated for the second time.

“Oh my goodness,Lucy!! You are so sweet…you are do good!!” Sam said hoarsely in her ears.

Lucy held onto the bed sides, tightly as Sam made his entry,making sounds of pleasure over her painful gasps

“I’m going to pay you so well …can we do this another night! I’m going crazy!!!” Sam raved on, losing control.

He grabbed one of her breast,pulling, massaging… cupping them till her nipples hardened.

She was supposed to be filled with want but what she felt right now was guilt and pain.

She held his shoulders tightly and felt another round of tears on her face.

But she choosed this part because she had no other choice,did she not?
So she had to endure and look forward to the money…..she just had to……



Lucy opened her eyes early the next morning, sighing out loud.

She was weak…so weak she could barely move.

“Morning honey,how was your night?” San asked, holding her close and kissing the back of her neck.

Lucy snapped away from him, gathering the bed spread to her naked body.

“What are you doing? Are you going to pay for this morning too?” Lucy asked,glaring at him.

Sam smiled and laughed.”Trying to be smart,I guess?

Well then you are so sweet and more active than your mother and I’m going to pay you well…no…I think you should name your price.”

Sam said,getting up from the bed too.

Lucy stared at him. What was he trying to say by that? Does it mean that he had also had sex with her mother?

God…Lucy felt cheap…so cheap!

She rushed into the bathroom where she left her cloth and quickly took her bath.

She dried her body and wore back her cloth.

She came out of the bathroom room and walked to the bed side and carried her bag.

“I’m leaving…where is the money?” Lucy said to Sam who say on the bed, drinking wine.

“How much do you want? Just name your price…I want to treat you well so you will be able to give me a good treat another time.” Sam said and gave a little laugh.

“100k.” Lucy replied and Sam looked at her, surprised.

“100k….wow…that’s quite large but I’m gonna give it to you for your good treat.” Sam said, getting up.

He pulled out his brief case from under the bed and brought out a bunch of naira notes.

Lucy snatched it up and left the room without another word.

She kept staring at the money in her bag as she journeyed back.

Her mother would be so happy with her…just for a night…her first night…she got a large prize.

She went to Martha’s shop as soon as she came down from the bus and picked up her daughter.

She gave Martha five thousand naira from the money for appreciation.

She then left for home. As soon as she opened the door,her mother’s loud cough rented the air.

She was sitting down on the floor, coughing so hard.

Lucy’s eyes widened as she rushed to her. She layed Rachel on the chair and tried to pull her up.”What happened! Since when did this cough started!” Lucy asked.

Patricia coughed again before she managed to sit back on the chair,hitting her chest.

Lucy rushed and got her a cup of water.

It subsided after she drank two cups of water.

Lucy saw a pack of cigarette on the table and sighed.”Go! Mother…you have to stop smocking! It’s killing you.!” Lucy said,taking away the cigarette.

“How was your first night?” Patricia asked,in a cracked voice.

Lucy sat down,removed her shoes and, pulled out the money from her bag.

Patricia’s eyes widened as she gasped at the large money.”

Oh my God! How much is this??” She asked,her voice suddenly becoming clear and strong.

“A hundred thousand. He asked me to name my prize.”

Lucy said and Patricia stated unbelievably at her.

“Hey!! You should have asked for something more larger!

My goodness!! We are going to become rich!” Patricia said happily as Lucy looked at her,carrying up her baby who had started crackling up.

They went to the mall and brought a lot of things they needed.

Together with her own money,they payed their house rent in advance.

Lucy brought new clothes for Rachel and new shoes and brought toiletries for herself.

They returned home in the evening after leaving Rachel with Martha.

Lucy got ready for her second night.

She came out of her room and saw her mother sitting down in the living room, undressed.

She was surprised.”Are you not going out tonight?” She asked.

“No…I will leave it to you. Hope you heard everything I advised you about?” Patricia asked and Lucy nodded.

“Good. And more one thing….when you go there to the club…stand alone.

Don’t stand with other girls. You won’t be noticed on time.” Patricia said and Lucy nodded.

She went out and got to the large club at around 10:30.

She saw other girls,who were almost naked standing outside and calling men who came to pick them.

There was a large shade beside the club house and inside it were tables and chairs for drinking.

Lucy catwalked to a deserted place and stood, standing sexily.

She tried to shot her ears away grom the noisy prostitutes but they kept rushing inside her head.

“You no see this thief! You wan take my man!

“He be like say your village people dey play afro beat for your brain abi? Abi thunder wan fire your mama?”

“Costomer..come na…come see packaging ooohh!!”…..

Lucy stared on, waiting for someone to come to her.

She knew she was looking good in her black mini gown with a single hand.

Just then,a limousine drove in, stopping in front of the shade.

The girls crowded the car,show casing themselves but Lucy stood at her position, parading herself.

Three guys came out if tbe car, discussing noisily and laughing.

One of the guys,who appeared to be more handsome and cute, stood resting against the car while his friends went to make their choice.

They cane back with two hot girls.

“Ryan….this one you ate standing here like this…are you sure you don’t want to pick any girl?

Benson,one of the two friends asked,putting a arm around his girl. Ryan smiled cooly, indicating no.

“Leave him. Let him be playing holy holy holy as if he’s the holiest.” Felix,the other guy said.

Ryan have a small laugh.”I don’t know why you guys are so irresponsible… because this isn’t even right.

I have to come here with you guys because you insisted bit I will stop coming here before you corrupt me too.”

Ryan said and they laughed.

