6 ways you can ruin a perfect first date

So you finally get to go on that date you’ve been wishing for with the guy/girl you’ve been wanting for God knows how long.

You try not sell yourself short or mess things up, but subconsciously you might be doing some things to ruin what would otherwise be a perfect date.

Here are ways you can ruin a date:

1. Continuously checking your phone, and laughing at messages you receive
Unless you’re a doctor that is on call, there really shouldn’t be any reason to check your phone continuously. Even worse, don’t start laughing at some random joke or tweet. Rude!

2. Complaining too much about everything
No one likes a whiner, so stay away from the complaining. Complaining about your parents, friends, work, and waitress at the restaurant is not sexy at all. Ladies take not.

3. Moving in too early for the kiss
This is just an error! You’ll know when the time is right, and if you can’t figure it out then just wait for the end of the date. Mistiming that kiss could be fatal. This is specifically for out ultra aggressive mzansi men.

4. Getting drunk
This could be the ultimate way to ruin a date. Tipsy is sexy and flirty, but drunk is just trashy. If you’re lightweight then just have one drink very very slowly.

5. Inviting friends in the middle of the date
Girls can be the biggest culprits of this silly trend. If you’re on a date with someone you’re interested in, why invite your friends just because they are in the area. Absolute no no. Plus who wants to be a 3rd wheel anyways.

6. Talking about yourself non stop
Urgh! This is up there with being drunk. Once in a while just shut up and ask your date about themselves. It pays off in the long run. Please believe.

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