[STORY 18+] A Two Faced Lover(episode 1-10)

A Two Faced Lover
(episode 1)

Psychologists describe ‘Halo Effect’ as when someone is perceived by others
as being good due to previous good deeds that person has done and their
perception towards that person never changes; even though he or she was
caught in the act doing something evil. Have you ever trusted someone with
all your heart and could even stake your life that the person in question
would never hurt or betray you; only to find out later that you actually
never meant anything to that person and they were living a Big Lie? What if
the person happens to be your supposed lover and you were just being played
all along. Someone you felt you were in an honest relationship with, only
to realise later that you were not even close to being even a ‘Side Piece’
talk more of being the ‘Main Piece; do you know how devastating that feels?
Well, brace up because this tale is one of a kind.

In a very busy city resided a charming man by name ‘Saint’. The lifestyle
of Saint was an extremely admirable one and it brought him respect from all
around the world. Saint was a Life Coach and a Philanthropist who lived
most of his lifetime impacting the masses and giving out a great portion of
his fortune to the less privilege. Due to his good deeds and impact on many
lives, a lot of people could go to war for him.

Things were so serious that people even fought their colleagues or friends
that had a different opinion about Saint’s lifestyle. This man was idolised
and could never do any wrong in the eyes of the people that loved him. Due
to his ‘Holier Than Thou’ attitude, a lot of ladies wished to be his
girlfriend and even wife.

I mean, which lady wouldn’t go head-over-heels in love with an angel in
human form like Saint? He was handsome, a successful career man, he had a
charming charisma and personality, he had the hottest lips you could ever
imagine and a banging fitted body to top everything up. Oh my! He was just
a complete package that so many ladies wished could be delivered to their
door front. What a man indeed!

However, the truth here’s that no one truly knew who Saint was behind
closed doors. No one could tell of the life he lived when the cameras
stopped rolling, no one could ascertain his relationship status and
certainly, no one knew anything about him other than what he wanted them to
know. Saint controlled his imagine very well and never left any loop holes
that could leak his secret lifestyle.

What a lot of people didn’t know was that Saint was very much still single,
but it was deliberate because he was a Brutal Love Making Freak and also
had the traits of a Dominant. For those who don’t know what a dominant is,
it refers to a person that loves taking total charge and control during
Love Making without giving their partner any chance to express themselves
the way they want to. A dominant derives pleasure in inflicting pain on
their partners when they reach a high level of ecstasy and usually want
things to always go the way they want. This was the reality of Saint.

Most ladies who had encountered Saint’s Brutal Love Making sessions took
race after their first experience, while some actually liked it and

eventually became his ‘Call Girls’. Most of these ladies that truly knew
who Saint was, gossiped about him to their friends and colleagues and
that’s how come people had different opinions about his personality and

To be fair, Saint wasn’t really doing anything wrong because being a Brutal
Love Maker or Dominant isn’t a crime and wasn’t anyone’s business, but what
made everything look shady and bad was because he usually preached against
certain things he practised. As a life coach, Saint usually spoke in
seminars and had lots of followers. He was an advocate of equality in
everything that pertains to life and usually frown at any form of
injustice. But the irony of everything was that he was the master of
injustice and inequality. How can you manipulate and use ladies that you
know deep down loves you and want a relationship with you? How can you
think of only yourself during love making, without considering the pleasure
and satisfaction of your partner? How can you be a dominant in your
personal life but preach against inequality to the public? Well, all I see
is a double standard and two faced human being but I’m glad every secret
has an expiry date.

What Saint didn’t know was that not all ladies can be messed with. His doom
wasn’t far fetched since the day he met an equally charming lady named
Rose. They met one fateful evening at a restaurant after a stressful work

It happened that Saint was already seated inside the restaurant and facing
towards the glass that showed the outer part of the restaurant. In the
parking lot area was a woman begging for alms with her kids.
Coincidentally, they were there when Rose drove in and immediately she
alighted, the beggars walked up to her pleading for alms. Rose was kind
enough to hold the little girl that held her leg and beckoned on them to
follow her inside the restaurant.

As they walked towards the restaurant, Saint was quick to spot the charming
lady because her kind gesture caught his attention. He sternly watched her
till they entered inside. As Rose ordered take-away food for the beggars,
Saint couldn’t stop staring at her. In his mind, he kept praying that she
stays back to eat in the restaurant and not order take-out for herself too.
He wanted an opportunity to approach her but didn’t want to look too
desperate by walking down to the counter. Chat MartinMartino on zero eight
one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his WhatsApp group.He
knew he was going to make a fast move on her immediately she settled down
to eat.

Unknown to Saint, he wasn’t going to need any much introduction because
Rose already knew whom he was and she was also one of his secret admirers.
She hadn’t seen him yet but that wasn’t for too long because immediately
she was done ordering food for herself, she looked out for where to sit
down and the only empty seat in the restaurant was the one opposite Saint.
She majestically walked towards the seat to ask if she could sit there and
that was when she recognised him.

“Can I sit here please?” Rose asked, “Yes sure you can!” Saint hurriedly
replied and stretched his hand towards the seat. In as much as Rose
recognised whom he was, she comported herself and pretended otherwise.

After about 5 minutes of awkward silence, the waiter walked in with Rose’s
food and a conversation began. “I saw what you did back there, we need more
people with good heart like you” Saint calmly said, “Awwn, thank you very
much. I appreciate” Rose replied blushing. Saint asked of her name and she
revealed her name to him and also pretended not to know his name and asked
for his; of which he also revealed. They got talking and gradually began to
enjoy each other’s company.

Apparently, what Rose didn’t know was that Saint wasn’t the regular kind of
man that believed in Love. If he liked a lady, it was usually for her to
warm his bed and nothing more. He usually gave money to the women in his
life and was a great Sugar Zaddy!

In as much as Saint instantly liked Rose the very moment they started
interacting, he honestly didn’t foresee anything serious like a
Relationship, but rather imagined her at his mercy during Love Making. It
was such a messed up life that Saint lived and it was indeed not a suitable
lifestyle for a role model like him; little wonder why it was a secret from
the rest of the world.

After a beautiful meeting at the restaurant, Saint optioned to pay for Rose
food but unfortunately, she had already paid for it at the counter. Due to
that, he promised her a date and they exchanged numbers afterwards.
Throughout the rest of that day, Rose was very excited to have met the man
she had always admired and had a huge crush on. She blushed at every
thought of him and kept replaying their conversations in her head.

On the other hand, Saint wasn’t that excited as Rose was because his
intentions were different than she thought. There was no doubt that he
liked her but that didn’t make her anyway different than every other lady
in his life. The fact that she was generous to the beggars was what
actually prompted him to want to get closer to her, otherwise he wouldn’t
have made any move to talk to her at the restaurant.

The upcoming date was the perfect time for Saint to make his move and try
to lure Rose into his life. He actually thought it was going to be an easy
one like with other ladies but was in for a tough chase.

Finally, the D-day came and both parties dressed to kill. Saint was a
classy clean guy so whatever he wore usually fitted him, same with Rose
too. When they met, Saint couldn’t hesitate to compliment Rose on her
charming looks, of which she blushed all through. They settled down and
made their orders and a conversation started afterwards.

“I’m glad you are here, thanks for coming” Saint said, “My pleasure” Rose
confidently replied and he smiled. His eyes were fixed on her eyes and it
actually started making her sweaty and a bit uncomfortable. “Why are you
looking at me like that?” she asked in a shy tone, “If it’s a crime to
stare into those beautiful eyes of yours, then just apprehend me” he
jokingly said and they both laughed.

As Rose sat there looking pretty, Saint had already undressed her in his
mind and was just praying for an easy wooing so he could eventually undress
her physically. Well, too bad because Rose wasn’t as desperate as the other
ladies and would definitely never settle for a ‘Call Girl’ position for any
man; not even the almighty Saint.

As they conversed further, Saint began to notice that Rose was a bit
difficult and wasn’t an easy prey, so he had to switch his technique even
if it meant for him to lie just to win Rose’s heart and trust. “Are you in
a relationship?” he suddenly asked, “No I’m not, why asking?” she inquired
and he dropped a shocker; “I asked because I might be the lucky guy to fill
in that space in your heart.

Those words pierced Rose’s heart and left her speechless for a while. She
looked into his eyes and began to stammer. “But..but..” she said and before
she could finish her sentence, Saint placed his finger on her lips and
hushed her; “Shhuusss, No Buts! Just let me take care of you” he gently
said. Immediately afterwards, he stretched his body and planted a soft kiss
on her lips.

Rose blinked her eyes after the kiss and was completely love struck at that
moment. She held her chest as Saint drew back to his seat and quietly
muttered; “Oh My God”.

A Two Faced Lover
(episode 2)

You know there’s fire on the mountain when a man you just met and barely
knows kisses you on the first date without your consent or prior notice.
Looks can be deceptive quite alright but actions speaks high volume of
someone’s character and intentions. It was quite unfortunate that Rose was
already love struck and couldn’t read between the lines that everything was
just happening faster than normal and was quite suspicious. In as much as
the kiss was unexpected and too soon, she actually enjoyed it and secretly
wished for more.

The atmosphere was a bit awkward after the kiss and it made Rose slightly
tensed and nervous, while Saint was perfectly fine and unmoved. The level
of confidence at which he portrayed made her fall even more in love with
him. It made him look more outright and charming; the kind of man that
loves to go head-on for what he wants.

Well, if only Rose knew the true intentions of Saint’s action, then she
might have retraced her steps and held back herself from falling deeper in
love with him. Too bad things had already escalated and at that point,
there was little or nothing she could do other than get excited at the
thought of going into a relationship with the man of her dreams.

“I’m so sorry if I took you unaware” Saint said after the tension had died
down a bit, “To be honest, I wasn’t expecting the kiss but it’s all good”
Rose said in a shy tone. Before they could talk further, the waiter brought
their meals and they dived right into it.

As they ate, Saint stole glances at Rose and she blushed all through. While
they were still eating, an unknown person who happened to be a follower of
Saint, walked towards them and happily introduced herself to him. Due to
the over excitement of meeting her role model, the lady shook him with two
hands before walking away.

After that little show of attention, Rose smiled at Saint and couldn’t hold
back the glitters in her eyes as she stared at him in admiration. “What’s
it?” he asked with a wide smile on his face, “Uhmm, Nothing” she replied
smiling more. The excitement on Rose face made Saint’s heart glad. At that
moment, he wished to strip her clothes off and just do what was on his mind
because her body movements and gestures were killing him slowly. Rose was
aware that Saint was into her, and it gave her the courage to behave even
more babyish.

The funny thing about the whole situation was that Saint had no idea that
Rose knew whom he was. He didn’t have a clue that she was aware of his
respectable image in the media and eyes of the public. The main reason Rose
didn’t want to disclose to Saint that she already knew him was because she
felt pride might set in and he might begin to see her as just one of his
multiple Fans; of which she didn’t want to be categorised as.

Due to the fact that Rose hid that little secret form Saint, it made him
more relaxed because he felt he wasn’t putting his image at risk. Since his
career as a Life Coach only covered a little niche, it’s fair to say that
not everyone knew or have heard about him. He probably thought to himself
that Rose was just part of that big population that didn’t know him. Too
bad for him because that wasn’t the case.