They all got into the car, ignoring the rest of the girls flaunting their selves in front of the car.

He gave a loud horn and they all fled.

But Lucy came out as they fled,and catwalked in front of the car, going back to her position.

Ryan stopped and looked at her as she walked past then slowed the car more.

Just as he slowly passed Lucy by,his eyes went outside and caught her face.

He drove by slowly and his friends looked at him.

“Wettin dey appen? You don change mind?” Felix asked and Ryan looked at him thoughfully.

“The girl I saw now…I don’t think she’s a prostitute..and I wonder why she’s standing out so late.” Ryan said and reversed back.

She stopped in front of Lucy who chewed her chewing gum more noisily and looked away.

Ryan rolled down the windscreen and looked out, looking at her.”Hi.”

Lucy turned to look at him and looked away again.

“I….saw you standing out here and I wonder what you ate doing here …..it’s late already.” Ryan said and Lucy looked at him, suppressing the urge to laugh.

“Oh my gee…this is where I work and the appropriate time for me to start!” Lucy snapped and Ryan looked up and down at her, noticing for the first time how she really looked.

He looked back at his friends.

“She’s one of them.” He whispered to them and they shrugged.

Ryan looked back at Lucy, wanting to start the engine and drive away.

But each time he tried to start the car,his eyes kept lingering on her face… doubting she was what she claimed to be.

Even in the darkness right there…he could see a troubled soul,a soul full of pain and frustration.

Inside those eyes..he could see an innocent soul, pleading for help and he felt himself,coming down from the car and going out to offer her that help……………..



“Do you want me to go down and bring her in.” Benson asked and Ryan raised his hand, signaling him to stop.

He smiled at Lucy again.”Mind if I take you home for the night?” He asked.

His friends laughed surprisely but he ignored them.

Lucy turned her face to look at Ryan.”Sorry but I don’t go out with boys.

Go forward and pick your size.” Lucy replied bluntly and Ryan came down from the car, resting against it.

“Come on…I will pay you a large amount of money. I’ve got plenty of it here right now.” Ryan said, nodding towards the car.

Lucy looked at the car and back to Ryan.

“Where is the money?” Lucy asked.

Ryan looked at her for a long moment before turning around and bending over the window.

He took a large bundle of money from his bag in the car,and turned around again, waving the money in front of Lucy.

“Here it is.” He said, handing it over to her.

Lucy took the money, bringing it close to nose and inhaling the scent.

She smiled and followed him.

She entered the front seat and Ryan closed the car door going around to enter the driver’s seat.

They zoomed off and got to Ryan’s house 30 minutes later.

His friends worked in an oil company in Abuja.

They come by weekends at Ryan’s house to have a good time e together.

Ryan had insisted they stopped bringing different girls to his house but they would not listen.
He couldn’t do anything…they all grew up together.

“Yes,yes,yes girls! We’re here!” Benson announced as they all came inside the large living room.

Ryan and his friends left the girls in the living room,going to the kitchen to get some drinks from the deep freezer.

Benson’s girl whose name was Sofia looked at Lucy as she say down, looking around.

“We are as equally beautiful as you and even educated as you see us so but why is it that it’s you our dream guy picked this night?”

Temmy,the other girl hissed too.” Don’t you know about juju my dear? Maybe she used it on him because Ryan would never pick up a girl no matter what? Why is this night different?”

Lucy looked and them and stood up.” Did I just here you say you are equally beautiful as I am?

Stop deceiving yourself,babes. You do not even meet up with my standard.”

Lucy replied them. She would never allow anyone intimidate her for no reason.

The girls laughed, clapping their hands.

“Look at this one o? Just who do you think you are to insult us like that? Do you know who I am? Do you want me to design your face for you?” Temmy asked, going closer to Lucy.

“Try it.” She said with a hard voice.” I will make sure an ambulance will be ordered for you here,right now!”

Lucy threatened and the girls hissed going back to sit down when they saw the guys coming.

“Okay okay,we are here with refreshments” Felix said,going over to his babe as they kissed.

Lucy looked around the house. It was magnificent.

It looked like a palace. She looked at the girls whom were also staring at her with hatred but she ignored them.

Felix sat down with his girl, kissing her as they laughed.

She layed on him on the couch and Ryan looked away, sitting down.

Lucy sat beside him and tried to look normal but she couldn’t.

Somehow,she felt shy. Sofia was still even staring at her and she tried to ignore her else she would be tempted to go over there and give her a slap.

Benson took his girl straight upstairs,saying goodnight and Lucy felt a little at ease. No more annoying eyes staring at her again.

“What would you like to take?” Ryan asked Lucy who looked around.

She was embarrassed at the same time because Felix and his own girl were in a hot romance just before them there.

“I don’t want anything. Let’s just get into business.” Lucy said as Ryan looked at her, nodding.

“Guy,go upstairs and let me see road na.” Ryan said to Felix who laughed and stood up with the girl.

They laughed as they went upstairs to a room.

Ryan looked at Lucy again.” Relax.” He told her.

Lucy kept mute. Ryan stood up and took her hand, leading her upstairs.

They got into his bed room and he changed out of his cloth.

He took a quick shower and wore his pyjamas.

Lucy stood up from where she was sitting and entered into the bathroom too.

She had a quick bath and tied a white towel around her chest.

It showed off all her laps as she came out. Ryan was already sitting on the bed,his back rested against the pillow and the wall.

Lucy walked sexily to him and started climbing the bed.

Ryan did not move. He stared at her as she got to him and started opening the buttons on his cloth.

He closed his eyes and felt his heart thumping.

As she was about unbuttoning the last button, Ryan opened his eyes a d caught her hand.”Wait.”

Lucy looked at him, confused and wondering why he was holding her.

“What’s wrong?” She asked carelessly.

“Sit down first. We need to talk.” Ryan said, amusing her the more.

Lucy laughed.” Sit down? Talk? What are we going to talk about?”

Ryan looked at her and started buttoning back his shirt. Lucy sighed,amazed.

“Like I said before,we need to talk.” Ryan said again.

“Well Mr Man,I don’t talk. What I do is business…night business.

I’ve got nothing to talk to you about or do you think I allowed you pick me up so we could sit down all night and talk?

Let’s get down to business.” Lucy said, coming closer again.
“Why are you doing this?” Ryan threw the question at her and Lucy stopped.

It threw her off balance. She moved backwards allowing her buttocks to hit the bed floor across her legs.
“What type of question is that?” She asked.
“I mean…why is an Angel like you into this type of thing? Why ..why are you selling your body out to men?
To different men?” Ryan asked again,his voice laced with concern.
Just who is this guy? Lucy looked away, suppressing the urge to burst into tears.
She tried to blink back the tears that threatened to fall out and stop her voice from quivering but she failed.
Her voice did quivered.” What do …you mean by that?…..What business of yours is it??” Lucy voiced out as Ryan looked at her.
“The very moment I saw you…I saw something that drew my attention. I’m not the type that picks up prostitute from the road side.
If not for my friends who forced me to drop them off…you wouldn’t have met me there. Just why are you doing this to yourself?
It’s not going to lead you anywhere good. You are going to end up in one problem or the other if you continue like this.
You are a beauty…..I’m sure you were created for something more than this… something valuable than this.
Why…why not give yourself that chance?”
Lucy slowly looked up at Ryan and the tears she had been trying to blink back,came down in a rush, pouring out from her eyes as she stared at Ryan.
She tried looking away from the concern in his eyes but she only stared on. She had this desirable urge to stand up and run out of the room and never looking back.
But her body seemed it had been paralyzed as her system refused to function.
In all her 22 years on Earth…. someone just… told her…the truth…???……



Ryan stopped immediately as he saw the tears in Lucy’s eyes.
“I’m sorry.” He said.
“I know I walk down the street…I know I sell my body to men but you do not have to remind me!” Lucy cried.
“I’m sorry I did but it’s just too pathetic..” Ryan said as Lucy looked at him,getting up from the bed.
“Well,if all we are going to do is to sit down and talk,I’m going!” Lucy said, going back into the bathroom. She dressed and cane out,heading for the door.
“Where are you going to at this time of the night? Aren’t you scared of kidnap…rape?
Come in…it’s late already. Sleep in here while I go to the guest room.” Ryan said and got up too.
As he opened the door to go,Lucy dropped on the bed and broke into tears.
He closed back the door and went to sit beside her,putting one comforting hand on her shoulder. “It’s okay.”
Lucy stopped crying and her face hardened as she stared ahead…
“I started sleeping with boys when I was 15.
My mother advised me to keep numerous boyfriends and collect money from them.
Then I got pregnant along the line…when I was not even prepared for it at all.
The guy who got me pregnant….Alfred….he denied it totally.
Although I went about sleeping around…..I used protection and I never got pregnant but when I met Alfred….I fell in love with him and we had sex uncountable times without using protection.
But he denied me totally and I took the pain alone.
After I gave birth to my daughter,u started seeing life in a different form and decided to turn a new leaf, promising to be a good mother to my daughter.
My mother tried to force me into what she was doing.
She wanted me to join her in what she was doing but I refused to do so.
She banned me from eating her food or spending any money that belonged to her…we are always quarrelling…we are ways in a brawl.
What was I to do?
I went out in search of a job and luckily,I found one in a school….as a teacher.
But tragedy stuck again. The principal wanted my body…in order for me to get the job.
He tried seducing me in his office but I slapped him,telling him I would never do such a thing.
He told me I should leave his office if I was not ready to do it.
I left.
But when I got home,I saw I was fighting a losed battle. I saw I had no other choice…no other option but to do it….so I went back to the school the next day.
But on getting to the office and opening the door,I saw something that made me look like a rag….like a piece of trash.
Right there in the office,the principal was with another female teacher… having her s—–g his pen*s.
I turned and ran… turning deaf ears to his voice calling me back.
I ran.
I saw myself running….I did not know where I was running to bit I just knew I was running…that I had to run far away from such shame…then boom!!
A car knocked me down on the road and I became unconscious.
When I opened my eyes in the hospital bed,I knew life was not being fair to me.
I decided I had heard enough of being a good girl.
A good girl couldn’t put food on my table….a good girl couldn’t cloth me….a good girl could not take care of my baby….what was the use of it?
So..that night when we got home,I told my mum I was going to join her and do anything…just anything so I can be able to take care of my baby….” Lucy stopped talking as fresh tears ran down her face.
Ryan was deeply touched by her story. He reached out for her face, wiping the tears away.
“You’ve been through a lot…” He said and Lucy nodded. But she could not control the tears…more kept rushing out.
Ryan climbed up the bed with her and made her rest her head on his chest,putting his arms around her, allowing her tears to wet him.
“You did not even tell me your name.” Ryan told her softly,robbing his hand on her hair.
“Lucy…my name is Lucia ….”
Soon…she fell asleep in his arms.
The next morning,Lucy was sitting on the bed and wearing her shoes when Ryan came into the room.
He was already dressed.
“You are already awake…I thought you were still sleeping.” Ryan said smiling down at her.
“Yes…I guess I wasn’t up on time due to my headache but I’m set now. I will be going.”
Lucy said and stood up. She carried her bag and opened it, pulling out the bunch of money he gave her.
“Take back your money..you did nothing with me last night…so…I should return this.” Lucy said, stretching it to him.
Ryan folded his arms, looking at her. He shook his head.” No take it… for your time. It’s yours now.”
Lucy tried to talk. Her mouth moved to say something but she couldn’t. Instead,she found herself weeping again.
“You cried all night. Please stop.” Ryan said. Lucy sniffed and got hold of herself.
“Thank you very much….but I beg to take my leave now.” She said.
“Please don’t go yet….have breakfast with us before you go. I…will personally drop you off.” Ryan said as Lucy looked at him and saw a strange expression she couldn’t recognize.
They went downstairs and saw Benson and Felix, laughing and talking about their nights,in the living room.
They looked surprised to see Lucy still in the house. Other girls left as early as 6:30 am. It was already nine am.
“Good… morning.” Lucy stammered. She was suddenly ashamed of herself.
Ryan asked Lucy to seat and she did, putting down her bag.
She desperately wanted to stand up and leave but her kegs were weak.
They even refused to function.
Benson and Felix followed Ryan to the kitchen.
Lucy looked around the living room again. It was large and beautiful.
“Other girls left…why is she still here?” Benson asked Ryan.
“What’s wrong with that? She’s staying for breakfast.” Ryan replied.
“What? Break wettin? Wettin she dey break? Are you okay?” Felix asked.
Ryan sighed, looking at them.”What is wrong with you? Why are you against that?”
Lucy could hear their hushed tones.
She knew his friends were worried about her presence. Just then her phone rang. It was her mother.