Few hours later, the date came to an end and Saint cleared the bill. It was
getting quite late so they had to head back to their various houses. Rose
came with her own car so there was no need for him to give her a ride.

When they finally got to the parking lot, Saint opened Rose’s door for her
to get into the car; just to show off some gentleman skills. She smiled and
entered the car but before she shut the door, she pecked him on the cheek.
That little action from Rose increased Saint’s hunger to devour her and
make her beg for Mercy, but he had to comport himself just so he doesn’t
look too desperate. “Call me when you get home” he said and bid her
Goodbye, as she drove off.

With Rose gone, Saint sat inside his car for a while to cool off the
burning fire within before zooming off. After about 30 minutes, he figured
that he hadn’t succeeded in calming his nerves down so he had to dial the
line of one of his ‘Call Girls’ so he could have a companion that night;
since he didn’t succeed in luring Rose to his bed. With someone already on
the way to his house, he finally headed home.

That night, while Saint was Brutally dealing with someone’s daughter in his
house, Rose was busy fantasising about him. She didn’t want to call him
when she reached her destination just so she doesn’t overdo things.
Everything still felt like a beautiful dream to her and the thought of
having a relationship with Saint drove her crazy.

“Wow, how did I get so lucky? Everything still feels too good to be true.
Did he just ask me out? This isn’t true!” Rose wondered all night with
butterflies dancing in her stomach as she laid on the bed. On the other
hand, Saint wasn’t even concerned about petty thoughts like that and was
busy exhausting his strength on the lady that came visiting that night. At
that moment, the only thing in his mind was to empty himself of every
burning craving for pleasure that Rose had triggered.

What a complicated situation that involved two people that wanted entirely
different things from each other. Rose wanted a relationship between them
and felt that Saint wanted same too; since he was the one that instigated
their first kiss and also made the first move by telling her that he wanted
to fill in the space in her heart. Sadly, that wasn’t Saint’s desire
because what he wanted was to taste Rose’s apple and eventually make her
one of his ‘Call Girls’. At this junction, it’s safe to say that a big
disaster was forth coming.

The next day, Rose waited for Saint to call first of which he actually did.
She was highly excited when his call came in and couldn’t hold back the
smile on her face. “Hi dear” she greeted, “Hello sunshine, trust you slept
well? I waited for your call last night but it wasn’t forth coming” he

Rose was low-key smitten to hear that Saint actually waited for her call
last night; it made her feel wanted. “I’m sorry for not calling, I actually
felt you would be tired so I decided not to disturb you” she said, “Point
of correction, nothing from you is a disturbance so don’t ever feel that
way again” he revealed.

It was so clear that Saint was trying too hard to win Rose over, hence the
extreme he had to go just to make her feel comfortable around him. Beneath
all that camouflage sweet talks was a guy that just needed to get into the
pants of his newest catch. Too bad Saint even had to go to the extreme of
lying to Rose by making her believe he wanted a relationship with her. it’s
also quite unfortunate that she had already fallen too deep for him.

“About what we talked about yesterday, I was serious though” Saint said as
they conversed, “What was that dear?” Rose inquired, “I’m talking about how
long you want to keep me standing outside your heart while there’s a vacant
space inside” he replied and Rose blushed, “Everything is just happening
too fast and don’t get me wrong, I like you too but just feel like you
might be playing me” she innocently said.

At that moment, Saint knew he had to step up his game because it already
felt like Rose had began to sense that he was lying and wasn’t genuine.
“Can I see you again tonight so we can talk about anything that might be
making you doubt my feelings for you” he gently said, “Uhmm, I don’t really
know because I have some things to do today. Where should we met if I
eventually change my mind?” she asked, “Well, I was thinking my house but
that decision is entirely up to you. Where do you suggest?” he asked. By
that time, his plans had already succeeded because he had indirectly
planted a seed in her mind.

Dominants know the game and can easily manipulate a lady to think that they
want something, without knowing that their thoughts and desires have been
stirred to go in a certain direction. The fact that Saint brought up his
house as their meeting point was very deliberate, because he knew that even
if he made his choice look optional, Rose will still consider it because
she wouldn’t be able to come up with a better option in such short notice.
They talked further and ended the call with hopes to see each other later
in the day if things go rightly.

When the phone hung up, Saint smiled and walked back to his bedroom where
the lady that spent the night was lying down in. He gently moved towards
her and they continued from where they stopped the night before. Later in
the day, he discharged the lady and a cleaner came to arrange his house and
clean it; as he prepared to receive Rose anytime soon.

At around passed 5pm, Rose called Saint and told him she was ready to come
over to his place. He sent his location to her and she drove down to his
nice apartment in a classy neighbourhood of flats. Saint came downstairs to
welcome her and took her to the top floor where his apartment was.

After they exchanged greetings, Rose settled down and sat quietly on one of
the couch in the living room. “What can I offer you?” Saint politely asked
but she turned down the offer and told him she was OK. He sat on the same
couch with her and they started talking about random things. Rose tried her
possible best to avoid eye contacts but not for too long.

As they conversed, Saint redirected the conversation back to the main
reason he invited her over. “Enough with the chatting, now can we talk
about my heart?” he said out of nowhere and Rose blushed. “What’s wrong
with your heart?” she playfully inquired and Saint laughed; “It wants you”
he bluntly answered.

That reply melted Rose’s heart and made her palms sweaty. She didn’t know
what to say or do at that moment and kept praying within that Saint doesn’t
make physical advances towards her because she was bound to fall. After
being speechless for a little while, she managed to talk further.

“You just knew me not too long ago, how can you be sure this is for real
and that your feelings isn’t playing with you?” Rose inquired as she looked
into Saint’s eyes. His emotions began to heat up as the atmosphere
gradually changed. He moved closer to her and gently placed his palm on her
cheeks. She blinked her eyes and gently rubbed her cheek against his palm
and out of nowhere, Saint asked; “What do you want?”.

That question threw Rose off balance and ignited a slight sensation within
her. “I want you but I’m just not sure if this is real” she gently said and
before she knew it, Saint leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on her
lips. This time around, she tried to stop him but it was already too late
because the mood had already set in. “I can’t do this” Rose said but Saint
hushed her; “Don’t fight this” he said and planted another kiss on her
lips. This time around, she reciprocated and kissed back.

They kissed passionately and gently made their way to Saint’s room. He
pushed her on the bed and immediately rushed her neck and kissed it. “I’ll
be right neck” he said and went inside his bathroom to freshen up.

While Saint was gone, Rose laid back on the bed and started looking around
his beautifully decorated room. Her eyes made a marathon race and finally
stopped when she caught sight of something that looked like a lady’s bra.
“Isn’t that a Bra my eyes are seeing?” she thought to herself as she got up
to clarify her doubts. She walked towards the stack of clothes on top of a
chair opposite his wardrobe; Lol & Behold, It was a wine coloured bra.

Shocked and confused as to how a woman’s bra got into Saint’s room and was
even mixed up with his clothes, Rose stood there with the bra in her hands.
Before she could figure out what to do, the bathroom door opened and Saint
walked in to see her standing beside his wardrobe. “What’s the problem?” he
curiously asked and before he knew it, a Bra dangled in front of his eyes.
“Who owns this? Am I in another woman’s territory?” Rose sadly inquired.

Unable to think of a more convincing lie, Saint said; “Oh it’s nothings to
worry about, it belongs to my sister!”.

A Two Faced Lover
(episode 3)

The easiest way to catch a liar is to confront them with hard evidence of
whatever suspicion you are having; but also watch out because a
professional liar can still find his or her way out of any situation no
matter how intense it is, without giving you the slightest clue that your
guesses were right. There was no doubt that the bra Rose found belonged to
a lady that had clearly been to his room, so the most convincing lie Saint
came up with at that crucial moment was to say that it belonged to his
sister. A huge part of Rose’s heart knew that the story wasn’t adding up
and she felt in her guts that the Bra belonged to a lady that might have
spent the night at his place. In as much as Rose could tell that something
was fishy, there wasn’t any evidence to prove Saint’s story otherwise, so
she just accepted and shut the topic down.

Due to that little confrontation, the atmosphere became tensed and it made
Saint a bit nervous; he could tell that Rose wasn’t satisfied with his
response and probably wasn’t happy with him so he had to act fast in order
to set the mood back to what it initially was. Determined to bring back the
previous good mood, he walked towards where she stood and gently placed his
hands on her waist.

“Are you angry with me?” Saint calmly inquired, “I don’t know what to feel
at the moment because I can’t tell if you are saying the truth about who
truly owns that Bra” Rose sadly replied. Her response made Saint smile for
reasons known to him.

Despite the fact that Rose had doubts and needed more clarity before
investing too much emotions, Saint wasn’t interested in giving her that
clarity but was rather only interested in getting inbetween her legs. “To
be honest, that Bra belongs to my younger sister. She came around few days
back from school and usually loves sleeping here because she uses my laptop
for school work. She probably showered in my bathroom while I was away and
forgot her bra in my room” he lied.

At that moment, Saint’s lies began to sound convincing enough to Rose and
she sadly fell for it. He could see that his tricks and sweet tongue had
eventually gotten to her so he quickly used that as leverage to set the
mood again. “Can I get at least a smile from you?” Saint playfully
requested. Rose blushed and rolled her eyes in mild excitement as she
looked into his shiny eyes. They got kissing again and eventually made
their way back to the bed.

While they kissed, Rose was quick to notice the fact that Saint was being
slightly rough by squeezing her both hands and choking her in the process.
At first, she thought it was romantic and cute but later changed her mind
when his roughness persisted.

Unknown to Saint, it hadn’t come to his consciousness that the ‘Dominant’
part of him had began to show off. Firstly, it started from seizing her
hands and squeezing it tightly and later upgraded to choking her slightly
in the neck. This form of Love-Making was entirely new to Rose as it was
her first time being manhandled that way. She screamed most of the time
when the pain was unbearable and endured the ones she could.

Their Love-Making sessions lasted for hours and Rose was transported to the
wonderland of intense pleasure. In her shallow mind, she felt she was
giving her body to a man that cared so much about her and also to her
partner, but little did she know that Saint had no atom of love for her and
that they were far from ever being an official couple. Poor Rosy!

After they were done, Saint went straight to the bathroom to take his
shower without her and returned few minutes later and went to bed. He
turned to the other side of the room and shifted his body in such a way
that it had little or no contact with Rose’s body. She didn’t pick any
offence due to his attitude because she felt he was greatly tired and
needed a good rest. Though she was slightly angry, she waved it off, headed
to the bathroom to bath and laid down to sleep afterwards.

Throughout that night, Rose kept thinking if she did the right thing by
giving Saint her body. “Was I too easy? Did I give him the cookie too
soon?” she wondered as she laid down lonely without a cuddle from the man
that just touched her. Despite all those scary thoughts, she still remained
positive about their relationship and finally retired to bed.

In the morning before Rose woke up, Saint was already dressed to leave the
house. Rose was quite shocked because she was expecting breakfast in bed
treatment but that wasn’t the case. “Where are you going to?” she curiously
asked, “Oh you are awake! I was actually about to wake you up myself. I
just received a call and have to head out because I have an important work
appointment this morning” he said.

While Saint was talking to Rose, he was getting ready to leave at the same
time. He indirectly watched her to see if she would get up and start
preparing to leave with him too but that wasn’t the case because Rose was
still comfortably lying down on the bed. In order not to sound rude or in a
haste to discharge her, Saint kept mute but prayed within that she does the
needful by also preparing to leave.