?” Hello,mum.” Lucy said,rather dull,into the phone.

?”Lucy! Where are you!” Patricia asked, rather impatiently.

?”I’m still…I’m not around yet.”

?”Come home right now. Sam is waiting for you. He cane all the way from Abuja all because of you and guess what? Our lives will be changed forever! He has a big offer for you….just for a night… isn’t that amazing!” Patricia said at the other end.
Lucy went silent. She looked towards the kitchen, deciding what to do right now.
?” Lucy,be quick. He’s waiting.”
Lucy stared on towards the kitchen….what is she going to do now? Leave this living room and go back to her mother…to her normal life?
Should I disappear right now….and never see him again? We had nothing together at first…. just business……why should I be here….in his house?


“At this time of the day…a girl like her is not supposed to be here. What if…what if..your mum comes in here right now and see her?

What are you gonna say? You know her very well.” Benson said.

“And what business of yours is that,you nose poker?” Ryan asked slowly.

“I’m not just your friend…but also your cousin.

I can’t watch you doing something wrong and you expect me to keep quiet.” Benson said again.

“She has to leave now.” Felix added.

“This is my house we are talking about!” Ryan said, amazed at his friends.” Just an ordinary breakfast?”

“No,she can’t.” They chorused.

Ryan sighed and left the kitchen, going back to the sitting room.

He stopped, looking frantically about the living room.

It was empty…. totally empty.

“Lucy? Lucy??…” Ryan called, running forward to the front door. He jerked it opened and ran out to the compound but Lucy was nowhere to be found…….!!



Ryan was heartbroken.

He contemplated on going out to the street maybe he could trace her but he turned back and went back inside.

He looked over at where she sat and saw the bunch of money he gave her. Ryan sighed.

He moved forward and picked up the money. He had never been so far

Where and how was he going to find her?

His friends sauntered from the kitchen and they stared at each other.

“See what you’ve caused?” He asked them.

“What did we cause? Tell me,Ryan. What are you even thinking?” Felix asked.

“What do you mean by that? I’m even tired of agueing anything with you guys. Just let me be.” Ryan said,going upstairs.

Felix and Benson looked at each other and stared after him.

Ryan entered his room,his hands in his waist as he stared around. How on Earth was he going to find her again?

Yes…she would be at the club house.

Tonight…he would go there and look for her.


Lucy entered the living room, carrying her daughter and stopped at what she was seeing.

Sam was on top of her mother, kissing her as they giggled.

“Mother!” Lucy shouted. They both looked at her and slowly departed.

“Why are you shouting for goodness sake?

Are you still a baby or what?” Patricia asked, lighting a cigarette.

She drew one breath of the cigarette in and coughed.

Lucy stared at her mother, shaking her head.

She looked at Sam disdainfully.” Just look at you…take a look at yourself… aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Sleeping with mother and daughter?” Lucy shouted at him.

Sam laughed.

“Why should I be ashamed? Don’t I pay you your money?

You are the ones who are supposed to be ashamed my dear not me.

Anyway,I’m not here for your mother…I’m here for you. I want you to spend the….”

“Oh,shut up! You animal. You want me to do what?

Sleep with you again? Huh,I’m sorry I will have to disappoint you this time around.

I’m not interested!” Lucy shouted at his face,hissed and started going to her room.

“Lucy come back here! You dare not! You dare not refuse this offer else you will leave this house!

You will have to leave this house o! I won’t continue tolerating this in my house!

You must leave this house if you will not follow him tonight!” Patricia shouted after Lucy who stopped and turned.

“Oh really? So,it has gotten to the point of that right?

Throwing your own daughter out of your life,out of your house?”

“Well I don’t care. You must follow him tonight,else….you leave ” Patricia said,before turning back to go to the sitting room.