Few minutes later, Saint was done dressing and looked as though he was
ready to leave. “Aren’t you coming with me?” He finally managed to say but
it seemed as though Rose wasn’t ready to go just yet. “Uhmm, I don’t think
I’m ready to leave yet. I have to shower and maybe eat something, I felt
you will be around so we could spend some time together” she innocently

Deep down in Saint’s heart, he wasn’t happy that Rose was being too
comfortable and also wasn’t seeing the need to leave his house at the same
time he was leaving, but who could blame the poor lady? She felt they were
in a relationship, hence the reason she was that comfortable. Not after all
the sweet talks Saint used to lure her; of which it seemed as though he had

Unable to indirectly convince Rose to leave, Saint gave her a spare key to
lock up the house when she was ready to go and then left afterwards. Rose
felt wanted and valued when Saint left his house key for her but she had no
idea that he was boiling with anger within. As he walked out of the door,
she smiled and blushed at the thought of being the madam of the house. If
only she knew that her presence wasn’t needed at all and that she was not
that important to him, she probably wouldn’t be feeling that fly. Well,
it’s quite unfortunate that we can’t read people’s mind.

As Rose was having the best time of her life back at Saint’s house, he was
bitter and angry that she was still there. “Did I marry and forget? Which
kind wahala is this!” he murmured as he drove down to his destination. It
was then that every sweet thing he said to Rose slowly began to dawn on
him. When he was busy telling her to let him fill up the space in her
heart, he didn’t realise that he was saying those words to a human being
with emotions.

I bet Saint didn’t think that winning Rose over was going to be a difficult
task, that’s why he subjected to fake promises and tactics when his quick
plans weren’t working. Words are powerful and greatly determines a person’s
action or reaction towards a situation, person or thing. Rose was acting
that way and being too comfortable because of the sweet promising words of
assurance Saint spoke to her. He set the beat so he had to dance to it!

At around 11am, Rose finally left the house and took the spare key with her
after Saint instructed her to drop it off at a hidden place in front of his
door. Rose called Saint to inform him that she had left and that was when
he asked if she dropped off the key and she said ‘No’. At that moment, it
felt as though he should just fall off the surface of the earth because he
felt suffocated. At the same time, every anger ceased when he figured that
it was best he kept leading her on so as to Make Love to her whenever he
wanted to. He swept every anger he was feeling under the rug and went with
the flow.

“So when am I seeing you again?” Saint calmly asked and Rose blushed. “But
we just spent last night together and with the way you behaved after what
happened last night, I felt you weren’t into me that much as I thought” She
revealed. “How did I behave?” he curiously asked, “You couldn’t even cuddle
me or something, I felt used” she replied in a low tone.

To be honest, Saint was fed up at that moment because he wasn’t used to
having those kind of conversation with women. The fact that he owed Rose an
explanation was emotionally exhausting for him, but he just had to pretend
anyways. “I’m sorry babe, I was just tired that’s all” he lied. As the
conversed, Rose wanted to bring up the roughness at which he handled her
the night before when they made love, but just had to shove it down the
drains. They scheduled to meet up again in few days time and ended the call

Gradually, Rose started trusting Saint more than she should have. The funny
thing was that he was very good at pretending and also very good at lying.
The fact that his name was even ‘Saint’ made his shady ways even more
difficult to figure out. Sadly, Rose had already began picturing Saint in
her life and was excited for what the future held. Actually, what she
didn’t know was that there were more shocking surprises ahead; more than
finding a bra in his room.

Something shocking happened one fateful day. It turns out that Saint had an
interview at a gospel media television show. The interviewer was a
gentleman and they talked about life related topics and finally came to his
personal life matter. The interviewer asked if he was secretly married or
in any relationship because he hardly ever gave out any information about
his personal life. Saint smiled faintly and said; “I’m just focused on my
good works to humanity and also using my career to bless lives, those are
my core priorities right now. Women are blessed beings and need to be
pampered by we men, I believe God also had me in mind when creating and
have created my missing rib. She’s out there somewhere and I know we would
meet someday but for now, I’m focused on other things”.

Just imagine the disappointment Rose felt when she realised that Saint
didn’t even acknowledge her existence in his life or even at-least tell the
interviewer that there was someone he was seeing to find out if things will
work out. The fact that he didn’t even behave as someone that had a lady in
his life was heartbreaking.

That very day was the scheduled day Rose was supposed to visit Saint again.
She waited for his call for long but it wasn’t forth coming, she called him
after a little while but he wasn’t picking up. Unable to control her
hurting emotions, she drove down to his house unannounced and used the
spare key she was with to open up the door.

Unfortunately, Saint wasn’t home yet so Rose sat on his couch and waited
for him to come back because she knew he was in town, as they spoke the
previous day. If Rose knew that her heart was about to get broken the more
by coming to his house that day, she wouldn’t have made the mistake of
coming at all. The interview shock was little compare to what was about to
happen that day.

About an hour later, there were sounds on the door lock and it seemed as
though someone was trying to insert a key but it wasn’t entering. Rose
figured it could be Saint and hurriedly headed to the door to open it up.
Immediately the door opened, her heart dropped at the sight of Saint with a
beautiful looking lady.

Saint was surprised as to what she was doing in his house without his
consent. “What in God’s name are you doing here? Did you call me before
coming over?” he angrily asked. The lady he came with sighed and walked
inside. She knowingly hit Rose with her shoulder and never bothered to say
‘Sorry’ afterwards. coolval stories

Short of words and with a teary eyes, Rose looked into Saint’s eyes and
said; “Wow! It’s so good to see how much I meant to you. Did you even mean
anything you said to me? At this point you could pass for a Devil”.

Saint smiled faintly and said; “Get your entitled self out of my house and
give me my keys before you do so”. Rose’s eyes opened widely and she
screamed “Wow!”.

A Two Faced Lover
(episode 4)

There’s a popular saying that goes; “Hell hath no fury like a woman
scorned” and it’s safe to say that it’s entirely true. A woman can be
anything you want her to be depending on the way you treat her. Majority
might question any reason Rose had to be extremely furious at Saint but
before you judge her, first remember that Saint was the same person that
put her in that situation. How can you promise heaven and earth to a woman
you can’t even cross a bridge for? How can you manipulate a lady into
falling deeply in love with you and think it’s OK to treat her like trash
few days after she gave her body to you out of the love you promised her?
Even an articulated person will lose their mind if they were the one in
Rose’s shoes. Saint felt he had won the game but never knew that it was the
beginning of his downfall.

After the rude response Saint gave to Rose, she folded her arms in shock
and couldn’t close her mouth properly. It felt as though everything was
just a bad dream and wasn’t actually happening in real life. Too bad that
it was her reality and there was no running away from it, so all she could
do was face it head on.

“I should have known, I should have known you were a big lying devil. How
could I be so naive and ignorant not to see the huge handwriting on the

wall? How could I be so blind not to see through you and know that all you
just wanted was a piece of me? This is so much coming from a supposed
highly respectable angel like you. Who would ever believe that the almighty
Saint was a chronic womaniser, a cheat and a lair? You are a big hypocrite
who doesn’t even practice what he preaches; you contradict your own words
when you are in private. Tueh! I must run you down even if it’s the last
thing I do to pay you back for hurting me this way” Rose soberly said with
tears falling off her eyes. When she was done talking, Saint didn’t even
utter a word to her neither did he try to defend himself because he felt
there was no need to do so. He gently held the door handle and opened it
for her to leave; of which she shamefully did.

Never in a thousand years did Rose ever imagine to be treated that way by a
man. To start with, she was beautiful, smart and had a charming
personality; so what more could a man ever want again? She actually had
confidence in herself and always knew that any man that got her was lucky;
little wonder why she never suspected that Saint was out to play her,
despite all those admirable qualities.

One thing Rose knew for sure was that Saint wasn’t going to go scot-free
for his actions; not after treating her like dirt and inflicting such
amount of pains on her. Throughout that day, she cried her eyes out and
refused to eat anything. It was so bad that she sat under the shower all
night without minding being exposed to cold and eventually running a high
temperature. It was such a pitiable situation for the heartbroken lady and
the only thing she felt at that moment was ‘Revenge’.

While Rose was experiencing a mental breakdown, Saint was busy having the
time of his life with the lady he came home that day with. It’s safe to
assume you already know what went down that night at his house because we
all know who he is.

The sad thing was that not for once did Saint think of his rude attitude
towards Rose, neither did he feel slightly guilty for how he treated her.
Matter of fact, he didn’t even consider that incident as anything serious.
He only saw it as a case of a woman that wanted more love than he was
willing to give; but who could blame Rose after he instigated the whole
thing by telling lies and promising her what he wasn’t willing to give.

Well, every thief has that last robbery that leads to their doom and Rose
was the beginning of Saint’s doom, but it hadn’t dawned on him yet. If only
he knew that not all ladies were to be messed with, he probably would have
applied caution but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

Days and weeks after that incident, Saint completely erased Rose from his
‘Call Girls’ list and never contacted her again. Chat MartinMartino on zero
eight one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his WhatsApp
group.As an unapologetic emotionless person that he was, moving on was very
easy and didn’t require much effort; unlike Rose’s case. It wasn’t that
easy for her to get over the fact that she was used and dumped by a man she
saw a future with and felt loved her genuinely.

One of the things that hurt Rose the most was the way Saint shamefully
ended things with her and embarrassed her in his house that very day. The
fact that he hadn’t even called to apologise since the incident happened,
made things worse.

Whenever Rose remembered the fact that Saint slept with her, she cried
bitterly because she felt used and violated. “He must pay, I can’t let him
just go like that after hurting me this way. He must pay, I just can’t
leave him!” she always muttered to herself.

Well, we all know that when anger and pain is harboured for too long, it
becomes dangerous. At that point, the only thing Rose wanted was Revenge
for all she was going through. Day and night, all she thought of was what
possible ways to get back at Saint. Deep down, she knew that she wouldn’t
stop until he felt the same way she was feeling.

Day in day out, Rose would Rage in anger as she secretly scrolled through
Saint’s social media accounts. It killed her deeply whenever she watched a
video clip of him pretending to be the ‘Saviour of the world’ whereas he
was a wolf in sheep clothing. The fact that Saint behaved as though he was
Jesus neighbour whenever he was in public, made her feel like s—–g the
life out of him because she knew he was far from anything godly or

“Just take a look at this clown, how can someone be this two faced? My God!
It’s about time people knew him for his true character and not for this
camouflage attitude. Who would even believe that the almighty life coach
that talks about good living and tackles sensitive life issues, has a truck
load of women he changes every now and then? Hmmm, I must expose him even
if it’s the last thing I do on earth” Rose angrily said.

Despite having plans of exposing Saint, Rose wasn’t able to execute any of
them because she didn’t have any physical access to him since after that
incident at his house. Also, she hadn’t been able to find the perfect time
or way to execute the numerous agenda she had planned out.

While Rose was there looking for ways to run Saint down and ruin his image,
he was busy touring the state they resided in. He had events upon events to
attend to so he didn’t have time for any personal outing at all. Rose was
hoping to publicly confront and disgrace him in front of many people so
they could video and post on social media, which will eventually dent his
image and ruin his reputation. Well, it seemed as though luck was on
Saint’s side but not for too long.

One fateful morning, Rose arrived at the office and the television in the
reception area was on. She reluctantly looked to see what was showing and
it was an interview session with the one man she hated with all her heart.
Curious to see what the interview was all about, she stood at the reception
area and listened attentively.

Turns out that it was a ‘Live’ interview that required people from over the
world to call in and ask Saint any question of their choice. Immediately
Rose figured what was going on, she hurriedly dialed the number on the
screen so she could also talk live and ask Saint whatever she wanted to
ask. Bullseye! That was the perfect opportunity for her to strike and she
wasn’t going to back down on any chance she had to show him pepper.

Few seconds after Rose dialed the number, the call came in live on the
interview and she was waiting for them to pick up so she could strike. “We
have an incoming call for you now, ready? One, two, pick!” the interviewer
said to Saint. He sat up to listen attentively to what the caller was going
to say; just like he did with previous calls.

“Hello, this is Kongo TV, tell us your name and how we may help you?” the
interviewer excitedly asked, “My name is Rose and I have a question for our
life coach” Rose bluntly replied. At the mention of the name ‘Rose’,
Saint’s heart skipped a beat and he silently prayed that it wasn’t the Rose
he knew, but unfortunately it was!

The interviewer directed the call to Saint and told Rose to go on with her
question. Unknowingly to the interviewer, a bomb was about to be dropped
that would scatter the show and throw it off balance. “Hi Rose, this is
life coach Saint, we have just two minutes so let’s make it count. How may
I help you?” Saint said.

Before they knew it, Rose dropped a bomb. “Mr Saint, I want to know why you
are such a hypocrite. You lied, slept with me, used and dumped me. How many
more ladies have you done that to huh? You are a demon and pretender, I
haven’t even started with you yet and will not stop till the whole world
see your true colour” she angrily said.

Saint was dead shocked and before Rose could talk further, the interviewer
shouted “Cut!”.

A Two Faced Lover
(episode 5)

Revenge isn’t always a suitable approach to solving relationship issues but
most times, it is the best because some ill mannered people need to have a
taste of their own medicine once in a while. If you can’t eat it, then
don’t serve it. You can’t expect to have your way all the time while
treating people badly and like trash. Everyone has their limits and once
you push them beyond that limit, get ready for anything that happens next
because they will come at you with all the strength they have got left.
Saint had stepped on so many toes and it was his turn to get stepped on so
he knows how it feels. Women are nurturers and have the ability to give
back to you in ten folds whatever you give to them. Rose had nurtured the
pain Saint inflicted on her heart and it was time for him to receive it
back in double portion. Well, it seems as though the battle line had just
been drawn!

Immediately the interviewer instructed his media crew to cut Rose’s call,
they swiftly did so and the call was disconnected. After the awkward phone
call session ended, the entire interview studio was dead silent. Everyone
gave each other an awkward stare and they all redirected their stare to the
man on the hot seat, which was Saint.

Due to the fact that no one saw that bomb coming, it took a little while
before the interviewer got back to his senses and continued the interview.
In order to be professional, the interviewer covered the severe awkwardness
with laughter and told Saint that things like that normally happened on the

“Wow, that was unexpected but not to worry, we get calls like this from
disrespectful callers who intentionally want to play games. Let’s take a
commercial break and we will be right back” The interviewer said and they
went on a short break.

Immediately the cameras stopped rolling, Saint took a deep breath as he sat
there still short of words. The interviewer tried to cheer him up just so
he could get himself back together for the next round of the interview.
While Saint sat there still in shock, the interviewer walked up to the
media crew to instruct them not to receive any more calls after the
commercial break.

While everyone conversed from a distance, Saint couldn’t bear their low-key
comments about him. Unable to bear the side eyes and distant murmur from
the crew, he got up and shamefully walked away from the interview studio.
Immediately he left, the interviewer hurriedly ran after him.

“Where are you going to? We still aren’t done with the interview and the
commercial break will soon be over” The interview guy nervously said, “I’m
sorry but I can’t do this, I can’t continue with the interview” Saint said
and hastened his steps out of the building. On seeing that there was no way
they could stop him from leaving, the interview guy ran back to the studio
to continue with the show because the commercial break was almost over.

A day that was supposed to be a good one turned out to be a disaster after
one phone call, so imagine what would have happened if it was two phone
calls. There was fire on the mountain already because everywhere was hot;
Saint was highly devastated, the interview host and media company were
pissed at him for walking away, Rose was angry that she didn’t say more
than she did, Saint’s manager was blowing his phone up with calls and his
potential clients were also calling as well.

There was just so much happening at once and it almost drove Saint crazy.
For once in his life, he gets to experience first-hand what it feels like
to be in real pain and heartbreak. He was extremely furious with Rose for
her actions and wanted to head down to her office and unleash his anger on
her; but at the same time, he knew that his past actions had made her
ruthless so she was ready to go down any path with him.

As people kept calling Saint from all angle, he was also calling Rose
back-to-back but she unfortunately wasn’t picking up. He called her
countlessly and screamed out in anger whenever the phone rang till the end
without being picked. “Aaaahhhhhh” he groaned in pain as he drove; “where
did I meet this kind witch from? This girl has killed me, which kind of
girl is this one that I carry myself and give? I must deal with her, she
doesn’t know who I am” he angrily said.

While it seemed like the whole world was about to come to an instant end on
Saint’s part, Rose was busy smiling at the office all through that day. She
even went as far as buying food for her colleagues and everyone was
surprised and even began to inquire if it was her birthday.

Have you ever felt that unexplainable good feeling that overtakes a person
after they repay someone back for a bad deed that was done to them?
Majority aren’t familiar with this payback feeling because they usually
don’t like to take matters into their own hands but rather leave the
Revenge to God. Well, either ways, there’s this feeling you get when
someone pays for something horrible they did to you. It doesn’t make you a
bad person to feel that way, but rather makes you human because bad people
deserve to have a taste of their own medicine every now and then. Rose
wasn’t a horrible person for feeling happy after supposedly ruining Saint’s
image on national television; not after how he led her on, slept with her,
broke her heart and humiliated her to top everything up. Haba! Who wouldn’t
get pissed and lose their common sense of reasoning?

One of the worst things that can happen to a person’s emotional and mental
health is to see the person that inflicted pain on them, walking freely
like nothing happened while they suffer. No one deserves to take trash and
die in silence while their abuser lives their best life as if someone isn’t
going through pain at their expense. Saint set the music, so it was his
turn to dance to it!

That day was such an emotionally draining day for Saint as a lot of people
were on his case. The interview had gone viral and got so many people
talking about it. Saint’s social media accounts were blowing up with
comments of different opinion and criticism concerning the interview. The
ladies Saint had slept with in the past opened fake accounts and exposed
him the more on the comment sections.

Things actually went beyond that as days passed by. Sponsors started
pulling out from Saint’s seminars and he also lost major gigs with Big
media houses. The tour he was on before the incident had to pause because
his sponsors weren’t willing to go ahead with their initial deal.

Just when we thought the worst had happened, it turns out that it was
actually just the beginning. While everyone was still digesting the
interview incident, another bomb was about to be detonated.

Turns out that some of the ladies Saint had Brutally manhandled in the
past, started reaching out to media houses, blogs and vlogs for interviews.
Most media houses turned them down but some desperate ones took up the
offer and made documentaries with their stories. What made matters worst
was the fact that these ladies didn’t know each other personally so they
all contacted different media houses on their own. Due to that, there were
so many stories from different sources concerning one man which was Saint.

Imagine having numerous confirmation to a particular rumour, wouldn’t the
tendency of believing it’s authenticity be on the high? The different
stories that filled the Internet gradually began to break the ‘Halo Effect’
that had surrounded Saint’s personality and image for a very long time. His
die-hard followers began to slowly lower their voices during arguments on
the Internet, as the scandal and allegations began to get more convincing.

Due to the backlash from the media and also all the financial loses Saint
was incurring, he fell into depression and lost weight in no time. Things
became bad that he even stopped showing up at public gatherings so as to
avoid side eyes or distant murmuring from people that knew what was going
on. It killed Saint slowly to realise that everything he had worked hard
for years to get, was gradually going down the drain. It felt as though he
had hit an irrecoverable low moment in his life and it killed him daily
whenever he recalled that Rose was the master person behind all his misery.

At that point, if there was someone Saint hated with passion and wanted
dead, then it was Rose. If God gave men individual privilege to rule the
world for just a second, Saint would end Rose’s life the very minute that
power was conferred to him. While he was eating himself up and wallowing in
depression, Rose was busy laughing at any new article or video about him
that hit the Internet. “Na wa oh! So this man have enemies to this extent?
It took me to talk before all of them gradually began to crawl out of their
shell. Wow!” She shockingly said.

Due to the fact that Saint was already going through so much heartache,
Rose decided to remove her hands from his matter and backed down on every
plan she was initially having to further run him down. She felt he was
already going through so much and there was no need to further add to his

Unfortunately for Rose, while she had decided to let go of Saint and move
on with her life, he was about to flip the coin and deal with her
mercilessly for ruining his life. Something unexpected happened one fateful
day that almost led to world war 3.

It happened one evening that Rose was at a shopping mall buying groceries
and wasn’t aware that Saint was in the same mall. He came there to meet up
with someone that was contemplating on offering a gig to him that would
bring money to his pocket. It’s been a rough couple of months and it
greatly affected Saint’s financial status. At that point, he was desperate
for any gig that could bring him money, as a lot of sponsors and clients
abandoned him due to the dent on his image.

Saint finished up with his meeting and was heading towards the parking lot
when he caught sight of Rose. “Is this who I think it is? I just pray it
isn’t her” he said as he took steps to get closer to the person. Before he
could even reach where the person stood, she turned and looked towards his
direction; Lo & Behold, It was Rose!

Immediately Saint’s doubts were confirmed, he rushed to where Rose stood
and before she could even figure out what was going on, a big slap landed
on her cheek from behind. After receiving the slap, she furiously turned to
see who slapped her and was extremely shocked when she realised it was

Without wasting a single second, Rose retaliated and landed a hot slap on
Saint’s cheek too. She furiously grabbed his shirt and said; “You must be
mad, you will kill me today!”.

A Two Faced Lover
(episode 6)

There’s a popular saying that “you never know how strong you are until
being strong is the only option you have”. Every human walking the surface
of this earth have their limits on which they can tolerate things, and hear
me when I say you don’t want to be the person to push them beyond that
limit. Even the softest heart can become as hard as stone when you abuse
and maltreat it. The worst thing a person can do is to be the one that
brings out the beast from an initially lovely person, because they would
never forgive you for bringing out the worst in them and you will
definitely be the first to taste their wrath. Saint had succeeded in making
Rose a bitter person; this is the same lady that once loved him and was
excited at a future with him. The pain he inflicted on her had made her
bitter and hateful towards anything that concerned him. The fact that Saint
even had the guts to lay his hands on Rose after she had made up her mind
to let go of the past and move on, had succeeded in reopening the wound she
was at the verge of closing. At that moment, the beast in her had awaken
and she was ready to create a scene that had never been seen before. D–n
the consequences and eyes balls because Rose’s temper had skyrocketed to
Mars and a Broadway show was inevitable!

After the slap retaliation, Saint became more furious and so was Rose. She
held him tightly on his shirt and squeezed it as though she wanted to choke
him. At that moment, few people had began to notice what was going on and
gradually made their way to the scene.