Lucy’s eyes moistened with tears as she looked at Sam who sat, watching the spectacle with interest.

She turned back abruptly and enter her room.

“Definitely,she is not my mother.” Lucy said to herself,placing Rachel on the bed.

Furiously,she threw her wardrobe open and plucked out all the clothes in them, throwing them on the bed.

Rachel giggled,playing with the clothes.

Lucy stuffed them into her luggage one by one until everything was inside.

She packed her daughter’s clothes in a box and zipped it close.

After she was done,she found out she did not even know where she was going to.

She had no money on her and she already dropped the one given to her by Ryan on the sofa where she sat.

First she had to make sure her little baby was going to be save.

Martha looked rather sad when she came by this morning to take her daughter.

She wanted Rachel to spend more time with her.

Lucy carried Rachel onto her laps and cuddled her.

Martha was taking really good care of her more than she,the mother had done.

Lucy had no other choice but to go back to Martha and hand Rachel over to her,this time more longer.

That was the only option.

Ryan came to her mind… should she go back to him and collect the money?

Lucy sat heavily on the bed and broke down in tears. She couldn’t stand so low.. so low indeed.

What was she going to do? Would she have to give in to her mother’s request and go out with Sam?


Martha was more than happy when Lucy brought Rachel back to her that same morning.

“Please…take care of her for me…. right now .. I’m facing a lot of things right now and I can’t suffer the poor little baby too.” Lucy said and Martha nodded, cuddling the baby and promising to take care of her.

That night,Lucy went to the club house and sat under the shade,ordering for drinks.

As she drank,she cried. She watched other girls calling men to patronize them.

Lucy was tired of life…she was tired of living.

She was drinking the third bottle of alcohol when a car drive in.

She quickly recognized Ryan’s car. She rushed up and went deeper and further into the shade, sitting at the back.

Ryan came down from his car, looking around.

He ignored the girls who paraded themselves in front of him,calling him costomer.

He knew who he was searching for….Lucy.

He glanced over at the very sport he saw her but she want there.

He was about going back to his car when his eyes caught someone bending her head and drinking herself to stupor.

Ryan walked slowly into the shade,looking at Lucy as she drank.

“What are you doing here? Oh….you want a night with me,right? Aahh…..or maybe two nights?

I’m so cheap,you know?” Lucy said drunkily and laughed.

Although she was laughing,Ryan could see the tears in her eyes.

Ryan moved forward and snatched the drink from her.

“What do you think you are doing!” He asked her,annoyed.

Lucy glared up at him and stood up, slapping him and Immediately staggered and fell against him.

Ryan caught her before she could hit the floor and looked into her face.

What was wrong with him? He had never felt like this before.

He scooped Lucy in his arms and carried her to the car. He put her in the passanger’s seat and closed the door, going around to the driver’s seat.

He entered the car,looked at her face once more before driving out of the compound.

His friends stared up at him as he carried Lucy in his arms and entered the house, going straight upstairs to his bedroom.

“Isn’t that the same girl?”Felix asked.

“It’s her!” Benson replied.

Ryan came back downstairs and sat down heavily on the sofa, burying his head in his hand.

“I don’t even understand you again…what’s wrong with you?” Benson asked him.

“And what’s that girl doing here,drunk?” Felix added.

“You guys should give me a break if you don’t understand that she needs help.” Ryan retorted.

“What help are you giving to a prostitute?” Benson queried.

“She’s not a prostitute!” Ryan warned.

“Are you blind or what? Where did you first meet her?

Did you not pay her before she followed you home?

Look,I don’t want your mother to think we are responsible for this o. My own hands are clean o.” Benson said again.

Ryan said nothing as he went back upstairs to his room.

“Hope it is not what I’m thinking?” Felix asked, looking at Benson.

“Oh my God! No o…tufiakwa! That will never happen.

His mother must hear this before it gets out of hand.”

Ryan sat beside Lucy on bed. She was very drunk and her eyes were dull as she murmured and opened her eyes.

“I’m so useless…right? I should commit suicide!” Lucy laughed, reaching up her hand to grab the collar of his shirt.

Ryan smiled…she looked even more beautiful, acting this way.

Her eye lids fluttered down.

Ryan felt her temperature. It was normal.

He looked at her face again,her chubby cheeks,her eye lashes and her lips.

Why is he feeling this way for the lady he barely knows??

He stared down at her lips again….it looked sweet and he felt his heart beat accelerating as he bent his head…going down towards hers as their lips met…………..



Ryan’s hand ran up and behind her back, drawing her closer.

Lucy stirred,her breast pressing harder and deeper against his chest.

Ryan closed his eyes. She was so soft and splendid. She was a killer.

It had been long since he had romanced a woman… talkless of having sex.

He had taken his eyes off women since he broke up with his lovely girlfriend who cheated on him.

He thought all women were the same and avoided then like the plague.

But when he set his eyes on Lucy,that mentally change and gradually,he was falling in love again and this time,more deeper.

He tilted her head up, kissing her neck,her cheeks,then back to her mouth.

Lucy’s eyes flung opened and her drunkeness washed out of her eyes at the magical touch of Ryan’s lips.

She put her hands in his chest, holding him back.

“What…. are you doing?” She asked, getting up. She winced as she held her head with her hand.

“What’s wrong?” Ryan asked, getting up with her.” You are having an headache.”

Lucy nodded.She looked at him again, wondering how she got into his room again.

“I…I’m sorry…I did not plan to come here.” Lucy stammered, rushing to her feet. She arranged her clothing and hair.