“How dare you? Who do you think you are? You must be mad!” Rose flared up.
Saint forcefully knocked her hands off him and tried to remove her hands
from his shirt but couldn’t because she was holding it with every single
strength she had. “You are a coward, did you hear me well? I said you are a
coward! Listen, if you hit my hands again, I will make sure you rot in the
police cell. Look at this clown of a human, Saint you are a hypocrite, a
coward, a two faced human being and a chronic womaniser. Yes I said it!
That’s what you are” she continued in intense anger.

While hell broke loose, people started gathering the scene and few people
recognised who Saint was. Due to the fact that they were aware of the
controversies that was surrounding him of late on the Internet, they
brought out their phones and started recording while others tried to
separate the fight.

Things got so heated that the Mall security officials had to hurry down to
the scene to resolve the issue. Due to the fact that so many guys where
present there, Saint couldn’t raise his hands on Rose again because he
feared they might jump on him for beating a lady. Everything that was
happening was extremely embarrassing for Saint that he secretly started
regretting confronting Rose in the first place. “What have I gotten myself
into? I should have just ignored this crazy lady and head home” he thought
to himself as the issue escalated.

With the help of the security officials and concerned people, they were
able to plead with Rose to let go and pardon Saint for his actions. It
wasn’t an easy plea but she eventually released his shirt from her hands
and fiercely stormed out. She headed towards the parking lot, entered her
car and drove off leaving Saint behind at the scene. He was answering some
questions with the security officials because they held him hostage for
some time, but finally let him go.

As Saint walked away from the scene and headed to where he parked his car,
Shame almost killed him. At that moment, he wished that the ground could
just open and swallow him up because the eye balls on him were just too
much. Deep down, he regretted his actions but it was already too late
because the deed had already been done and it was just a matter of few
hours before it hit the Internet.

Just as predicated, in just few hours the incident went viral. Social media
blew up the story and even added some lies to the story to twist it in such
a way that it will bring massive traffic. Before the next morning, the news
was almost in every blog and was even broadcasted on television stations.

Imagine waking up to over a hundred articles written from different blogs
and media sites about you? The funny thing was that everyone twisted the
story one way of the other and that resulted to different versions of one
story. Saint was weak and couldn’t eat anything all day. His phones where
blowing up with calls for interviews that he even had to switch it off. It
felt like his whole world was crumbling and it killed him beyond words can

On the other hand, Rose wasn’t that bothered or moved about what happened
because not too many people knew her and she wasn’t a celebrity, unlike
Saint. Despite the fact that few people recognised her in the viral video,
she didn’t see it as a big deal because confrontations like that happened
all over the world everyday so there was nothing to be ashamed of. The only
thing she did was to explain to her bosses at work and succeeded in making
them understand that she was attacked by Saint for reasons unknown to her.
They saw it as self defence and pardoned her.

With the way things were looking, the only person at the losing end was
Saint because he was a public figure that had numerous skeletons in his
cupboard. He was the one that lived a double standard life, the one that
lied to his followers and deceived the masses, he was the one that had a
dirty secret of being a ‘Dominant’ who loved to exploit women but didn’t
want commitment and he was the one that was living a Big Lie.

This is exactly why being real will always be a hundred times better than
living a fake life. The worst thing you can do to yourself is to live a Lie
because one day, your true self must surely surface. See, you can never
pretend or deceive people for too long because it’s just a matter of time
before you will eventually get tired of your own fakeness and
subconsciously start revealing your true self.

If you pretend to be nice when you are a demon behind closed doors, one day
you must show your true colour in public. If you pretend to be a giver when
the cameras are rolling but a stingy person when no one is watching, then
it’s just a matter of time before that lie will wear you out. There’s
nothing as easy and beautiful as living your truth and not a lie because
when you live your truth, you will never crack even when tossed into a
burning fire.

It’s apparent that Saint never took life lessons from experienced people
and clearly wasn’t befitting to be called a Life Coach. How can you give
what you don’t have? How can you pour from an empty cup? How can you preach
something you don’t practice? How can you represent something you don’t
believe in? There’s certainly no way it’s possible and that’s why there was
an expiry date attached to Saint’s success.

Due to everything that was happening in Saint’s life, he became sober and
even went as far as deactivating all his social media accounts. It was such
a humiliating and humbling period in his life. It was then that all his bad
deeds and mischief started to dawn on him. He began to recall all the
ladies he had toyed with and how much he truly hurt them.

Gradually, Saint’s hard shell began to crack and eventually broke into
pieces. He couldn’t stand the pain and pressure so he travelled out of the
country so as to find peace and go far away from all the drama surrounding
his life and name. Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t still find peace nor
happiness; despite travelling a long distance away from home.

That period was so emotionally draining for Saint that he lost excess
weight. His family and closed friends still loved him and were there for
him no matter what. Thanks to Saint’s family members otherwise he could
have committed suicide or harm himself. He took everyday one step at a time
and prayed for peace each day.

As time went by, Saint began to feel the need to see a therapists to help
him with his predicament. He was able to get in contact with one at the
place he travelled to and a ‘one week’ therapy session was conducted.

During that one week therapy session, Saint wasn’t really feeling the
impact initially until about the third day. The therapy session started
normally but things got heated and went from zero to hundred real quick.

“Why did you come back for the 3rd time? Tell me Saint, what do you truly
want?” the therapist asked in a calm soft tone. Saint looked into her eyes
as he scratched the leather of the chair he was seated on. “I need help and
haven’t gotten it since we started this therapy session” he soberly said,
“What kind of help do you seek?” she asked, “I don’t know, maybe peace” he
sadly revealed.

The therapist smiled faintly and looked into his teary eyes. She knew what
his problem was and wanted to help him but needed him to truly desire the
help he sought because only then can he truly change. “What could you have
done differently if you can take back the hands of time?” she asked. Saint
paused for a while and said; “I would have practised what I preached, treat
women more nicely and maybe truly love someone”.

Saint’s reply was heartwarming and gave the therapist a reason to look
forward to a genuine change in him. She knew he was sober and broken and
that was the perfect time for a change to take place. “I want you to do
something for me tonight, send an apology to everyone you have hurt in the
past. If there’s any reason as to why you can’t reach a particular person,
send that apology to yourself and read it out loud. Do this and I promise
you that you will wake up a better person than you are now” the therapist

The task given was quite difficult because there were so many people Saint
had wronged in the past. He knew they hated him and didn’t want to set
their eyes on him but he had to do the task since it had the power of
making him feel better. That night, he sent out an apology to every lady he
had hurt in the past and also to all his ‘Call Girls’. For those he wasn’t
able to reach due to one thing or the other, he read the apology to himself
as the therapist instructed.

Everything went smoothly till it got to the last person which was Rose.
When it got to her turn, he felt a different way and instantly knew that
she was indeed special from the rest and needed to render her apology face
to face. He postponed hers till when he travelled back home. It was such an
uplifting task and it made Saint more sober and a bit better.

Days passed and life suddenly started looking differently to saint than the
way it used to be. He surprisingly wasn’t moved by the media or what people
said about him because he had owned up his mistakes and was deliberately
making amends. The therapy session was helpful and had impacted him greatly.

After a while, Saint travelled back home to continue with his life. The
Internet tension had died down a bit and everyone had moved on from his
story. He invested some of the money he had on a new business venture and
started all over again. It was such a humbling experience for Saint but was
worth it because it brought out the best in him.

As life went on, Saint always carried Rose in his spirit. He was aware he
hadn’t apologised to her yet but was hesitant because he didn’t know where
she lived so as to pay her a surprise visit but the good news was that he
knew where she worked.

Most times, Saint used his fake social media accounts to stalk Rose to see
how she had been doing. He would spend hours scrolling through her pictures
and looking at them over and over again. With time, he started noticing
that his heart skipped severally beats whenever he was lost in her

Deep down, Saint knew Rose was special and kept wondering why he treated
her so badly. He always felt ashamed whenever he recalled that he hit her
that fateful day at the mall. It was always traumatising whenever he
thought of it. Unable to hold back any longer, he did something unexpected
one fateful day.

It happened one evening that Saint drove down to Rose’s workplace and
waited outside for her to close and come out. At around 6pm, she walked out
from the office building, entered her car and drove off. As she left, he
secretly followed her behind until he got to her destination. By the time
they arrived at her house, the sky was already dark.

As Rose alighted, Saint got down from his car too and gently walked up to
her. Immediately she saw him, she almost dropped dead due to shock because
he was the last person she ever thought would be standing right in front of
her in her compound. “Why are you here? What do you want? Or do you want to
slap me again?” She angrily inquired.

With tears in Saint’s eyes, he took a deep breath and soberly said; “I know
I am the last person you want to talk to or hear anything from but please
hear me out. I hate myself for making you the person you had become,
because the Rose I met at the restaurant that fateful day was a sweetheart
and charming lady. I was stupid to have hurt you that way but I know better
now. I’m so sorry Rose, I’m so so sorry. Can you please forgive me?”.

Rose didn’t know when tears fell off her eyes too. She looked into Saint’s
eyes and could tell that he was truly sorry, but it’s quite unfortunate
that she wasn’t ready to render forgiveness to the one man that hurt her
more than anyone had ever done and succeeded in turning her into a beast.

She shed a few tears and said; “I’m sorry, but there’s no forgiveness in my
heart for you.

A Two Faced Lover
(episode 7)

To err is human but to forgive is divine; forgiveness will never be old
fashion or outdated because it benefits both the offender and victim. Being
angry is part of life and not a bad thing either, but the problem starts
when you let the pain and grudge linger for too long because it might
develop into something more drastic than the initial reason you ever got
angry in the first place. As long as we still breathe the air we have never
for once been charged for, then you should never hold back forgiveness to
people that wronged you; talk more of when they realise their mistakes and
ask for your forgiveness. Most times, we have to go through a rough path in
life just so we can appreciate life more. Saint had to hit rock bottom
before realising how messed up and selfish he had been in the past. It took
the world to be against him before he could retrace his steps and make
amends with his past. In that sober moment of Saint’s life, it dawned on
him how empty and void his life had been and also how much he wanted to
commit to someone for the first time ever. The fact that Rose occupied a
significant space in his heart, made her very special from the rest. He
knew deep down that he was willing to try with her if she gave him a

chance. Well, too bad because Rose wasn’t even willing to render
forgiveness to him, talk more of being in any form of relationship with

The reply Rose gave to Saint sent chilled reactions all over his body. To
be fair, he knew the forgiveness process wasn’t going to be an easy one, as
he wasn’t expecting her to forgive him so easily; not after all the
horrible things he did to her in the past. The fact that Rose was tearing
up as she spoke to Saint made his heart melt like candle wax. He wanted to
wipe the tears off her eyes but she shifted her face and moved it towards
another direction to avoid any physical contact with him.

“Rose please I’m so sorry, I’m saying this from the depths of my heart.
Tell me anything you want me to do to make you forgive me and I promise to
do it in a twinkle of an eye. It’s been a rough couple of months but I
assure you that I’m a changed man now, I am deliberately working on myself
each day just to see to it that I have nothing to do with my past again. To
be honest, I think I owe you a big ‘thank you’ because you are the one that
brought out the best in me. You deserve everything good and I promise to
make it up to you. Please give me one last chance to make things right with
you” Saint soberly said. By the time he was done talking, Rose’s face was
covered with tears. She couldn’t hold back her emotions for some strange
reasons. It was hard for her to forgive a man that was responsible for so
many sad incidents in her life.