Ryan sat back on the bed, looking at her.

What is wrong with her? Can’t she read the hand writing on the wall?

“Where do you think you are going to at this time of the night?”Ryan asked.

Lucy looked at him and looked away sharply.

“How is that your business? I’m going.” She said and started walking to the door.

“Really? Is that what you want? Selling your body to men?

Drinking yourself to such state?” Ryan asked as she walked.

Lucy stopped,her hand on the door.”What do you want me to do? Sit idly and die of hunger?” She asked.

Ryan stood up.”Lucy…..I’m in love with you.”

Lucy’s heart stopped for a moment. She thought her ears were playing tricks on her.

Slowly,she turned to meet his gaze and as soon as their eyes came in contact with each other…as soon as she saw the expression in his eyes…she knew they weren’t playing tricks at all.

It was true…stack true.

For the first time…the first time in her life… someone just confessed his love to her!

“You …..what?” Lucy asked in an exhausted voice as though,she has been running for a long time.

“I’m a prostitute. I have a daughter…I…I… come from a disastrous family….

I’m not worthy for a guy like you to be in love with me.. please…let me go.” Lucy said,her eyes dropping to the floor with tears.

Ryan smiled going to her. He held her hands and brought her close, hugging her to himself and allowing her to cry on his shoulder.

He took her back to the bed,and they layed there together,until she fell asleep.


The next morning,Lucy woke up and found herself still in Ryan’s arms.

He was still asleep,one hand circling her and the other, holding her close to him.

Lucy pulled herself up, looking into his face.

He was cute… handsome and it felt like heaven to be in his arms…the arms of a guy who has confessed his love for her.

Lucy’s face fell again, wondering if a guy like Ryan would actually be hers.

She shook her head….it was impossible.

Slowly,she began to lift his hand off her body. When she thought she was making an escape,Ryan stirred and tightened his hold, bringing her close again.

“Running away again?” He murmured,his eyes still closed.

Lucy tried to talk but she only blabbed as she looked at Ryan.

She wondered if he was awake or dreaming.

Then he opened his eyes and smiled at her. Lucy blushed,looking away.

“Where are you running to,this time? Perhaps…I won’t see you again?” Ryan asked,his smile lazily fading away.

“No ….I wasn’t going to run away….I was only… afraid..I can’t stay here with you like this.”

Lucy stammered,not knowing how to put words together…not when his eyes were staring into hers..so intently.

“Tell me what happened…why did you got so drunk yesterday?” Ryan asked.

Lucy kept quiet,her tears forming again.

Maybe this time,she should open up.”She’s going to throw me out of the house…with my baby.” Lucy said,her eyes filled with hatred for her mother.

“Why?” Ryan asked.

“I refused…to…go out with the guy whom she requested me to go out with.

The guy has slept with her too! God….and she wanted me to go out with him? I even doubted she is my real mother.

I don’t know where to go…what to do with my ruined life…. I have finished packing my things but when I was stranded….I had to take my baby to a friend…she’s currently there now.

I do not know where to go to except the club house….where you picked me up….drunk.” Lucy said and breathed in.

“Then move in with me…It will be fun to accommodate you.
You know what?” Ryan said, staring dreamily at the ceiling.

“I had the most remarkable night last night and…with you in my arms…it was awesome.

Why not move in with me?” Ryan asked, returning his eyes to her perplexed face.

She could not believe her ears… could not believe this was fast becoming true!


?”Hello mum..”Ryan said into the phone. He was in his car,on his way to work.

?”Ryan!” His mother called into the phone,rather furiously and Ryan closed his eyes, knowing the reason for her calling.

Benson and Felix…those bastards.


?”Don’t tell me what Benson said was true,is it?
Ryan…I’m talking to you!” His mother shouted when he said nothing.

?”Look mum…I’m on the road now, driving…can I call you later when I get to the office?”

?”No! Park that car of yours right now. We need to talk now.”

Ryan sighed and swung the car to the side of the road, switching off the engine.

?”Satisfied? Look mum.ots not everything Benson tells you…you are supposed to listen to…”

?”Answer my question first….is it true you now live with a prostitute?”

?”Mum… she’s not a prostitute! There are somethings you need to understand.” Ryan said, developing an headache immediately.

?”You know what…I’m coming to the house tommorow evening and by the time I get there….I don’t want to meet any prostitute in there.

It’s either you send her out or you tell me right now to stop visiting you.

Who are you trying to put into shame?” His mother’s angry voice asked from the other line.

?”Mum…until you come…I’m late for work. Yes ……why not try and listen to my own side of the story instead of believing those brats over me?”

After a while,he cut the call off,shook his head and started his engine.

*******THE NEXT DAY*******

“Yes! I’m going already! Eat your house and drink water on top!” Lucy said, dragging her luggage with her as Patricia shouted on her.

“Yes,go! You enemy…” She stopped, coughing.”pf progress!! Go!!” Patricia screamed at Lucy as she left the house.

She jammed the door close, coughing again.

Lucy went to Martha’s shop and breast feed Rachel.

She was surprised when Rachel ran back into Martha’s hands.

They laughed about it but Lucy was somehow taken aback.

She needed to get her daughter close to her again.

She left, telling Martha she would be back tommorow to pick up her daughter, finally.

Lucy boarded a cab to Ryan’s house,her heart beating fast. She tried to control it but couldn’t.

She entered the compound and dragged the luggage along, going to the main door.

She pushed it and entered. She regretted that she entered that very moment. Three pair of eyes stared back at her from the living room.