To make matters worst, Rose didn’t trust Saint anymore and even felt he was
lying all through. The fact that he lied about so many things in the past
had succeeded in killing any chances he had for her to ever trust him
again. Despite the fact that Rose could tell that Saint was truly sorry for
all the bad deeds he had done in the past, a part of her still felt like he
had an ulterior motive behind everything. Forgiving him was far from the
content in her bucket list, so it wasn’t going to be an easy task at all.

After being mute for a while, Rose finally spoke. “To be honest, I don’t
have anything else to say to you other than what I said before. I’ll leave
now, bye!” she managed to say and sadly walked away. As she went inside the
building, Saint still stood there looking at her. His heart was crushed and
his eyes were teary. It felt as though a huge part of him was taken away
and thrown into the river.

Feeling devastated, Saint sadly walked back to his car. For over an hour,
he sat inside his car thinking and couldn’t move. Rose was aware that he
still hadn’t left because she could see his car from her balcony. “Why is
he still here? Oh Lord, what exactly does this man want from me? I still
have a soft spot for him but will never make the mistake I made the other
time by falling for him. What does he want? I feel bad” she soberly said to

In as much as a big part of Rose wanted to go back downstairs and talk to
Saint, she just had to control herself by putting her emotions on check.
When a person goes through a rough path in life, it makes them stronger and
tougher than they used to. Rose had learnt not to be controlled by her
emotions so easily; so due to that, she wasn’t too moved.

After about an hour later, Saint finally drove off and headed home. On his
way home, he kept thinking of nothing else than Rose. He thought of how to
get her to genuinely forgive him and he began to look for ways to back his
words with actions. “How can I get her to see that I have truly changed and
that my intentions are genuine?” he wondered as he drove home. Saint knew
it wasn’t going to be easy to find his way back into Rose’s heart and win
her trust again, but he also wasn’t willing to back down either.

On the other hand, Rose was sober all night and couldn’t stop thinking
about all that happened earlier. Everything just felt weird because she
wasn’t expecting such at all. To be truly honest, Rose still felt something
for Saint in her heart. She hadn’t succeeded to completely erasing him from
her mind and also, the day they made love was still very fresh in her
memory. No man had ever handled her the way Saint did, so it was a bit
difficult for her to move on completely. Also, the fact that he came
apologising made matters a little worse because he had somehow found his
way back into her mind and thoughts.

Most people have a hard time moving on completely from a relationship they
were once in, because they still haven’t met anyone that rock their world
more than their Ex’s did. Pray never to find yourself in that
unsatisfactory and comparism bottomless pit because it usually leads to
incompleteness and unhappiness in any new relationship you enter.

Apparently, Rose was still not over Saint but held back her feelings
because he really hurt her in the past and that was quite a lot to forget
and move on from. She was afraid of being vulnerable again so as not to
regret it afterwards.

Days and weeks passed by but Saint never stopped apologising and trying to
make things right with Rose. He sent her a text message everyday,
expressing how much he was sorry and wanted to make things up to her. She
never replied any of his messages but that didn’t stop him from trying over
and over again.

Everyday at work, Rose received flowers from a flower company with a note
that read; “I’m sorry!”. The flowers never stopped coming and it made her
low-key happy even though she pretended otherwise. Her whole office was
filled with flowers that she even started giving some away to her

Due to Saint consistency in seeking for Rose’s forgiveness, her hard shell
began to crack gently and her heart suddenly melted. Whenever the flowers
came each day, she would smile till her cheeks hurt and it usually made her
day bright. She wanted to call him so bad but held herself not to do so. It
was hard for Rose to keep concealing her feelings but who could blame her
for holding back? not after all the terrible things Saint did in the past.

Asides trying to get Rose’s forgiveness, Saint had his new business to
nurture and take care of. It wasn’t too long before it started generating
good profits and his life started taking great shape again.

In as much as Saint’s business was now generating money, he knew that there
was still something missing in his life. Whenever he was alone, he realised
that he needed a companion; someone that would be his own and one that he
could love totally. At that point, he began to realise that he was ready
for commitment and no one was befitting enough to take that spot in his
life than the very woman that made him the changed man he now was; which
was Rose. Saint figured that if there was anyone that deserved the new
version of him, then it might as well be Rose because she really did love
him in the past.

All this contributed to the more reason why Saint wanted to win Rose back
by first seeking her forgiveness no matter what it took. Despite the fact
that she wasn’t even giving him any signal that the forgiveness was forth
coming, he still wasn’t discouraged. Everything remained the same till one
fateful day.

It happened that it was Rose’s birthday and Saint got to find out through
her social media account. He didn’t want to call or text because he knew
she wouldn’t respond the text nor pick up the call. After work that day, he
hurried down to a cake store and bought a nice cake with the inscription
“Happy Birthday, I am sorry”.

While at work, Rose had an awesome time with her colleagues and celebrated
her birthday with them. She retired home at close of work and wasn’t aware
that Saint had something up his sleeves.

Few hours after Rose returned home, she heard a knock on the door and
reluctantly went to see who was knocking. Immediately she opened the door,
her heart raced when she set her eyes on Saint standing there with a box of

At that moment, Rose’s heart was on a marathon race and Saint could hear
her breathe in and out. “Happy Birthday” he calmly said and handed the cake
over the her, “Thank you” she replied as she collected the cake.

After handing the cake over, Saint didn’t know what else to do so he
figured it was best he left. “I just came to give you that, happy birthday
once more” he said and was about to walk away when Rose stopped him. “Do
you want to stay so we can eat the cake together and maybe celebrate well?”
she asked in a low tone. Saint looked into her shiny eyes and nodded ‘Yes’

They entered inside and Rose placed the cake on the centre table and opened
the carton. When she saw the “I am sorry” inscription, her heart melted the
more and she didn’t know when tears fell off her eyes.

Immediately Saint saw the tears on her eyes, he gently got up from where he
sat and walked closer to her. “Please stop right there, don’t come too
close because you’ll just use and dump me again. Saint why are you doing
all this? Please stop if you know you are going to play with my heart
again. I beg you stop, please! I don’t have the strength for lies and
heartbreak” Rose said as she burst into uncontrollable tears. Saint became
sober and knelt down before her. He held her legs and sobbed bitterly too.
“I promise this time is different, I swear! It took me a long time to
realise that you were made for me. Please give me one more shot, I promise
you wouldn’t regret it. I need your forgiveness but also want you back.
Please Rose, I beg you!” he soberly said.

The atmosphere became filled with emotions and Rose didn’t know when she
cried and knelt down with Saint too. She held his head and looked into his
eyes and uttered those golden words “I forgive you”.

Immediately Rose said those words, Saint’s heart dropped and it felt like
his life began all over again. They looked into each other’s eyes as they
cried like little babies.

Unable to hold back the burning sensation that filled the air, Saint said
“Oh Gosh, I love you so much” and planted a hot kiss on Rose’s lips.

A Two Faced Lover
(episode 8)

It’s such a sweet and beautiful feeling to love and be loved back in
return. A relationship can’t be established unless the feeling is mutual
between both parties because two cannot work together except they agree. It
wasn’t just enough for Saint to realise his mistakes and want Rose back
into his life, but also up to her to decide if she wanted him back into her
life too. It’s a thing of joy indeed to know that both of them still had
feelings for each other and was willing to make things work between
themselves. At this point, it’s safe to acknowledge the popular saying that
“what is meant for you will never pass you by”.

The kiss Saint planted on Rose’s lips was unexpected because she was so
engrossed in her emotions that she didn’t see it coming. She reciprocated
and they kissed passionately for a while before finally parting their lips.

After the kiss, the whole atmosphere became a bit calm and the burning
sensations ceased. Saint didn’t want to make any more advances so as not to
come off as having an ulterior motive. He figured it was best to take
things slow between them, so as not to jeopardise things.

On the other hand, Rose also didn’t want things to go beyond that kiss
because she still needed some time to process everything and think things
through. After the kiss, he pecked her on the forehead and raised her up
from where they both knelt. They located the nearest couch and sat down

“Thank you so much for giving me another chance, you wouldn’t regret this I
promise. I have to go home now because it’s already getting late, take as
much time to process and think about everything. I want you back into my
life and this time around, you are coming back as my one and only. I’m
ready to commit to you and give my all to this relationship. Things have
changed for the better and now I’m sure of what I want. I love you Rose,
Happy Birthday once more” Saint said. He pecked Rose again on her forehead
and walked away.

When Saint left, Rose laid down on the couch she was sitting on and folded
her body like a little baby. She kept staring at the cake as she thought of
Saint. Deep down, she knew that she was still very much in love with him.
“Oh Lord, what should I do? Should I take him back or not? I really don’t
want to make any mistake” she soberly said to herself as she laid down in

It was such an emotional day for both parties. Saint thought of Rose all
through the remaining hours of that day, same with her too. He kept praying
that God touches her heart to accept him back, even though he knew that her
hard shell had cracked. The future looked promising and assuring that Rose
would come back to him, but he didn’t want to take any chances at all by
slacking or slowing down.

As days passed by, things gradually began to fall into place for the two
lovebirds. Saint made deliberate attempts everyday to solidify their
relationship. He usually sent Rose money for upkeep without her asking, he
sent lunch to her office whenever he had the time to order, he texted and
called her daily. It was just a matter of time before Rose fell deeply in
love with him again. Gradually, she started opening her heart again and
Saint didn’t take any chances at all.

With each passing day, their relationship grew stronger and they started
trusting each other again. Chat MartinMartino on zero eight one eighty
thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his WhatsApp group. With time,
they started going on dates and chilling out together. They deliberately
took things slow when it came to their intimate life. Matter of fact, Rose
made up her mind not to let Saint touch her till he puts a ring on it. She
didn’t want to loose her guards nor bring it down again, so as not to be
too heartbroken if anything unexpected ever happened. She communicated with
Saint that she was going to abstain and not give her body to him in the
course of their relationship and he understood perfectly fine and accepted.

The fact that Saint didn’t make a fuss about Rose’s decision to abstain,
made her believe he had truly changed and his feelings were certainly
genuine. With ‘Love Making’ out of the way, they had enough time to focus
and concentrate on other major things that guaranteed a healthy and strong
relationship. They got to know each other better and invested their time
and energy on things that uplifted the other. Life seemed as though it had
finally smiled on them till something unfortunate happened along the line.

It happened that Saint began to make his relationship with Rose a little
public. He uploaded photos of them together on his new social media handles
once in a while and never hesitated to let people know that he was now
‘Taken’. Deep down, Rose was happy that he was proud of what they had and
wasn’t keeping it a secret.

However, as time went on, some ladies from Saint’s past that still loved
him weren’t too happy with the new development. One particular lady took
things to the extreme as she wasn’t willing to fold her arms and watch
another woman take her dream place in Saint’s life.

Turns out that Rose wasn’t the only one that was aware of the changed
Saint; as a lot of people could see that he was now a different man. The
‘New Saint’ was more attractive than the ‘Old Saint’ and this made him more
sought after by the ladies from his past. A lot of them tried to contact
him as time went on but he usually told them he had someone else and wasn’t

Saint didn’t bother to confide in Rose about the constant harassment he was
getting from the ladies from his past because he felt it might make her
insecure; of which he didn’t want that sort of negative energy in their
relationship. Well, too bad because if he knew it would lead to a big
problem in the future, he would have told her straight up.