Ryan stood up, extending a hand to her.

She prayed the ground would open up and swallow her.

Benson and Felix sat down, looking at her with disgust in their eyes.

She turned to rush out but Ryan caught up with her before she could do so.

“Please…I think I made a mistake by coming….I have to go..”Lucy pleaded.

“Don’t be silly,Lucy. My….mum is around..I want you to meet her.” Ryan said and Lucy’s mouth flew opened.

“Your…what? Oh my God! Please..I have to go.” Lucy said struggling with Ryan who held her in place.

He made her sit down and sat beside her to prevent her from standing up.”Relax….Lucy…she’s not going to kill you,is she? I just want you to meet her.” Ryan said softly to her and Lucy decided to pick courage and sat still.

Benson had gone upstairs to notify Ryan’s mom who left her room immediately, burning with rage.

“A prostitute? In my house? “Ryan’s mom asked as she stepped into the living room.

Her eyes immediately went to Lucy and she stopped.

Lucy’s eyes flew wide open with perplexity as she slowly stood up on her feet.

Their action left the guys confused as they stared from the woman to the lady.

What was happening?.

Lucy’s was still staring at the woman in shook.

Ryan’s mother??

“You….what are you doing here??” Ryan’s mother asked, amazed………




Lucy stared on at the woman before her.

Not even in her wildest dreams did she ever thought she was going to see her again.

“Mrs…Mrs…. Johnson?” Lucy called and Mrs Johnson smiled broadly, going close to hug her.

“What are you doing here?” Mrs Johnson asked, pulling away to look at her face.

“Mum.. what’s happening here?” Ryan called, confused.

“We’ve met before….my car knocked her down few months ago.” Mrs Johnson replied, looking at Lucy.

Ryan looked at Lucy too.”Was she…?” He stopped when Lucy nodded her head, cutting him short.

“Oh my God…what a small world!” Ryan said,sitting back down.

Benson and Felix were equally confused too. They weren’t expecting this!

“Is this the girl you were talking about!”Mrs Johnson asked Benson and he nodded.

Mrs Johnson slowly turned to look at Lucy,her face full of wonder.”But…how come?” She asked,her voice laced with concern.

Instead of replying her, Lucy burst into tears and everywhere became silent.


Mrs Johnson breathed in after listening to Lucy’s story. Her face was full of pity that she almost cried.

She held Lucy’s hand and looked at Benson.

“We all make mistakes in life due to one problem or the other,one challenges or the other..

Sometimes in life…we just have to make that bitter mistake.

And I’m one of those who had made that mistake but it’s all in the past.

Lucy,stop crying. I’m not going to come between you and my son just because of what happened in the past.

I know how it feels.” Mrs Johnson said and Lucy looked gladly at her.

Benson and Felix bowed their heads, ashamed.

Ryan gave them a mockery glance and laughed at their faces.

He wrapped his arms around around Lucy, pecking her to increase their agony.

The next day,Lucy went to Martha’s shop to pick up her daughter.

She was so sad to see Rachel finally going.

“I will miss her so much and guess what?” Martha said, smiling happily.

“What’s that?” Lucy asked, throwing her baby up. She was equally happy.

“I’m pregnant!” Martha announced and Lucy stopped to look at her,a jubilant smile, spreading across her face.

“Oh my God!” You finally did it!” Lucy said,as they hugged happily.

“God used Rachel in answering my prayers.

Your baby girl is really special.” Martha said, smiling at Rachel.

Lucy was happy for Martha and fir herself too.

As she left her shop,she remembered she forgot to carry her baby’s box from the house. She was reluctant to go but she went.

When she got to the compound,her face twitched in disgust.

The compound was so dirty it stinks.

There were sticks of cigarettes everywhere and Lucy shook her her head, pitifully.

She opened the door and entered the living room.

More dirt.

Different types of clothes were on the chairs.

Bottles of alcohol scattered the whole place and the bathroom smelt of urine.

Only two days that she was gone,the whole place looked like a cow’s dung?

Lucy turned around to leave the house as she couldn’t go inside the house furthermore.

She opened the door and stopped when she heard her mother coughing weakly in her bedroom and calling her name.

Lucy stopped,closing her eyes. She tried going out again and stopped as she heard her name yet again.

She remembered one thing she had always loved her mother for…even though she treated her like this.

She had given birth to her….not aborting her away when she was pregnant.

Lucy turned back and went back into the house,going to her mother’s room.

She opened the door and rushed in as she saw her laying on the ground,blood rushing out of her mouth.

She placed Rachel on the bed as she knelt beside Patricia,who was breathing life and death.

“Mother…what…what happened!” Lucy asked,fast years piercing her eyes at her mother’s state.

“Lucy…I’m sorry….I’m not worthy for you to call me mother. Thank God you came…I wanted to ask for your forgiveness.”Patricia said, coughing the more.

“What happened to you!” Lucy cried.

She rushed to her bag beside Rachel and dialled Ryan’s number with shaky fingers. He picked up at the third ring.

“Hello Ryan… please… Please…I need your help. Right now!”


Ryan arrived with his car and they took Patricia to the hospital.

She was almost losing consciousness and Lucy cried all the way.
copied from coolval stories
Her mother might be the first mother ever but she still loves her.

She was rushed to the emergency room where tests were carried on her immediately and she was diagnosed with damaged lungs due to excessive smoking and drinking and she might not live to survive it.

“You have to stop crying…you are hurting me and making the situation worst.” Ryan said as they sat at the lobby.