One fateful day, a certain lady named Patricia called Saint and pleaded
with him that she wanted them to talk about something business related. The
lady was someone from his past that wanted him to be hers by all means. The
thought of Saint being with someone else with all the admirable package he
had, drove Patricia crazy and made her even more determined to get him no
matter what.

Initially, when Patricia called Saint, he didn’t want to honour her
appointment but had to do so because she mentioned that it was strictly
business related. She was the one that suggested her house and he didn’t
think there was an ulterior motive to that suggestion because he had been
to her house many times in the past.

The appointment was scheduled for evening but Saint moved it to afternoon
to avoid stories. That fateful afternoon, he arrived at Patricia’s
apartment to listen to the business proposal she had been disturbing him
for almost a week to hear. When he entered inside her living room, the
first thing she did was try to peck him, of which he swiftly shifted his

“If this is why you called me here, then I might as well take my leave.
Let’s get to the business proposal you called me here to look at” Saint
bluntly said, “I am sorry, let me get you something to drink so we can get
to business” Patricia said. She went inside the kitchen and came back with
a drink.

Unknown to Saint, the drink was drugged but he had no single clue. He took
a sip and they got talking. Few minutes after taking several sips, he
suddenly became dizzy and knocked off on Patricia’s couch.

With Saint deeply asleep, Patricia hurriedly undressed him and undressed
herself too. With the help of camera timer, she took intimate pictures with
him in such a way that one would think they made love. After taking the
pictures, she kissed him passionately. “No one can have you if I can’t, I
miss those lips” she gently muttered. When she was satisfied with her evil
motives, she dressed him back and pretended as though noting happened.

It was getting dark but Saint was still fast asleep. Rose called him thrice
but Patricia let the phone ring without picking up. She was able to get
Rose’s number from Saint’s phone and stored it on her phone because she had
something up her sleeves.

Finally, after over six hours of sleeping, Saint woke up. Immediately he
opened his eyes, he was shocked to find out that he just woke up from sleep
and also was still at Patricia’s house. Immediately she saw that he was now
awake, she walked towards him and pretended to be surprise.

“Oh, thank God you are now awake! I was scared” Patricia said, “Did I sleep
here? What happened?” Saint curiously asked, “I am surprised myself, while
we were discussing, you suddenly became dizzy and slept off. I guess you
were just stressed out and tired” she lied.

Without wasting any more time, Saint told Patricia that he had to leave and
zoomed out. It was when he got into his car that he realised that Rose had
been calling him. He saw her missed calls and immediately called her back.
“Hello babe, I am so sorry; I was asleep when you called” he said. Rose
tried to inquire where he was but he told her he had a business meeting
with a friend and unknowingly dozed off there. She understood and told him
to drive home safe.

Unknown to Saint, a big disaster was up ahead. It turns out that Patricia
forwarded the pictures she took to Rose’s WhatsApp that same evening with a
message that read; “You can’t keep what isn’t yours, stay clear!”. Patricia
knew she had the right person because Rose’s display picture gave her away.

Few minutes after Rose was done talking to Saint, her phone beeped and she
reluctantly checked her notification and saw that it was a WhatsApp
message. On seeing that the message was from an unknown number, she opened
it to see it’s content and almost collapsed when she saw the pictures and

At that moment, Rose died a thousand times and couldn’t breathe properly.
She placed her hand on her chest and gently muttered “It can’t be true”.

A Two Faced Lover
(episode 9) Second-to-last episode!

The past always has a way of creeping into the future; that’s why it’s
advisable for us to be mindful of the way we live our lives. However, the
good news is that a changed person is free from their past and can’t be
subjected or defined by it. Despite the fact that Saint lived a double
standard life in the past, he still deserved another chance to make things
right and live a better life. We all know that stigmas are hard to correct
or erase, so the only thing Saint could do is pray that Rose sees through
Patricia to know that it’s a set-up intended to ruin his relationship with
her. Fingers are crossed and at this point, all we can do is hope that Rose
doesn’t take any drastic decision concerning her relationship with her
repentant beau.

After the shocking revelation by the anonymous WhatsApp contact, Rose
couldn’t think properly any longer. She was in denial and didn’t want to
believe that the half naked man in the pictures that were sent to her was
her own Saint. Everything felt like a horror movie and it gave her a panic

The fact that Saint just informed Rose that he dozed off at a friend’s
place and also didn’t pick up when she called earlier, gave her anxiety and
actually made the whole set-up believable. It was going to take more than
talking to get her to believe otherwise.

While hell broke loose at Rose’s end, Saint was clueless on what was
happening and never suspected any shady act by Patricia while he was at her
house. Though he noticed his belt wasn’t knotted the way he usually does
it, he waived the thought cause he felt it could have loosened due to the
tossing and turning while he slept. Never for once did it cross his mind
that Patricia had a hand in the sudden dizziness and unexpected sleep that
took place while he was at her house. Too bad he trusted blindly!

Shortly after Rose received those pictures, she wanted to call the number
that sent it but held back so as not to complicate things the more. Rose
felt the first person she needed to confront was Saint and not the
anonymous message sender. She felt if there was anyone that owed her an
explanation, then it was him.

One of the wise things Rose did was to take some time to digest the shock
she was feeling at that moment and also calmed her nerves. She knew that if
she called Saint immediately, they might end up not getting anywhere with
their conversation because she would be yelling and throwing accusing
fingers all through their conversation. The whole thing was a huge
contradiction of everything he had promised her so it was a huge deal

“Why on earth would he do this? What sense does it make to go through all
this length just to get me back and make things work between us, only to do
a thing like this few months after we got back together. This can’t be
true, why would he do this? Is it because we chose to abstain? Could it be
that he couldn’t bear his urges any longer and then decided to cheat on me?
But he never showed any sign of resistance towards our abstinence
agreement, so where’s all this coming from? God please let there be a
suitable explanation to this because I’m at the verge of losing my mind”
Rose soberly wondered as she walked to and fro in her bedroom. It was such
an emotionally stressful day for the young lady because she couldn’t close
her eyes to sleep due to the numerous scary thoughts in her mind.

On the other hand, Patricia was anxiously waiting for a reply from Rose but
non was forth coming. She checked the WhatsApp message countlessly, waiting
for a reply but Rose was mute. Patricia could see that she had read the
message and also seen the pictures she sent. She kept wondering why Rose
was mute and wasn’t reacting the way she expected. “Ah ah, are you sure
this is the lady Saint have been flaunting all over social media as his
girlfriend? Why hasn’t she messaged me back till now or even call to yell
at me? Hmm” she wondered. It was quite weird that Rose hadn’t showed any
sigh yet of a lady that just received information with proof that her
partner was cheating on her. Patricia’s initial plan was to get into a
verbal fight with Rose and reveal more shocking details if she had called
back. The fact that she was still mute, made Patricia nervous. All she
could do was keep her fingers crossed as she awaited a reply or reaction.

When Saint arrived home that evening, he called Rose to say ‘Goodnight’ to
her but she wasn’t picking up. Without carrying any thing in mind, he felt
she had already slept off so he innocently sent her a goodnight message.

The following day, Rose woke up a bit calm and was ready to confront Saint
with evidence. While they spoke that morning, she informed him that they
needed to talk after work hours; of which he agreed to meet up with her at
her house.

As they spoke that morning, Rose’s tone wasn’t friendly at all but was
rather blunt and straight to the point. Somehow, Saint figured that
something was wrong and even went ahead to ask if she was alright but she
told him that all was fine.

All through the early hours of that day, Saint was a bit worried and tensed
as he kept wondering why Rose sounded very cold on the phone. Not for once
did his mind ever think that the issue on ground involved cheating
accusations with picture proof of him being half naked with another lady.
Despite the fact that Saint felt a bit tensed all day, he kept his cool and
hoped that it was nothing serious.

Immediately after work that day, Saint hurried down to Rose’s house. He got
there before her and had to wait inside his car for her to pull up. After
about an hours later, Rose returned home and could see Saint’s car outside
her compound. She parked well, alighted from the car and went inside
straight; without exchanging greetings with him.

Everything that happened that very moment confirmed Saint’s fear that
something was seriously wrong. In order not to lose his mind too soon, he
summoned up courage and followed Rose inside the house. When he entered
inside, he found her crying bitterly in the living room. That sight only
was enough to murder his heart as great fear gripped him because he knew
that whatever problem that could make Rose cry, was a big one indeed. “Baby
what’s going on? Why are you crying? To be honest you are getting me scared
and worried” he curiously inquired as he walked closer to her.

At that point, there was just so much for Rose to say that she didn’t know
where to start from. Unable to properly express the pain she was feeling,
she brought out her phone and gave it to Saint. One look at the phone
screen and his heart jumped out of his body.

Just imagine the feeling of seeing a nude picture of yourself with another
lady but can’t recall or remember when that sort of incident took place.
Saint was totally numb and almost collapsed due to the shock that
overshadowed him. At that point, he didn’t even know where to start
defending himself from. Words were heavy because the man on that photo was
undeniable him. After being mute for a while, he finally managed to say

“This isn’t true, I swear I’m very confused because I can’t remember ever
doing this with anyone” Saint confusingly said, “wait a minute, this is
Patricia and this is also her house” he shockingly added. When he said
that, Rose’s attention was drawn and she was kind enough to ask him to
explain himself. “Saint tell me the whole truth now before I lose my mind
that I have been trying to hold together since yesterday evening I received
this message” she said.

Rose’s revelation as to when she received the pictures confirmed any doubts
Saint was having that Patricia had set him up. “Baby let me explain. This
particular lady was the person I told you that I had a business appointment
with. Her name is Patricia and she’s one of the ladies I had a thing with
in the past. When she told me she wanted us to see, I initially didn’t want
to grant her offer till she said it was strictly business. I went over to
her place yesterday afternoon to take a look at the business proposal she
said she wanted to show him. The only thing I can remember last was when
she gave me a drink and when I woke up from sleep. I suspect now that the
drink was drugged because I still can’t fathom why I dozed off unexpectedly
like that in her house. We didn’t end up having the meeting anymore because
I left immediately I woke up. The reason I wasn’t able to pick your calls
when you called was because I was fast asleep. My God! So this lady had
ulterior motives for inviting me over to her house and used ‘Business’ to
lure me over. Baby I swear I didn’t touch her, babe you have to believe me.
I have never cheated on you since we started this new journey, you have to
believe me” he soberly said.

Saint’s explanation was quite convincing but Rose wasn’t ready to believe
him too soon. “How do I know you aren’t lying? I’m trying so hard to trust
you but it’s quite difficult to do so when things like this keeps
happening” she furiously said. Without wasting any time, Saint told her to
follow him so they could get to the root of the whole matter once and for
all. He figured that the best way to make Rose believe him was for him to
confront Patricia in front of her. No time to waste!

“Babe you know what? please come with me! Don’t say anything and just
follow me I beg you” Saint said. In order not to complicate things the
more, Rose stood up from where she sat and followed him out of the house.
They both entered his car and drove off; without him telling her where they
were going to. Saint felt Rose might not want to come with him if he had
revealed that they were headed down to Patricia’s house that evening. All
he could do was pray for Patricia to be at home when they get there.