“I’m sorry….” Lucy said quietly, sniffing. She had always warned her about smoking and now,her life was on the line.

Ryan took Rachel who was asleep,from her,placing her against his chest. He brought Lucy close to himself too,patting her back for comfort.

The door opened and a woman ran in,crying and shouting for help.

She cried to the nurses and they rushed up from their seats.

A guy runs in too, carrying a little baby in his arms.

The baby was unconscious.

“Please..help us.” The man said in a strangled voice and Lucy’s head shot up at the recognition of the familiar voice.

“What’s it?” Ryan asked her as she strained her neck to see the guy’s face.

“I know that voice and it only….oh my God!” Lucy said as the guy turned around, placing the baby in one of the nurse’s hand.

The baby was rushed out of the lobby.

Lucy was still staring at his face….the bastard.

Lucy felt like standing up and running to him… strangling him.

“Who’s he?” Ryan asked silently.

Lucy was quiet. She could barely talk and just then,the guy met her gaze and stopped. Lucy looked away, turning to face Ryan.

“Can we stay somewhere else, Please?” Lucy asked, standing up.

“What’s happening?” Ryan asked again, getting up too.

“I will tell you..let’s leave here first!” Lucy demanded and as she made to walk away the guy rushed up to her, grabbing her hand.

Lucy lost it. She turned and gave him a dirty slap.

“Lucy!” Ryan shouted, grabbing her.”What are you doing? We are in the hospital!” Ryan whispered again.

“How dare you even touch me,you imp!” Lucy yelled at him.

“Please Lucy…here me out….I can explain!”

“Alfred! what’s happening here? And why did this woman slap you?” The other woman who came into the hospital shouting for held asked, running forward.

“Please,Zainab….stay out of this for now!”

The people at the waiting room were watching them as if they were television.

“So…you are the Alfred guy?” Ryan asked, finally understanding the situation.

Alfred looked at Ryan and the sleeping baby in his arms.

He needed nobody to tell him it was his daughter. He could see himself in her.

He closed his eyes in regret and turned back to look at Lucy’s furious eyes.

“Right now….I need you to forgive me. I’ve suffered too much!” Alfred said in a strangled voice.

“Why should I forgive you,Alfred? Why! Just give me one good reason why I should forgive a wicked soul like you!

Wait…even if I do, It won’t change anything.

Would it? Just go your own way. Ryan, let’s go.” Lucy said sternly and marched away.

Ryan was about to follow her when Alfred held his hand back.”Please,help me and talk to her.” He pleaded.

Ryan met Lucy sitting at the second ward,in tears. He sat beside her.

“The one thing you will have to learn how to do is to let go of something.

When you hold in too tight..you will only hurt yourself.” Ryan said softly to her.” Forgive the guy and let your bitter heart soften towards him.” Ryan added.

“Then what about Rachel? Will he not try to claim ownership of his daughter?”

“He won’t. Although he’s the father…you guys had nothing together before you got pregnant for him and besides,he’s even married and definitely,that was his child they rushed in,not long ago.

He has the right to come see his daughter whenever he pleases but then…that’s all.

Just forgive and forget.” Ryan said smiling at her.

Lucy smiled back as they stood up,young back towards the lobby.


It was a miracle to the when Patricia came out of coma but the doctor said she needed a fast treatment abroad and would have to stop anything smoking or drinking.

Lucy sat beside her mother in the room she was wheeled to,with Ryan who was still carrying Rachel.

Patricia held Lucy’s hand, weeping.

“I wish I knew how to apologise to you,my daughter…for all my wrong doings.

I wish I have words right now to tell you and to show you how deeply I regretted everything I’ve done to you.

I’m not worthy to be called a mother.

I was also influenced by my parents too whom always fought each other back then.
coolval22 stories
My mother would be seen with different men and I thought it was a normal way of life because she never taught me anything.

I was sent to the university but I became a dropout due to lack of seriousness and that was when I got pregnant and had you.” Patricia said and took Lucy’s both hands in hers, looking into her eyes.

“You must not be that type of a mother to Rachel….show her the right way of life…. give her all the morals she needs as a teenager when the time comes.” Patricia said and Lucy nodded.

Patricia looked at Ryan and took his hand too joining it together with Lucy’s.

“Thank you my son for changing my daughter’s life. I bless your union.” She said, smiling. Ryan smiled back.

“You don’t have to worry about your treatments.

As soon as you are discharged, your Visa will be ready and you will be taken abroad.” Ryan said and Patricia thanked him.

They left Patricia in the hospital to complete her treatment before going for the abroad treatment.

That night, Lucy showed Ryan and his mother how great a cook she was. She prepared a wonderful dinner and they ate like never before.

“You are truly a wife material!” Mrs Johnson complemented and they all laughed.

“You smell of onions.” Ryan said to Lucy as they layed down on his bed,for the night. Rachel layed at their middle, kicking the air and s—–g her wrist.

Lucy laughed.”Is that a complement or what?” She asked, punching his side.

“Ooucch!! That hurts!”Ryan whispered and stopped, looking at Lucy.”When do you want our wedding to take place?”

Lucy sighed loudly, surprised.”God!”she laughed.”Will you please stop? It’s too early for that!” She said,her voice filled with happiness.

“Just want you to know I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you,Lucy.”Ryan murmured,as Lucy stared up at him,amazed at the love she saw up in his eyes.

“I love you too,Ryan Johnson.” Lucy replied, smiling sweetly at him.

Ryan smiled, tightening his arms around her as she pulled herself up and their lips met in a passionate hot kiss.


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