Throughout the ride, Rose kept sobbing and didn’t look like she was going
to stop anytime soon. It killed Saint deeply to hear her cry but he knew
the tears would dry immediately he was done with what he wanted to do that

After about an hour later, they arrived at their destination; which was
Patricia’s apartment. Saint told Rose to wait inside the car that he was
coming. He rushed to Patricia’s apartment and knocked on the door. He could
hear music playing inside and it confirmed that she was very much around.

After the forth knock, Patricia opened the door and was dead shocked to see
Saint standing in front of her. He tried his best not to unleash his anger
on her too soon, so he kept his cool. “What are u doing here? She
shockingly asked, “Just come with me to the car, there’s something I want
us to talk about” he calmly said.

Due to Saint gentleness, Patricia felt he wanted to talk to her about
making her his girlfriend since she might have succeeded in ruining his
relationship with Rose. She locked her door and happily followed Saint to
where he parked his car. Unknown to her, Rose was seated inside the car and
could see them waking towards the car. A serious confrontation was about to
take place but apparently, Patricia had absolutely no clue.

Immediately they got to the car, Saint opened Rose’s seat door and brought
out her phone from his pocket which contained the pictures and message
Patricia sent. The whole atmosphere was tensed and that was when Rose came
out from the car.

When Patricia saw Rose, her heart skipped a beat and she suddenly realise
what was about to go down. Before she could process things further, Saint
showed her the pictures she sent and said; “You have just two minutes to
explain this pictures and what happened yesterday before I remove my
clothes and run mad for you. Just so you know, if you don’t say the truth
to me you will definitely say it to the police officers when I get you
arrested. Now speak!”.

Scared and shocked, Patricia stammered; I…I…can cann explain please!”.

A Two Faced Lover
(episode 10) Last episode!

Most times in life, you just have to take the bull by the horn when it
comes to addressing some issues because any little time wasted could worsen
or complicate things. There are some situations in life that doesn’t
require a gentle approach to solve, but rather a rugged one. If Saint had
stayed back in Rose’s house to explain things to her and try to prove his
innocence, the issue would have taken a longer time before it gets resolved
because she would have probably asked for some space to put herself
together; now we all know that the more space couples take apart, the more
chances that things might never be the same again and they might never get
back together. It was such a brilliant move that Saint made to hurry down
to Patricia’s house that same day to get to the root of the accusation
levied against him. At that moment, a serious confrontation was inevitable!

Patricia was beyond shocked when she realised that Saint brought Rose with
him to her house. Never in a thousand years would she have thought that her
evil deeds were going to backfire at her in such short notice. She probably
felt that Rose wouldn’t have a problem believing her set-up plans, due to
the kind of lifestyle Saint lived in the past. Too bad Patricia wasn’t
aware that Rose was there during the worst times of Saint’s life and was

able to quickly absorb the shock that came with the naked pictures and
message she sent. I guess she should have done her homework well before
pulling such stunt on the promising couple; it was already too late and it
was time for her to dance to the music she played.

“Start explaining because I can’t wait to find out how you were able to
obtain naked pictures of me and also how you were able to get Rose’s
contact. Are you a serial killer or what? Speak because I am at the verge
of getting you arrested now” Saint furiously said. Rose was quiet all
through and just leaned on the car listening attentively to everything that
was happening. At that point, she could tell that her boo was innocent and
was set-up by the strange lady. But despite knowing that he was innocent,
she still wanted to watch the whole drama unfold.

On seeing that Saint was extremely furious, Patricia confessed her evil
deeds to them. She narrated everything and revealed her intentions for
doing what she did. After her narration, she apologised to Saint and Rose
for any harm or trouble she might have caused. “I am very sorry for doing
what I did, I honestly don’t know what came over me. I guess I was
devastated at the thought of Saint being with someone else that I let my
emotions get the best of me. I can’t seem to fathom what I was thinking
when I did what I did yesterday, please you guys should temper justice with
mercy. I’m sorry!” Patricia soberly said.

Due to the apology that was tendered, Rose’s heart melted and she
indirectly gave Saint a sign that it was time for them to leave. When he
caught her signal, it gladden his heart to know that Rose was convinced he
didn’t cheat on her. He took a deep breath and looked at Patricia
afterwards. “Thank your stars I have suddenly calmed down because the anger

I came here with this evening wasn’t a joke. Please stay away from my
relationship because the next time you try something shady like this again,
I will deal with you the way you deserve to be dealt with. If I were you,
the first thing I would do when I get inside is to pick your phone and
delete those pictures you took of me because if I ever see it anywhere
again, I will sue you for defamation of character and blackmail. Don’t just
try me because I would make sure you don’t go unpunished like you are being
left to go scot-free now. Have a nice life and leave me alone” He added and
beckoned on Rose to get into the car. Before Patricia could blink her eyes,
they zoomed off.

It was such a humiliating day for Patricia because she felt like a fool for
pulling such stunt. The fact that Rose still didn’t utter a word as
everything went down, drove her crazy and made her feel more embarrassed.
For fear of being sued and in more trouble, she deleted the nude pictures
from her phone immediately she entered inside her house.

On the other hand, Rose couldn’t stop staring at Saint as they drove back
to her house. Deep down, she felt a bit guilty for not trusting him
initial, but who could blame her? I mean the whole thing looked absolutely
convincing. As she stole glances at him, he didn’t want to look towards her
direction and pretended to be focused on his driving.

After about a hour later, they arrived at Rose’s house. Saint didn’t want
to alight from the car and enter inside her house because it was already
late and he needed to head to his house too. Rose was feeling really bad
and didn’t want to get down from the car. She needed to work things out
with her man in order for their relationship not to get affected by the
incident that just happened.

“Baby I’m sorry for not trusting you, I’m so sorry for talking to you
rudely this morning and also for not greeting you when you came this
evening. I’m sorry my love” Rose calmly said. Saint looked into her eyes
and smiled faintly. “It’s not your fault sweetie, I would have reacted same
way if I were in your shoes. I want you to know that I love you and would
never ever cheat on you. I rather walk away from this relationship than
cheat because cheating would only make me look like the old Saint; of which
I never want to be again. I actually commend the way you handled things
because it isn’t as bad as you think. I love you and want you only. I have
to go now, see you tomorrow” he said and pecked her on the cheek.
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The peck Saint gave to Rose wasn’t enough because at that moment, she
wanted a large piece of him. She held his shirt and kissed him on the lips.
They kissed passionately for a while before she alighted from the car and
entered insider her apartment. Rose was grateful to God that her
relationship with the man she loved wasn’t at risk and was also happy that
he was faithful to her and was committed to what they had.

Apparently, Rose wasn’t the only one that was happy as Saint was equally
happy too. He held his chest and thanked God that Patricia’s evil plans
weren’t fulfilled. They were both extremely happy and valued their
relationship the more.

As time went on, their relationship waxed stronger and became more
authentic. The cheating incident that was intended to cause harm actually
made them trust each other more. They became more conscious of what either
of them did and were more careful than they used to be.

Have you ever benefited from a circumstance that was intended to cause harm
to you? Well, at this point it’s safe to say that Rose and Saint’s
relationship benefited greatly from Patricia’s evil schemes. When two heart
genuinely beats for each other, crisis becomes an elevating ladder in their
relationship and not the other way round.

As time passed by, Saint began to feel the need to wife Rose. The fact that
they were practising abstinence, low-key sped up the whole process. He was
dying to feel her body again and knew that the only way it could be
possible was if he puts a ring on it.

To be fair, Saint also had a lot of reasons why he wanted to wife Rose and
not just because of her body. It had gotten to a point where he knew that
it was either her or no other person. She was his ride or die and was the
only woman that had huge impact on his life. Saint adored Rose and she
somehow had a great influence on his day to day decisions. It’s safe to say
at this point that they were made for each other.

With each passing day, Saint began to make moves on how he would ask Rose
to marry him. He kept thinking on the perfect time but was finding it
difficult to pick a day. The good thing he did was to buy an engagement
ring, while still contemplating on the perfect time to pop the big
question. Rose was completely unaware of Saint’s plans because he never
gave any clue on what he was up to. The tension continued on his path till
one fateful day.

Turns out that Saint hid the engagement ring in his cupboard; since he
hadn’t made up his mind yet on the perfect time to propose. It happened
that Rose came around to his house one Saturday afternoon to cook for him.
When she was done cooking, she dished the food for him and went straight to
the bathroom to take a shower.

After bathing, Rose needed a casual cloth to wear since she was still very
much around. She went to Saint’s cupboard to pick one of his singlet
because that’s where he normally kept them. As she searched in the cupboard
for the perfect singlet to wear, her fingers touched a jewellery case so
she picked it up to see what was inside the box.

Immediately the box opened, Rose held her mouth as her heart raced. At that
moment, there were over a thousand thoughts on her head as to why an
engagement ring was in her man’s cupboard. “Oh My God, this isn’t what I
think it is” she shockingly said as she gazed at the ring.

As Rose was lost in thoughts, she didn’t realise that Saint was behind her
observing all that was happening. He actually walked into the room to get
something when he saw her with the ring case. Deep down, Saint was happy
that Rose found the ring because it only just made things easier for him to
do what he had been nervous to do a long time ago.

“Do you like it?” Saint asked out of nowhere and Rose immediately turned to
see him standing right behind her. Her heart skipped several beats and she
was dumbfounded. Saint figured she was having a hard time digesting all
that was happening so in order to make things clear, he knelt down and held
her hands with his sweaty palms.

“Baby, I know you are shocked and didn’t see this coming but I wanted to do
this a while back but was too nervous on what the outcome would be so I
held back. If there’s anyone I want to spend the rest of my life with, then
it’s nobody but you. We started off on a very rough path but just look how
far we have come. It has gotten to the extent that I can’t function
properly without you. I would never trade our past experience for anything
because that’s the foundation of what we have today. I love you so much and
want you to be the mother of my children. Roseline Jacobs, will you marry
me?” Saint soberly asked.

The atmosphere was clouded with an out pour of emotions that Rose didn’t
know when she started tearing up. She held her heart and looked into
Saint’s eyes. Joy like never before filled her heart and the butterflies in
her stomach wouldn’t stop dancing. With tear of joy in her eyes, she said a
gentle “Yes” and handed the ring over to him to insert it on her finger.

Immediately Saint inserted the ring on Rose’s finger, she kissed his
forehead and happily screamed; “Yes babe! We got this on Lock!”

Everyone deserves a second chance and should be given one if they genuinely
repent from something wrong they did in the past. Don’t be in a hurry to
stigmatise someone because change is constant.

Always endeavour to live your truth and not a lie because being fake would
only do you more harm than good. As you go through this life, make sure
that the foundation of anything you ever want to stand the test of time is
built on truth, because that’s the surest insurance you can stake the
survival of that thing on.

Sometimes, it’s good to lose your cool when someone has stepped on your
toes long enough, because your reaction might just be the perfect medicine
that person needs, in order to turn a new leaf.

In all, endeavour to be slow to anger and not be in a hurry to confront
your partner when faced with trials like unfaithfulness. A simple
conversation and proper communication can solve a whole lot in
relationships. Don’t forget to love with all your heart when you eventually
find that special someone because we don’t have forever on this earth. Give
love your best shot when that time finally comes!

End of Story! ?

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